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Freddy Kruger is NOT your friend
Date of Scene: 04 September 2023
Location: Nick's Hotel room - Ireland. This is in no way going to be awkward.
Synopsis: The friends and loved ones are briefed about the Kruger-like entity that Sin encountered in his dreaming mind, then Lucifer goes in for a line of questioning. And not of Sin. It turns out, that sometimes, being Godsmacked is a real thing.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer, Phantasm (Drago)

Sinister has posed:
Communication is not breaking down -- We would just like to make this totally clear, but there might be a bit of error in judgement going on in some respects.

Correction: Communication between Sin and Luci is not breaking down, they routinely have to take a little time after something significantly jarring, to get thier mental ducks in a row, but they always do. Things will always be discussed.

But this time, there was a component of "We need to go back to Ireland and bring Nick in on this. He should be at his hotel tonight..." from Sinister. "I'd rather discuss it all at the same time, to save repeating myself and giving myself double the emotional focus. It's not that I'm not going to, my love. You know that, right?"

And packing light. And teleporting, most likely. But the trick of this is going to be whether they mis-fired and materialized right in Nick's room.

Of course they did. That was -going- to happen.

As was the text of 'incoming' that made it down communications and satelite transmission a couple of seconds -after- they arrived. 'Doodli do do! you've got mail.'

Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer doesn't ever really question Nathaniel's needs to go off and so some mental work. It usually means he's discovered something or is questioning another thing and eventually the man will come back to Lucifer and explain just what it was all about.

Lucifer is the same way. Steady the self before bomnbarding others so that there's answers to questions that might be asked.

The fact that Nathaniel requests to go back to Ireland is a little interesting. But they keep Nick in the know of a lot of things, because that's just how they are. And as it stands, Lucifer kind of needed a bit of time himself after popping off to Ireland alone to fine Professor Tweed. Or Leonard, as he's come to know the name.

Packing. Lightly. Teleporting. Definitely.

Landing in the middle of Nick's hotel room. Not precisely planned, but there it is. A looka round, a bit of a smirk.

"We cannot be perfect in our landings all the time." Bling. Text message. "Ah. Oops?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick was indeed at the hotel tonight.

Considering the difference in time zones, a tonight that started hours ago. So the performer has already done his bathing for the night, switched over to his sleep pants, and is fully wrapped up under the quilt of the bed. All set for that nice DEEP slumber.

Except it's not that deep. In the sense of bad timing, or possibly good. The duo that beat their own text message of warning managed to also time their arrival for a lighter point of the sleep cycle.

Which is to say-An unexpected voice in the hotel room is a HELL of a way to be woken up.

As the brain works to piece together what's going on some premptive responses are already going. Quilt thrown in the direction of the voice. Pillow thrown in the direction of the other, and the THUNK of the bed's occupant hitting the floor opposite from where the voices are.

As the soft weapons flutter down, there is a glimpse of a barefooted, shirtless Nick skirting along the wall of the hotel towards the door. A hotel pen gripped in hand. By the time he reaches the door, the brain has finished going over the last second research given by the other senses.

Nick halts, looking to the pair. "...TEXT MUCH?!"

The phone gives it's alert sound.
Sinister has posed:
And thus the assailants, the would-be assassins from HYDRA stand having materialized out of thing air and are almost immediately both covered by a landing duvet, clobbered by the pillow as it flies on past and lands in by the side of the obligatory desk and are processing the moment as the duvet lifts off and goes to put itself back on the bed. The pillow is shit out of luck though, it can stay there until it's retrieved. "No. But it's nice to know his aim is good, even if this has to be one of the most interesting weapons used against us in a while..." Sinister holds up the phone. "Timezones."

And you know, it's rather obvious that it's gone through by the sound.

"Nick, we have to have a chat. Rather obviously one that required us to be face to face, but we /did/ intend to get the arrival in the right order. Six foot makes a huge difference with teleporting." Nodding to the corridor he was about to skitter into. "Seriously, this is the second time we've seen you in your longjohns in as many months. It's almost becoming a habit."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer can hear all the protests that Nick could come up with at the same time whriling around his head and it causes him to chuckle. "And believe it or not, I'm as much in the dark as you are. Nathaniel was insistent we come to Ireland to see you. To talk. Which means it much be important business." This much is offered before he actually moves to pick up said pillow and quilt, bringing them over to the bed since the occupant has since scurried out of it and towards the exit to the hallway. "Were you going to alert authorities on a break in? That's actually a cute thought. Anyway..."

