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Meanwhile in Merry Ole England...
Date of Scene: 02 October 2023
Location: Somewhere in England
Synopsis: Lucifer and Nathaniel visit Nick in Europe. The Devil gives Nick some truths and then they all take a trip to York.
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Sinister, Phantasm (Drago)

Lucifer has posed:
"The real question becomes how much do we tell Nick? If we decide to tell him anything at all... very strange several days. And now we're checking in on a man who has officially seen some Things(tm) that he likely never thought possible to do." Lucifer says this as they walk into the doors of the hotel where Nick is reportedly staying at.

This does a few things. Allows them more time to get to Nick's door, avoid barging in on him in any varied state of undress, and time for phones to connect to local towers. <<Nick. We've arrived. Hoping to see you soon. ~L.M.>> A text which is sent to Nick's phone while they wait in the lobby of the Ethos Hotel.

"What's your vote for?"
Sinister has posed:
"The truth, I think. I find that it's so tasty but varied in that taste. Sometimes sweet, sometimeds bitter, sometimes rich, sometimes bitter. He's a grown up boy, he should be able to handle it. Although, it does make me wonder at the sliding scale of influence we've had on him. Tea please, PG tips with cream..." whilst they wait, to the concierge at the bar. "And whatever the fine fellow with me might like."

All in all, one does not drink coffee in english hotels. They by and large get it horribly wrong.

"By the by, I'm going to attempt construction of the arc encasement over the next couple of days. I have to get that itch scratched before I focus on anything else."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The extra time to make an entrance does help a little bit. The sound of the phone vibrating on the side table does end up being noticed by an AWAKE musician who just happens to be relaxing on the black and white bed of his room. The device is soon taken up with a book being set down to take its place.

After a few moments, a message comes back.

<<Bar or room?>>

Oh dear. Yet ANOTHER choice the couple has to make.
Lucifer has posed:
"The full truth it is then. Suppose we can begin with the night he shined like a beacon and take it from there.." Lucifer says this much as his phone vibrates with a response from the rock star.

<<Bar. We're already there. Come join us.>>

He listens to Nathaniel still while typing out his response text. "Gotcha. So you're going to be relatively unavailable but I shouldn't worry because you'll be busy sciencing... but that also means I should check up on you on occassion to make sure you're at least taking care of yourself with the bare minimum."
Sinister has posed:
"Quite, but at least I'll not starve, or pass out from fatigue. How far we've come, eh?"

And eventually insult him in an affectionate manner, whilst asking him to turn the lights down. It's a thing that will eventually come to pass, with some intriguing and possibly prophetic consequences. Aah, hindsight, it is twenty-twenty.

The tea is served in a proper english fashion, with proper china and this is where the pair are at, when eventually a bedhead that's only glowing in memory, arrives. Sin looks very english, other than the lack of any tweed. One of those understated argyl sweaters in black, white, grey and silver, beneath a mod jacket in black. Smokey lennon shades today, for reviewing the paper that's for the patrons to read at the bar. "Hmm. It looks as if there might be a Halloween market for Samhain this year, just outside of York. Yorkshire always has some interesting customs."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
A few more moments tick by before a response is sent back.

<<Down in a few.>>

And it does take a few, but there is the eventual familiar figure emerging from the direction of the stairway. Unlike their musical visitor from the other night, Nick's hair is neatly kept, brushed back and neatly secured. As an added bonus he comes initially clothed! For this appearance it appears to be jeans, a black henley shirt, and a pair of sensible sneakers.

Nick pauses at the entryway to the bar area. Catching the glimpse of the bartender, there is a slight nod of confirmation before he goes back to scanning those who are gathered. Spotting the couple, he makes his way over, giving them a smile. "Hey guys." He greets, "Good to see you two. How're things going?"
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah. Master Drago. Wonderful to see you again. Have things stopped tasting like the second best thing in the world compared to other...heavenly delights?" Lucifer asks this as he turns towards the man, a whiskey in hand of which he sips.

A tilt of his head is given then as he contemplates. "You want the full story, the important bits, or simply breadcrumbs?" Because depending on the answer will determine just how long Lucifer will babble on catching Nick up on everything.

Yes. Everything.

