15690/Long night.

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Long night.
Date of Scene: 08 October 2023
Location: Fred's Diner - Mutant Town
Synopsis: Angelica visited with Tabitha, telling her a little nightmare fuel story. Alek came through and made for good background noise, hopefully we will meet again.
Cast of Characters: Firestar, Boom-Boom, Smart Alek

Firestar has posed:
Angelica is sitting at a back booth. She has her head propped up on one fist, the other one getting the next cup of coffee down. Her eyes have matching baggage and are a little watery.

She sighs and nods to the waitress for another refill. Her book bag is sitting on the table and homework and class work both seem to be the furthest thing from her mind right now.
Boom-Boom has posed:
As New York City hurtles towards the cold of winter, the air is at least cool enough now for jackets. Not quite parka's but comfy dark brown leather in a bolero cut and bomber style The soft lambskin lining peeking out of the collar and BOOM! Over an explosion cloud embroidered and stitched on the back does the job of covering her while bluejeans cling to the lower half, tucked into some knee high boots that match her jacket.

Her entrance into the diner gets a smile at the waitress that just served Angelica, while the sight of the redhead looking like she could do with a nap gets the blonde sliding her backside down into the seat opposite Firestar.

"Oh crap girl. You look like you went twelve rounds with Darkseid. Crap, you didn't did you. I know the League go after the big stuff, but damn. They could at least let you get some shuteye! Or some really good drugs!" she says and sounds concerned. In

In her manner of speaking at least.
Firestar has posed:
Angelica looks up when Tabitha takes a seat and smiles,"Hey Tabitha" she regards the other and stirs up her coffee,"Nah, just 3 rounds this time." she teases lightly. Exhausted or not, she at least doesn't lose her sense of humor. Both palms rub her face and she admits,"Seriously though. I was up and down all night with some bad home movies playing in my dreams."

Gingerly she sips the fresh coffee and admits,"It's not much fun the nights Vanessa sleeps at the Mansion and I get memories of that last trip to Canada playing in my head."
Boom-Boom has posed:
Like those dodgy Toughman bouts my dad used to watch, say he could have cleaned up on, actually sucked, then took it out on me and whichever wife he hadn't divorced yet at the time." Tabby half jokes.

Well I hope they flameproofed your room at the League's place? I'd honestly suggest just blackout drinking. No nightmares, no dreams. Might not be as fun for Vanessa. But then at least she's sometimes there for those wake up hugs and snuggles." she points out.

"So I ain't a shrink. But I do have some experience with like PTSD. Sometimes venting is a good place to start on that kinda thing. So spill, deets!" she suggests and grins as the waitress comes back with a cup and a coffee pot to load Tabitha up.
Firestar has posed:
A smile touches Angelica's features, not really funny so much as comfortable listening to Tabitha. Shaking her head she admits,"My dad turned on me after mom and grandma died, but nothing like that. I think he was and still is afraid of me."

"Oh my place has bed clothes and things of that nature set up to stop me from starting a fire. I haven't gotten black out drunk in a while, but maybe tonight I will try it since she's going to be at the Mansion tonight as well."

Seeming ok with the idea might give Tabitha the idea that things are a bit touchy. She does reflect,"Before Jimmy went back to his farm, he and I went up to Canada to help a friend of mine who had gone missing. We figured she just got lost searching for a someone in the mountains. It turned out to be worse, a lot worse. What we saw..." she has to work her way towards this.
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Mine was too drunk and I didn't have it in me to see how much my bombs could hurt. Exploding lasagna at the most." The blonde recollects as she brings a hand to ger right cheek and eye under her glasses.

"At least wait till after you've gotten laid. Then drink yourself to wiped. Or go grab some weed and smoke up. That's usually what I do." she suggests and mimics toking a joint.

It's entirely possible she's actually holding now.

"So, Canada, wilderness. Pretty messed up as it is. No plumbing or wifi. So I'm guessing you ended up in like some B-Grade gorefest. The sort that wants to one up the movies from the 1980's and before my dad was born?" Tabby not actually sounding like she's teasing.

She's seen her share of messed up herself.
Firestar has posed:
"Sometimes there is temptation for sure, to strike at them." she agrees softly about family in general. She considers what Tabitha offers and agrees,"Getting laid first is good, but I will be sleeping along the next few nights so not an option."

She is thoughtful before she adds,"I haven't really smoked. It's just never been something I tried. I mean, it's legal now so maybe it would help." A smirk as she winks,"Guessing you might know a guy that knows a guy?"