He puts pillow on bed and then sort of haphazardly makes the bed with the duvet before moving to a chair upon which he sits. He also remains silent, as he's been babbling a bit and wants to give Nick another moment or few to gain bearings.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Protest as much, that Nick was closer to the door than when the pair entered in to the room is argument enough for the impromptu weapons. Or distraction. The comment regarding long johns earns Sinister a look. "...I'm not changing what I wear to bed. If you don't like it, stop showing up when I'm trying to sleep."

The musician lingers near the door. No longer at a threat of running out of it but not quite turning back around at the moment.

Lucifer's question pulls Nick's attention away from Sinister, frowning slightly. "...More to get some distance in before anyone starts shooting." He mutters, moving over to a desk to set the real weapon down. It's not a floor lamp but- still in the right hands it's effective.

Moving back to the bed he sits on the edge of it, righting himself til he's sitting upright with his back to the board. "So, what's going on?"
Sinister has posed:
Aaaaaaand Lucifer's sitting down. Good. Right then.

"Oh, it wasn't exactly a protest," there's a brief drop of the gaze, a cheeky sidelook to the devil, then sobriety returns with the smile in his eyes vacating the premises. He waits until Nick's entirely settled back on the bed again, to lace his hands infront of himself and stand to a parade rest to center himself. Then, he begins to pace, like a caged tiger.

"Last night, I was attacked in my sleep by an entity that was fully capable of controlling the flow of the dream. From what I remember, which was every single nuance in microscopic detail, that entity had the ability to probe deep into the subconscious and draw out actual nightmare scenarios. I never thought I'd be saying this, but here goes: Freddy Kruger is on the loose, it seems like." He pauses then. "I'm fine, though. I think part of that particular power is a willingness to surrender to the dream scenario which had some flaws I saw through very quickly."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer is about to say something to Nick before Nathaniel begins to speak again. What the man says draws Lucifer's attention away from any other motion or thought he had in his mind. "Well... it's good to know you're fine... but I really do not like the notion that someone or something is going around invading people's nightmares..." His own gaze turns towards Nick once more but then flits away back to Nathaniel.

He pats himself down a moment before standing from the chair and moves to the balcony doors, opening them slightly and then lights up a smoke. Don't worry Nick, you should know by now they have ways of ensuring the scent doesn't linger. "Should I be concerned about whatever subject matter was used against you? Were you ever able to identify the culprit?" Because there are many enemies in the world of Nathaniel 'Sinister' Essex and Lucifer would hunt them all down if he could.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick's brow raises to Sinister's comment.

Did h-

The pale eyes glance away, not looking back over until Sinister's movements compel him to. As the description of the dream invasion takes place, he frowns. Trying to come up with possible explanations. Did they miss any of the Brood? Did Sinister and Lucifer play around with the cult dreamscape idea and it backlash? Is there an actual demon messing with dreams?

"...The entire flow of the dream?" Nick repeats, "Like, snap of the finger everything changes or more of a nuanced thing? Did they try to guide it verbally or take the form of someone to try and guide it that way"
Sinister has posed:
Best not to think about that Nick.

"They used you, my love. Whoever it was, used you. It was the only thing they could use to get to me, I think." He frowns a measure, thinking through the answers to questions posed by Nick. Now see, this is why he had to gather thoughts for the day. "I believe I had been discussing chocolate with Lucifer in Lux, or it might have been the colour scheme and there'd been a minor fight in the dream beforehand, where we'd been arguing about hair-splitting differences on colour palatte and calling one another names for our choice -- then I was looking down on Lucifer with an angel blade in his chest and my hand around the hilt and he was ... pleading with me. That was my first clue something was peculiar actually; pleading with me to give him the blade. But then I physically couldn't do so -- that is unusual, as I normally dream lucidly when not having a... episode. And then..."

He looks to Lucifer for a moment and sighs, raising his hands, both of them palm up to the ceiling....

And lets the dream memory play out in full surround sound with illusions, sounds, smells and everything but sensation. He could do that but it would be cruel and unusual punishment.

