15713/A Disturbance at Lux

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A Disturbance at Lux
Date of Scene: 17 October 2023
Location: Lucifer's Penthouse, Melville
Synopsis: Leo pays a visit to the penthouse, Lucifer is more hospitable than Sin and a few bits of information were disclosed about the Phantasm.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Lucifer, Phantasm (Drago)

Sinister has posed:
Lux has mostly been redecorated these days. There's more space for books, a slightly more gothic flavour to the otherwise middle-eastern fixtures of the transported sandstone pillars -- it is still filled with light, but now there are curtains that hang at the seam of windows and more intimate furnishings from around the world. Including a pair of thrones, one a little more throne-like than the other, which is simply victoriana, gothika and high backed. Those sit by the fireside.

But otherwise, the plethora of space remains, open concept and free to allow movement.

Aftermaths of curious questions were had and they were tricky.

It's left the day AFTER the day after, as being one where few words need be spoken. Windows are open despite the chill of October, to freshen the air. Music is playing, 20s and 30s club fair, mixed with some classical pieces, from hidden speakers. The surround sound effect is quite striking. Sinister is a busy man -- black jeans and T-shirt with a vest that sports more pockets than normal, he's up to his eyeballs in a free floating technological frankenstein -- emitters hover, at various heights and in mathematical four dimensional triangulation points, tuned and worked on simultaneously by telekinesis and many fine tools, with the Doctor in the midst of it all as a technocratic maestro.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer is not in the middle of technilogical stuff. He lets Nathaniel handle all of that while he maintains the rest of the house. It's immaculately clean - by the Devil or his Doctor is never a known fact. Except when one finds that, currently, the Devil is doing the dusting and the cleaning. Mirrors wiped down, furniture dusted, pillows floofed...he IS in the details after all it would seem.

Any detail at all. There he is.

None the less, the musical numbers that play have him bobbing along or shimmying this way and that. Then there comes Mozart's Requiem in D Minor. There are parts of this where Lucifer will pause to conduct with the business end of his feather duster. Other parts where he'll act like he's playing an instrument or two. Such a wonderful piece. "Truly Mozart was ahead of his time...and died too soon..." He blurts out.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Above Lux a bird appears. While not an uncommon things, birds in the sky, that there is now a raven where a few moments ago there wasn't is of note. But no one is really watching for such things.

But the blip of something familiar might compensate for the otherwise silent approach as the raven arcs in flight.

Fortunately windows were left open, allowing the bird easy access into the penthouse. Upon the lights inside hitting the bird, there is a bit of an oily sheen to the feathers. Glimmers of greens, blues, and purples peek from the black feathers.

Perching upon one of the curtain rods, the sizable avian looks down upon the occupants. Quiet.

Much like its mind.
Sinister has posed:
"Consumption if I recollect," Sinister sighs a little. "Mind, he lived an extraordinary amount for a short life. Many cannot say similar for having lived a century." The reply is a murmur, the finest of blow torches brought to bear on very careful soldering -- when working in such a careful medium, senses tend to be heightened to the slightest thing, mostly the eyesight. But not to the silence of the approach.

But the bird's been made and is now being stared at by the scientist in the midst of his floating project. "Lucifer," just the word, just a nod. That doesn't feel like Nick.
Lucifer has posed:
"Eh... if you believe the historians I suppose. Have you ever watched the movie Amadeus? Masterful tale of the rumored jealousy of Maestro Salieri against young Wolfgang Mozart..." Lucifer says this only to turn and look upon Nathaniel right when the man nods his head towards the window.

Turning his gaze to find the raven alight on the curtain rod, Lucifer tilts his head just so to one side. "Lovely plumage... too bad it's rather cold out for true ravens to fly...and we are quite high up as well.." He points the stick end of the held duster towards the bird in question. "Be ye friend or foe? Or neither and I should just banish you to the skies from which you came?" He's actually in a good mood, his smile joining those words is proof enough of this.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The raven's quiet gaze lingers for a few moments, looking right at Sinister as the doctor stares at him. Once Lucifer approaches and speaks the bird cocks his head to the side. "Salieri was more popular when Mozart was alive." The bird comments, the previously encountered voice of Leo providing the sound, "And he did have some influence with Beethoven, Schubert, and Liszt."

The most recent injustice dealt with, the raven sighs, bringing a wing up to pinch the bridge of it's beak. "Lets just say we have a common interest, and leave it at that. Now. I think I've been MORE than fair giving you space as you were circling around my nephew while in Europe but I must ask-" The wings fold, giving as much as stern look as a raven can muster, "What the HELL did you do to him a couple days ago?"
Sinister has posed:
When the Raven speaks, Sinister goes absolutely silent. No army could break through the wall that just went up in his mind -- his mind fortress is quite literally that at the moment. Presence is still felt by the one that is bonded to him, but his thoughts are not free or easy to glean.