She is thoughtful again and tells her,"Jimmy and I found something. Something that had been eating people. Something that is all together unnatural, though it exists in the woods and moutains there. It tried to get at two of Alpha Flight's students and had taken one of the leaders. I think it was trying to make her like it. Maybe it was lonely. Jimmy named it seeral things, but wendigo seems to be the most likely after I researched. I don't mean the white bigfoot creature, though that was what I originally thought."
Boom-Boom has posed:
Tabby actually pays attention though being the Mistress of ADHD, it doesn't seem that way. Sipping her coffee slowly even if she doesn't have to worry about the heat scalding her.

"Wendigo is like old legendary stuff right. Up there with werewolves and stuff. I've actually dealt with werewolves." she combs her hair out of her face and behind one ear, more pointed than most humans would normally have. "Turns out most social media influencers out in LA have lycanthropy. And they don't like being honeypotted. And it's not just bites that make it transmissible." she squirms in her sea and nibbles her lower lip. "But they still also kinda eat people. Wendigo just more woodsy than Hollywood. So, first time seeing bodies and stuff? It's messed up. I still hurl if I see insides on the outside. It's not fun." that gets a more warmer tone aimed at Angie while Tabby's across from her. "Big question is if you guys stopped it, or if it got away or if anyone got bit and hid it. We gonna have to head for Arizona and make sure Jimmy isn't furry?"
Firestar has posed:
Taking another drink of coffee, Angelica shakes her head and tries to get the cobwebs out. She listens to the sound around her for a while, also Tabitha as well. Nodding she tells her,"It is a little more than a legend. It is never not hungry. Evil on every level, and damn near impossible to kill. I honestly got lucky." she agrees.

A shudder as she admits,"Way back in my really young hero days, I encountered a werewolf. A legitimate Frankenstein's monster and.." The last word hangs in her throat for a second. Finally she shakes it off and mutters,"...Dracula." That almost seems worse PTSD than the wendigo on first impression.

Finally she gets back to the task at hand,"Anyway. Jimmy, Heather, and I slugged out with it managing to not draw any injuries. It finally died when Jimmy hamstrug him and I used my power to bisect it, head to crotch. When the beam burned the thing's heart it let out a scream I won't ever forget."
Boom-Boom has posed:
Tabby listens to Angie with a bit more focus. Which is a lot for her. "Fire tends to work on most monsters. And we can pretty much incinerate stuff to ash. All those spooky things have regen powers but when you can't cook hotter than the sun. Kinda saves money on silver that could go towards nice jewelry and bling!" Tabby points out.

"Plus there's worse things than flesh eating monsters out there. The hangry bois are just the grossest. Well second. There's tentacle monsters. Popular in Japan though. Like eligible bachelor, reality TV popular!"
Firestar has posed:
"Fire is my friend." Angelica comments with a smirk, trying to shake off lack of sleep and heavy conversation,"I am pretty sure the worst part about them was what they ate and how the procreate." She indicates the waitress for another coffee and smirks,"Sometime you need to take me out shopping for bling. Not my thing and I don't know what is and isn't good."

"It is hard to believe things worse than that, but in my research I saw some things that made it almost tolerable." she admits. Her eyes widen a little and she smirks at the mention of tentacle monsters,"Sounds...moderately terrifying and intriguing all at the same time."
Smart Alek has posed:
Alek enters the Diner... the late night haven for those addicted to coffee or just some night time carbs. His eyes emit a dim blue light which isn't a rare thing in this part of town, he looks around a bit, pondering where he should sit, the two conversing get a glance over but nothing more then that. He eventually finds a spot and settles down looking over the diner menu.
Boom-Boom has posed:
The blonde nods her head. "Usually make more by biting. Tends to be like common for most things. Wolves, vampires, zombies not so much. They tend more towards being raised through spells and crap. Think people have see too many old movies and TV to let viral zombies be a thing. Or at least outbreaks be a thing." she mimics shambling like a walker.

"I'd be like safe though. No brains for them in this dome!" she jokes and taps a nail against her temple while she eyes the comings and goings of people like Alek into the diner.
Firestar has posed:
"Too many things rely on that for sure." she agrees,"Almost takes the fun out of it for the rest of us." She is seriously tired or she is good and comfortable with Tabitha. Either way, she takes the fresh coffee and sips it gingerly.