He leaves nothing out. Not his emotions, not his responses, nothing.

"Judge for yourselves."
Lucifer has posed:
There's a sudden flux of anger that arises in the devil when Nathaniel admits that he, personally, was used against him. It takes a moment for him to quell that which arises because to let it linger would mean Lucifer would become blind to most actions taken afterward. An angel blade? In his chest? That could mean certain ultimate demise for the Devil - a one way ticket back to Hell where he'd have to climb his way out again and only after the wound fully healed.

There is no quick coming back from that. Holy and Demonic weapons are the one bane to his existence.

Then the scene plays out, every word, evey emotion, every sound...the only thing he couldn't feel was how it all *felt*. And maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

"Gods bless... who the fuck does this one think they are?" Though, something else about it. The one that the being asks about. "...He's going after Jean Grey? What is he doing... targeting mutants?" Which made him wonder just what the end game was in that regard. It also makes him wonder if he should force Jean to accept his favor.

"In the end he tells you he won't come for you again, and he knocked his queen down from a chessboard. Checkmate. That's also interesting.."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"If he's targeting mutants, why would he target him?" Nick asks on top of Lucifer's comments. He too was listening in on the discussion. "Trying to feel out potential competition? See if you'll interfere with future plans maybe?"
Sinister has posed:
"It seems so. But he went after me, I think... because he sensed something and I am not a mutant, but I think I feel slightly like one. Technically speaking, given that I mostly created myself by straightening out and hybridizing genome sequences and integrating them into my own genetic code. I'm a self-made man, except for my start in the darkness..." Sinister replies that with lips pressed firm in the wake.

"And I think he wanted to test himself. He, or she, I'm not sure which... saw me as a challenge. But he couldn't beat me. I am quite ahhh... glad of that. I'm not so sure Jean could do so. She cares a bit too much. But as I noted to him, he's playing with fire there."

And that all done, the tableau freezes and he walks over to Lucifer to do the thing that he wasn't able to do all day, whilst he was gathering his mettle to share this properly and thoroughly.

He silently straddles the devil's lap and wraps both arms around him, face turning to neck and shoulder and resting there in the dark and the heat. And the slight smell of sulphorous fumes.
Lucifer has posed:
"Well you're not a mutant by the definition of the word I suppose... but you have enough dealings with them..." Lucifer says this much and then scoffs. He doesn't like the idea of this one bit, but at the end it seems Nathaniel bested the one within his mind. To a point where there was almost a solemn promise he wouldn't mess with Nathaniel again. This pleases Lucifer.

Then, suddenly, there's a Nathaniel in his lap. Wrapped around him and taking him in. Eyes close and he wraps arms around his lover, holding close and never minding who else is able to see this moment. Sometimes they don't care. The cigarette he was smoking on is also gone and not a trace of it remains.

"In other news. I tracked down Professor Tweed. He's assured me that the war is over and you are in no danger of him...finishing the job. He doesn't like you... but he's not out to get you." He sprinkles that in, to perhaps put some good news on top of the other story.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick nods, as Sinister climbs upon his significate other, Nick glances aside, giving them some semblance of privacy. "So on a scale of one to ten. How MUCH did this guy fuck up, trying this with you?"

The added news gets a bit of a curious look. "...Professor Tweed?"
Sinister has posed:
"I don't know who he is," Sinister replies, his voice carrying if a bit muffled. The devil will feel the very slightest tremble, the aftermath shakes of having held that all in check all day. His emotions are there, burning beneath the surface, but they're muted and a bit awash with everything but the kitchen sink. Relief though, is topmost.

"But that doesn't matter. I don't know how angry I am, or how flattered or concerned. But I -do- know that I know what that mind feels like and I can track a mind like a bloodhound."

The moment passes though, with an eventual hard squeeze of the ten-ton kind, gloriously metered out because he cannot crush his Lordship and he releases with a pepper of kisses at the ear and cheek, standing up again tall and proud and with his back turned oh-so-slightly to them as he looks out of the balcony door to Dublin night-time, where quite a number of people are still at it. Because that's the Irish for you. He nods to the affirmation of Tweed's intentions. "That's good to know."

