15588/Of Angelic Families and Apologies

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Of Angelic Families and Apologies
Date of Scene: 11 September 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: Lucifer apologizes to Nick for grand assumptions. Nathaniel Essex saves a possible...fairy?
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Sinister, Phantasm (Drago)

Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer is up with the sun, standing out on the balcony enjoying an Irish'd coffee and cigarette while watching the sun rise. The conversations from the previous night still ring clear in his head - mostly because he got something wrong and he'll need to make amends with what he suggested to the young rock star.

At least he's the type to admit he's wrong and make amends for it.

Other things swirl in his mind as well. A niggling in the back that tells him they aren't done with family reunions - and one of the worst of them is yet to come. He really wonders if he can cut it off at the head. Find a spot to just get it over with. But that might cause a lot more trouble than it's worth. A breath. A sigh. And he pulls out his cell phone to shoot off a text to Nick - further hoping the man's cellphone is on silent in case he's still asleep and doesn't get rudely interrupted.


<<Hey Nick. Let me know when you're awake. I need to speak with you to clarify something. ~L.M.>>
Sinister has posed:
Sinister slept very, very well. Very well indeed. But he too is up with the dawn, though he's wearing sunglasses with the rising of the big burning ball of gas up there. Not that he gets UV trouble, or sunburn, but it's a little bright -- he's also already got a pen and paper in hand, going through a million equasions at a rate of knots and sketching little design doodles all over the place. Croissants are on the go, by the time he steps outside to catch the breeze and share the balcony space.

"I have a feeling we're not going to hear the end of last night any time soon. But it does seem like not -all- your siblings are asshats. Just the ones that don't mind their own beeswax, I suppose." He shoots a smile, catches sight of the phone and looks out over the morning light upon the city.

"Clarifying with the kiddo?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Lucifer is left waiting, it becomes clear that at least one of Lucifer's wishes is answered. Nick's phone must be on silent. Which is great for phone calls, but not so much for random drop ins where people just appear in the room. But being they're trying the less direct approach for a meeting this time. Nick does get his sleep.

Gets his sleep. Has a nice shower. Gets dressed. Starts to determine what he's going to get from room ser-

...Oh right. Should probably check the phone.


Oh. Okay.

Lucifer's phone eventually gets a message back. <<I'm awake. Where at?>>
Lucifer has posed:
There's a few options here. They could do the normal and just go to his room. Or, they could actually just pull him to where they are - but that might startle the lad even with warning. No, Lucifer is playing this as if they were normal people doing normal things.

<<We're actually in the same hotel as you. Room 230. Come when you can.>>

Then he glances over to Nathaniel and gives a nod of his head. "Yeah. Just not over text. He'll likely be coming to visit soon. Might as well get that bit over with and then I can start to worry about the other ten thousand things in my head." Saying this much before finishing his cigarette with a puff of ash scattered to the wind and then he turns and heads back into the room. "Have we ordered breakfast yet?" Oh right. Croissants. With butter. That'll do for now.
Sinister has posed:
He does this on occasion, as far away from his nature as it's possible to get, whilst at the same time, being one's nature a hundred percent. It's fun living with the Devil. "I'll order some OJ, too, whilst we're at it... and sausage and bacon. Bread rolls. I suddenly feel as if I've underestimated appetite. Maybe a fruit platter, also..." his own cell out, Sinister adds to the food delivery, but yes, Croissants are good to start out with.

Sin has his jeans on, with socks, but nothing else for the time being, coffee and smokes came first, then a serious combing of the long, straight and black.

And more doodling, more calculations. "You and me both, my dear. A thousand and one things and I'm not at all sure how to tackle this one that's buzzing around between my ears. I probably have too many options and need to evaluate which is the most practical."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
While waiting for a response on the now unmuted phone, Nick moves over to the welcome basket. A banana is selected and the rockstar proceeds to make quick work of it. Hearing the device beep, Nick tosses the peel into the trash can and makes his way over. Cheeks still puffed out from remnant of banana, he gives a slight nod, taps his response and heads to the bathroom. Door shutting.

<< There in about ten minutes. >>

Guy's got to brush his teeth after all...
Lucifer has posed:
"I think I just want to eat so I can focus a bit more. It's funny how food will help with that sometimes. And it's all the same thing... I don't mind if certain kinfolk come visit. As you just said, I do have siblings who do right by me..." Lucifer begins this, looks at his phone and nods. "Ten minutes to a Nick visit."

