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Heaven Can't Wait...
Date of Scene: 09 September 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: Lucifer and Sinister go to contemplate recent events and are visited by one of Lucifer's Angelic Brethren, Raphael.
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Sinister, Phantasm (Drago)

Lucifer has posed:
And so it is that Lucifer and Nathaniel make their way to the lobby of the same Hotel that they...barged into Nick's room at...to get a room of their own. Smoking, preferably, just to keep that covered. Once all that's taken care of, and they get into their room proper, Lucifer's first move is to walk to the bed, turn around, and flop backwards onto it.

"Do you think I messed up? Telling Nick all of that information?" He asks, staring at the ceiling for the moment. "Didn't tell him everything... not even the most important bits..." Eyes shift over towards Nathaniel then. "You think Savio Drago could have been an Angel on Earth? It's not too out there you know. They put on a face, a name, come down here... stir a few pots..." He didn't tell that to Nick either. 'Savio Drago was real' ... yeah kid, just not the man you were led to believe he is.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister closes the door in the wake of entry, checking out the amenities in the room before he follows to the bed. Washroom has a nice big shower, that's always good. Pay-per-view on the TV. Free Wifi, because who doesn't these days? He settles on the edge, gazing at the windows and their own balcony. "I could probably find out if he was or not, by examining a sample of Nick's DNA. Your angelic nature shows up in yours, if you know what to look for. I'm just not sure he'd be very happy with me doing so surruptitiously and frankly, would be asking questions if I asked for it. I might have to steal one of his hairs..."

There's an exhale as he turns his gaze from the night-time to the herald of dawn. "This all came out of your grilling of Nick's ancestor, right? That Leo gentleman..." he presumes and he'd be doing so accurately. "You know, all that talk has made me question a few characteristics of my own, these days. Maybe the best thing to do would -actually- be to ask the Host. Provided that they're going to actually tell you the truth, that is." He eyes his hands there, resting them on his lap, palms up, looking from left to right to left to right. He wiggles the fingers, then idly.... brings them together in the symbol of prayer, closing his eyes.

Absolutely nothing might happen now. Or you know, a hefty chain of coincidences might land on them both.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Considering who is calling, this must be some emergency." The figure of a blond man, tall, and impeccably dressed sits on the bed. Back against the headboard, his arms are bent, folding his hands behind his head as he simply looks to the couple.

There's the slightest tilt of the head in acknowledgement to Lucifer before he glances over to Sinister. "For the record don't expect me to show up every time you do that, but considering the excellent mood Uriel is in right now...I guess I can make an exception tonight."
Lucifer has posed:
"I didn't *grill* him. I asked questions, he gave answers. He wasn't even aware about the spoken spell bit until I said something about it, because I thought it was linked to the Phantasm powers. Turns out, our Nick is just a really special kid..." Lucifer says this much while looking backwards towards his lover who... is praying?

Aw shit.

The next words are not from himself, or Nathaniel, but from someone else entirely. Lucifer is up on his feet and turned towards Raphael, but there's at least a grin on his face. "Fucks sake. I almost thought Michael would have beaten you down here..." He offers and then sighs. "I wouldn't call it an emergency... more like... requested assistance. I need to finish putting a puzzle together, but I'm missing some pieces. Think you can provide them?"

He walks towards the balcony then but only so he can shoot Nathaniel a 'I cant believe you called my FAMILY' look. With love.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister's eyes flash open, more rounded than they usually are and he blinks at the blond on the bed and pulls his hands apart, staring at them. "Well, honestly, there was only a fart in a hurricane's chance that was even going to -work- so I'll apologize for not being sorry later..." he 'mwahs' an air-kiss to Lucifer and turns his attention on the Angel that answered. And stares, because he really doesn't know them from a hole in the ground, with one or two very pertinent, exceptionally well illustrated exceptions.