And now it's his turn to light up a cigarette whilst the balcony doors are cracked open a smidge. DEEP inhale.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer lets Nathaniel have his moment for as long as he needs it. A gentle smile when he feels the peppering of those kisses before Nathaniel finally pulls back, stands up and decides to have his own cigarette.

"Ah. Professor Tweed is the nickname of the man who upset Nathaniel that first night we arrived in Ireland to see you. Had ties with him. I...decided to track him down and ensure that Nathaniel was not in any danger from him. He isn't. So I'm satisfied."

He looks between the two and then finally settles his gaze on Nick. "So, aside from the abrupt disruption of what might have otherwise been good sleep... how are you? How goes filming?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick quietly watches as Sinister moves over to the doors to have his smoke before looking to Lucifer at his explanation. Thoughts of the castle conversation come to mind. "Oh...The civil war Irish guy. Well, good on the not in danger part..." A curious look is given to Sinister.

Once the topic gets changed, Nick pauses, taking a moment to yawn. "Yeah filming's fine. Only lost one day to rain so that's rescheduled." He smiles, "Oh I did get an invite from Trinity College's School of music for a small event that happens on my free time. Could be fun."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister takes his time with the rest of his cigarette, as questions are asked of the dreamer-interrupted, gazing out over Dublin by night. It should surprise nobody that it's a bit foggy out there, the sea is literally just over in that direction and september land is warmer than the water. He watches a few whisps move past, adding smoke to the mix.

A lean is adopted by the cracked balcony door and he casts his attention back, however. "You think you'll actually manage to finish on schedule, if there's no more R-word on the horizon?" And a smile for the invite. "I find myself wondering why you didn't end up in a conservatory, Nick. I mean, I get why it didn't happen, but you're drawn to it."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer looks between the two men as they converse about filming and then Nick gives them word about an invite he received. "Oh, that sounds lovely indeed. To be a fly on the wall for that performance." Saying this much before his mind goes off into thoughts once more.

He has questions he wants to ask, but he has to figure out a way to ask them without giving anything away. Or making someone suspicious. Which will prove difficult if they aren't laid out just right. So the wheels in the Devil's head spin while he goes silent once more to let the conversation of filming carry on.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick glances over to Sinister. "No more Rain?" He repeats, voice betraying the effort to hold back a laugh, "That's not likely but they did schedule in a bit of a buffer for delays. So- Could hope."

The shift away from the talk of dream attacks ends up being accepted. Some topics are a bit harder to follow up on when exhausted. But, oddly enough when the topic switches to something one likes, it becomes a bit easier to follow. Even if some of the elements to it are less than pleasant.

Lucifer's comment gets a smile. "Why be a fly on the wall if you can have a seat?" He asks, "Wade's going to be there too. It wouldn't be hard to include you if you want. Or maybe swing by a rehearsal."

The performer glances over to Sinister. "...Well. Considering how things started off, it's just good that I found music." He pauses, "...I've encountered some really great teachers. Just, not in a typical school setting."

Yep. Strange's school is not typical. Still a factual statement.

"Rod was amazing. Taught me as much as he could about percussion and piano with the time we had. And Wade and Jack, String instruments. And even after the problems, Wade's still keeping an eye out for invites like the one Trinity extended. So...That and the non music stuff. I mean, it's not a degree, but I'm still learning things."
Sinister has posed:
"I -knew- I should've purchased a wish from one of those fairies," Sinister comments toward Luci, the smile mostly in his gaze and barely a twist on his lips. "Not that I believe in that kind of wish granting, it seems... transient and prone to whimsy."

Something occurs to him then and he pauses a moment, looks at the devil, at Nick again.

"And now I'm wondering why you've never taken five minutes with his lordship here, given his talent for it. Not to mention he was the right hand of Him up there and commander of his armies for a while. Picked up a trick or two and he's a bugger with a sword and ariel combat. I just fall on things and use gravity. But I taught myself to fight, hand to hand fairly well and became quite proficient in bartitsu, if I do say so myself. It has a certain style."
Lucifer has posed:
Just the idea alone of Lucifer giving Nick any sort of lessons in music or combat has the Devil giving an inward chuckle. Words from a conversation had prior to this meeting ring in his head which he shakes after a moment. "Wasn't in the cards just yet..." He manages, a bit under his breath, but still said loud enough in a small space for someone to hear him.

