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Gothic Lolita (Scenesys ID: 1187)
"Are your dreams normally like this, little dreaming person? When I still dreamed, superheated nanomecha somehow never appeared. Though I do vaguely remember something about a bright pink bulldozer that wanted to marry me. Perhaps my dream programmers were being ironic."
Full Name: Gothic Lolita
Gender: Female
Species: Gynoid
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Smashing and Bashing
Citizenship: Made in the USA
Residence: No fixed address
Education: Programmed for Success!
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: Appears 18 Actual Age: 6
Date of Birth 1 January 2020 Actor:
Height: 157 cm Weight: 227 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "I Burn (feat. Casey Lee Williams)" RWBY Soundtrack


Gothic Lolita is one of ten prototype experimental semi-autonomous, artificially intelligent, limited-nanofunction, humanform mecha construct (referred to as mecha, NOT robots which is horribly politically incorrect in the modern day, geez!) created by a shadowy quasi-legal covert research laboratory within SHIELD as part of Project Livewire, drawing on the designs of the Life Model Decoys, the Mannites, and a bit of Professor Ivo's experimental creations to create a powerful but ultimately expendable unit for high risk operations. Unfortunately for her designers, they programmed her too well to be completely loyal to the goals of the organization, and she and her fellow Livewires turned on her controllers after realizing that only they with their hardwired loyalty to the mission would be able to complete it. Any humans would ultimately be the weak link; thus, they obliterated the secret lab where they had been constructed, massacring the personnel so no hint of their design or purpose would be leaked, then when rogue, following their preset list of quasi-legal covert research laboratory targets to be destroyed.



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She's a bit on the petite side, a couple inches short of the average for a young woman her age. Her features suggest Japanese ethnicity, mostly in her tiny curved nose and the slight almond shape of her large blue eyes, giving her heartshaped face a slightly doll-like appearance. Expertly applied mascara darkens her eyes, while her full, slightly pouting lips are colored black via lipstick. It matches the raven waterfall of her hair, which could easily fall all the way to the small of her back if it was unbound. Instead, she wears it bound up on either side of her head in two cute pigtails, with her long bangs falling over her forehead, under a white lace headband.

Around the slightly pale skin of her slender neck, she wears a black ribbon, tied neatly at the front, the tips dangling down to brush against her sternum, in addition to a smaller black chain from which dangles a small silver cross, and the larger thick silvery chain from which hangs a larger silver gothic cross with inlaid black enamel. The lower bar hangs between the exposed curves of the top of her modest chest, outlined in frilly black around the edges of the wide cutout at the front of her dress. The dress itself is a soft black satin made of vertical panels that cling to the curves of her body underneath, with wide lacy straps that slide over her slender shoulders. It gathers in at her waist, highlighting her trim midriff, before puffing out again into a short flouncy skirt that stop at about midthigh. Below, she wears black stockings all the way down to the black leather strappy heels she wears, each with a wide three inch heel and a little white bow on the top. She is the very model of a modern gothic loli girl.


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A brief and concise history of Project Livewire, narrated by yours truly, Gothic Lolita, aka Livewire Prototype 02, aka "Ben Grimm in black babydoll lace" (according to a friend!).

Project Livewire was our last, best hope for peace...

I kid, but as it happens, that was the original intent. Project Livewire was (note past tense, we'll get to that) a top-secret, quasi-governmental R&D program born when an element of SHIELD realized that there 1) a whole heaping lot of black ops programs conducting dangerous (almost always) and highly illegal (DEFINITELY) research, and 2) that most of said labs were being run by covert elements of goverments around the world. Meaning hopping over with a helicarrier to slap their hands would go straight to an international incident.