Luckily this is a situation where most of the mind behind the man knows what went down and so all Lucifer's writer has to do is alleviate to the story being given and Bob's your Uncle. Some people use the term 'Rosebud'.
Sinister has posed:
"Good to see you too and looking quite presentable!" Sinister smiles over the brim of his tea. "I found that just sticking with an old familiar made it a little less saddening on the tastebuds. We however, are glad to be back in Blighty. Well, I am. I have several properties I have to light up as B&B's with caveat to occupy. Should let you use one sometime. More immersive than the hotels."

But then, he lets Luci get on with it, the silver tongue with the gift of the gab, as opposed to he of quips and otherwise lengthy explanations.

Tea is sipped, enjoyed even as Whiskey gets its dues with the devil.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick gives a slight smirk to the first question. "That was, an interesting experience." He admits, setting a hand to claim the first available seat he comes to that's next to the couple. "It took a few days but I think it's-." A glass containing a dark liquid is set before Nick by the bartender. "-settled now."

Sinister's observation on his attire gives a slight nod but the added information on his chosen coping method gets a slight chuckle. "I ended up drifting over to Stouts."

The Guinness drinker drifting over to stouts.


Lucifer giving options for how to share the story of what has happened causes for the musician to look back to Lucifer. "THAT eventful? Well... I suppose whatever you're comfortable with sharing."
Lucifer has posed:
Luckily or not - depending on one's view - Lucifer had gotten permission (as if he needed it) from his other half to give the story, the whole story, and all things included in the story. From what happened after Nick embedded his song of Uriel into Uriel's feather. How it opened a multi-dimensional gateway in the Penthouse and lit up the whole of New York like the sun had gotten ten times closer to Earth.

Just without the heat.

There's the story of needing holy gold, and the Lich Doctor Strange what sacrificed himself to kill off his realm and save theirs. Plus the other-dimension Wade Shaw, the band Greyshade, and how his Nick is a part of the Avengers.

Lucifer doesn't miss a fact. Even explains how ultimately it was John Constantine who helped get Wade back to his home realm.

"And then we finally decided - now that the chaos in New York was settled down - to come check on you. Since it's been a few interesting days for you as well since spending time with Raphael and Cecilia..."
Sinister has posed:
"Oh, one tiny thing. You subbed for Strange in that world. I'm fairly certain that you've got a lot of potential ahead of you, Nick." Sinister grins, finishing off his tea. He chuckles at the choice of stout, a tip of the empty cup to the likeness of mind.

He leans back in his seat though, when all is said and done, to see how the man in question handles all this knowledge.

"I'm not finished with the improbability drive though, I have to house it in something, but at least now it's not firing off uncontrollably."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As Lucifer goes through the story, Nick's fingertips barely brush against the glass set before him, seemingly forgetting about the drink as the consequences of fucking around with Uriel's feather led to them finding out. The mention of another Strange gets a slight tilt of the head, but considering the mention of multi-dimensional gateways and the 'field trips' he's ended on as a consequence of Strange, he's not... entirely surprised about that.

Considering the dream travel could probably be argued as a dimension of itself. To rule out alternate versions is...


A curious look is given about the story of a man named Leonard complaining about greenhouse portals. The passage of time and the lack of general context for the man leading to some dots to remain unconnected.

For now.

Once the story switches over to Wade, the musician rests his elbow on the countertop to provide a perch for the side of his chin. The slight bobs of the head beckoning the devil to continue on with the details of the story. Once the mention of the Avengers connection is brought up, he gives a slight smile. Considering things, it's not too far off from what could have happened here. He has on occasion been asked along on missions that involved a small smattering of Avengers. When the usual roster wasn't available. And there were the occasional nudges to consider SHIELD. So....not that far off.

It's kind of interesting what leads similar people down different paths.

Sinister speaking up causes for Nick to tilt his head aside a bit more to get a better view of the man. The bar provided a limited means of looking to the both of them in a comfortable manner. As the mention of subbing for Strange is brought up, Nick's elbow starts to slide a bit on the bartop. Registering the movement, he straightens up, brows lifting. "Oh really?"

Must've been a much older version of him.

