2545/A Little Errand

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A Little Errand
Date of Scene: 22 September 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Gothic Lolita, Star-Lord, Groot, Angela

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Supplies. Can't live with em, can't live without them...well, mostly, can't live without them, being you're on a space ship and not exactly growing your own food or other needed supplies. Thus, everyone's favorite colorful gynoid has given Peter a list of things they need to buy before they lift off again. Most are food, some are parts for the ship.

    And because she trusts her captain so much, she asked him if he would generously also watch over both Groot and Lolita, as they're just happening to accompany him on this trip.

    This has nothing to do with the running bet on how long it'll take Peter to do something that means they need to flee the planet with mobs with star pitforks and laser torches chasing them down.

    So, you've in the Market. It's called such because it's an huge open air market, which, considering Rizen has an artificially pleasant weather pattern (rain only at night, pleasant breezes, etc.), is actually pretty nice. It's a cacaphony of shouted entreaties, holographic advertisments, and scantily dressed salespeople trying to tempt passerbys into their shop.

Star-Lord has posed:
Peter is uncharacteristically walking down the path of the market, somehow not a little bit enthralled, enraptured, or even slightly distracted by the midriff baring Half-Sandarian. Or the girl from Titan. Nope, Peter has a job to do and he's going to d- Whoa! Look at her! Peter's gaze falls upon a yellow skinned woman with white hair and purple eyes that pull him in. He turns to try and keep staring while walking but bumps into a beam supporting the cover for a stand.

Groot has posed:
     Of course, the Flora Colossus thankfully reaches to grab Peter after he got to know the support beam up close and personally. The big tree man simply lifts a finger and makes a tsk sound. "I am Groot." He offers gently, keeping on task, and of course keeping pace with his gigantic stride.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The petite gynoid on the other side of Peter says. "He's correct. You should be careful, Captain My Captain. It'd be unfortunate if you returned with a contusion or three." she say with a faint smile, her blue eyes flicking around the market with interest. "And while the scenery is quite lovely, perhaps we should finish Indigo's shopping list before you pause to properly, ah...enjoy." she says, raising a brow as the yellow skinned girl giggles at Peter and waves cheerfully at him.

Star-Lord has posed:
"I think you both might be right." Peter says as he rubs at his forehead with a groan. Though the girl giggles and he is instantly useless again but his view is blocked by the walking Groot. "Aww-ll right, fine! What all do we need? Food and fuel that's it, right?" Obviously he wasn't paying attention to Indigo's presentation.

Groot has posed:
     Groot keeps his stride, pausing to look at a strange avian species animal that had perched on his shoulder. He gives a gentle smile to it before making a small sprout make a berry for its enjoyment.         
It had been a while since the group had seen so much sunlight, Groot had sprouted leaves in places on his arms, just for that extra photosynthetic love.

Angela has posed:
    "If I were to strike you now, you'd be dead, Lord of Stars." The voice comes decisively and coolly from behind the trio as they walk, decisively full of a certain matter-of-factness that really only belongs to one of two of the Milano's crew. Angela, Realm-displaced huntmistress, makes her way up to the others from behind, boots clacking against the hard ground and expression as stoically aloof as ever as she makes her way past. "Indigo requested I accompany you to ensure you didn't all die horribly. I will think of suitable compensation later." Truly, the mark of a caring comrade. Though if she didn't, she probably wouldn't even be here.

    "What manner of food do Midgardians eat? And..." White eyes turn to assess Groot for a moment and, finding no appropriate labels for what he might be, just settles for, "... And Groots."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita lets out a faint huff of a sigh, then reminds him. "You've the list, Captain. Though I believe we were supposed to meet a gentleman here for a hot deal on a new cryo converter to replace the one that Gamora stabbed, but first, the jumba fruit. It lasts for some time and is very nutritious and tasty, is my understanding. One of the genetically engineer exports of Rizen 3." Much like how the rest of the planet is engineered, she thinks to herself. It feels so...well, not plastic. But something like it. She can't help but feel the beauty is undercut when it's this precisely manufactured rather than something random and fleeting.

