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Back on Stage
Date of Scene: 22 September 2023
Location: National Opera House - County Wexford, Ireland
Synopsis: Lucifer and Sinister come to a concert Nick is playing in to show support. They end up sharing their box with Raphael and Cecelia. Odd exchanges ensue.
Cast of Characters: Phantasm (Drago), Sinister, Lucifer

Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Ok. So the invite to play at Trinity College was a taaaad misleading. Technically there was playing there, in the form of rehearsals. But when time for the final performance came and considering the names selected for guest performing well-

That rehearsal hall was a bit too small.

So, that budding relationship formed between the school of music and the Irish National Opera House was put into good use in getting some extra seats available.

Comparitively speaking the theater isn't the largest. But with the dual balcony levels positioned above the main floor level, it does allow for much more seating than the glorified lecture room turned recital hall. The lighting is much more substantial, and with a dedicated staff, that makes running the show a tad easier.

With no actual opera going on, the pit in which the orchestra typically would sit is covered up and the temporary railings removed to allow for extra seats to be brought in. As for where the orchestra is? Why, tonight, THEY'RE the stars and as such, their seating is actually upon the stage with the conductor's stand front and center with an area cleared to the the conductor's right for featured guests to go to.

The lights in the auditorium are turned down leaving the safety lights that run along the aisles and rows as the key source of illumination amongst the audience members. Occasionally a blast of light comes from one of the doors from a latecomer coming in but at least the staff of the building have the foresight to only allow them to do that in between song numbers.

The music is currently underway with Giraldo Toscani's amazing performance of Piccolo amico verde' from the beloved series 'Quest e il modo'.

Unlike at rehearsal, Nick is nowhere to be seen from the audience persepective as he's currently hidden away backstage.
Sinister has posed:
In what area of the theatre are they seated? Well, of course one might assume front row centre, but that's not the case. Their reservation took them to a 'royal box' as it were, at the base of the upper circle, but set aside and with an excellent view of everything on the stage.

There might have been some smiles and little else, to score that spot.

And it's been forever since /certain/ individuals took in the theatre, even if this is a concert and not a play or extravaganza. It nevertheless brought out the ability to be dressed to the absolute nines. There's lace, velvet, all of the old, styled in the conscious way of the new, including white gloves and cufflinks, an ebon walking cane and operetta glasses to be shared between partners.

Also, up there you get a measure of personalized table services, at least for drinks. Not so much snacks, but there's no having to wait for the half-time break for them. "It has -literally- been an age. Why did we not take in broadway? I feel like this was an enormously missed opportunity." Sinister whispers it albeit, not that that's a bother when there's very powerful singing going on.
Lucifer has posed:
"We still could take in Broadway if we wanted...just not something I think about. I'm sure we'd enjoy it.." Lucifer whispers back, then wonders why they're whispering. Are there others around that aren't them? Who cares. He's enjoying all of this a little too much perhaps. Every so often he'll tilt his head, sort of feel the air, and see if he can sense any 'other' presences here. At the very least he knows Michawl isn't about... but he can't tell if there are others who are just hiding themselves quite well.

"Family's being cautious if they're here at all. Likely trying to make it less obvious so they don't attract the attention of a certain very jealous angel..." Lucifer comments before settling a bit more in his seat, eyes to the stage to watch the concert as it unfolds.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Lucifer checks for familiar hints. There is one that pops up. It isn't Angelic but still familiar in another sense. Situated to the other side of the theater, a certain blond man of Irish descent sits in a box. While not quite dressed as well as Lucifer and Sinister, Professor Leonard Heenan is dressed in attire that is proper for the venue at hand. Properly tailored, but as comfortable as dress attire can be.

Despite the vacant nature of his home, the man is not alone as there are several people seated in the box with him to fill the seats available. For those who have wandered along the halls of Trinity College for some reason or another may even recognize them as well.

But yes. There is absolutely NO sign of any ange-

"These are very nice seats." A familiar voice comments softly from behind Lucifer. A rather handsome blond sits down, dressed up as well but very much relaxed in his appearance.