This was indeed a lot of information. But, a lot of it kind of seems a bit similar to now. Just some different choices... different introductions... The demonic problem on this end is more vampiric.

The mention of Raphael and Cecilia's hang out session does cause for him to think back to the visit. "...Oh yes. Nothing to the scale of what you shared probably. Cecilia gave me a small update on Rod and Jack. Well... small for her. Big for me. And I think the drinks got mixed up. " He pauses, "...I think I might have hugged them at some point...Maybe Wade too...That stuff's pretty good. Just, don't plan on going anywhere afterwards..."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer watches as Nick processes everything. Then he realizes that Nick didn't put together the fact of Leonard that he was talking about. Which makes this the second close call he's had giving away Leo's secret. But does that mean that if he doesn't clarify he's technically lying about it? Knowing he's not letting Nick get the connection behind the name?

That's a gray area. Really gray. He sighs and sips whiskey.

"Nick..." He offers. "There's one more thing. I might get smacked for clarifying this... because there's apparently a timeline... but..." And he then clarifies. This Leonard. Is Professor Tweed. Leonard Heenan. The man who upset Sin, the man who Lucifer went and confronted, and the man who Lucifer punched Michael the Archangel in the face for. For so many reasons. He drains the rest of his whiskey then to wait for THIS news to process.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister deep breathes, in and out, he catches the barkeep's attention for another cup of tea. "All in a days work, this has been eating you a little bit, Lucifer."

A casual observation, but a true one. "He's been keeping an eye on you, but also keeping out of the way. Your bread has not finished rising, apparently. You're still soggy and underdone."

Well, it's truth.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Having given a brief synopsis of the encounter with Raphael and Cecilia, Nick takes a moment to sip at his beer. Having regrained the appreciation of the taste, he savors it a bit. Moment lapsed. The glass lowers, setting down upon the thin coaster.

Lucifer's revisiting of the mention of Leonard draws Nick's attention back to the devil who is spelling out who Leonard is. Initially it it seems cut and dry the significance of the person. One that Sinister knows, and well- He was playing around with the device so, it'd make sense, in a nonsensical way that the other portal person was someone he knew.

But then, it twists a bit as Lucifer goes further with the description.

In particular that Lucifer punched Michael for this guy.

Specifically in the face.

Like the promise to the s-.

Nick turns to look to his beer. A hand lifts, extending the fingertips to brush along his forehead while the thumb rests upon the side of his cheek. Eyes close.

Oh damn it.

Sinister's words are just icing on the devil's food cake.

"Oh well that's comforting." Nick mutters in a tone that seems to contradict the very words he says.

The glass is lifted and most of the contents are done without coming up for air. Savoring seems to no longer be a thing. "Your source...is Leo? As in Gotham bartender, Leo?"

Well, assuming that bar was actually in Gotham and apparently not some variation of that bar Detective Chimp had led those evacuees to during the Brood attacks.
Lucifer has posed:
"Gotham bartender? No. No this man is... a professor. That's why I called him Professor Tweed when we first met him. Cause he wore a tweed hat, and... well.." Lucifer just sort of motions like, what he said before is what counts. He thinks on it for a moment and then shrugs.

"Course, might be he was in a past life. Apparently he's had so many of them." Lucifer is sort of at a loss of what to say now and motions for another whiskey to be poured for him. "I'm sorry we didn't tell you sooner... but he's been waiting to reveal himself to you at the right time.. it's just... I can't tell lies..."
Sinister has posed:
"They really don't sit well with you, do they love?" Sinister reaches out to Lucifer's shoulder and gives a squeeze there. "Turns out that this Leo's been crusading for a cause for quite a few centuries. He's older than I am, but obviously not as old as Lucifer. He's been around since the civil war and probably a bit before, but that's when reliable records start."

He pauses a moment, looks directly at Nick and nods.

"Yes. That's him. Your thoughts are very loud sometimes and quite vivid."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
When Lucifer starts to say the Leonard he was trying to explain was not the Leo Nick remembered, there's a momentary look of confusion. But when the words are backtracked upon a bit to give an odd explanation, Nick looks back to Lucifer. The age thing did get brushed up on. Which, considering how it seems like the clock on him got put on pause, seems to support that maybe the bartender WAS another life of sorts for this guy.