He just doesn't trust that Michael won't show up at some point in all of this. If he's already being a whiny brat about it up in Heaven who knows when the border will break and he'll just show up to have his say in all of this. And, of couse, it will somehow be Lucifer's fault...because he meddled where he shouldn't have.

There's a flop onto the bed with a heaved sigh. Luckily his coffee was already set down on the nightstand when he did this. "They goad him because he's a twat, but he's a twat because they goad him. It won't turn out well no matter what."
Sinister has posed:
"He doesn't seem to get it, that's for sure," sticking his pen behind his ear, Sin starts looking over all the doodles he's had, moving to the door without looking to open it for room service and for a Nick -just- before he actually knocked. Time is a bit fudgey, yes.

"Come on it, we're just bemoaning other relatives and quasi in-laws... there's coffee and a smorgasboard of breakfast vittles to be poked through."

Speaking of, a plate with croissant, butter some strawberry jelly from Robinson's -- fresh fruit of an assortment of varieties, a piece of cheese, some bacon rashers and a couple of sausages all plated up and floated over to the bed. He settles his own with some buttered toast to boot, done properly. On just one side.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick lingers at the doorway, the scar on his lower right forearm on display as he holds it ready to knock upon the door that is suddenly no longer in front of him. Pale eyes look over to the doctor holding the door, before the arm lowers.

"Good morning." Nick greets, venturing to try such a statement after Sinister listed the topic of discussion. The text message from earlier comes into mind, along with the conversation from the couple's last drop in, "Just...Whose relatives are we talking about?"

He steps in, allowing for the door to be closed behind him before an answer to such a question can even be voiced. The mention of the food results in Nick turning his head to look to the spread, having settled for a piece of fruit instead of room service in order to get over here.

Well...If they're offering.

He steps over towards the food.
Lucifer has posed:
"Mine. Since Raphael decided to pay us a little visit last night after we got into this room..." Lucifer says this much before sitting up and giving Nick a wayward smile. "Morning Nick."

He then stands and moves over to the food as well. There's enough room there for them both to serve up some of the items. "I owe you an apology, Nick. Seems while I was correct in assuming your bloodline stems from an angel, it was way before your time. Or your father's time. So I spoke out of place. Your father's as real and therefore as human as it gets. And just happens to be an interesting member of society." To put it nicely.

"But you certainly did give Heaven a stir when you came up with that song for Uriel... and while most are happy and giggly... one... is quite put off."
Sinister has posed:
Settling at the breakfast table, because all good hotels have them in this cluster of isles, and tucks in with the toast and a nibble of cheese.

"He's putting that lightly, by the by... it's more like there's no good reason we're not hearing the whine from down here." Sinister observes, turning to his notebook and flipping the page, pen out from behind his ear to carry on with whatever's buzzing in his head.

"THe angel in your line was all the way back in the beginning of things. A long, long time ago. But you actually -do- get to call Lucifer uncle. Because that's legitimate..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick lifts a brow to the name drop. "...Raphael? Like-"

Who are you talking to, Nick?


Nick doesn't finish the question. He instead gets himself a croissant, a piece of bacon, and some fruit to compliment the banana he had earlier.

The performer pauses as he hears the apology, turning his head to look to Lucifer. The brief mention of bloodline and angel in the same sentence still manages to pack a bit of a hit. Considering Lucifer's theory about his father, part of him, likely assumed that part of the suggestion was also mistaken. Considering everything that got pulled up on his father. There was just No way that was true. Although, maybe if he had been those projects could have been killed much earlier on before the targets got placed on the backs of him and his mom.

Nick nods, "Yes. There's no way he could have been one."

Sinister's comment does manage to bring back the angel aspect, causing for him to blink. He looks over to Sinister, and then back to Lucifer. Head tilting back in consideration.



Maybe, he's been looking at these reveals a bit wrong.

It'd be nice to have some living family that still wants him around.

Lucifer bringing up someone being upset by the song for Uriel makes him frown. "They already know? I was having trouble falling back to sleep and well-" He looks to Sinister, "My mind just ran with the suggestion and.. there it was." He frowns, "I haven't played it for anyone yet."

Well, apparently them.