"Duly noted. And hello. Ahh...." he gives the look of 'please fill in the blank?!' that bespeaks all who haven't got a clue who they're talking to "..." and looks over at Lucifer with his own mock glare.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"It depends on what puzzle you're speaking of." Raphael responds, glancing out the window. "If you wished to speak with Michael, your love could have been a bit clearer in the message instead of just demanding to speak to a manager."

Raphael makes no move to get off the bed. For it is comfy. And no one is using it at the moment. "But honestly do you think you'd get any further with him? "

When Sinister indicates he doesn't know who he's talking to, Raphael nods, looking back to the doctor, "Another problem with not specifying. You just don't know who you're going to get. I am Raphael."
Lucifer has posed:
"If I could ensure I never saw that...bastard of a twin of mine again...I would do so in a heartbeat. You know this." Lucifer speaks and then smirks. "Actually. You might be able to help me. I think if we were rolling the dice on this one, Lady Luck was certainly on our side." A grin is passed to Nathaniel. "Shame we're not in Vegas. Bet on the snake eyes. Never lose."

After another chuckle, he glances over to Raphael, but he did catch that look from Nathaniel. "Ah. Yes. Sorry. I should have done introductions. Of course, you likely know who Nathaniel is but none the less..." He pats himself down so then produce smokes, lighting one and offering towards Nathaniel and even Raphael if the healer wishes to partake.

"What do you know of Michael Nicholas Drago?" This asked as he looks right at Raphael.
Sinister has posed:
With a chuckle to Lucifer and a murmur of 'Devil's own luck' Sin turns attention back on Raphael.

"Oh. Oh my, I didn't..." Ahem, clearing his throat, Sinister inclines his head. There's respect due to the Patron of Doctors. Maybe that's our coincidence right there. "I'm genuinely pleased to meet you and never thought I'd manage to erm... dial another Archangel. Good glorious gadflies... cooperate with me, tongue!" He inclines his head though, as he's actually introduced. And takes a smoke, with yet ANOTHER glance at his palm and a shake of his head.

"I imagine Uriel's tickled pink that the lad is composing bespelled words in his honour. It's probably about time, all things considered..."

The cigarette is fag-dangled as he leans in to light it off of the lightbringer's flame. "The question is, is he godtouched because he has the Bard's tongue and faith, or is the egg ahead of the chicken?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
With Lucifer confirming what was already known, Raphael moves his hands from behind his head, shifting position to where they're no longer necessary to cushion. His palms tilt upwards to the ceiling in a bit of a 'whelp' motion. "Then be glad that its me that showed up."

The offered cigarette gets a look for a few moments before he reach over to take one. "Thank you, Brother."

He shifts, reaching behind before pulling out a flask. Holding it up towards Lucifer, "Something from home if you are interested."

Raphael pauses long enough to slide off the bed, seemingly having some sense of courteousy not to smoke on what will be slept upon.

"Michael Nicholas...Raphael Drago you mean." The angel responds, "...I should. I would be the one he picked to be his patron when he was confirmed." He turns back to the window, glancing out. "Put a lot more thought into it than most 15 year olds do. You can guess who was not pleased with that choice. Although he should have known most people don't repeat names when going through that sacrament."

Sinister's comment gets a nod. "Yes. It is amusing. It's very rare for Uriel NOT to see something coming."
Lucifer has posed:
The offered flask is taken with a small sound of excitement. "Heavenly nectar. You might lose a few brownie points with the old man for bringing this with you." Lucifer says this while opening the flask and taking a generous sip. Eyes close for a moment and there's a strong likelyhood he begins to glow just a wee bit more than he normally does.

"Of course." His flame is brought to help both the other men light their taken cigarettes as he opens the balcony door to at least cycle some fresh air into the room. "Oooh right. Patron Saint of... your chosen field. Ha. How things tie together so remarkably well..." This comment given to Nathaniel of course.