Beside him, a brown haired woman is seated, smiling to both Lucifer and Sinister. "Ooh I hope we haven't missed much." She comments, lifting up a program to read through it.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister isn't actively looking for anyone, simply reminding himself of yesteryear. He even closes his eyes and conducts to the music with one hand for a couple of moments, whilst Lucifer's looking around. "I think it might be nice to see a show one night, go dancing afterwards... like it once was. Oh, lawks, listen to me..." he laughs to himself, cut short by the familiar voice behind and the woman that is with. He looks over his shoulder, then looks to Lucifer's profile, back to the two behind them.

"Right, not our doing, we did not do this at all." He evinces to himself, to the air in general. "No idea why we're whispering, I think it's just habit when in an auditorium."

A server pops in from the back with whiskey in both crystal measures. Apparently, 'tis a firewater night. The first is shot back, the second that was ALSO ordered, is taken to hand.

"Is anyone else in attendance, that this might end up being plastered for very unknown reasons in rave reviews all over Dublin?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer raises a brow at Nathaniel's shooting back the one whiskey and then holding onto the other. He gives a soft chuckle as he hears familiar voices behind him. Turning just so, he smiles to Raphael and Cecilia. "Ah, the Saints grace us with their presence..." He grins. "It just started, CeCe. Worry not. You haven't missed much."

Then his gaze turns to Raphael and he simply says, "I punched Michael in the face." Before turning around to face the stage again. Though shortly after, he leans over towards Nathaniel. "Ah. Forgive me. CeCe... meet my beloved Nathaniel Essex. Nathaniel, this is CeCe... or Cecilia..." He then looks back to the 'couple'. "Nick will be hnnored you meet you both after the show, I'm sure."

Then he grins and reminds, "I still punched Michael. In the face." Before turning away once more to face forward.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Sinister's question causes for the woman seated next to the blond and, consequently, behind the doctor to give a knowing smile. She turns the program around to display the listing of featured musicians. Seven names that betray a very worldly selection of music where the lyrics may not always be sung in English.

Case in point, the Italian singing right now.

Gaining the assurance she has not missed much she nods eagerly, giving a quiet clapping motion before setting the program down.

The identified Raphael smiles to Sinister, "It wasn't anything you did NOW. This was set in motion the moment you two brought up the concert last time." The news of Michael's introduction to Lucifer's fist does cause for the smile to falter for a moment to allow room for the surprised reaction but the smile starts to form again soon after. When Lucifer repeats it again, there's a soft chuckle. "...Considering matters. That must have felt very good." He comments quietly before looking towards the stage.

Cecilia, upon being introduced, stops soft clapping and instead looks to Sinister a bit more. "Hello Nathaniel."

The mention of seeing Nick after the show causes for her to look back to Lucifer, and then to Raphael.

Raphael looks back to Cecilia and then to Lucifer. "We'll see... Dare I ask what Michael was doing within range of your fist?"
Sinister has posed:
"A pleasure Cecilia," Sin does the old aramaic touch of heart, lips and crown in lieu of kissing hands, because that would involve twisting in an awkward way and this is not that sort of a situation. Dignity! Sayeth Sam the Eagle.

"It was most satisfying. If I didn't have the kind of self-preservation that I do, I might have been tempted to try it myself. He's just... everything that makes my hackles rise. Actually, coming to think of it, I might try punching him one day." That last has a kind of undertone to it that says 'fear my inventions' or just 'fear me' in various lights.

Seven on the head of a pin.

We know how many are represented by how clever an arrangement.

"I think he'll be quite charmed, if a bit at a loss for words. He tends to think more than he actually says, which is probably a good thing."
Lucifer has posed:
"Well. TO be fair, I mostly punched him because I promised someone I would... but then he started digging in on Nick in not so pleasent ways so... he deserved it. All around." Lucifer answers about punching Michael while Nathaniel finishes his greeting.