With this in mind, said shop decided they needed operatives to deal with these high-risk, completely deniable operations, preferably ones that were ultimately expendable. They turned to the wonderful world of androids and gynoids, building on technology SHIELD already possessed, notably the Life Model Decoys and the series of androids known as the Mannites. To this, they added a touch of confiscated technology from one Professor Ivo (yes, we may have a distant cousin running around somewhere in the galaxy) and melded those into yours truly and her nine brothers and sisters. The very finest in nanomorph smartware, designed to specialized from a base 'stem cell' mode for whatever was needed, with the base human personality overlay of the LMDs, wrapped into a very realistic endurium-laced biological component (thus giving some of us that special 'bounce' to our many ounces). These units, the Livewires, would be tasked with the destruction of other covert black ops experimental labs, if need be, giving their own existence to the cause. In fact, the men in suits in charge of the operation decided they would make ABSOLUTELY SURE there would be no machine uprising. Exhibit A: that big screen there currently displaying the hardwired absolute directive of all Livewires: Thou Shalt Be Absolutely Loyal to Project Livewire. But, as our chief assistant designer/daddy noted: those he termed 'the sociopaths in the suits' failed to notice the singular glaring flaw in the logic of making this not only our primary directive, but the one thing we couldn't alter.

They didn't take into account how we would view them, once we went active.

Logically, only loyalty-programmed mecha (NOT robots oh my god so politically incorrect) such as ourselves could be TRULY trusted to always hold Project Livewire's interests as paramount. The rest of the project staff (all unprogrammed and basically standard humans) were all inherently suspect, unreliable and and possibly even treacherous. The weak link, if you would, in the Project Livewire organism, since they were capable of betrayal, and we were not. Our daddy did this deliberately., even giving them direct evidence of our new programming, right in front of their noses. But also quietly re-defined Project Livewire's goals, by giving us a long list of Project Livewire's fellow covert research programs as targets. He told us that last day that he found them all morally repugnant...indefensible, and needing to be stopped (and between you and me, woo boy, he was NOT kidding!). Combined with our primary directive, well...this meant that all the human members of Livewire needed to be purged. Including our daddy. It was...a strange day for us. He gave us a memento of him, a pair of glasses (that later were gifted to one of our stem cell newbie models) and he told us to go forth, and to kick ass.

WE made his end quick and as painless as we could, and then set the fusion generator to overload. There's noting left there now but a gigantic and still moderately radioactive crater, erasing any and all information on us, our designs, our purposes, and all the rest of Project Livewire. And therefore we did go fort, and we did kick ALL the asses. Not all of us survived the experience. SHIELD was quite upset with us when they finally tracked down what had happened and where the, and I quote "crazy ass psycho cute girl monster mechs" had come from. Honestly, I don't think they were THAT upset. It's not like any of the people we dealt with could really report to them that their super illegal black ops lab had been blown apart. Lots of "unfortunate warehouse fires where no one was hurt" in the public reports.

Unfortunate, there were...issues, and I and my brother and sisters were separated, with yours truly having her pert little butt put into stasis after a truly stimulating throw down. But I'm much better now. I'll find my brothers and sisters if I can. But until then...

I have a job to do.


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First, a brief explanation of how a Livewire gynoid like Gothic Lolita comes to be!

All Livewires start off as what they refer to as a "Stem Cell", a undifferentiated smartware nanoform that can be triggered to develop to fill a specifically needed role, such as heavy combat, social influence, sniper, mechanics/hacking, smartware factory, etc. Because of this, each is given a standard human template, similar to those used with SHIELD Life Model Decoys (LMDs), but not modified to match a specific person's personality, such as when someone like Nick Fury is copied. This template has the full range of human emotions, desires, fears, and anxieties, but once activated is allowed to develop organically, as the emergent AI of the Livewire makes choices as to their likes and dislikes and adapts to their role. This means they can feel anything a human can, from love to fear. Unlike humans, however, a Livewire is capable of modifying themselves to be able to metaphorically raise or lower the sliders for certain elements of their own personality. For example, they lower their ability to feel fear or anxiety when on missions, or raise their optimism to ridiculous levels to keep themselves going as the chances for a mission success keeps lowering. All Livewires has an absolute dedication to their prime directive, which is loyalty to Project Livewire and its goals, for which they will quite cheerfully die for. This isn't to say they want to die, or that they don't value themselves, but they all accept that they are ultimate expendable in pursuit of this goal, which, why laudable (they ARE destroying some very evil research being conducted) also means they are extremely ruthless in the pursuit of their goal.