"Did I upset Uriel? I got some detail wrong in there, didn't I?"
Lucifer has posed:
"Yes. THAT Raphael... and apparently we have him to thank for nudging us in each other's general directions. He's also the one that clarified that bit with your family and told me I should apologize." Lucifer comments all this with a chuckle, having taken a croissant, fruit, bacon and a bit of sweet marscapone.

"Quite on the contrary. You did what very few are able to do. You surprised him. Uriel did not expect a song, and now he has one. He's tickled. Michael is not tickled...he's...upset. There's none you can do about it, and none you SHOULD do about it nor feel bad for. Michael is - above all things - a brat. Brattier than me if you can believe such." There's a chuckle then. "All in all, my good sir, you are in Heaven's good graces. They applaud you up there. Truly they do. You've impressed." A little marscapone on the croissant and...bite. Chew. Enjoy.

"I had coffee a moment ago didn't I?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister points out the coffee helpfully enough and floats it over to the devil. "Unfortunately, Michael is going to stew on that, we both know it." Sin indulges in melon with bacon, a nice sweet and salty combination. He also proceeds to put jam on his croissant and folds his toast around the sausage and remaining bacon. Butty time!

"Interestingly enough, I actually rather like Raphael. I think it would be a little strange if I didn't like the patron of healers and doctors, but you never know. Some of us are asses." He looks over at the mildly dumbfounded mostly-human over there and nods to him, after a mild internal debate, then concentrates on the butty.

"And yes. Uncle, because he is. Luci's had very few potential offspring scares in his existence, as far as I know. I think we'd know if he hadn't. There'd be a hue and cry, so he's not your grandfather."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
To the assurance he didn't offend the very saint he was writing a song about, Nick relaxes a little. "Oh good." He gives a puzzled look to the listing of who isn't happy. "...Why would that song upset Michael?" It's not like he was making fun of him in it. Plus he already got a song.

Nick moves over to a seat to better manage his own plate as he looks over to the other two. The general description of Raphael being a likable person is a bit of a general relief considering that's his patron. He cracks a slight smile to Sinister's commentary from a doctor's standpoint. "So...what you're saying is as a patron of healing, he's got a great bedside manner?"

The reinforcement of the relation association with Lucifer causes for Nick to look over to the devil. The smirk becomes a bit of a soft smile. "As odd as it is. It's kind of nice knowing this. I figured as far as living blood relations went, my aunt and my father were it."
Lucifer has posed:
"To put it bluntly, and hope you don't feel any certain upset about it. Michael's upset because he wasn't first. You wrote a song for your mother before you wrote a song for him. But, as said, he's a priss and an egotistical bitch. He'd probably be upset if you wrote it first but in blue ink over black or some stupid thing like that." Lucifer says this much, plucking his coffee from the air with a nod of thanks to Nathaniel.

Sipping on the coffee, he then takes another bite of sweet cheese bread, mulling over a couple things for a moment. "Raphael takes risks, in more ways than one. He's the patron saint of healers and doctors, yes... but also overall protection and journeys. So... he's got a bit of a soft spot... and he loves bringing me Heaven's Ambrosia..." Cause he has no idea what else to call the drink. He'd give Nick some but...who knows what would happen!

And that's not something he's going to play with.

"It is nice knowing that I actually have some relatives here... it's even better that I've been there to witness some crucial points. Even help some along.." Commenting that much more before he attempts to finish his breakfast.
Sinister has posed:
"Yes, he has. He does have a way of putting a person at ease, which is remarkable in all the right ways..." Sinister replies, regarding Raphael. He then finishes his plate, taking up his coffee and walks onto the balcony to breathe the fresh salt air and have a smoke with his caffienated beverage of choice.

Leaning back, he grins jokingly at Lucifer.

"Anyone would think you missed having familial interactions that weren't demons trying to impress you or the more regrettable siblings. Hmm. I suppose this -technically- makes you Nephalim, Nick. I wonder who your parent is. Likely not one of the rare female angels, so..." he ponders that in silence, whilst sipping the joe.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick gives a bit of a sour look to the explanation. "...He's upset I wrote-" His eyes squint shut as he brings a hand up to his forehead. "...That doesn't even make sense. Why would he ever think he'd come before my mom?"

It's the name, isn't it?

Well tough shit, Michael. Because who gave him that name?