Slowly, he looks away from the raven, stoically ignoring the Phantasm's presence as he steps back into his swarm of diodes and receivers, moving again with the grace of a kinetic symphony. However, there is a very slight reddish glow in the air around him and his work, like a forcefield just got errected.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer gives a side eye to Nathaniel and his work as it suddenly begins to glow reddish and there's a little smirk that tugs on the edges of his lips. Then he glances back towards Leo the Raven and seems to poise himself into a thought process of sorts.

"Are we speaking of the night when the other Saints visited him and accidentally gave him heavenly ambrosia? Or literally the other night, at dinner, when someone decided I should play a game and I asked what his deepest, darkest desire was? I mean honestly, eliminating evil-doers from the world is quite a thought to have... it's an impossible dream... but it's a good thought." He speaks these things in a very casual manner. "Otherwise I know not what you speak of. I have done no ill towards Nick and I never would. He's family... more so now than we thought before...but I have considered him such either way for some time. So you'll need to be more specific or I simply cannot answer your question."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The raven pauses when given choices, the bird's head tilts in the opposite direction as he regards Lucifer. "That's what you were doing?" Leo asks.

The raven hurms, wings folding back. "Did he have any warning when you were about to do that?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister's jaw shifts, the muscle by his ear clenching and unclenching, but no words come. He is biting his tongue.

A gesture is made to the laboratory door, which opens and several very thin semi-transparent plates drift out, their insides covered with tiny LED lights and emitters. All are about a foot by a foot but barely a milimeter thick. They float over and Sin begins to assemble the soldered work to the plates, very, very painstakingly.

He's only dropping eaves like they're going out of style, don't mind him.
Lucifer has posed:
"He watched me do it to two other people before I turned to him. He even witnessed one other dinner party attendee decline to have it done to them. So he was able to decline me doing such to him at any time until it was done. I'm sure he didn't realize the depths that I can pull with that ability..." Lucifer, by the time he's finished his explanation, actually sounds a bit saddened. "Honestly, it is very likely the last time I will do it to anyone...unless they deserve it. Criminals for their confessions... it's... not my nicest ability for sure..."

After explaining this he tilts his head the other way at the raven-Leo. "Are you going to remain a bird the whole night, or will you grace us with your human form. Allowing me to serve you a drink or some food if you so desire."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The bird is quiet for a few more moments, listening to the devil's explanation, giving a nod to the mention of depth. "That...is probably what did it." Leo allows, glancing once more over to Sinister as he's apparently soldering things.

Lucifer's inquiry causes for him to look back to the devil. "That would likely depend on your other half...I came in the least threatening form I could think of. I would assume he'd want me out of here quickly."
Sinister has posed:
"I'm perfectly fine with you being here. Rules of hospitality abide," Sinister replies in a mild, but quite clipped tone. There's very little in the way of ANY emotion at all being displayed audibly and no amount of probing will elicit empathic answers.

It seems as if the very thin plates take a lot of concentration, as his gaze narrows even further, bringing them up carefully to a foot infront of his face. The tools do their weird little kinetic ballet with method.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer raises a brow and tilts his head the other way in a curious manner. "Did something come of what happened that I'm not aware of?" He offers. "Here I thought the next time I saw you, you would be tearing me a new one because we told Nick about you..." He then holds up his hands. "Nick questioned. I had to answer. I stand by the truth by which I cannot tell a lie. If I am asked a direct question, then one will get a direct truth."

Then he looks between the raven and the doctor. When he hears that clipped reply, a breath is taken in and let out. "He's too concentrated on his work anyway to really be bothered by anyone's presence. Please. At least let me make you a cup of something...for I feel there's a bit more to tell otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to come here in any form.."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Hearing the response, the bird gives a nod. "Very well."

The bird vanishes.

"I had a feeling you would tell him." a voice behind Lucifer states. Leo is to the other side of the room, the last traces of the form mirroring itself taking place.

The man has apparently shaved recently, the scruff about his face missing. The man's attire, while missing the tweed cap does have a bit of old fashioned sensibility to him. Sensible trousers, a white dress shirt with the top few buttons undone and a long coat. His glance isn't quite on Lucifer but instead looking to the throne with a bit of a critical eye and then looking to the placement near the fire. "Are these chairs at all comfortable?"
Sinister has posed:
And Essex carries on with his work. Lucifer is likely right there.