"Anyway. I insist you stay. Truly. I think it would put Nick in great spirits to see the two that actually, truly, appreciate the very thought of being written into song. Much less it being done so..." He says this last, orders a drink, lights two cigarettes to offer one to Nathaniel and then looks towards the stage again. Best to pay attention at some point, non?
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"I'm certain that is a temptation of many." Cecilia comments, blinking as she gets a cautionary look from Raphael. "Well, I didn't say who." She grumps.

With Cecilia quieted, Raphael's head nods to the doctor's observation. "...He has gotten better at practicing restraint. Usually. But yes, he does think quite a bit."

The added explanation for the punching causes for Raphael's head to turn back to Lucifer, brow raised to the mention of the promise. Adding in the additional information, there's a slight twitch to the Angel's facial features. "He did..."

There's no protest to Lucifer's insistence and as he looks over to Cecila's smile, he sighs. "Very well."

Raphael tilts his head down rubbing the side of his forehead with his fingers. "At the very least for damage control. Of note, I don't think it has occurred to Michael Nicholas to feature Cecilia in any of his pieces."

"I don't mind." Cecilia chirps up, "Everytime he's in Rome he ends up playing at my music hall. Also technically he's not one of mine."
Sinister has posed:
"You know, tell me a couple of years ago that I'd be listening to this conversation in an opera house in Dublin and I would have laughed in the face of whoever said it. In almost any other situation in any life that's not mine... this would be a scenario that people would think lunatic. But here I am, listening to a divine-touched mortal or well... I'll soon be listening to him... with the most unbelievable inlaws." Sinister chuckles this, looking to Lucifer with a grin as more whiskeys are delivered. This time two a-piece! "I heard his rehearsal, this ought to be quite something..."

And that although it was facing the devil, appears to have been to the entire Host.

He also glances across the auditorium at this point and settles briefly on a face he knows is there, but looks away very swiftly.

"Music is a powerful phenomenon." A comment for the peanut gallery. "Very few creatures actually perceive it in an ordered cadence. Zoologically speaking, it's quite fascinating. Rhythm tends to be more universally recognized."
Lucifer has posed:
"I'll tell you about it later." In a very rosebud fashion since there's no need to write out the story again. "And I am glad you'll stick around. It will be worth it, I promise."

Whiskey is then delivered and Lucifer takes his own to sip at while also smoke on his cigarette. Of course there are things in place so the smoke doesn't really go anywhere, it sort of exists and then it doesn't. The room will also never smell as if anything was smoked in it. Such is the way of the Devil. A second is, of course, offered to Nathaniel and then the pack is offered back to Raphael and Cecilia. Just in case.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The blond angel gives a nod to the promise, taking it as truth. "Very well. After the concert then." When the cigarrettes are offered once more, Raphael takes one. "Thank you."

Cecilia tilts her head to the Sinister's comment curiously before looking over to Raphael. The blond angel seeing the expression shakes his head. "It would probably be unfair to give us all the credit. A few happy meetings will not do much if there's not enough follow through on the parties involved."

Sinister's stolen glance towards the distantly placed Professor is almost sucessful. But as his glance starts the process of moving away. The professor glances his way. Unapologetically. After a few moments, Leonard looks back to the stage. His head tilts to the side as one of his female colleagues seems to murmur something about the performance so far to which he nods.

As the Italian vocalist finishes his performance, there is a wave of applause as the rotund man gives a slight bow. As the man waddles off stage, the host of the evening moves over to a microphone set up to the side.

Upon the applause dying down, the man politely nods to the gathering before speaking. "And once again that was Giraldo Toscani with 'Piccolo amico verde' from the series 'Quest e il modo'."

There's another round of applause to which the host pauses, waiting a little bit more. Up on the balcony, Cecilia is one of them, clapping feverishly. "Giri has a lovely voice." She comments to Raphael. "Don't you think?"

Raphael gives a slight nod, seemingly just doing it to appease her. "Yes...good job. Good job."