    She perks up a bit as she hears Angela's voice, looking back and breaking into a smile. "I was curious about this as well...I don't know any of the foods honestly."

Star-Lord has posed:
"I'm not cleaning that up when it poops on you." Peter says towards Groot before pulling out a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket and unravelling it. "Oh, hey Angie. No, we're not dead, we've barely walked five hundred feet." Peter turns on his heels to face backwards and waves in the direction of the Milano. "Oh, of course a Cyro Whatchamagigger. Fruit's nice too, I'm certain we need laser ammo charges and some slug rounds for all the shooting we did too."

Groot has posed:
     Groot picks up the small bird with a finger, looking at it with a certain peace in his eyes before it flies away. "I am Groot. I -am- Groot." He offers in regards to what he eats, which is a long list.

Angela has posed:
    Angela looks behind her, the Milano still faintly visible in the distance. She looks ahead of her. She looks back to Peter. Her head tilts to the left.

    "That seems far enough to be killed," decides the Angel with the winningly warm personality, ribbons twitching idly behind her as she pushes onward anew. "Fruit. .. Are there fruits that are lethal to you?" She seems to put deep consideration into this until Groot speaks up. White eyes blink. A frown tugs at her lips -- either because she understands and realizes how long that list is, or she doesn't understand a single word uttered, goes unknown. But she is definitely, momentarily, at a loss for words.

    "... Perhaps it's best if I focus on the ammunition, or the Cyro Whatchamagigger." She seems to legitimate believe that's the name of something they need, considering how calmly she states it.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
"Cryo converter. It's part of the water reclamation systems for the ship and also part of the coolant system for the engines." Lolita says helpfully. Because gosh darn it, Peter needs ice cubes on command, and someone was willing to redesign the coolant system to do it. "We are relatively close to both, actually..." She frowns. "It seems vaguely haphazard to put a fruit stand near a used starship parts stand, honestly. You'd think the'd segregate by types of products if nothing else.

Star-Lord has posed:
Nah, this is the way to do it. One stop shopping. Like K-mart or The super walmarts." Peter said with a big smile growing on his face. He takes the wrinkled paper and passes it over towards Gothic, and he starts to drift off to another stand, one that has a pair of Shi'ar twins and both have their index fingers giving Peter the 'c'mere' motion. The man is helpless and disappears inside the tent.

Groot has posed:
     "I am Grooo..." The Big Guy puts on a surprised face towards Peter's actions currently. Incorrigible it seems that he is.

  Groot sighs just a bit before turning to the other two. "I am Groot?"

Angela has posed:
    "... A 'super Walmart'?" echoes Angela, frown just deepening all the more as she tries to wrap her head around that completely foreign concept. "Is that a Midgard term?"

    But before she can get her answer, Peter is already getting drawn away by the curl of two Shi'ar fingers beckoning him onward. "Wait, Lord--" she begins, before he simply disappears into the tent. A second passes.

    "No," she says to Groot. "I claim no responsibility if he is killed. He seems to know what he's doing. I'm sure it is a price he's prepared to pay." And with that dubious vote of confidence, she looks Gothic Lolita's way, tilting her head towards the stands. "I will help with the purchase of starship parts. I know nothing of your foods." It's debatable she even knows the former, either, but at least she seems confident enough.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita blinks a bit as she's handed the list and Starlord goes...right into the tent there. "...hmm. Well..." she says, a bit hopefully. "We do need these supplies and surely he can't possibly get into too much trouble in the short time it would take." There's a slight questioning tone in the young gynoid's voice. "...then again, perhaps a bit of expeditiousness is called for." she says, after considering that. She's....heard stories. She thought they might be exaggerated....

Groot has posed:
     Another sigh from Groot before he presses on, smelling at the different fruits that were available here. All smelling quite lovely, in fact. He reaches out with his extending hands to inspect this fruit more thoroughly. "I am Groot!" He says with approval.