The doctor's hand sliding upon Lucifer's shoulder draws his attention over to the man as he continues the explanation regarding the sheer age. And then, eventually the confirmation he needed.


There's a slight nod as he glances to his drink for a moment, processing it. Going back over what was said. The guy who gave him powers and bolted is waiting for a 'right time' to show up.

"...You know. I THINK the right time for him to show up would have been when I woke up on the floor to explain what the hell he had done and why." There's a slight twitch to his features, "You know, instead of leaving me to figure it out and worry about accidentally k-" He pauses, considering where they are. "...losing control."

The musician looks over to the found family, "So. While talking to this...source. Did he give you any reason why I shouldn't put in my own request for a punch in the face to be directed at him?"

Because if there was any temptation Nick has had regarding that bartender, it was just that. Hi there. Punch. WHAT THE HELL WAS THE STUFF AT THE BAR ABOUT?!

Sinister's comment about the loud thoughts comes back to mind. Leaving for him to add in an apology as well. Just in case.
Lucifer has posed:
"Could really piss him off and just summon him here so you can ask him. I'm surprised he hasn't somehow managed to make an appearance already. Likely to punch me in the face since I spoilt his surprise..." Lucifer offers.

Then something clicks.

"Wait. You've met him? He's been near you? Because the way he led me to believe was that you got these phantasm powers and he's been waiting to... see if you were worthy for the full monty. Supposedly there's more to you than you have now..."
Sinister has posed:
"There's one at any given time, usually. Nick will officially be the third Phantasm, after the second one gives up the mantle completely and goes into retirement to live out his mortal life. It's the power that keeps him young... but I'll be beggared if I know what he's waiting for, other than perhaps he doesn't quite want to die of old age yet." Sinister shrugs. Wait, what? How? "Apparently one of the Hannigans a long time ago, did a favour to a being... likely the Dream itself, by giving it a name when it had lost its own. As a reward, they became what you are - it's tied to your blood. Leo's a distant relative of yours, just like Lucifer is."

Hold on.

"I believe Leo infused him with some of the power but not all of it on a night of semi-maudlin depression. As I said, he's got very loud thoughts, even if he doesn't say all of what's going on in his head. I remember all that from when he explained himself first go around."

Oh. No, wait a sec.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick nods, "The time at the apartment when you first were asking me about my father and then drifted over to wanting me to skip over to the 'how I got my powers' bit? Yeah..."

The performer stops explaining because Sinister just does it much more concisely. Plus the added elements he didn't know himself does help to cause for a bit of audible quiet. Thoughts not so much.

This family tree just keeps getting odder and odder...

Nick stares to the other two. But as far as responses go he's a bit slow on the return.

"...I wasn't drunk."

He just got his powers in a bar.

He thinks.

"...Ok. Maybe no punching."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer shrugs. Then he glances to Nathaniel. "To answer your earlier question, no. Lies don't sit well with me. At least when it comes to me telling them. Others can lie to others all they want. Others can *try* to lie to me if they dare." He chuckles, somehow manages himself behind the bar and pours himself a whiskey.

"I think it's because most times, the truth hurts. People don't want to hear the truth. Not blatantly. They want it covered in candy and sweetness because otherwise it's just a bitter pill."

Cest la vie.

"Anyway. There's the whole of it. Filled in with bits by yourself and Nathaniel, Nick. I won't punch the man, if only because despite his making Nathaniel a bit wary... he has your best interests in mind. I think. At least for now, this is what I feel."
Sinister has posed:
"Never said you were," Sinister notes to Nick, raising a hand to Luci. "Whilst you're there, see if they've got the things necessary for a Harvey Wallbanger, I'm sort of having a mood." And his tea will be finished, duly. But start the day off with something bevvy like, right? Outside of caffiene and the english poison. He looks back to Nick though. "Just so it's clear, I don't think I'm remotely related to you, other than by the Human genome."


"So. There is it, mostly."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"To the slight protest from Sinister stating he didn't say that. Nick's brow raises slightly.

Maudlin. Sentimental, often through drunkeness.

Having neglected his drink, he makes no effort to tag on drink requests to the devil making use of the hotel bar. Instead he drinks his beer to process what's been said. Feeling like he missed on some key things said while focusing on the doctor's choice in vocabulary.