When the audience dies down once more, the host continues. "Our next piece comes from a series that made the rounds in the United States a few years ago. The travel of Raquel and Gershwin led to the introduction of a lot of interesting musical arrangements to those who tuned in. This is a favorite of mine from that series. Please welcome Nick Drago as he helps us bring about our rendition of the piece that he brought to life those years ago in the halls of the cursed conservatory. From 'Descent from Darkness' We bring you 'Twisted Sonata...Redux.'"

As the audience politely claps, the host steps away, spotlight following him offstage before another figure takes over in the light.

Hair pulled back, secured by a black ribbon and wearing mostly black and gray concert attire, Nick steps out. In his hands is a violin and bow. As he moves over, there are signs of orchestra members adjusting the pages upon their stands in preparation.

Cecilia is beaming. "Ooh I remember this one." Straightening up she does something she hasn't been able to do since getting here. She grows quiet. Waiting for the performance to start.
Sinister has posed:
Taking the cigarette that's offered and leaning toward the Devil for the obligatory poof of hellflames to light the end, Sinister schools his expression. He's mostly successful at it too, though it doesn't track as very well with the one that knows him so well. Yes, Lucifer will be able to tell he's miffed that the damn professor looked him square in the surruptitious eyeball.

He quiets though, closing his eyes for this rendition, without the snarls, fully rehearsed and concert ready in its performance. And that Cecilia is quiet? That speaks volumes.

The opera glasses are brought up, though for him they're hardly necessary, a moment spent watching Nick in black and white and grey, then he passes them around the little unit of individuals, eyes once more closing. When he opens them again his gaze is doing nothing untoward. But he can see like an eagle, when he wants to. Make no mistake, he's watching with that intensity, juuuuuuuuuuust in case.

As the music begins its occasionally fevered fiddling, he draws deep on the smoke, cheeks hollowing out in the focus of the moment, exhaling through his nose in a gorgonesque manner.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer would whisper something to Nathaniel or even speak to his mind in a reminder of sorts - but that would ruin the overall moment. He will have to deal with the fact that Leonard is here because the man has an interest in Nick.

He gives his own applause both to the former singer and when Nick takes the stage he does note that even CeCe is quiet for the performance. Safe to say he simply sips and smokes and remains silent. Somewhere in all this he has offered a light to all those smoking.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The lights on stage dim further, leaving the escaping light from the music stands the only evidence of those on stage. The slight outline of bow strings shifting is barely visible as additional shadows of figures seem to move something before taking position with the other instruments.

One of the silhouettes gives a nod.

The light cuts over to the featured performer, standing off to the side of the orchestra, back to the audience initially before turning around midway through the second passage. The attired combined with the player's positioning jogs the memory of a few. For the others, they cheat by looking at the program.

There's a flash of white light with a cross beam effect, giving the illusion of lightning and showing what looks to be unraveled gauze resting upon an open case.

It's the rehearsal scene from the story arc. And it looks like Nick Drago's reprising the role of Colin once again as he works through the modernized version of the Devil's Trill.
Sinister has posed:
No comment was necessary -- he schooled himself, but there's no hiding some things from those that care deeply about you. You can be read like an open book! -- Sinister keeps his eye on Nick, for there's a lack of trust in the world. Mind you, if anyone were to try anything in this moment, they'd have one HECK of a shock, wouldn't they?

Existence would literally come down on them like a ton of bricks.

The rest of the cigarette is treated to a kinder inhalation, though not so with the whiskey. Again, one is shot back, the second is sipped.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer is glad that Nathaniel cannot get drunk. Unless he wants to get drunk. Which then makes him side-eye the doctor to perhaps glean if the man is indeed getting drunk or not. Either way, it only takes his attention for a brief moment before his eyes are back on the stage again. Watching and listening to a wonderful performance that is certainly well rehearsed and seamlessly delivered.