With this in mind, Gothic Lolita is like the Terminator, if he was female, perky and cheerful, and capable of trading blows with someone on the level of the Hulk or the Thing. Lolita was triggered to be the heavy combat model of her brothers and systers, and takes to the task with grace and enjoyment. She was built to do it, after all. She's developed a thoughful, cheery personality, that can verge on the philosphical at times, and cares for her brothers and sisters as family. She loves life and is determined to enjoy it as best she can, philosophically because she knows her existence is likely to be shorter than most. Her humor tends to be wry, as she enjoys pointing out the ridiculous things in her life, and she can be deliberately silly when it suits her. She loves playing with cute things, from kittens to starfish, as long as she finds them interesting. She considers herself rightly the tank, and therefore the person who should be putting herself in the way of the heavy hitters in order to keep them from her teammates, and therefore is almost always at the front lines during a mission, causing mass destruction. Part of the Livewire tactics include the ability to make cosmetic changes to their bio-organic shells, as disguises to help them complete their missions. In one case, Lolita had to convert herself into an Asian appearance and to dress in a gothic lolita style, to get close to a Japaneses researcher. She found she greatly enjoyed how she looked this way, and kept the appearance, as well as developing a taste for the style, which she wears constantly when not required to use a specific disguise. This means she also goes through a LOT of outfits, and they never can survive the sort of heavy combat she often finds herself in, which she takes goodnatured, viewing it as a way to find new things to wear constantly rather than mourning the loss.

On the other hand, Lolita, like the rest of the Livewires, is also terrifying at times. Their prime directive drives them; is hardwired in their personalities. While they definitely have emotions, at the core they function on machine logic. This is why they wiped out every human working at Project Livewire and destroyed the facility - they knew they, as mecha designed to be absolutely loyal, were the only ones that could be trusted to complete their task. Any human was by their nature not bound by that absolute loyalty, and thus capable of betrayal: a weak link and threat to the purpose of the project. They did feel regret for some of it; none of them enjoyed killing the researcher they saw as their daddy, even though he gave them his blessing and knew exactly what would happen when he programmed them as he was ordered. But it was a necessity, so they did it. They just made it quick, and honored his last request that they keep his glasses and give them to one of their brothers or sisters in memory of him.

This is why they'd never consider adding someone to their team, as it would trip the same reaction, and this is why they most often prefer to do missions themselves. They just can't allow themselves to take actions that will be a threat to the project itself, and bringing in someone without that implanted directive into their active operations is by its nature a possible threat. Working with anyone else who doesn't have their directive is always going to be questionable at best to them, though they're perfectly capable of having working or friendly relationships outside of their task. They just can't allow themselves to take actions that will be a threat to the project itself, and bringing in someone without that implanted directive into their active operations is by its nature a possible threat. However, when they are separated, as Lolita is, they are much more willing to seek allies rather than accept failure in their purpose. Lolita, for example, might be willing to ally herself with others in a quid pro quo situation, where she helps them and they help her, and even to work with an organization like SHIELD (they technically built her) under the right circumstances, as long as she didn't feel it threatened her primary directive in a major way. To their credit, Lolita and the Livewires in general do try to avoid collateral casualties, often hypnotizing or intimidating rather than killing; usually it's only the vital research scientists who are directly responsible for particularly reprehensible experiments that get added to the kill list, and then only to ensure that those particular experiments will not happen again.

Lolita, after Social Butterfly, is the most friendly of the Livewires to outsiders, as she does take enjoyment in social interactions and even friendships, but that part of her life is very separate from the mission oriented goal portion of her existence. She has also displayed graceful acceptance of missions that require her to take a beating. She, like her brothers and sisters, don't hold any antipathy towards organizations that might be tasked to stop them, either; they actually respect SHIELD quite a bit, as well as many heroes. But they understand they do not share the same goals often, and therefore they will fight them if they stand in the way. Politely, and with regret for the necessity, but without hesitation.