Then he looks to Nick directly.

"Nick. Would you permit me to ask you a few questions on the understanding that your curiosity be curbed so that you do not ask why these questions are important? Or what brought them about?" A pause. "I can certainly understand if you outright say no, and it doesn't have to be something asked tonight. I wish you to think on it for a bit...see how you really feel about it. I will also admit the questions might be a touch...mmn...personal? And you're free to rescind any permission given at any time if you don't wish me to question you further."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick lifts a brow to the suggestion. Considering Sinister's nature and the lead into to talks of combat, he gives an awkward smile, "...I don't know. Because either of you could flatten me in a second? I'm probably, okay with Escrima now, and got maybe a couple Krav moves introduced to me. And I just recently squirreled away firearms training and got a basic introduction to how not to get shot."

Hit by shrapnel is another matter.

"That's not exactly 'have a go at the devil' territory."

Hearing his name, Nick looks back over to Lucifer, other brow lifting to match the one that jumped the gun at Sinister's question. "I'm- not sure I can guarantee I won't have questions being that I'm already wondering with this lead up. But...I guess I could try and not to ask them out loud immediately at least?"

Yeah he's not guaranteeing he won't THINK the questions. That's like asking someone not to think of pink elephants. It's ju

...Pink elephants.

Sinister has posed:
"We can pull our punches. And the good thing is about learning with either of us, is that you can pretty much hit as hard as you like and still won't do permanent damage. But if you say so," Sin silences as Luci takes the helm, walking out onto the balcony to finish his smoke and stub the butt out in a suitable dispensory. Possibly his own palm.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shifts in his chair just a bit, one leg crossing over the other as he regards Nick with a once over look. "Fair enough." Is said simply and then he smirks. "Remind me... how long into your song writing and lyric singing did you begin to realize certain things were coming of them? Was it after certain specific songs you wrote? Because it doesn't happen with all the things you sing, right? Only certain ones."

Though he does crook his head around to watch Sinister move to the balcony, wondering why he snuffed the cigarette out there when Lucifer could have just disposed it easily enough. No matter. His attention goes back to Nick then.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"BUFFY pulled her punches." Nick points out with a deadpan look. Granted, he wasn't using his powers at the time but still. "There's your basis for how far back you'd have to pull."

To Lucifer's question, Nick does indeed have the 'why?' response popping in his head, but he avoids voicing it.

Nick frowns, considering the question. "Uh..." He pauses, eyes looking up in thought. 'Lucia's Light was written first, that'd be on Private Hell. Deprive-uh Raphael's Flask was on Breakout. Well, I didn't really notice until I was practicing Lucia's Light later on and started glowing. But...noticed about 3 years in but wrote the first one for my first album."

Why is this being -

Trinity College?


Oh this-

"I've only noticed it with the three saint songs." he answers, "Although the third one wasn't released. That one I didn't finish until a couple years ago when I started running into vampire problems."
Lucifer has posed:
Well that makes more sense to Lucifer than he intended it doing. Specifically songs written about saints. Suppose there is some sense of humor upstairs, but it's nothing that is prone to making Lucifer chuckle anytime soon. "So you wrote Lucia's Light, recorded it, perhaps even sang it live...but it didn't really begin doing anything magical until a few years later. Interesting."

Timing would be key. For many reasons. Lucifer's gaze even shifts upwards towards the ceiling while he shifts in his chair.

"You grew up with at least one parent, right? Both maybe? Do you know who your father is...or was...? And your namesake... not Nick, but your real legal name. Got a few heavenly ones, yeah?"

Well, these punches aren't being pulled, certainly. Though it may wind up getting Lucifer punched. Or thrown out the hotel room. Uninvited.
Sinister has posed:
Now, finally from the balcony. "Drago is an absolutely ancient last name, it's been around since roman times, before they even really started giving surnames. It's derived from an honourific-- but that family's been faithful for a long time, as have all the lines that can officially call themselves Dragon. Dragul. Draco. Pendragon. They're nearly all of them christian in origin, despite the mythic creature honourific." Sinister calls from the balcony. Man has good hearing, after all.