The dream itself?

As a being?

Well, dreams are somewhat everchanging. Taking on different forms. And one of his forms when he taps into what power he does get is a raven. Does he really have much room to argue with this?


It seems he's got more family than he thought.

As Sinister reveals that he is NOT related to him, the musician smiles, giving a chuckle. "Could you imagine if I was?"

There's probably more than enough implication already in the past few weeks of revelation.

Nick looks over to Lucifer. "Where do lies of omission fall on your tolerance?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer makes the drink requested by Nathaniel and sets it in front of the man, and then he makes himself a double whiskey. By this point, he notices he is behind the bar but it is not HIS bar. The bartender is also giving him a LOOK. "Ah. Sorry mate. I own a bar and this is just forced habit when I'm talking with my friends.." He then returns to the other side to take his original seat as he had.

"Mmn.. that's a weird grey area. See, most the time lies are given to take away from the truth. Omitting parts but getting the point across...I can likely tolerate? And I'm not saying I don't spin things myself, because I do. But the point. The heart of what I am saying, is always the truth." He clarifies this to Nick and then sips on his whiskey.

"So...do we have any plans for the...day? Evening? What time is it?"
Sinister has posed:
"I think it's about noonish. Otherwise, we're entirely living by the hair of the dog that bit us, all three." Sinister takes up the wallbanger with a 'mwah' doffs an imaginary hat to the ACTUAL bartender and looks out of to the lobby, from the lounge.

"I don't know if you've got plans, Nick, but as I noted, there's a Samhain market in York. Which you know, might be fun."

He shrugs, lightly. "I can imagine if you were though. And frankly, I'd pity you. My family were incredibly... staid. Ship shape and bristol fashion, father was at the battle of Trafalgar you see."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
In other words.

They probably knew about his connection to this Leo for awhile.

"Ok. So omitting information is fine. But if it was necessary to be known it would be shared?" The slight uptilt to his tone turns the general assessment more into a question. Is it an actual concern? Well, maybe a little. But curiousity is more what drives him to inquire. He's long since accepted that there hasn't been anyone that's been FULLY honest with him. So he's generally left to judge the situation more by the intent.

Bucky. Good intent.

Officers Xydias and Walters? Not so much. Moretti? Definitely not. But at least he was honest about his maliciousness.

"I wouldn't mind checking out the market." Nick admits, "It's an off day. Which is why I was still here when you texted."

When Sinister describs his family, Nick tilts his head, thinking back to the dream he rode in on the shoulders of a steed of a devilish nature. Save for the room with a version locked away, most of that home was in a sort of order. Much work is needed to keep a place of that type in order. The glass alone would have been a pain. Thoughts of a woman bearing a striking resemblance come to mind, only one side of the face actually visible as she strictly goes about her job, never looking another direction as she straightens the bed of the hotel b-


Nick blinks.

"Did he tell you any stories of that time?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer motions towards Nathaniel. "He keeps me pretty much as honest as I can be. If I forget a detail or stumble over a name or source, Nathaniel can usually fill in the blanks. Steel trap that mind is." And he blows a kiss Nathaniel's way.

"I'm certainly game for a shopping trip. Shall we get a car to drive ourselves around in or a car that chauffeurs us around?" He asks this while downing half of his whiskey and sets a credit card on the bar top. "All these drinks are on me my good man." Saying that to the bartender.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister smiles his crooked smile at Lucifer's nod to him, though his eyes settle on Nick. "Not that kind of a man, really. He was a commander and unlike the army, such things were just not done. Status, but not sharing of wisdom. In some respects, it would've been more informative if he'd been a brigadeer, even a lieutennant colonel, but the sea's in our blood." He shrugs, looks over to Luci at that last sentence and muses.

"Hmm. I could actually do with a drive though, how about you?" Nickward.

Of a mother in capacity as a housekeeper, he makes no comment. Of his own house? Oh yes, there was a small team of servants when he was a child.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick watches as Lucifer downs another whiskey. He's very much aware that it's hard for the devil to get drunk. But the people watching him might not know that. As Sinister answers, Nick turns his head to see the Doctor glancing his way. "Either way you choose is fine with me. Either way I'm not driving." With the exception of that humvee during a post rescue emergency, Nick's never driven.