Angela has posed:
    "Yes. We will be swift, and the Lord of Stars will either be very satisfied, or very dead," decides Angela; the wingless angel gives a single nod to Lolita as she makes her way over to the starship parts vendors. A second passes. "... Or both."

    With that, she gives a passing glance at Groot, actually managing a small smile at the sight of him so thoroughly skimming the produce. "Be sure to claim them for a fair price," she instructs the tree-like alien. "Negotiate aggressively." It's an open question of how aggressively she means. And possibly ominously, too, as she makes her way to the other vendor to scout for parts.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    There are, in fact, actually two nearby stands. One is where Groot is, which has a wide variety of fruits...mostly melons of some sort, pink darkening to purple, that are, in fact, according to the sign at least, jumba fruit. There's a variety of other as well, such as the smaller star shaped waxy bright yellow one with the red edging, the giant blueberry pears, or the plantain-looking items that look like they'd double as a decent club in a pinch. A slightly chubby Rizan blinks up at Groot. "Ah, yes, very good fruit! Ripe and ready for the taste! You are a good judge of such things, my large friend!

    On the other side is the ship salvage seller, who looks a bit like a bipedal rat with mange, and a cyber eye. Something about him just screams 'pirate'. Oh wait, it's the colorful lizard on his shoulder. "PLUNDER AND PILLAGE, RAAAAWWK!" The rat man shushes it as Angela approach. "Ah, pretty lady, what can Scrag find for you today, eh? Looking for something to brighten up your ship? Perhaps a slightly used weapons rack..." he says, glancing at the armor.

    Lolita pauses, looking between the two, then decides to observe! Surely her crewmates have this covered.

Groot has posed:
     The giant tree man looks to the shopkeeper, smiling wide. "I am Groot." He says to the portly gentleman. "I am Groot. I am -Groot-." He continues, inquiring about the waxy star-fruit as well, and holding out a branch to nod in approval of the jumba fruits.

  The tree creature seems very contented with the freshness of them all, and he should know.

Angela has posed:
    Pure white eyes stare upon that more than slightly shady-looking seller with a quiet, underlying intensity. Her head tilts slowly to the right, ribbons lifting up and flowing behind her almost at the ready. "Address me as Angela," she says, first and foremost. It's not really an introduction, or even a request.

    "I have no need for a weapons rack. My weapons stay with me at all times. I am in need of parts." With this, she looks, briefly, Lolita's way. She knows the bulk of what they need, after all. But Angela has decided to open negotiations. And so...

    "I will be blunt. I know nothing of these 'units' you use for currency and even passingly less of what your exchange rates are. You have me at a decisive disadvantage." And it pains her to even say that. "However, I require ship parts, and I require them at prices deemed fair by the people of this universe. Know that if I discover that you have overcharged me for your wares, then you shall owe me a debt -- one that I will reap from your flesh in blood and fury, if it is required."

    Exactly three seconds of pregnant silence follows. And just like that, Angela just gestures to the man's equipment, carrying on as if she had just been talking about the weather and not the potential of horrifying vengeance upon the man's horizon.

    "Well then. May I have a... 'cryo generator'?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Scrag's eyes widen a bit at Angela's very intense opening gambit, Even the lizard shuts up for a moment, cocking its head at the beribboned woman, its throat pouch swelling up redly as its beady orange eyes keep an eye on her.

    It's a long three seconds for them.

    "...ah. R-right..." he says slowly, looking a bit warily at the wingless angel, as if trying to decide if he needs to call for the polite men with the white coats and the long sleeves. "Cryo generator...yeah...what size ship? An' from what world?"

    Meanwhile, the more plump Rizan seems thrilled Groot is into vegetables and fruits as well. "Oh yes! The starka! Very good, very good, spicy and sweet and just a bit of cling to your mouth to let the taste linger..." he says. "Very healthy! Perhaps you want barbars, too, yes?" He picks up the plantain looking thing. "Very good roasted! A little sak juice, a sprinkling of b'mora, an' you have a meal fit for a king! For many kings!