When Lucifer lists off the merits of Raphael, Nick smiles, eyes opening again as he looks over to Lucifer, "He sounds nice."

Yep. Picked right on that one.

"Oh, also protection against nightmares." He adds in, making sure that's not skipped. That one's important. Sleep's important.

To the question of parentage, Nick looks back over to Sinister. "Sa-" He stops saying his father's name when Sinister moves on to talking about female angels. "Is that something that is kept track of?"
Lucifer has posed:
"No. It doesn't make sense. Not to anyone else but him. Of course, there's people up there who tease him about it as well. Which doesn't help." Admittedly Lucifer would surely be on that list of people if he could. He technically is, he just has to do it from Earth.

"Savio Drago is your biological father, yes. And your mother is biological as well. No one is disputing that. I'm interested in where the line began but it's really a moot point. And the Nephalim is a very small part of your biology and yet still strong enough that being blessed by a Saint and likely a Muse has fortified powers given through spoken word. Or in your case, sung word I suppose." There's a chuckle then as he finally finishes his coffee.

"As far as records go... yes and no? I'm sure someone up there knows. Likely isn't telling. And I think that's fine. Nothing to get caught up in or distracted by. Do we have any plans for the day?"
Sinister has posed:
"It really doesn't matter, other than motivation and that could've been nothing more than wanting a mortal woman. I somehow doubt that though..." Sinister calls that back, looking up at the morning sunshine with a squint. He puts his shades back on, having taken them off indoors and leans on the balcony. "I might go hunting for fairy caerns, circles, myths and the like. I have a powerful need to harness parallel reality energies and I'm -really- not sure how best to go about it."

He finishes his smoke in due course, enjoying the flavour of it and listening for Nick's answer.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Well...I don't technically have to sing the lyrics." Nick admits, "Which is a good thing when someone's got you by the neck. Or if you're monitoring something ahead of time." Nothing really kills stealth like going into song. Well, maybe glowing. But if he's using that one, he's probably already in trouble.

"...I got the last of the location shoots today." Nick supplies, "Other than that, there's the concert tomorrow, then it's over to England for the next round the day after."

He pauses, considering Sinister's previous comments. "What other motivation would there be?"
Lucifer has posed:
"Other than being with a mortal? Creating nephalim. You know, they're all sooo upset about me being the big betrayer and yet there are some who come down here every...oh...century or few? Make a little love, spread a few seeds...and technically that's not a part of the big man's plans." Lucifer offers himself with a chuckle.

"Well... I do have a certain flute... pipe..whatever you want to call it. We can go playing it through the fields of emerald green, find some mossy stones inna forest and see what comes out to dance to the music.." He says all that with a twist of Irish on his otherwise British tongue.

"Oh. Off to England next eh? Where abouts? Or are you tired of us following you around?"
Sinister has posed:
"This is true --" the accent makes Sin give the Devil a side-eye with amusement and a purse of lips. He floats over his notepad again, flipping to a clean page to make shorthand notes in his unique script. "I imagine Liverpool might feature, some generic pretty places too, to contrast."

He looks up at the ceiling, then across it, frowning.

"Do you hear that? A kind of... buzzing?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Oh you're welcome to come along if you like. I'm allowed a few friends and family." There's a slight upcurl to the lip at the mention of the last word, "Some of the film locations are not listed yet." Nick replies, "But Oxford's mentioned for the school location."

When Sinister glances up to the ceiling, Nick's eyes follow, one hand biting into the croissant he collected. He shakes his head to the mention of buzzing. "...Drinking?" He wonders aloud.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer's ears flick a bit, as best as they can, when Nathaniel mentions a buzzing sound. "I don't hear anything..." Which could either mean he's not attuned to what Nathaniel can hear or he's too content of a sorts to care.

"Well then, if you don't mind having us around we might visit a time or two. I don't think Nathaniel ever misses a chance to visit his old stomping grounds... no matter how the years have changed it so." A chuckle from him then before he stands and goes to put together another plate of more food.
Sinister has posed:
"No, definitely not Drinking..." Sinister looks about, at the walls and light fixtures then, to check if he's having a hyper-attuned hearing moment. One of them is approached, his notepad tucked into his back pocket of his jeans. He also gets right up close and personal with the device, peering at it silently. Then, there's a shake of his head. "Maybe I'm imagining things. It's not unheard of..." he shrugs.