All good things must come to an end, however, and at some point - perhaps in what seems like a blink - the concert has concluded. The attending give a standing ovation, and Lucifer joins in for such a thing. Once all seems to quiet down and the house lights are back up, he turns to his honored guests. "We could wait a moment for most the house to clear and then we can head backstage to go meet up with Nick."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
It should come to no surprise that a resident from above has managed to figure out how to light his own cigarette. But let it be established as Raphael works on his own *heh* sin stick. The sound is overall enjoyed. Both in the lack of it coming from Cecilia, and the abundance of it coming from the stage. Considering the age of those present, the song's original title is likely not lot on any of them. Amused blue eyes fix upon the brother before him, watching his overall reaction.

Cecilia remains transfixed, mouth parted slightly as the notes dance about. The mock lighting earns a blink, a confused look and then another smile once the props are detected.

All in all it is a great concert and well received.

Raphael, who has disposed of their remnant of cigarette by some means, looks to his brother. "Very well. It was quite an enjoyable concert." He looks over to Cecilia, "Are you happy now?"

Cecilia looks to her program once more before giving a nod. "Yes. Very glad you mentioned this. And it will be nice to meet him."

As the group waits for most of the house to clear, it becomes apparent to any of those who have concerns for Irish-American Professors that a certain one has already left their seat.
Sinister has posed:
It is a mystery as to whether or not Sin is attempting to get drunk or not, because if he is, he's being very 'quiet drunk' about it. Either way, no more of the dutch courage is being consumed now, after the applause has died down and the murmur of an auditorium emptying has returned to the sussuration and the stir of echos.

But, he did make note of the fact that the Irish professor is gone. In some ways, that's a relief, as it's just plain awkward.

The situation with Cecilia and Raphael is not commented upon, as this must be something familial, but he does observe it.

Rising, he gestures grandly to the way down, awaiting Lucifer with a small smile for the devil and a wry expression. This might be amusing to watch.
Lucifer has posed:
Once it seems most the auditorium has cleared and they've all stood and begin shuffling out, Lucifer looks to Nathaniel with almost a knowing smile. He'll offer his arm to his beloved to take while they walk the way from their private box down to the first floor and then makes their way towards the backstage doors.

Once there, it doesn't take much to convince the security people that they're meant to be there to visit Nick Drago. And then off to the man's dressing room where Lucifer will knock thrice and open the door to step inside.

"A wonderful performance, Nick, very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing with us..." He shifts out of the way so that Raphael and Cecilia can come into view. "And may I present to you the Saints Raphael and Cecilia..." A grin as he looks to watch Nick's whole reaction.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Having switched over to a standard opera house, the dressing room is a bit better situated than what a school likely would have to offer. That said, the dressing room didn't contain just Nick within. There was a partition off to the side but for the main section of the dressing room it was mainly an open space with a sofa and some chairs situated around a table. On the table was an assortment of snack offerings that didn't require temperature control. Maring the view from the seats were several instrument cases and a few suitcases strewn about into individual piles, seemingly spaced out by the owner of the items. Shared space and yet separate.

As the group make their way to the dressing room, the end up passing Giraldo Toscani and Noemi Romano heading the opposite direction. Their words and hands a flurry as they have a spirited discussion regarding whose show was better.


This does end up leaving Nick in the room on his own, jacket draped on one arm on the sofa. He's in the process of sipping something hot from a cup.

The knocking causes for him to set the drink down and head over to open the door.

As the door opens, the dark gray shirted man looks to the couple and smiles, "Hey Lucifer, Hey Nathaniel." He greets, pausing as Lucifer speaks up. Once introductions are made, Nick turns his head, taking note of the other pair.

Nick's expression freezes as he looks to the pair. "U-"

Oh- Wow.

Nick lifts up a hand, giving a wave. "...hi."

Giving an amused look, Raphael lifts up his own hand, mirroring Nick's reaction. "Hi."

Cecelia on the other hand...

"Hello Michael Nicholas!" Cecelia states, popping into the room. "It is a pleasure to see you up close. Um- could you turn around?"

Sinister has posed:
"Nick, definitely better when the kinks got worked out. Stellar performance," Arm in arm with the Devil, Sin steers the two of them a step aside so that there's a clear view of the spectacle that is about to unfold, with merely a trivial look to those departing and having half the conversation in the mobility of hands. Performers indeed!