"The question stands. Nick chose you to be his patron saint. He can perform spells with his songs about saints. Obiously this is not by coincidence, and we've determined it's not sourced from the other power he holds. So. What's behind that? A gentle nudge or did someone decide to get jiggy with a mortal again down here?" No. Lucifer is not letting that theory go. Not unless it's denied. "Ah, Uriel will get over it. Sometimes spur of the moment choices can be fun."
Sinister has posed:
"I'm just glad I suggested it," Nathaniel murmurs, sucking a couple of puffs of smoke to get the cherry kindled, before he leans back. This is when he isn't quite rude, but borders on it -- Raphael is given a thorough looking over, a memorization of the details and features which could easily be awkward if you're not careful.

"I'm inclined to think it's a bit of both, potentially -- Lucifer, the Dragos are not the only ones in history to have the power to Speak creation, it's actually documented elsewhere. But it's exceptionally rare and I would wager /probably/ has an original source. Likely just one person."

Finally, the red eyes are drawn off the other Archangel, onto the one he's far more familiar with.

"Taliesin springs to mind. He was a druid-blood, of the line of the book of Kells."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Oh, if that's what he gets upset about, then I'm still ahead." Raphael responds, leaving Lucifer to help himself to the flask. "Time has passed, You're still my brother, you offered me something as well, AND you rarely call."

He looks over to Sinister in point, "In point, He had to do it for you this time."

Cigarette now lit, Raphael takes a moment to enjoy it.

Lucifer's comments causes for a smokey chuckle. "It is a long list. When in doubt, assign it to an archangel. But, with him the ones that probably registered were the ones involving the mind and healing."

Raphael looks back over to Sinister as he speaks of his theory. "You are very well versed." He observes of the doctor, smiling for a few moments before he takes another drag.

More smoke.

"You two are not too far off. But, the timing of one part of the theory is way off."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer looks to the flask after taking a second drink from it, and then he looks to Nathaniel. No hesitation after such and he offers his lover the flask with the heavenly brew inside it. "Let's see how having a bit of angelic DNA holds weight against something straight from the holy city."

He takes another pull from his cigarette and then chuckles himself at what Raphael quips here and there. "Must keep you all pretty busy up there... I'm surprised you had time to answer a call in the first place. Oh and do give Michael a nice sound punch in the face for me when you go back, hmm? As a small...well, lets not call it a favor. More like a delegated request."

The last bit of what Raphael says is considered and then Lucifer nods. "So he's not of Angelic descent. That's... almost a relief in a way. So then, who is it that's granted this Saint Magic to him? And be careful how you answer. I'm supposed to punch them in the face. As an actual non-contracually bound favor to someone."
Sinister has posed:
Arching an eyebrow at Raphael, Sin gives a small half-smile and a cock of the head, before inclining said head at a respectful angle, to accept the compliment in good grace. Then? Heaven's nectar is being handed to him and he looks at the small hip flask with the other eyebrow joining the first. "Well, for the sake of posterity..." Bottom's up, right? He takes a mouthful and ends up kind of frozen with the flask tipped for a moment, his nostrils flaring. It's lowered slowly and is given a thorough staring at.

"Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but now almost everything I'll ever taste in the future is utterly ruined..." he chuckles, glancing yet AGAIN at his own hand. He does not glow like Lucifer does, but that shimmer beneath his skin does seem a little brighter.

He turns the limb this way and that, momentarily fascinated. His cigarette defies gravity where it's frozen in his lips, curving, but not dropping ash.

"Belief defines reality. We are born believing in fairies and seeing the world with fresh eyes. We grow into a belief system that narrows our view and makes us prone to saying things are impossible, when so many wonders illustrate quite finely how that is not the case. Sometimes, it does not matter what you believe -in- only that you do. Faith is a belief, add an inate gift to that and faith defines the empowerment. Bestowed it was not. Created it was. But you all are defined by your own knowledge and hisunderstanding taps what you /are/."