"I'll have to channel my nostalgia if we pop in in England. And potentially translate for accents..." he adds, then looking sharply to the balcony. "Ok, now I /know/ I didn't imagine that one..." and off he marches that-a-way, moving suddenly very fast. Not flash fast, but certainly superhumanly so. It's so fast that he kind of hurdles the balcony railing and careens off into the morning thin air.

Pause. From the street below, a honking sounds and a call of "I'm ok."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Hangover ruled out, Nick tilts his head to have a listen. Bad wiring? Building's old, maybe there's some electrical interference? Still not hearing anything he shakes his head, looking over to the doctor.

When Sinister moves quickly to the balcony and leaps off, Nick has a quick realization.

They're not on the ground floor.


The dish thunks against the floor of the hotel room as Nick bolts over to the balcony, glancing down to Sinister. "Please don't do that again." Nick requests, with a slight whine. He steps back, leaning against the frame of the door to take a moment.

Ok yes. Second floor, probably not a big deal for them but the general visual of someone going over a balcony is not fun.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer looks over to the balcony a split-second after Nathaniel retracts himself up and over the balcony's edge. He doesn't move from the bed, however, while Nick goes and tries to play saviour.

After a moment, he does shift to set his plate down and walks towards the balcony with easy steps. A slow stroll. Regarding Nick with a slight smirk before looking over the balcony itself. "You're terrorizing the mortals again, my beloved. Just what in the nine hells has gotten into tyou?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister is down on the street yes, having given a passing motorist a heart-attack by landing in the middle of the road and vaulting to the pavement beside it. "Sorry!" is called up, though he doesn't sound very apologetic. He doesn't even attempt to hide levitating back up, mostly because nobody watches at the time and the CCTV cameras are glitching in a fixed position, however briefly it is.

He lands lightly on the balcony, his hands cupping something. A glance is given over his shades to Nick, with a wince that looks more apologetic than his tone was. Then he's padding barefoot (yes, no shoes on either) to the complimentary water jug and glasses and slipping something underneath.

It's a dandilion seed cluster and it just sits there. No really.

"It was buzzing, I swear. I hope I didn't knock it unconscious or kill it..." Ok, he's lost it.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick looks to the dandilion. A brow raises before the rocker looks over to Lucifer. "...Just what were you two doing last night?
Lucifer has posed:
"Talking to Raphael for most of it. And drinking Heaven's Ambrosia." Lucifer thinks he needs a new name for that drink. Ambrosia is already used by the Greeks. "Wait... I think..." He peers at the cluster under the glass and then moves in a little closer.

"My dear I think these are just dandilion seeds... and even if they were anything living, why would you put them under a cup?" He gently lifts the cup then so as to not disturb whatever was inside it.
Sinister has posed:
"I had a very cold shower..." Sinister states, then frowns as all three men examine what's there and well, one of them concludes they're just seeds. "Hrm," he shakes his head a little, reaches for the filament cluster with finger and thumb and eyeballs it.

"I think I'm going to go for a walk, if you don't mind. I am apparently hallucinating. A nice brisk walk by the seashore should collect my thoughts and clear my head."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The explanation to the evening's activities gets a slow nod. "...I think the ambrosia's doing to him what the Asgardian ale shot did to me."

In short, maybe DON'T give the mostly human relation the ambrosia.

The mention of the cold shower causes for the rocker to look over to Sinister.


"Does Raphael look like you?" Nick asks Lucifer.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shakes his head. "No. Raphael does not look like me. He -could- if he chose to, but he's not the type. We all choose mortal forms if we want when we come down here and wish to be seen." Further explaining this to Nick.

There's a glance towards Nathaniel as the man makes to leave and then he looks to the fluff where the glass was. He blinks and then narrows his eyes looking at the fluff for a moment longer. "Hey wait..." He steps closer and leans in. "It's moving... the fluff is moving..."

Indeed a bit of the fluff has begun to sort of wobble around, some of the fluff falling away from...something.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister had just about made it to reaching for his coat, pulling on a T-shirt and materializing shoes from his person when the call goes out. He casts a look over his shoulder, narrow-eyed suspicion garnered for a moment, just in case he's being teased, but...

He approaches the table where he turned the glass upside down to trap the dandilion seed and eyes the movement. Is that wind? A stir of breeze? Their own breathe?

