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Alek (Scenesys ID: 1852)
"The vibrations are off, it's not morning, it's evening. Why you saying good day? It's night?"
Full Name: Alek Simon
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Education: New York Public Schools (High School)
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 23 August 2006 Actor:
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 60 kg (132 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Glowing Blue
Theme Song: "Flight of the Bumblebee"


An Autist (if you know what that is) kid whose tried to fit in his whole life, but he never did so. His physical mannerisms, his inability to understand reality at times, along with people's gestures and body language makes it difficult at times. He seems to always (never seen without) studying an object.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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A fairly tall and thin young man with shaved white hair and glowing blue eyes. Blue Jeans and a plain gray T-shirt make him a bit more non-descript then his other features. His build slight and his body posture seems to make him shorter then he appears as if he doesn't want to be seen or the focus.


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Born to a working class family on the island of Brooklyn, New York, New York. His eyes were the first hint that he was a 'special' child, the glowing blue eyes seem to see the world differently. Within a few months, they noticed he seemed to not be the textbook baby. He seemed to never be 'happy', he didn't mimic the facial gestures others like babies usually do. Diagnosed with Autism, his parents tried their best with their limited resources though the public school system did try to assist.

Education wasn't everything though, he seemed to entertain himself with rapid searches on the web, and channel surfing always keeping his hands firmly placed on the screen. His parents thought this was just the flickering images giving him enjoyment until he could repeat exactly what was on the screen at the time. He seemed to be able to remember everything he 'touched'. Later, he would seem to be able to record television broadcasts that they swore they never taped, or play video games that they were sure they never bought. They chalked this up to perhaps him being 'inventive' with his ways of acquiring stuff. One day however, they noticed him seemly staring into the air when he mentioned that Aunt Judy was emailing them a photo of her new dog and sure enough they did get an email with a dog photo. He was beyond 'special' as they thought he was.

The family took this in stride, they hoped to find someway for him to fit-in, maybe there was some sort of school out there that catered to individuals like him...


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Always wanting to fit in, despite his disabilities, he's friendly when he can connect with people. He's willing to do a lot to earn friends, including copying the latest electronics for strangers. He seems to be carefree and straight forward person, because he has no real choice in the matter, social niceties like lying and false fronts are completely alien to him. This emotions and feelings are open book.


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Alek's touch is a bit more then that. He can touch something and see it's atomic structure and can even see the quantum states of said atoms. This level of detail includes things as fine as the recordings within a USB stick or a Tape player. Wind, sunlight, sounds that touch his form are also visual to him along with memorization of said things. This causes an overload in a normal person but Alek has adapted to handle this. He can also memorize this for later analysis or just plain entertainment.

His touch functions in another more interesting way. He can take quantum states he remembers and reproduce them. This means essentially he can manipulate electronics and computer, memorize programs, reproduce said programs, and even make his own programs. He doesn't have much in the way computer programming at the moment but it's something that definitely interests him. He can mentally interact with most electronics in this fashion, matching their 'voice' and language to better understand them though he loses touch with the physical world.

Normally, Alek is near impossible to communicate effectively with, his limitations make him appear to simply not seem to be able to interact with people for long time in a meaningful manner. He can however after making physical contact with a person allow him to 'synchronize' his thoughts with them. This allows him to speak the language they are speaking and even allow him to seem completely normal (if not a chatterbox of useful and useless information). This is entirely done though at a telepathic level and doesn't reach beyond a city block, it also can be easily blocked with any sort of mental shield.

This ability can extend also to allowing him physical access to the internet or other electronic forms of communication. He can mentally 'fake' the electromagnetic frequency and be able to have a communication with it. If he was to however wish to visually enter the internet, it would make him pretty much unable to perceive much of the real world beyond hearing it like a transistor radio.


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Alek is known as 'Replicator', he spends a great deal amount playing various online games as it allows him to socially interact with people on a even playing field. His 'talents' allow him to interact however faster and even without a physical computer, seeing the virtual world as part of his own. He's conversational about pretty much any game people may play, including being an expert at games of strategy of old like chess or checkers.

He's read deeply into the works of the various highly intelligent and generally wealthy people who create his favorite technologies. He's pretty much a groupie and fanboy of anyone whose published anything that has pushed the technology or understanding of science in the modern world.


His ability to scan items with a touch, he's assembled a literal library of books in his head which he can tear apart and read to his heart's content. He's also got his assembly of television shows and web pages as well.


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His resources limited to what his middle class family can afford. He's looking for an education and perhaps a place to fit in. He's debated picking up a job online somewhere but hasn't quite gone and done that yet.


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By Definition, Autism has people seem like they are not interested in connecting to people when it is quite the opposite. It's just that they have mannerisms and nervous habits which gives the opposite intended body language to explain their motives. Alek stares into space, doesn't connect with his eyes when talking, his hands are always touching something, he'll even rock back and forth on occasion. In his case, he also sees the world as atoms, buffeting him and giving him a glimpse into this hidden world, this extra 'noise' causes him to have a time seeing people as people but more like collections of atoms that need to be studied. Distracting for both parties.

He may be able to manipulate computers and electronics at a high level but he can't make them go beyond their physical layout, he can't have them run faster or better then they would normally do, contain more information or physically increase their storage.


He will do almost anything to gain a friend, to feel like he's part of something, to connect to people. He's studied subjects he had no interest in but someone else did. He's quite the fanboy when it comes any known super heroes or tech wizards and would do anything to be recognized by them or to even be in their presence. He pirates everything on the web to death if someone else wanted something, cause to him, it's simply the reproduction of art work.


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A mysterious transmission, part 1 November 5th, 2019 A mysterious broadcast asking for help, from a place that, a week prior, didn't exist, from thirty years in the past. Shannon, Alek, Samuel, and Triage investigate at the X-mansion, while Caliber picks it up on her own.
A Hopefully Quiet Evening at Xavier's October 24th, 2019 Vi sees her first horses, while Alek works on his motorbike and the two converse.
Outdoors at Xavier's October 21st, 2019 Samuel worries new student Vi is a Hydra assassin. Hilarity ensues, followed by orange slices and juice boxes.
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A Healer's Feast October 12th, 2019 Breakfast for dinner--is 'brinner' even a thing?--for Triage goes very well, with Bean, Cannonball, Alek, and Kurt even joining in! Plans were made, and a good time had by all!
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Visitations. July 27th, 2018 Summary needed


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