"It might be simple faith in right from wrong, inate goodness, or abundant and ebulient hopefulness in there being an elithiometer, but remember when I said I was surprised a good catholic boy like Nick was ok with who he's ended up being friends with? There -was- a reason for that. I'm sorry, if I'm a bit jaded, but I've studied too many awakening sagas to find this -terribly- surprising. Belief, after all, shapes reality, even if only on a personal relativity scale."

Pause. Beat. "I'll put a sock in it now."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick tilts his head, giving a slight shrug, "Well, not really live. It was more of a personal project." Nick answers, "So they became easter eggs...Hidden tracks. Kind of a treat for those who listened all the way through an album instead of skipping around."

The switch over to his parents causes Nick to pause. "...I had my mom until I was ten." Thoughts to the last he saw of his mom come to mind. Not the most pleasant of mental images comes up, "My aunt took over after that. My father wasn't really around. I already told you what happened to him. Work kept him captive."


"But...yeah. Michael Nicholas... I'm Catholic so you got the confirmation name too."

When Sinister starts bringing up his last name, Nick looks over to Sinister, "Yeah but my aunt says my father is Protestant, not Catholic so..."

Oh yep. She DEFINITELY made that clear.

Abundantly clear

...His aunt may not have been the easiest to be around.

But it sure as hell didn't stop his mom.

But the mention of belief does bring up one thing. Things picked up talking to others at Strange's school. "...I was told at a point that magic does have some bit of will to it. Belief could be considered a type of will. Emotion is another..."

He cracks a small smile, "...I mainly wrote them because mom was really into saint stories. So, the first one, well. Lucia. That was hers."
Lucifer has posed:
If only Lucifer could actually travel to heaven. He'd do things until someone upstairs talked. Calling down someone would be easy enough - if they decided to answer him. He knows of a few who would answer the call, and not even try to stab him when they came down.

That might be the next step.

Father held captive by his work. That's an interesting way to put it. He's not going to push it either, cause that just might take things to a place he's not ready to go yet. Steps at a time. Probe a little. Process. Repeat. Then maybe one day he'll get to do a big reveal.

If Leonard doesn't do it himself should push come to shove.

"Thank you for humoring me Nick. I appreciate it." Is all he says then before turning to glance out towards the balcony once more. A part of him worrying deeply that Nathaniel's upset. At him. At something else. He's not sure. "Perhaps Nathaniel and I should make arrangements to find a hotel room of our own. You should probably get some more sleep anyway."
Sinister has posed:
"Protestant is just a different facet of the same crystal. What you just evinced there is Dogma. Ohh, now I'm remembering Sunday mornings and that's frustrating, I never did like those classes. Oxford. Bloody hell. Right, think of the anthropology museum, that'll get your mind off of it."

Sinister says very softly then, which could easily be lost. "Mother is the name of God on the lips of every child."

There's a sigh. "Or nanny, in my case."

He turns from the night's tableau and heads inside. "Sorry for eavesdropping on the twenty questions time, I didn't want to intrude and I'm still not quite all... right. You understand, I'm sure."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Yeah... no problem. I'm not sure why you're asking about this again. But I'll probably ask some questions later."

But he's avoiding it tonight. So promise kept.

Sinister's comments about mom's earns the doctor a glance.

...crap did he?


"...Is this a bad time to mention that Raphael's Flask is pretty good at blocking bad dreams and external attacks?"

At a cost to the caster if they're not careful but he's got meds for that and he has the energy to spare right now so no biggie.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smirks. "Which may or may not help the good doctor depending on if he believes in it?" Saying this much and then he stretches and settles again. "And the one that supposedly helped your vampire problem? What Saint was that one named for?"

Because now he's curious since two of the three songs were named, and perhaps this one might be the key to what door Lucifer opens next. So long as he's not dropping names himself or hinting as to the why of the third degree, there's contentment to be had.

Once Nathaniel returns to the room he'll reach his closer arm out to draw the man in close again. "We might have to try something to ease that mind of yours. Letting Nick have a go might be beneficial."
Sinister has posed:
"It might, but it might just be worthwhile letting it all work itself out. I come to my keenest edge, or my most viscious revenge, when I'm allowed to just stew in my own juices enough. I shall not have nightmares, fear not. I am made of slightly sterner stuff than that..." Sinister steps in close, wrapping his own arm across shoulders and curling it in, possessive and in its own ludicrous way, protective. But then again, the protection he tends to offer the immortal right hand of God who fell from grace, is not usually the sort that involves the physical.