He stifles a short snort at the initial exchange of 'His' and arches a brow toward Raphael, sliding a look to Lucifer and on to Cecilia, who... well, motormouth definitely has a grounding in observed behaviour. And the potential of the muse of music and the arts to have mastered circular breathing is utterly possible. Turn around? Another arch of the brow, a little higher this time, in challenge. Mayhap there's even a look of 'don't look at me' shot out there.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles a little as the singer is stunned by the presence of two others that have joined himself and his romantic companion. His own amusement is had as Rapahel and Nick share the same sort of greeting but Cecilia - for all she is - holds excitement in the meeting.

Then there's the ask of turning around.

He figures it's not meant for him or Nathaniel so he makes no motion to move. Though he is rather curious as to what Cecilia is up to upon asking such a thing. None the less, he remains silent (for once, perhaps) and lets all of this play out as it is desired to.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Raphael glances over to Sinister and Lucifer, seeming not at all concerned or surprised by the odd request that Cecilia put in with the rock star. "It'll be fine." He states lowly to Lucifer. But as the angel crosses his arms, he just gives a bit of a nod of assurance to Nick.

Nick glances to the other three at the request but seeing there's no sign of protest, and even a nod from the the one introduced as Raphael, there's probably a good sign that this particular patron saint of music's request is ok.

He gets a sense that this is somehow normal of her.

"Well...okay." He turns around, turning his back to the group, unsure as to the purpose of this is. That is until he gets a bit of the wind knocked out of him as a body smacks into him from behind, wrapping arms around him in a bit of a hug. "You got it, Mike."

Nick's eyes widen. Thoughts of being seated at a piano bench while another figure was doing the same action comes into play. Usually after getting through a hard to understand technique. A quick moment of celebration before they tackled his learning another challenge.

The eyes close for a moment, lingering in the moment for a few seconds before he turns his head, looking to Cecilia.

Cecilia smiles, "He says hi."

Raphael takes a deep breath, looking over to Lucifer and Sinister. "I was thinking it was a bit much when she brought it up, but considering what you're hinting to. Why not?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister tilts his head a fraction, curious and puzzled by the action -and- the fleeting imagery in his mind's eye. A couple of owlish blinks follow, before he's looking down at the floor, then up and to the left in recall.

"One thing that's very much nixed, when it comes to knowing the Host, is that there definitely is something after. It takes all the guesswork out of it. And sometimes, I suppose... it's a kind thing relayed." he glances to Lucifer at that, smiles and looks back to Raphael this time.

"Message from the beyond reach, of memories in the past? Yes, I suppose why not. They're still with you, even if you can't see them, kind of deal."
Lucifer has posed:
"I do want him to know that not all of my brethren are as obnoxious as my twin. Course, not all of them will be nice to me no matter what but I do still have some friends up above." Lucifer says this and then smiles at the offering from CeCe to Nick. "It's a nice thing to do..."

He stays still a moment longer and then moves to the refreshment table and plucks...a cookie..from one of the trays. "Soon as Raphael and CeCe showed up I knew I had to convince them to come here. Took a moment, but Raphael finally agreed. I mean, being one of your patron saints - and the better mannered of the two - it's only fair." He explains this, gesturing with the cookie in hand. "CeCe was just icing on the cake." He grins.

A bite finally taken of the cookie, he looks around once more. "So, anything else on the agenda for the evening?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Raphael tilts his head to the side, Raphael considers the comments of the pair. "Perhaps. Although, I believe that was also for the benefit of the one he's likely thinking of now. As she said. He's technically not one of hers." The patron saint hangs back a bit as Lucifer moves forward to pluck a cookie and get closer to the musician. Eyes set upon Nick and the more verbose angel.

Message given, Cecilia lets go of Nick, moving to his side and waiting for the words trying to come out of his mouth.


Cecilia nods, "Doing just fine."