    Lolita...has even less idea than Angela how this whole currency thing works. She does, in fact, have the purse however. For some reason Indigo gave it to her.

    This has been noticed by a larger being who looks a bit like what you'd get if you cross a whale with the Hulk. Blue black skin, muscles, a comparatively tiny head and no neck at all. Also large square teeth and hands with two fingers and two thumbs. He's eying the purse in question as Lolita distractedly looks back and forth between the two stalls.

Groot has posed:
     Groot gives a nod, looking back to Lolita. He didn't have any pockets to put credits, and when it's just him and Rocket, the Raccoon was the one who had taken care of the finances.

  "I am Groot." He offers, wondering how much he had to work with and how many of the jumba fruit they needed to procure.

Angela has posed:
    "You have some? Good," decides Angela, taking the rest of that conversation with jarring and disturbing normalcy (relative to her, at least); she'll give what information she has on the Milano in terms of its dimensions -- these are things you just have to know if you're going to be on a ship you'll be potentially waging war in, after all -- but that second question brings her to pause. "... Mm. One moment."

    Her lips tugged towards a frown, Angela looks back towards Lolita at about the same time Groot does. "Lolita, I require your assistance with the generator," calls out the angel moments after Groot makes his own request. A confluence that might be serendipitous for her with that large pickpocket eyeing her, or very, very poor luck.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita blinks and looks between the two, obviously torn about which to go to first. "Of course, just....ah..." She starts to slide the purse off her shoulder to open it...and the pickpocket makes his move, lumbering forward as he breaks into a charge that would make a linebacker proud, and snatches at the purse.

    Then nearly is jerked to a halt as Loli's hand tightens immediatley on the strap as she narrows her eyes. "You did -not- just -"

    And unfortunately, the strap loses that particular contest as it gives with a rubbery *snap*, the pickpocket stumbling, but tucking it under an arm as he takes off like a quarterback making for the endzone down the street. "HEY!"

Groot has posed:
     Groot takes to the street, running to catch up with the purse snatcher. He isn't quite as fast, but he makes up for it in long strides. As soon as he is close enough, he shoots vine-like appendages to snare the perp.

Angela has posed:
    Finely honed senses help Angela to clue in on what is happening seconds before it happens. The large man lurching, Lolita's vulnerable state. She sees it as an attack.

    And in what surely does not help her impression with the vendor, her first act is to yank her Ichors free, the gold metal warping and expanding into a pair of absolutely massive, viciously curved blades.

    "Do not sell those generators," she instructs, and turns her attention to the large bandit -- currently making off with their money. "Oh," she utters under her breath, convinced that he was going to try to skewer Lolita (-that- would have ended more poorly for him, probably). But as he runs, and as Groot pursues, Angela moves. The Angel is fast -- and while she doesn't make use of that full speed for concerns of collateral damage, she is still bounding up and into the air at dizzying velocities, looking to - hopefully - land in front of the man and cut off his escape route just in time for Groot to ensnare him. If all goes well --

    --he should find the insanely sharp tip of a gleaming, golden blade mere centimeters from his throat just as he comes to a stop. Angela's stare allows not one shred of mercy. "Yield." It's also not a request.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The thug skids to a halt as he's suddenly presented with those wickedly curved blades, baring those flat, thick yellow teeth, before he jukes left then shoots to the right, aiming for an alley between two of the larger more permanent stores...right before the suddenly surge of vines shoots out block his path. He growls, then lowers his head and just....goes through the wall of one of the stores instead, yanking down a display of brightly colored Xanadarian saris to try and slow you down!

Groot has posed:
     Groot simply looks a bit astounded by the thug's ability to phase through the wall like that. Making Groot himself extend his arms to reach up and pull himself to the roof of the store. He will keep an eye out for the thug and give chase again whenever he can see him.