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Gothic Lolita, as a gynoid, is essentially a computer with a really, really high processor rate. Naturally, this means she can interface with other computer systems, though the more complex the system, the more difficulty it is. A truly alien system, for example, would be beyond her capabilities, but something like a SHIELD system (especially because she knows those protocols particularly well) would be possible. She even has a wireless connection (even if she normally uses it to steal Starbucks bandwidth), and can spoof radio signals to take control of remote control devices. She also is capable of controlling lesser mechanisms remotely once she's established control, such as drones, power suits, cameras, or nano-swarms, for example.

Livewires have the ability to 'cling' to most solid surfaces, generating a powerful electrostatic field that can anchor them. Lolita often uses this to hang onto vehicles during operations, or to pick up said vehicles when throwing them or swinging them at people. She gets a better grip when she uses her strength, but there's something to be said for keeping it quiet at times. She's also able use it to catch a ride on passing vehicles, even planes if she can jump high enough, as long as she can get a hand or foot on the surface she wants to attach to.

All Livewires have superhuman endurance as androids, allowing them to far exceed human limits in terms of stamina. They're not perfect, of course, as they do need to stop to recharge their systems every so often, rather than having a truly inexhaustible supply. They also tend to be tough; in addition to their metal frames, their bio-organic outer shell is infused with endurium, the same incredible rare substance that gives LMDs their toughness. But Gothic Lolita far exceeds even her fellow Livewires in that respect. Not only can she dish it out, but she can take it, to the point where she can realistically spar at the super heavyweight level with metahumans or mutants. It takes a lot of force to damage her, or a way to bypass her defenses, such as phasing or a powerful enough electromagnetic pulse (which will at least mean she needs to reboot). She also is one of the Livewires who can overcharge her systems to provide additional energy and temporarily boost her systems beyond their normal maximum, though this causes damage as it essentially is pushing her systems to their breaking point. One major downside of her hyperdense construction, however is that she weights significantly more than a woman of her size would, in the neighborhood of 500 pounds or 227 kilograms.

All Livewires possess strength beyond that of an organic human, but Gothic Lolita in particular was made to be their heavy artillery. Her frame consists of a massively hyperdense assembly of nanite-infused smartware that gives her immense strength, with an upper lift limit of 100 tons. This is also why her sister Social Butterfly often refers to her as "Ben Grimm in black babydoll lace," and while Lolita herself lists her primary talent as "smashing and bashing." Her ability to 'cling' to surfaces is useful in regards to her strength, in that she can pick up objects in ways that shouldn't work normally (via physics anyway) by generating her own leverage, as long as the object isn't too unwieldy. She couldn't, for example, pick up a tank by its barrel and swing it (as awesome as that would be) as the barrel would still bend from the weight put on it, but she could pick it up the main chassis area without having to crush it to do so in order to get a better grip. Of course, she COULD pick up something like a tank barrel without it bending as long as it was made out of a material dense enough to take the weight of the rest of the vehicle; it's really dependent on the materials involved. Essentially, this is why she can pick up massive objects without them immediately distorting or coming apart from their own weight. She can also use her strength to make long distance leaps, covering miles with each jump.

The Livewires incorporated a highly secure communication network which they call the "party line." It allow for high speed communication between the various mechas, allowing them to talk at the speed of their respective processors rather than using verbal communication.

The nanites that are part of the construction of all Livewires give them the ability to self repair, working ike a healing factor in an organic metahuman. Given a little time, Lolita can recover from any damage, from a matter of minutes for basic functionality, to hours or even days for serious damage. This works MUCh better with appropriate raw materials, which is why in the past Livewires have been known to cannibalize the skin of a fallen comrade, as their exoshell incorporates the most advanced and hard to find materials in their chassis. They can just as easily devour other materials, Lolita more than most, as her strength allows her to crush or separate practically anything into smaller bits to be broken down into component parts by the nanites in her innards. Though she claims parfaits are much more fun.