He looks to Nick. "You are not going to do any such thing. We interrupted your sleep cycle which is -never- good and frankly, I don't want you to suffer unduly on my behalf. Progress! But to answer Lucifer, that would be..."

All eyes. Lookit, you got full powercouple attention.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick considers it. "Well being that one didn't really get finished for album release and I had it lying around for a few years before finishing it, I didn't really give it a decent title."

He pauses, considering Lucifer, "Just remember that I apparently did yours first. Uh, but the third one was based off of Michael. Because...first name. But it's been pretty useful." He glances over to Sin, "You actually saw it in use that time in the subway. I put it into the Escrima sticks."

Well at least the choice wasn't because of some deep rooted reason like personal reflection. NOPE! It was the damn name he was given. And if someone were to guess the fourth song he had been planning would have been centered around Nicholas-

Well, they wouldn't be WRONG.

As Sinister turns down the offer, Nick frowns, "...Well. I haven't really been using the Phantasm powers much since getting here so, it's not like I'm running low on it."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer's eyes narrow for a moment and then he glances up to the heavens once more. As if they were watching. Listening. Laughing.


He's silent for a moment. Perhaps a few moments. More like it almost gets to the point where the tension could be cut with a knife. Then he smirks. "Well. At least you had the mind to write mine first. I suppose I could let that slide then. Besides...he likely does have better ways to knock off a vampire or two..."

"Course. I'd just burn them to ash. Much quicker. Cleaner even. But I digress. You realize that having written these songs, and that there is actual power behind them, you're likely drawing off the power of the saints, right? And that could be because they knew you had it in you to do so. It could also be because they tickled the little inklings in the back of your mind. Funny thing that. Free will that isn't quite so free..."

There's a flickering of fingers that rest against his chin and an apple lifts from the fruit basket and floats over to him. He plucks it from thin air and takes a solid bite of the fruit. "You do know that the Phantasm powers are not the -only- powers you possess, yes?"
Sinister has posed:
Alright, this is going into the odd neck of the woods where Sinister's now looking at Lucifer with his head cocked to the side. You had a plan, Stan. It wasn't just idle curiosity.

"You mean he got tapped, by..." he points up, which is a universal signal in Luci-town. Eyes are cast back to Nick, blinking once. "Oh, now I'm absolutely bloody certain I should experiment more."

The apple is watched rather closely, then the minibar is eyed. "Eeeeeeeeeeeh," and he goes to make himself a ludicrously expensive drink mixer from whatever's there. It ends up being a vodka and coke. A whiskey gets tossed toward Lucifer and he peers for anything else in there. Guinness. But no glass. "Don't worry, we'll cover the tab."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Well they do tend to get ashy after they get hit by the sticks." Nick admits, giving a small smile as the sharing of his own approach makes it apparent Lucifer's not mad at him.

The smile is short lived to the general suggestions laid out. "Huh?"

The musician cocks his head to the thought. "I- well, I was weirded out which is why I stopped writing them but- I kind of figured they were side effects... magic... energy plus will. Sometimes emotion... music can trigger it...I was told I can be pretty stubborn. So-"

It had to be the phantasm powers fueling them right? If he casts Raphael's Flask too many times, that pretty much is asking for the dreams again. An-

Well, he has run into a couple of angel types before...

Then there was Henri and-

Man, he runs into a lot of religiously themed people when he thinks about it.

But the thing that's bothering him the most has to be-

"Are you saying my songs aren't my own?"

More manipulation. M- Has he had any say in what he's been doing for the past decade?

Nick glances down, bringing a hand up to cup his mouth.
Lucifer has posed:
"If what my source suggests is true... and from what you're telling me... it's all beginning to come together. The songs are your own. You wrote them. But who you are, what you're tied to, not the Phantasm. But something...more spiritual. That's the guiding force behind the magic working." Lucifer says this much.