A keen eye would note that the squares are being soldered in connections in pairs of specific patterns, with an array of computer chip hardware being carefully arranged on each plate. Only two each are alike, some having more anodes than diodes, some having clusters of microprocessors. If one were to guess, he is literally building a supercomputer one panel at a time.
Lucifer has posed:
"I did keep it a secret for as long as I could." Lucifer says this much and then lifts a single shoulder in a shrug. "But dancing around the topic and reaching closer and closer to the point was agony near the end." Finishing off that thought. "What can I get for you to dink? Tea? Coffee? Whiskey?"

He levitates a bottle of whiskey from the bar over to the kitchen and then putters about within for a moment. Of course part of him puttering in the kitchen will be to put a little something together for Nathaniel. A quick snack to appease the British side of him along with a glass of cognac and an earl grey the way he prefers it. "I'll have some kippers and toast with jam ready in a bit, love."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Whiskey will suit." Leo responds when given the options, still looking to the chairs, looking to the angle of the seat backs. "I don't recall in the conversation we had together ever forbidding you from telling him. I simply cautioned you about not being able to take back something once it's already said." He looks back over to Lucifer. "...They don't look that comfortable."

A turn of the head looks over towards what Sinister is working on. Eyes looking over the panels.

"So..." Leo looks back over to Lucifer, "You have confirmed the interference and who was responsible?"
Sinister has posed:
"Thank you, my dearest," Sin's call to the kitchen has a LITTLE emotional credit to it. There's actual gratitude at least and a glance sent that way. He fixes on Leo a moment, then follows the gaze to the chairs. "The high back is quite comfortable," he informs, twisting his current panel this way and that so he can solder extra strong on one particular cluster of processors. Deemed done, he moves to the next one.

"We know who it was," he informs, with a look and a smirk for once, to Lucifer. Then back to his business at hand. Sin doesn't smirk very often.
Lucifer has posed:
"Ah. Sorry. The oversized chairs near the fireplace are rather comfortable, if you wish. The throne is mine, I like it, but it was special made for me." Lucifer explains this, gazing over to Nathaniel as he explains such.

That last bit from Leo has him grinning and Nathaniel's quip of it only has him almost chuckling. "We do know. And the culprit was punched in the face. For a few reasons, but especially because of your request. Hence why I say that Nick is more family to me now than I considered before. As distant as it may be...I am his uncle." He puts that much out there, to perhaps let it be known without saying the name who the culprit was.

Kippers are brought out then, as well as bread to toast and raspberry jam. The kippers are soon set into a pan to fry up all crispy like - just how Nathaniel prefers them. A whiskey is made and floated over to Leo upon the request as Lucifer settles into his element of host and cook.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
"Oh." Leo responds to Sinister's response about the chair, "Pardon the mistake. The coloration made it look a little flatter." With the mystery of the chair comfort resolved by Sinister's response and Lucifer's seconding, the Irishman straightens up and moves away from the seats.

With the punch confirmed, Leo's expression shifts to a bit of a smirk which oddly still remains despite Lucifer claiming relation to Nick. "I inferred as much but it is generally better to seek confirmation instead of running on false assumptions." Leo responds, reaching a hand up to take the drink floated over to him. "Thank you. For the drink, and relaying my displeasure with the culprit."

He takes a sip of the drink. "...I suppose as far as family is concerned, he could do a bit worse. The longevity is a bit of compensation for the other issues."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister mwahs at Lucifer's cheek with a peck on the lips with the kippers and toast are actually done. This phenomenon involves melted marmalade on the shallow but crispy fried kippers, all sandwiched between a bit of buttered toast. It is odd, but the sweet and the salty, the smoke and the tart of the raspberry works. Honestly! The tools left to float, Sinister puts hand on hip at the back, elbow all jutted out as he 'eases his back' whilst snacking. The tea and cognac are set in the frozen whirlwind of tools, lightly steaming or promising intoxication.

"It was quite satisfying, the punch in the kisser. Although, I'd have liked to give him one myself. Alas."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer does a bit of cooking here and there, but he especially fixes something Nathaniel truly enjoys when the doctor has been working hard and likely not taking care of himself as he should. While eating and drinking aren't required, the act of snacking forces Nathaniel to pause from his work. Take a step back. Breathe.

"Well like I said. Even before any of that was known, confirmed or otherwise I truly think I can speak for us both and say we had begun to consider Nick as family." Offering that much more before making a kipper and jam toastie for himself. "You want anything to eat, Leonard? I can whip you up... likely whatever you may fancy... or I can order something from my kitchen downstairs..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Leo shakes his head to the offer of food. "No thank you. It is well past mealtime where I came from."