Angela has posed:
    "Hrn," grunts Angela as the man evades her. She watches as he barrels through that wall with a thoughtful frown. And as Groot takes to the rooftop, the angel considers joining him above... before another idea passes her mind.

    Without a word, she gives pursuit; she chases after the man, the malleable blades of the Ichors lashing out here and there, just subtly wide enough to always miss -- slicing through saris like butter alike as she tries to guide the man's retreat down a certain path, hopefully towards an alleyway dead end nearby -- to give Groot the perfect opening to pounce, when the man emerges.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    With a flurry of multi-colored cloth, the sari are rent asunder, becoming a colorful fall of shredded fabric like snow as Angela gives pursuit. The alien breaks out of the wall again on the other side of the building, puffing a bit as he tries to keep up the sprint...but he doesn't look really made for the long hall possibly. The nice thing about being a large pickpocket, for pursuers, is it's really hard to lose sight of him once he breaks back out into a main street too.

    But with Angela literally slicing at his heels nearly with those swords...and through manequins, umbrellsa, a large statue of a cartoony looking man in a white suit with three eyes and a white goatee serving some sort of roasted poultry...well. She continues to cut off his retreat, herding him. And because she is, Groot, from his vantage point, can see where he's going to end up...a tight alley between a laserbowl alley and a restaurant of some sort with a huge bowl of...twitching...tentacle things coming out of it, according to the sign.

Groot has posed:
     Keeping to the rooftops, Groot runs to corner the large thief at the end but not before he has to take a moment to think about just what is being served at the questionable restaurant. "I am Groooooot!" He yells out to Angela, relaying his plan.

Angela has posed:
    "... Are these the kinds of foods mortals like?" wonders Angela in a voiced echo of Groot's wonderment as she spies that bowl. Her head cocks to the right, her brows knotting at their center in decisive consternation, but that befuddled stare doesn't last.

    No -- the thief's gone exactly the way she expected him to go, and as she hears Groot's battle plan shouted into the air, she acts -- lunging out into the street of that narrow alleyway to pincer the bandit between herself and Groot, Ichors held at her side and her expression one of grimly-held intensity.

    "Yield," she repeats, "or my companion will show you what 'I am Groot' means. Firsthand." Her blades tilt dangerously forward.

    "It is most unpleasant."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The pickpocket jerks to a halt as Groot jumps down to cut him off from the wall at the other end of the alley, whirling around with a slightly panicked look in his dull, beady yellow eyes, even more so when he sees Angela has cut him off from the other side, then grins big with those terrible flat teeth. "Yes, is...yielding. Is not Thago fault! Have family to feed! Thirty two grublets! Will -starve- otherwise! Is very terrible!"

    He does hold out the purse however. To whoever wants to grab it.

    Lolita rounds the corner, frowning deeply. "I cannot -believe- I was actually mugged." she mutters, sounding mortified.

Groot has posed:
     As Angela makes the case for the alien to yield, Groot makes large thorns pop from his shoulders.

  Though the pickpocket does get a bit of sympathy from Groot. He offers a small sullen "I am Groot." before he looks to the others.

Angela has posed:
    "Then you will work and receive due payment for your efforts, or you will starve." Angela: sympathy is not her strong suit. She walks forward to take that offered purse, sheaving her Ichors to snatch the thing from him. "If we give you money, you will be expected to pay for it. Given your obvious desperation, the price will be steep. Nothing for nothing. Will you accept?"

    Whether she's calling him on his bluff or sincere -- possibly both -- she doesn't particularly waste time before making her way to Lolita. That purse will find its way into the gynoid's grasp, a hand lifting to pat her shoulder. "It's an experience to be learned from," is her way of offering reassurance. "Now you know better than to drop your guard here." She'll leave deciding what to do with the money to Lolita; for now, the angel seems intent to make her way back to the stalls, offering a firm nod of approval Groot's way as she does.

    "You are Groot," she says to him, as if in a show of respect. "Well done."