Crouching by the tabletop he brings his gaze closer, narrowing eyes further.

Nope. It IS moving. Writhing in fact, the tiny filaments a'quiver. And then? It explodes in a tiny puff of something or other, which smells distinctly of cloves, sage and rowanwood.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Oh okay." He moves over to the spilled plate, crouching down to clean up the unintentional mess. "Not the type...does that mean someone is the type to do that?"

Nick blinks as Lucifer seems to retract his words to lend credence to what was said earlier. Still by the plate, he glances up and looks over to the two elder men as they investigate the seed cup that apparently isn't that. "So those aren't dandelion seeds?"
Lucifer has posed:
"The same one who hates the fact that he's identical to me and yet - between us both - I am the better looking. And until I fell, the most favored." Lucifer answers Nick first before looking back to the fluff.

"Well it certainly smells interesting... but we might need a magnifying glass to see what we're dealing with. And I wonder if our voices are hurting it's ears... if it has ears..." He looks one way and then the othr, as if trying to really determine just what he's looking at.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister reaches out a hand, holding it over the seed cluster. His limb becomes transparent, then crystal clear , forming a magnifying lens for any and all to peer through. "Lets see what you look like closer up..."

Well, that's interesting. They look like silvery white jelly babies, in that they're very amorphous. The 'pod' of the seed forms the body, with the filament of 'parachuting' wire like a single hair coming out of their heads. There is a slightly insectile look to the amorphosity though, they're not quite rounded enough to be right, otherwise.

"What in the actual heck, is that?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:

If the doctor's stumped, that's probably a good indicator that Nick's not going to be of any help.

Finishing collecting the food, the musician gets up to carry it over to the trashcan. In hotels, there is no such thing as a 5 second rule. It's gone. Just face it. The metal thunk of the can announces Nick's acceptance of this fact. Setting the dish far enough away to not be mistaken for a clean dish in any form, he walks over, peering to it.


No clue.

"Haven't seen pictures of those before." Nick comments.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shakes his head. "It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen or heard of before... and I've seen some things..." He says this and then he thinks on it. "I might have a book at home that could help us..."

Then he looks through the Sin-Glass and tilts his head this way and that. "Can you speak? Tell us what you are? Why you're here?"
Sinister has posed:
From the odd pod people, there is no reply. "They don't appear to have any mouths," Sinister notes, sticking his pinky finger out and sharpening the nail down to a tiny cocktail-stick point. He uses it to illustrate the lack of distinguishing features. "Like this is a cocoon, perhaps. Or a literal seed... I've never seen anything like those before."

That's not to say that a critter with no mouth (or obvious ears and eyes) isn't capable of communicating, but the language might be very peculiar indeed and not what you might call 'sentient'. But who knows?

"You know, for something that small, they buzzed very loudly in my head. Neither of you could hear it. Do you suppose that's significant?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"No, I didn't hear anything." Nick tilts his head, considering Sinister. By now it's blatantly obvious to Nick that Sinister is telepathic and a strong one at that. "In your head? Like a telepathic type or something else? Maybe they're just at a frequency you can notice?"
Lucifer has posed:
"I think Nick might be onto something. You and I can speak mentally because we're linked... but put me in a room with a stranger and I can't hear a thought." Lucifer offers this. "Maybe that's how they communicate? It was also drifting with dandilion fluff... maybe it didn't know the flower was going to go all poof on it..." Which makes sense... but that still leaves them to wonder how to determine what this is.
Sinister has posed:
"Strangely, didn't think to pick my pocket guide of weirdness up, when I left the house yesterday." Sinister clucks his tongue and shrugs, grinning. "Which I suspect means we keep them in a vial until I can figure out what they are, just for a sake of curiosity."

And if Nick hadn't figured the telepathy out by now, that's absolutely confirmed by Luci's words. "It was peculiar and why I thought you might be right about me imagining things, it did actually sound enough like sound, that my ears got tricked."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick glances down to the glass. "Well. Being we got weird looking stuff, we can probably assume what you heard wasn't imagined." He looks to the thread attached to the head. "...Kind of makes me think of a children's book... and how the babies left home. Only with a different type of insect."