Leo glances back over to Sinister for a few moments. "So, one of the more disagreeable ones." He surmises, glancing back to the devil. "And considering the company... His namesake?"
Sinister has posed:
"I can neither confirm nor deny," -- but Sin gives the patented 'Eddie Izzard' eyeball confirmation with it, polishing off the snack and leaning on the air to sip at his tea. Tea sometimes just does all of the tricks. You cannot beat a good cuppa.

"It's an interesting family to be attached to, for absolute certain."
Lucifer has posed:
"My twin brother. Michael. The pompas ass that he is..." Lucifer confirms, because why not? "Which is why that makes me Nick's uncle several timelines removed... but still considered. Much to my appreciation. "Also why I reserve to continue calling Nick, Nick. As the other name doesn't sit well on the tongue."

All that said, Lucifer reaches to settle a hand against the small of Nathaniel's back while he enjoys his tea. Then he glances back over to Leo. "So, is that why you came? Wondering what was done to Nick and to confirm I punched the culprit?" He smirks then. Any other reasoning would be lost to the Devil at this time.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Seeing the facial expression from Sinister, the professor gives a slight nod to the other doctor. Still quiet as ever, thought wise.

"Hmm. And despite that, I will continue to respect Eileen's wishes and use the first." Leo gives a slight nod to the confirmation of the name. "Oddly that he would be involved is not surprising. Although, a bit ironic. With the initial interference, the naming, and the supposed patronage of federal agents. You'd think there'd have been maybe a little more investment early on."

The professor glances to the drink for a moment to take another sip before touching upon the other question. "Somewhat yes. Main reason. You do remember when I said he was linked but not fully bound, correct?"
Sinister has posed:
"That would've involved foresight. Different patron for that." Sinister leans into the rubbing at his back and simply indulges in tea. Now is the time to listen, because this might be interesting.

He resumes toolwork, but without his hands involved, only the precision of his mind.
Lucifer has posed:
"Yes. You said you were waiting to see if he was...forgive if I muck up your wording...cause I want to remember it being said as worthy to be given the full binding. Or...something to that affect." Lucifer offers towards Leo, though a side glance is given to the work of Nathaniel going on in the near distance of them.

"Have you come any closer to a decision about that?"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Leo's brow raises to the summary. "Worthiness was not a concern. From what I've observed he has the traits that made me consider his mother. So that's not the question. What I said is 'he is nowhere near ready'. There is a difference."

Eyes set upon the remnants of liquid in his glass. "There's an aspect of the abilities he hasn't gained access to that could be problematic for him. Another aspect, problematic for others."
Sinister has posed:
"I suppose this is the point where one must suppose that full disclosure is required," Sinister replies with a sidestep to be right in the 'aspect' of Lucifer's person. He's warm and maybe there's a tiny psychological hangup that his subconscious has him stepping 'beneath the wings' of the devil.

"Blunt and to the point, Leonard. We have been vexed and put upon by enigmas that can't talk from A to B without going through the entire greek and cyrillic alphabet to boot. Given the chance, they'd also have gone through sanskrit, so. It'd be nice to have a straight answer and explanation."
Lucifer has posed:
"I mean... what more could he go through in order to be considered 'ready'... between the original interference, the powers he has, the people he's met and dealt with..." Lucifer tags on.

"Course. We can also respect if it's not our business...or you would rather not say." He says this and eyes Nathaniel again, wondering if the man will protest those words which likely contradicts what he said.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Leonard turns to look to Sinister. "Tell me, Dr. Essex. If I were to recite the entire encyclopedia to you when all you wanted to know about was Sparrows, would that be considered helpful? You do not have to answer that one out loud but to be... to the point. I am have been quite accommodating when Lucifer showed up at my doorstep and I'm being accommodating now. So, the process is thus. You ask a question. I will answer the question if I can. If you're not clear with your question. Then I can not be clear in my answer. If you ask twenty questions in one breath, I will most likely miss some in my response and you simply have to restate the ones I missed if they really matter to you."

The glass shifts slightly as his hand moves, "This is also with the understanding that I expect similar accommodation if I have questions as well... Now. Is that clear?"

After such a lengthy response, it stands to reason that Leo would take this moment to finish off his drink. He glances around for a table to set the empty glass upon. "He has learned the simpler abilities. He's, not fully effective their usage. But he has done reasonably well. I will allow for that. His motives, his ideals, that he is a bit of a dreamer. All good qualifications. But I do not believe his mind is ready to move beyond what he's already learned."