Firearms training. Yes. How not to get shot training. Yes. Climbing walls. Yep! Cars? Nope.

Is it bad when you have ridden horses more than you have driven something?.

"...did he tell you any stories?" Nick asks Sinister
Lucifer has posed:
"Is that you offering to drive, Nathaniel? Cause if so, I'll order a car. If not, I'll order a car with a driver..." Lucifer says this much with a grin and depending on Nathaniel's final answer, the Devil will excuse himself to go do just that. Get them a ride to York. He won't be drinking again here so everyone can just calm down.
Sinister has posed:
"Oh, indeed I am." Winking, Sinister finishes his Harvey wallbanger, which by the time anything close to a car is approached, will be burned out of his system entirely. He prepares, in general, to get up, whilst Lucifer orders a car. It'll be snazzy. He'll get the ultra-luxury option.

Gaze ticking back to Nick, there's a frown though and a general thought, going deeper. Trying to recall. "No. Not really. He was exceptionally stoic, a slave driver of a kind. Very particular, not very communicative but kept a very strict and tight household. Mother had a spaniel, which was the grand total of indulgences and I had a nanny. She told me a great deal more than my father ever did. There was not a lot of love with my actual blood." He sniffs, ponders that. "She was dismissed when I was eleven and I was sent to boarding school."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick looks over to Lucifer as the card with slip is brought back over. "Thank you." The performer doesn't provide more detail to what he's thanking the angel for. It could be the drink. It could be the offer to secure the car for the planned outing away from the hotel. Or perhaps it is more to do with the honesty displayed today.

It could be all of the above. And it is true that the truth can hurt. But maybe, the only reason some truths hurt is because lies do not make a strong foundation for the incoming tide of revelation.

Nick smiles to his uncle.

One of them.

Man he went from having none to a lot rather quickly. This is going to take some time getting used to.

Nick glances back over to Sinister as he details who amongst his family did spend time with him. Nick isn't sure what it's like to have a father figure of that type around during his early childhood years. Apparently his father had...technically been around but he was raised not to seek him out. Subtly at first and when his aunt took over much more brazenly. But-at least he had his mom for the first ten years. Even if Karrin did call her a 'helicopter grizzly mom'. Thoughts of going to the library with the half faced woman come to mind.

The rest of childhood was shit but before the murder, living in that hotel with her was nice.

Thoughts drift over to a hospital. Arm stitched up and Rod offering a hand to him. Thoughts of Jack and Wade. Bean. And a certain soldier with a unique looking arm.

"Well." Nick considers, "...It's a good thing blood is not the only way to have family. Is it?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer signs the slip, leaving a $500 tip and then goes to do the car thing...

About ten minutes later a very nice looking fancy SUV pulls to the front of the hotel and the three can pile into the back. There's drinks - both alcoholic and non - some snacks and other bits and bobs. A television for entertainment purposes with both cable and a dvd player.

"We have this car for the week, my love, for the just in case." He offers to Sinister. Any other conversation pieces were lost to the Devil as he was ordering their ride.
Sinister has posed:
"I would tend to agree, Nick." And after that cavalcade of imagery...

    There's a woman with a kindly face, like an apple that's been left too long in the sun, with a sparkle in her eyes. A bit overweight. A genuinely warm smile. She's got flour on her arms, and she seems like a giant as she hands a spoon to 'you' with sticky toffee pudding all over it. She also passed biscuits under the kitchen table. She used to sing, off tune, but lullaby's that were standard and non. She sounded lilting when she spoke.

And the memory of her hugs were profound. Being entirely lost in a bosom that grew with age and daughters and sons that went to work in coal mines or as teachers or maids in the big house. Warmth and a smell that always had a little bit of rosewater in it. Wistful. She knew the song of the sea.

And then Lucifer is returning and Sinister is rising, a clap of hands with it. "Capital. I haven't driven in a while, not since the lambourgini."

And it will be off. Off to York. Where it's still legal to shoot at welshman from the city walls with a longbow. You'd just have to have VERY good aim, as there's only one bit of actual city wall left.