Nick is not.
Lucifer has posed:
"I think it was crying out for help cause it got whisked away from it's home. Is what it's beginning to look like. So it needs something stable so it can continue to grow. Like a butterfly needs a tree branch for it's cocoon..." Lucifer offers. "Test tube seems a little... cruel. Maybe we can make-shift something..." And if only people could see him now. The Master of Lies. The Bringer of Evil. Caring about the wellbeing of a random, unknown creature.
Sinister has posed:
"It does look like a parachute line, yes..." Sinister aggrees, indicating the filament with the teenie-tiny pointer that is his fingernail "...varieties of moth larvae use the same method, for when it's time to pupate."


"I'm loathe to assume that that was a kind of educational child's show?" Asked of Nick's observation.

And then there's Lucifer. Indeed, master of lies, lord of the abyss, tyrant king of hell....and closet weird lepidopterist? Sympathy for a tiny thing such as this has Sin looking at the surface housing the seedling things, with a look of mild perplexity to it. "A test tube is cruel? Hrm. Now I'm having strangely compelling images of an Alum crystal suspension if we can affix the filament to a pencil and provide shielding."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"I didn't get to watch a lot of tv growing up ." Nick responds, ruling out the educational children's programming aspect, "Mom took me to the library on her days off. But, yeah I was thinking of something from a children's book."

The concern about the test tube accommodation is considered. "What about a small greenhouse or terrarium?" Nick wonders aloud, "Enclosed space, but space to put sturdy items in to affix itself to and protection from the elements."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shrugs. "Some things to consider... but for now.." He walks over to the balcony and looks over, then he spreads wings and takes off. After a few moments he comes back holding a small twig that looks like a mini tree. Some dirt and some other bits.

He sets the dirt to hovering - somehow without it falling apart - and then gets a cup of water. Proceeding from there to take everything back out to the balcony and the dirt becomes mud enough so he can 'plant' the twig-tree, moss is pressed into the mud and soon it looks like a tiny portion of a fantasy forest. This is brought back into the room and set on the dressar near the creature.

"Let's see what it does...if anything..."
Sinister has posed:
"I didn't get any. But then I did have a lot of books; we have that in kind, it appears," nodding to the possibility of a terrarium, it is but to the observation of Lucifer that comes next. "Or a terra, sans the rium," observed of the little sapling in moss arrangement.

Some have the patience of ages. It's a requirement of eternity and/or experimentation that lasts decades, not moments. But when it comes to a small ... fae thing (It would seem to be something of that ilk, with psychic buzzing and odd behaviours.) a need for response can be particularly pressing.

Nothing much happens at first, save another little filament twitch. Using the very end of that pointed fingernail, Sin slides the tip under the wriggly filament and focuses on holding the tip against the nail until he can lift the tiny thing onto the underside of the twiglet.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Lucifer sets about creating the small environment for the- thing, Nick steps back, giving the angel, and soon after the scientist, plenty of room to work. While it's nice to offer help from time to time, there is a reason for the phrase 'too many cooks in the kitchen'.

While situated on the sidelines, Nick does watch the situation play out.

And in this time when Sinister's doing the delicate process of transferring the odd creature over- Nick's phone gives off a message alert.

Sighing, Nick steps back, reaching into his pocket to pull out the work phone to check the message.
Lucifer has posed:
"Well. It seems like with a little help the creature's going to adapt to it's new little home. Now we just have to... stay here. I do wonder if a clear cover is okay for it. To protect it..." Which brings them back to it being sort of like a test tube. Lucifer just shrugs.

When the phone goes off Lucifer glances over to Nick and then looks at his own phone. "I would suspect it's about time for you to get over to the shoot... As it stands you might be a little late perhaps? Do you need help getting there quickly?"
Sinister has posed:
"A jam jar of some ilk will work fine, even with a lid on, given you've water and soil and a plant in there, but covered in a hankie gives plenty of breathability." Sinister winces as the phone dings though, for not -just- the reason of this being delicate work.

Time flies, when you're apologizing and confirming familial ties. "At least you ate something and showered. I -do- hope we haven't made you late..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"You'd be correct." Nick replies, sliding the phone back in to his pocket. Moving over to the breakfast spread to grab another croissant to make up for the one that had an accident earlier. "Unfortunately on both counts."

Lucifer's added question about getting there quickly causes for him to slide the phone out once more to check the time. "Um...If I move now I should get there on time."

Phone sliding back in, Nick takes another look to the stick before moving for the door, roll in hand "Let me know how that turns out. Thanks for the breakfast."