"Which also suggests that you and I meeting isn't quite as chance as it may have thought to of been. You're blessed, Nick. And having written songs about Saints, calls upon the Saint's power. Well, I'm no Saint... at least I don't think I am..." Lucifer sighs. "I can't take back what I've told you... but I don't think it was all manipulation. You wrote the songs, the power put forth through them was a gift... of sorts." He's repeating himself. He also has a bottle of whiskey in hand, a small bottle but still.

"And maybe it's tied into what your body can DO for a time... but the phantasm doesn't feed the spells, nor vice versa. But that's why I asked about your father. I'm almost wondering if it wasn't one of my brethen who knocked up your mother."
Sinister has posed:
And that, that brings Sinister to just silently floating the guiness over and a plastic cup. Sorry, but that's all they've got for beverage containers in this place. THey both settle themsleves on the singer's bed infront of him, in a silent telekinetic invite.

"Watchers, maybe? Metatron is a bastard for that -- sorry. /Enoch/. I am not going to call him that, it's more honorific than he deserves." Sinister mutters, straightening up from the minifridge and sauntering back to Lucifer's side to park on the air, lacking a second chair. He raises the glass of vodka and coke. "Cheers. You've been Tapped."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:

That's a small relief.

At least he's not a plagiarizer.
% Although to the term 'blessed', the hand upon the face slides up, the span of his fingers covering his eyes as his head tilts a bit more.


This sure as hell does not FEEL blessed.

Ohhhh God.


Right. Exactly.

"...Savio Drago...exists. My family is gone because assholes tried controlling him. Tried controlling me. Tried- "

A collage of images come to mind. Different locations, different times, varied outcomes, but all involving fighting flood to mind. Walls being blown apart. Cabins being raided. Safehouses. And more file photos. One the same one he was thinking about when Lucifer had acquired a man to question in the penthouse one time.

"I know he wasn't in my life directly but-he's still- my father. I look like him. He's real."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer holds his hands up, palms outward, like he's surrendering. "So you believe. Therefore it must be true." Yet how many times has his brethren come to earth, put on a face, wore a name...and did what they wanted. Gave in to desires. Because they could not in Heaven do what they can on Earth. But this is something Lucifer will reveal another day.

Along with his source material. For now... "It's nothing to be ashamed of, Nick. I hope you know that. These powers I mean, the fact that these songs are spells. They helped you when needed, yes? So they were given to you for a reason."

That bottle of whiskey is opened then and downed all at once. "We can talk about it more later if you wish. Once you've sorted out what's been revealed to you now.. and.. if it makes you feel any sort of way. My source has asked me to punch the face of whoever bestowed this power to you. If only because it...technically complicates...other things." He smiles and then rises. "SHall we call it a night, my love? I think you and Nick both have some mental resting to do."
Sinister has posed:
All those mental flashes, they cause a wee little wince from Sinister, whose mind is a little bit raw from the experiences of the night before. He actively growls at the montage of pain and battle, shooting back the drink in hand in one solid gulp, despite the fizziness. A fist is pressed to his gullet as the carbonization protests, but there's no uncouth belch, just fleeting discomfort.

"Tells you that your gift is worth having, that other people want to use it, Nick. You might want to consider writing a song for Uriel. That way you can gain a gift of insight. A forwarning."

But that said, there's a distinct nod from the man. "I am so over the last twenty four hours. Every once in a blue moon, I just have a -day-..." he rises from his invisible chair and extends a hand to Lucifer, though his gaze is on Nick.

"Forearmed is forewarned, but... lifting veils is never easy. Hopefully you -can- sleep." And he then nods to the devil. A silent 'lets go'.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick has not been very good with the promise to not ask any questions tonight but...

Why was it easier when it was lumped in with the Phantasm abilities? Yes they were prayer like but- in theory.

But, Lucifer does make a fairly good point "Well, light kept one vampire from snacking on me... The others helped me help others..."

Oh gosh, the nightmares he's come across in his travels-

Sinister's comment about others wanting to use it gets a head shake. "...That's the funny part. I don't think they were. Well, not at first."

The suggestion isn't lost on Nick as the other two make their leave, getting a faint nod of distracted farewell from the tired and troubled performer.

A song for Uriel?


Lets see... art, poem, science, judgement.. fire in palm, flaming sword, disc of sun, book...

...take a look it's in a book it-

Dammit LeVar, out of the head!