The smirk gets a little wider,"There's plenty of brains in there my friend. I have seen evidences." She does look at the newest arrival, just a glance and moves back to the table,"I mean, they might not feast, but there would be something." Yup, a little playful dig at her friend.
Smart Alek has posed:
Alek is staring at nothing it seems, just an empty space on the wall, his fingers wander over the menu and smiles a bit, eventually a waitress comes over, "Whatca having?" she asks, Alek replies sheepishly, "Pancakes and Hot Chocolate." The waitress chimes, "Want anything with the pancakes? bacon or something." He shakes his head a bit, "Nah just the Circular Cakes... Thanks." he quickly averts his eyes making eye contact only briefly.
Boom-Boom has posed:
"It'd be like Diet Brains. Just one calory. Just one neuron!" Tabby jokes and slumps back. "But yeah, most don't even have hunger. Just dumb shambling muscle. It's numbers that make them like totes dangerous. Any eating is like just for show." Tabby recalling what her monster hunting friends had taught her.

"They spit and don't swallow." she jokes. "Which really depends on what you had in your mouth. I tried biting a werewolf back and had fur in my teeth for days." she adds.
Firestar has posed:
A joke at her own expense gets a snort from Angelica and coffee escapes her nose,"Ow, ow, ow..." she mutters and shakes her free hand and shifts back and forth in her seat. Eyes water, a few coughs, and finally she gets things back under control.

"Where is the fun in that." Angelica jokes back. A little awkward on that one maybe, but she manages. She makes a face and admits,"The one I saw stunk bad enough I can't imagine doing that." A shake of her head and she admits,"Still have a ways to go when it comes to doing whatever it takes I guess."
Smart Alek has posed:
Alek sighs a bit, as he listens to some of the conversation though he shouldn't listen... though like the cell phones, television signals, and the wifi in the area shouldn't be listened to either. He gets his hot chocolate, he smiles and takes a sip, he waits for his pancakes.
Boom-Boom has posed:
That smile and getting Angelica joking is a start so hopefully it helps as Tabitha keeps things light. "At least the wolves I dealt with bathed. IT was always weird when they'd hawk pet grooming products on their socials but never owned pets. Now I know why they had such silky smooth coats." the young woman jokes playfully.

"But a Wendigo. I bet they had a funk almost as bad as Logan when Rogue hasn't dunked him in a tub." she adds. "Snikt stank!" she calls it and pinches her nose. "Probably smells less like sweaty balls!"
Firestar has posed:
She is decidedly more at ease than when Tabitha found her and she works her way through another coffee. She listens to talk about the wolves that bathed,"That is a good thing." she agrees,"I can only imagine the grooming products though. That's funny."

The mention of the wendigo again and the smell doesn't bring Angelica back down. She's a little lighter on her mind now and she admits,"Think three day corpse decay in the humid heat, sour milk, and bile." A shudder and she admits,"I haven't smelled anything that smelled worse than that in all my life. I have to admit I try not to think about the smell of sweaty balls or unwashed Logan as much as I can."
Smart Alek has posed:
Alek eyes flicker slightly, it almost reminds one of one of those busy lights on a computer, a google search made using the local wifi. o O (Wendigo... a mythological creature or evil spirit originating from the Plains and Great Lakes Natives as well as Some First Nations.) His pancakes are delivered as he's busy 'reading' the google page, The waitress just rolls her eyes as with the deliver, "Your welcome." Alek looks down eventually and sniffs the pancakes, "Hmm, real butter, artificial maple syrup, and soy lecithin.. reminds me of home." He takes a bite and nods, "Thank you." he says belatedly.
Boom-Boom has posed:
"Well most walking carpets like that probably could do with some really good brushies." Tabby points out. As someone with a thick and very length mane of blonde hair, Boom-Boom can commiserate on needing good grooming.

"So much matting would honk everyone off." she admits and lightly pulls at one of her loose and over grown bangs reaching her chin.

Mid laugh the sound of a phone beeping goes off And with the device pulled from her jacket pocket. The blonde bombshell chuckles. "Think that's me out. Gotta get home, then start wrangling kids. Wendigo are scary? We've taught teenagers!" she jokes as she chugs the last of her coffee. There's a step over to give Angelica a hig hug.

"You need anything, just gimme a buzz. Bombs, bongs, bowls. I'll even drag Nessa out your way so you don't always have to commute! But now, just get some chill time and rest okay!" she advises before another pivot leads her out the door.