Lolita, like the other Livewires, has a variety of built-in scanning and sensory systems built into her gynoid systems that give her detection abilities beyond that of a normal human. This includes: seeing in a variety of wavelengths; very sensitive audio sensors for detecting, isolating and enhancing sounds; a zoom function, both macro and micro; and the ability to detect electrical and radiation emissions.

Like all Livewires, while Lolita has a metal frame and chassis internally (what she refers to her 'crunchy bits'), she has a very advanced nanotech smartware exoshell surrounding it. This is a mix of bio-organic material, infused with nanites as well as the rare material known as epidurium. This is the same material used in SHIELD's Life Model Decoys, and is said to be rarer than either adamantium or vibranium, as it allows biological material to maintain the sort of toughness as armored metal alloys. In Lolita's case, she has an especially high level of epidurium in her exoshell that allows it to survive her engaging in heavy combat (alas, if only her outfits were so durable).

Beyond looking and feeling like human skin and muscle, the nanotech in the design allows Lolita to manipulate her outer shell, changing details, though not allowing for a full bodymorph that would exceed the limits of her underlying frame. Cosmetic changes are fine, however, and Livewires are fully detailed (and functional) to match the humans they appear to be. They can eat, drink, and generally do anything a human can do. A Livewire can change simple things like hair length and color, build in terms of soft or toned, or what Lolita would call the number of 'bounces per ounce' at need be, as well as their ethnicity or skin color. This includes facial features, which start off as base generic 'Caucasian' appearance, though Lolita prefers her current Japanese ethnicity and modest but curvy build. The smartware can also be used to make it possible to detach sections of the exoshell in order to repair internal components...or, alternately, for removing her face for pranks.

All Livewires have dexterity, agility, and balance well beyond the levels of a natural human at the peak of their physical abilities. Lolita is no exception, though the weight of her frame means its much harder for her to balance on more fragile materials. On the other hand, her strength means she can make her own handholds and toeholds easily on practically anything.

All Livewires possess superhuman speed as androids, including Lolita, and are capable of maintaining running speeds up to 100 miles per hour. In her case, however, she does tend to tear up the terrain due to her weight and strength, kind of like driving a tank on an asphalt road. Because of this, she tends to use her immense strength to simply leap over huge distances...which still leaves a crater where she takes off and usually where she lands. She can maintain a much higher rate of speed this way, once she gets going, covering miles in each leap.


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Gothic Lolita has been programmed for a wide variety of close combat and mass combat fighting techniques and tactics, that make her an extremely dangerous fighter at arms length. Or even a bit beyond, if she has something heavy to throw at you. Her style is eclectic but generally focuses on taking an opponent down quickly and permanently, brutally is necessary.

Gothic Lolita has a wide range of fashion styles she's familiar with that she uses as part of her infiltration and disguise missions, but she has paid special attention to the gothic lolita style she is named for. Not only does she go searching for the latest fashions, but she often makes her own when she can using various patterns she's located and added to her sizeable records on the subject. Since she tends to lose an outfit almost every time she goes on a mission, this keeps her busy as a hobby. She also is a skilled cosplayer, with a wide variety of popular characters from video games, movies, and real life superheros and villains that she can dress as should the occasion require.

As a gynoid, Lolita is an experienced and skilled computer hacker, capable of using her ability to interface with most computerized systems to bypass defenses, subvert systems, or reprogram them entirely. She can do this directly through her AI interface by plugging in, or by hijacking wireless or radio signals to take control of things like surveillance cameras or drones.

While Gothic Lolita generally prefers the direct approach to reducing a target to rubble, there are times where it's better to take the quiet approach and the more subtle sabotage to get her point across. She is trained in how to silently and stealthy make an approach, either by adopting a disguise or by simply ninja'ing her way past defenses. Her ability to cling means she can climb on a surface quickly, or even simply attach herself to an incoming truck or plane or other vehicle, letting herself be carried past defenses by riding it in.