Leo looks over to Sinister, considering him for a few moments. "You would consider yourself a telepath of some strength, right?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister stares at Leo for a moment after that. A long moment. There's a soft sigh to himself and a stare at out of the window for a couple of moments to recalibrate himself. Do not be facetious in the face of obstreperousness, Nate. Be good. "On a scale relative to all the minds in the world, rated from one to one hundred, there's probably only five, maybe six people in all of the world, that are at my level or a bit higher. Does that help? I can literally see into minds half a continent away, without trying much."
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer looks between the two men. Those who were once enemies without even knowing it, and now frenemies. A common interest at the heart of things, but that is about as far as it goes. They can be cordial, but still get some cheap shots in.

At least that's how Lucifer sees it anyway.

And now the cock fight. How big is yours. Mine may be bigger. Nick's isn't big enough.

Don't even consider Lucifer's. That's foul play.

So the Devil just listens, looking between, but not interjecting. He has no questions at this time, because Nathaniel's been decent at asking them. Well... at asking yes... wording is a bit...fuzzy.

Lucifer lights a smoke, proffers the pack to Nathaniel and then lightly shakes it towards Leo. But he remains ever silent.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The professor watches Sinister as he takes his moments of silence. An expectant look on his face. Once Sinister confirms, Leo gives an unsurprised nod. "So yes. Considerable strength. So you easily are aware of the typical state of his mind. Now. In your opinion. As he is now. Would it be a good thing to have him suddenly picking up on the dreams of those in a similar range that you described? Perhaps larger? Hopefully with it being new the range would be much smaller, but with the added element, that would be up in the air."

Seeing the pack pointed in his direction with one stick slightly slid out away from the rest, the professor takes the offered sin stick. "Thank you." Leo replies, giving a nod to Lucifer as he reaches into his pocket.

"Let's go a bit further with that. Now on top of that. Now imagine elements of the new found imagery being physically projected into this world. Do you believe he is ready for that?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister tips his head slightly, the shape of his eyeballs indicating that he's looking left and right across Leo's regard. Hello Lucifer, you have a coffin nail right there and a whole lot of quiet going on. The devil is then side-eyed, a smoke taken. "Love," air-mwah, setting it to lips and, because of reasons that are best not thought of, the end of his cigarette incandesces and lights itself. Which is a bit unusual, but!

After a couple of deep, satisfied puffs, he blows out of the side of his mouth. "Actually, given everything else I know? Yes."
Lucifer has posed:
"Not only that, but he has three mentors who can help him through it. More if you include his Saints. He's armed, you see, with all the tools he needs to succeed..." Lucifer offers. "Even I know that many things I have learned did not come from what my Father gave me, or my Falling... it was when I came here to Earth. Settled among people... that I learned more about both myself and my abilities than I ever imagined knowing. I believe Nick is in that very same space. If only needing the chance to prove himself."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
There's a quirk of the lips to Sinister's response. It seems almost...amused. "Yes, it would make sense you would have picked up on that..." Leo muses. Pulling out his own lighter, he lights his own cigarette. Task done, the lighter closes up, killing the flame with an audible clink.

There's a puff of the cigarette before the stick is moved away from the lips, emitting a low cloud.

"Lucifer, one of the reasons I came here was because of your party game. I do believe he confirmed that he noticed but what you did, briefly triggered what Nick needs to progress. ...He needs to know how to reliably bring that out more. Chaos and dreams may go together. But the human in him will need a reprieve. No matter how much misfortune may have conditioned that to be considered the norm."

Leo glances around before moving closer to the nearest ash tray. "Once that's done, the other elements should come easier. Supposing he truly wants that." A nub of ash gets tapped into the newly found tray, "Considering the amount of persons forcing their will into his lives, it seems important that this be a choice that is wholly his own. I may have been forced by the situation to show my hand a little early. But that doesn't mean I'm going to outright commit him to something he didn't sign up for. I gave him enough for protection. To explore. No direction. Do with it what he will. If he does decide to finish the path to becoming the third. That will be by his choosing. Not mine."
Sinister has posed:
And that will do the trick with the Devil, no doubt. It doesn't quite do so with his Sin. There's a narrowing of the eyes again and a tip of the head, as if observing the flaws and inconsistencies that make the arguments dubious. This, brought to you by a lot of instances of giving people a choice without actually giving them one.

He clucks his tongue, finishes off his cigarette and seems done with the conversation for the moment, given that he ferries his plate off with a flick of the wrist, tea and cognac following it and with a twirl of his other hand, has his flock of tools and parts following him into the lab.

"Chicken and the egg. I'll be in here, if anyone needs me." It's said just before the lab door shuts behind him!