"Oh good." It's funny how you don't realize how much you're worry about something until something comes along to get rid of it. It's just- Poof. Heavy load no longer there.

Certain the message was recieved. Cecilia smiles once more to Nick before making her way over to stand next to Nathaniel.

Nick turns his head as Lucifer comes up, explaining his role in the visit of the additional saints. "...Well thanks. I'm not really sure what to say."

Glad these ones aren't like Michael. "Uh, as for the remaining plans tonight- Well, wait for the van, take the cases and fly out to England."

Seeing Cecilia disengage from the musician, the patron walks over. Looking down to Nick. He's quiet for a moment before giving Nick a soft smile. "Hello, Michael Nicholas." He greets. There's a lengthy pause, "You've... come a long way since the first time you called."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister gives a hint of a wink, a flutter of one eyelash to Cece, nodding to her albeit very, very slightly. "Sleeping probably will feature when the adrenaline runs out of course..." he comments, though is soon quiet again as the more intimate kind of encounter transpires.

Carrying a name, it has power. The one you choose, not the one you're given. A thing he and Lucifer both know oh so very well.

A little bit of privacy is afforded by him slipping to the snacks to see if anything appeals to the english sensibilities of "oooh, hobnobs."
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah. So we're officially going to England. That's good. We'll likely catch up with you there at some point. Got a little business to attend to back in New York first." Lucifer offers the singer while watching Sinister go check out the refreshments that they're just decidedly helping themselves to.

He then looks to Nick directly. "I'm glad tonight happened. This has made me very happy, which is likely a rare thing to see fully." He thinks on it a moment and then offers, "Perhaps we should leave you three to talk without eavesdropping company." Though he does walk over to Cecilia to face her and then leans in to kiss both of her cheeks. "It was an honor to see you again, CeCe. Don't miss me too much up there.."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Cecilia glances over to Sinister to the comment. "Yes. He put a lot of energy into the concert. He will sleep soundly tonight. And probably feeling a little lighter." She looks over to the musician before glancing to the doctor, "Sometimes it makes me wonder why people feel guilt for things they no control over."

Nick nods to Lucifer mentioning the New York business, "The first few days there will probably be busy so I wouldn't be much fun then anyways." He allows, smile strengthening to the devil's admission. "I am glad that tonight made you happy. I enjoyed getting to play that piece again. Even if it can be a pain to get back up to shape."

Raphael turns his head to look to Lucifer as he makes a general suggestion of Lucifer and Sinister leaving the other two alone with the musician. The blond man looks over to Nick for a few moments and then to Cecilia who is nodding. "...I suppose you might have questions." He allows, "...Mind you I may not answer them."

Cecilia turns back to Lucifer. Upon the cheek kissing she smiles. "You know I can't guarantee that when you took most of the fun with you. But.... I suppose, I will TRY not to goad his grumpiness up there... As much." She pauses, "Oh, I'm going to fail at this. Maybe next time he plays at the Sala Santa Cecilia we can share a box again."
Sinister has posed:
"Oh, it's something to do with the human condition. You all are very close, but it still gets confusing for you at times. Learning the feels is ...well, challenging." Sinister muses that softly, finishing his hobnob and knicking one because he bloodywell can, the suggestion of giving space given a nod.

And he gazes a lingering moment at Raphael, just a little longer than he should, then with an extend of the hand to Lucifer, he inclines his head.

"Shall we? I have to be back at the lab sometime in the next twelve hours, as the machining will be completed."

A look back to the trio and he smiles then. "Do try not to get too into things and miss your flight, eh?" His final fairwell with a little fingerwave to them all.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer smiles to Cecilia. "Oh, do not try to keep that. I'm sure that grumpy jerk deserves all the goading you give him." A wink offered then before he looks to Raphael. "Brother. It was a pleasure again. I do hope to see you again sooner rather than later."

Then he steps away, to Nathaniel's side and takes his lover's hand. "See you soon, Nick." Are his last words before the couple disappear in a plume of black smoke and the scent of sulfur.