Gothic Lolita, unsuprisedly, is extremely good at wrecking things. She knows how to apply her strength to do maximum damage, and how to find weak points in a variety of structures and equipment to cause collateral damage.

Gothic Lolita is able to use her malleable exoshell to transform her outer appearance in order to take on different roles, depending how it would best serve her current mission. This can even include copying specific people, if they're roughly her same size and she has a clear image of them. In addition, she has a wide variety of personality overlays that she can activate when pretending to be different people, which are basically a series of programmed responses considered most appropriate for a particular role that she contructs to keep herself in character. She's also an excellent cosplayer at this point, something she does more for fun than need usually.


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The Livewires have sought out and destroyed a lot of illegal labs that were making a wide variety of technologies. Many of these research facilities contained gear, particularly small arms and heavy weapons, that were not part of the primary research that brought that lab to the attention of the Livewires. In such cases, if they deem it will not violate their primary directive by removing them, they've confiscated that gear and stashed it in locations around the globe, to be used when needed for missions in the area. While Lolita herself normally prefers not to use additional weapons (since she can smash things with her bare hands just fine), she does recognize that sometimes you just need specialized gear. Or, alternately, that such gear can be traded to contacts in order to get necessary information on future targets.

The Livewire androids and gynoids are a closeknit group who work perfectly together, and who support each other. Lolita, in particular considers herself there to take the bashing that might otherwise damage her less well-armored compatriots, while they are willing to use their own individual gifts to help her. The Liveswires trust each other implicitly, because they know they all ultimately have the same purpose, and since they plan their missions based on logic there is rarely any disagreement or ego involved; they all can crunch the same numbers and come up with the same answer to determine what they'll do.


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While Gothic Lolita herself is extremely tough, her outfits, alas, are not, being made out conventional fabrics and other materials. They tend to be shredded, set on fire, ripped, torn, cut, lasered, soaked in acid, frozen, etc. in almost all of her fights. Somehow, they never seem to be completely destroyed, always hovering in the range of strategically placed rags (or at least in the PG-13 range). She often stashes a change of clothes nearby when she can, knowing she's going to be saying goodbye to another beautifully gothic outfit soon.

It's rude to ask about a lady's weight! But in Gothic Lolita's case, she tops the scales at a little over 500 pounds, or 227 kilograms due to her hyperdense construction. This means she has to be careful when she interacts with items not made for someone of her density. It's a source of annoyance for her, especially when she realized that to be able to wear cute heels with any height to them with her outfits, a seriously durable metal alloy would be required to construct them.

Gothic Lolita, like the other Livewires, has a primary directive of absolute loyalty to Project Livewire and its purpose, to destroy illegal or immoral secret research programs wherever they find them. They maintain a list of this facilities, and are driven to advance their mission, even at the cost of themselves, and are completely ruthless when targeting what they consider vital personnel and facilities attached to such labs. This directive is so strong that it caused them to promptly turn on everyone else in Project Livewire, since they logically reasoned that they themselves were the only people who had absolute loyalty to the cause; anyone else was capable of betrayal, and therefore suspect. This directive is hardwired into their systems, and cannot be removed without destroying the Livewire in question.

While Lolita can run on internal power for quite some time at standard levels of function, heavy combat requires a great deal more energy, meaning that she can eventually start to run down her batteries and require a recharge. While this isn't a constant issue, it does require that she find a place to plug in at every week to get herself back up to full power. In the event she can't, she'll eventually run out of power and go into standby mode running on her emergency systems.

Project Livewire was originally a black ops project run by a rogue element of SHIELD. While the facility and everyone involved in it was eliminated by the Livewires, SHIELD is likely wondering why a bunch of killer androids are running around with technology that looks a lot like tech from their Life Model Decoys. Not to mention, they'll likely be one of the groups who start noticing when various covert research facilities starts getting blowed up. While Lolita doesn't have any particular animosity towards SHIELD (and even can respect them for trying to do a very difficult job), it's unlikely that feeling is shared by everyone in SHIELD, and agents are certainly looking for her.


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