He looks at Raphael. "Close?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"As I've stated earlier." He nods towards Sinister, "He did Uriel a bit of a favor with that suggestion to Michael Nicholas. And with the timing and location, I did have a suspicion that is what this call was about." The angel has shifted over to the first two names to allow for a bit of separation between the two Michaels.

He glances back to Lucifer. "Wouldn't you get more satisfaction delivering that bit of ... delegation yourself?" Raphael ponders aloud, "Assuming you won't have questions at that point. I do still have to work with him."

Sinister's comments regarding the drink gets a nod. "Don't leave home without a flask of it." He responds, before reaching into his pocket to pull out a second. "Backups are also fine. You never know when you might lose track of one."

Sinister's assessment on the power of belief gets little in terms of solid confirmation. But he is not left empty handed. "Sheer will can do amazing things. But..."

He looks over to Lucifer. "You were both close. But your timing was incredibly off for one part. The contribution you were seeking was long ago. The traces would be weak, almost negligible with this generation. Unless there was something to... boost it."

The cigarette is placed in his mouth while he works on opening the second flask and yet when he continues to talk, the object in his mouth doesn't hinder at all. "But the stubborn, almost compulsive nature he inherited from his father and the upbringing of his mother would definitely fill in the sheer will aspect."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer gives a bit of a lamented sigh after a moment. "Would if I could, Raphael. You know I'm not allowed to enter Heaven... so until he decides to show his face down here again, I need to have people pulling my punches for me."

He turns to Nathaniel then. "I have been chasing that taste, my dear, for a very long while. If only I had Constantine's never-empty flask... we'd have that sweet nectar for the rest of our days." Saying this before he listens to the conversation between the two that happens on the subject of believe.

Subjective at best, really.

"So a little of column A, a little from column B and a dash of a column C we didn't really consider. Okay. That makes sense. I can live with that..." He says with a finishing of his cigarette which is fully burned to ashes that scatter into the winds. "So you were sort of privy to that whole conversation. As Nick's patron saint... are you upset that I said anything about it at all? And gave him the crowbar separation between that power and his phantasm bit?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister fishmouths for a couple of beats, words just not coming as he's kiiiiiind of vindicated, but also... lips are then pressed together in a firmed up line for a moment, looking to the second flask produced and exhaling. He attends to smoking his cigarette then, observing the curve of ash -- it's floated off to an ashtray and he settles himself into a lean against the wall, propping it up a bit, arms loosely folded.

"You need an insider trader and now I know what to try and get you for your birthday. Somehow..." that last quietly, with a frown. Where the hell would you even start there? Hmm. Science could probably fill that vacuum to a degree, if nanotech can be trained to self-replicate one material into another compound. The spiritual aspect is the tricky part.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Oh give it time." Raphael responds, "I'm sure he'll come up with some reason to come down here again considering who you are hanging around with and...the order of things. Uriel may have been pleased last night but Michael's grumping about why his took years."

Raphael looks over to Sinister, "Another source of entertainment by the way. When you're not the one being directly spoken to."

Raphael takes a moment to remove the cigarette and sip. His skin gives a gentle glow as well. Oh yes. That is the good stuff. Cigarette back in mouth, the flask is closed up and slid back into his pocket before the cigarette is removed once more. "He would have learned eventually. Although, hinting that his father may not have been real might need to be corrected. He's not the best father, but Michael Nicholas was right in terms of his existence. His unusual situation is just overly complicated. And a lot of them came from human sources."

The angel considers Lucifer, "But overall, I do not regret nudging him your way."
Lucifer has posed:
"You have a few connections up there, my dear. Just take Raphael's words to heart and make sure you're specific on who you're calling on next time." Lucifer says this to Nathaniel and then looks towards Raphael once more.

"You're right. And I will correct that. Tomorrow, when the man is a bit more rested up. We did sort of interrupt his beauty sleep." Saying that much before leaning back against any nearby support wall. "Ah... so you're the one who set his path my direction. I shall have to find a way to thank you...cause it has been a most interesting journey since meeting him. He has helped us out a lot, but I think we've also helped him. It's been a mutual relationship that I can certainly appreciate."

There's a smirk on his lips before he shrugs a single shoulder. "Michael's been carrying a chip on his shoulder for as long as I've known him. Surprised it's not a full blown boulder at this point." A pause. "Might have to rename him Sisyphus Junior..."
Sinister has posed:
And at this point, is when Sinister slowly and graciously slides down the wall onto his backside, with a beatific smile on his face. It took a while, but his constitution was once human, mortal and ordinary. He might have done a million things to himself in the intervening years, but Heaven's nectar? It got in there in the end.

In a mellow tone of voice: "I am sure it's hysterical, when you're not in the line of fire. I really want to smack him in the face with a wet fish. Like, really, /really/ hard..." he motions /pow/ with a pantomimed piscean and lets his legs stretch out one at a time.

"Right. Remember who you want to talk to. Process that you CAN talk to. I can call an Angel. That's new. And interesting! Don't you think?" oh dear. He wiggles his fingers. "My hands are all tingly warm."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Raphael nods, "Well... Happy Meetings are a specialty of mine and sometimes the best way I can try to undo damage that's already been inflicted." He sighs, "I have had to do a few for him. Some didn't last as long as wished. Either way, thanks is not needed. Even excluding the help extended towards Michael Nicholas, the show produced in the past few days more than makes it worth it."

Raphael chuckles, "Very much hysterical, indeed. When he's having one of those...moments, Cecilia likes pointing out that Lucia's Light came out first."

Raphael looks over to Sinister, and then back to Lucifer.

"Perhaps the rest should be saved for later." Raphael suggests, "I did not bring a third."
Lucifer has posed:
"Would you mind if we kept this flask? It still has a bit, but I don't think you'll miss it too much would you?" Lucifer asks with a little smile.

As for other things. "Well I will keep that in mind. And I will amend things in Nick's mind about his father. Otherwise, we're extending our stay here due to an impromptu invite to see him play in some... theater of sorts. Or somesuch." He gives a smile then.

"You should likely head back before anyone gets too suspicious, or Michael decides he's had enough and wants to come get a piece of this. He's already on Nathaniel's bad side for impersonating me in a very bad way... so..." A pause. "But it truly was good to see you again, Brother."
Sinister has posed:
"OOh, yes please." Sinister says that quietly, nodding in agreement with Lucifer's request. "Trinity college. Because /of course/ it's Trinity college... ahaha. Oh my giddy aunt..." resting his head back, at least Nathaniel seems happy about this business. "It was actually a pleaaaaaaasure to meet you, Raphael. I don't get to ... to say that often about Samael's siblings. I can count pleasant encounters and not even use one hand..." he holds one hand up by demonstration. Three fingers, which is not a lot.

"I'm going to be thinking peculiar thoughts for hours, I can tell. And perhaps shouldn't be thinking about having a big cuddle up. That's a ... right. Good evening!"

Getting up, he heads for the bathroom in a sort of extremely careful way.

The shower can be heard running moments later. A nice COLD shower.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"This is why I bring a spare, Brother." Raphael responds, finishing up the cigarette before he walks over to Lucifer. A hand lifts, resting upon the elder angel's shoulder. "It is good to see you as well. We may see each other again soon. Common interest and all. I believe though, that I will let you have the honor of that task you wished to give me. I believe a few more jabs from Cecilia and he'll be ready to pop on down." There's a slight squeeze before the hand lowers.

The angel looks over to Sinister as he continues on and starts to head to the shower.

The smile becomes a wide grin as Sinister moves beyond the door.

There's another clasp on the shoulder. "I will make my leave. I do believe he may need some help in a bit."

Giving a knowing grin, the hand and the owner of it soon vanishes.

Happy meetings indeed.