4581/Germination - Underneath

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Germination - Underneath
Date of Scene: 04 June 2018
Location: Manhattan, New Yrk City
Synopsis: Hellboy comes to the Avengers mansion seeking help with his moldy lungs.
Cast of Characters: Hellboy, Iron Man, Rogue, Hulk, Slipstream, Captain Marvel (Danvers)
Tinyplot: Germination

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy had first visited Manhattan in 1967, and things were different back then. True, back then he had to visit under the cover of darkness, through government convoys and being lead around quietly like America's dirty secret, but even past all that, he could remember what the world considered "progress" back then, compared to what was considered normal.

One of those changes he was thankful for was Avengers mansion, which meant that Big Red had a purpose for crawling along the ground while practically coughing up a lung...that he wasn't just wasting his time and delaying the inevitable. the man in the trenchcoat got as far as the front gate, before collapsing and finally passing out with that big, red stone hand clasped against the bottom rung of that metal gate. The man seemed to be covered in grass and dirt, and all along the sidewalk were bits of blood. He'd been coughing that hard, it seemed.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony's voice comes in smoothly over the communicators of Avengers that are near the Mansion. "Hey guys. I'm in a meeting, but we appear to have a surprise visitor at the front gate. A security scan suggests he's still alive for now. Can someone go give that a look?" Tony's tone is casual, relaxed, as always.

The security at the front is given the clearance to at least try to open the gate, though the people aren't sure entirely how to respond, other than that they were told that the arrival has clearance via Iron Man to be brought inside.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue didn't spend all day at the Mansion if there was nothing going on, nope, she had a life to live and that life involved her teaching degree that she was going for at school down in Greenwich Village. Classes were up for the day though and the young teenager is on her way back to the Avengers place. Since its a nice day out she's walking home, having taken a subway train back up north and now just half a blcok away when she hears Tony's voice over the comms. "I hope its not a bible salesman." She says over the comms in that sassy southern accent of hers.

The young Avenger lifts up off of the ground and shocks a few people near her as she starts to fly quickly above other's heads and over the street toward the gates of the big looming mansion in the city.

Hellboy would likely see the flying girl coming his way, white bangs fluttering around her face and a white scarf wrapped around her neck flowing in the wind as she comes back down and lands just a few feet from him, her gloved hands going to her jeans covered hips.

"Well, ain't you a sight." She says down to the big Hellboy.

Hulk has posed:
Coming back to New York was always a chore, if he was being kept on call for Avengers business. Sure, he didn't need to be at the Mansion itself, but staying in New York when The Other Guy liked to bounce around the countryside after a transformation made staying nearby a massive pain in the ass.

Luckily, Bruce keeps an emergency bank account card sewn into the pants he wears, so even a transformation doesn't remove it from pockets... so getting back to New York city only took a few days by bus.

By the time he was back near the Mansion to check in, the Avengers communicator had given him the warning. By the time Rogue was at the front gate, Bruce could be seen walking down the street in non-descript clothes.

Hellboy has posed:
With Rogue standing over him shielding him from the sun, Hellboy found the strength to rolle over on his back, and there his glowing yellow eyes were a bit more dim in color, his trenchcoat open to show that his bare red chest and his face were wet with a sheen of sweat, something Hellboy usually didn't do. He was trying to speak, but every time he got more than a syllable out, it would just result in more violent, hacking coughing. His tail twitched around especially violently during these fits and the glyphs and runes carved into that stone hand would glow with a powerful, almost blinding yellow light before the coughing stopped and it faded. This happened repeatedly, until Hellboy just leaned his head back and shook his head.

"I dun..I duno I just..."

Far away, as Bruce walked, he might notice drops of blood and, if he paid attention, he might notice that blood scalding the concrete just a little, with steam rising upward. One splatter of blood got between the cracks of the concrete...and a collection of white lillies were growing. That usually didn't happen.

Iron Man has posed:
"You know, I wouldn't put it beyond SHIELD to have some agents be bible salesmen, but I think that's a mismatch here. Looks like, wow, okay, code name 'Hellboy', one of their people. Let's at least show some hospitality and get him off the sidewalk," Tony says over the comm, after having excused himself out of the meeting room he's in back at his tower for a moment, having ignored the curious stares of the businessmen he'd been talking to.

Two sterile while little medical oriented robots are dispatched as well, but they will need some time to navigate up out of the mansion's lower medical facility.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isn't yet aware of Doctor Banner's approach as he'd been one of the heads she'd flown right over on her way to the Mansion's gate. Nope, right now she's just straight down at Hellboy with the sun on her back and a smile on her lips. Though that smile does fade a bit when the Demon rolls over and shows more of himself off.

"I ain't sure if I should be terrified, or attracted to ya." Rogue says, noting the strange huge hand with the demonic glowy symbols, but also Hellboy's considerable muscles just all put on display sans any form of shirt under his jacket and all.

"Right." Rogue says back over the comms to Tony. "He looks like the opposite of a bible salesman, t'be sure." She notes while reaching out with her right gloved hand toward Hellboy.

"Take my hand, big fella." She says down at him. "I know it don't look like it, but i can help ya back up t'your feet, get ya inside and figure out whats put ya down in the dumps like this."

Hulk has posed:
"I'd make a joke about vampires and sunlight, but the dust is pretty obvious." Bruce offers in a quip as he steps up to the gate. Hellboy would probably recognize one Bruce Banner at this point; the man who transforms into one of the stronger (if not the strongest) creatures on the planet. His identity is publicly known at this point, and he gives Hellboy a visual once over as he gets close enough.

"Is your biology in any way similar to humans, Mr... Hellboy?" Bruce asks, uncertainly. Rogue gets a smile and a nod as he finishes. Probably mercifully, he doesn't make any comments about demons and rogues.

Slipstream has posed:
Having caught the comms via Snowball, Drake has finally made his way to the mansion. He blinks into existance, huffing and puffing as he comes out of his speed leap. ".. Okay. I really need to use Uber more." Snowball floats out of his backpack, giving a mechanical noise that sounds like a laugh. "Hey, so what's going on? We're being invaded? Who are we fighting?" The lanky teen asks as he gives a glance about those gathered, then looks at Hellboy, tilting his head to one side. "Oh.. did I already miss the battle? Rip."

Hellboy has posed:
It might have been difficult to tell, by HB's eyes were focused on Rogue when they could focus, and weakly, he offered his left hand. That one looked small, frail and weak when compared to the massive weapon that was his right hand, but that was just an optical illusion. When compared to Rogue's own limbs it was easy to see the muscle and the thickness of that hand and wrist, the forearm rather developed as the sleeve of his coat was slid down to the elbow right now. He was heavy but probably nothing heavier than what Rogue could usually lift, and before he knew it the big man was back up on his cloven hooves, trotting along the sidewalk and trying to breathe through his lungs, seemingly frustrated at his inability to take anything bigger than short shallow gasps. Soon Banner was asking a question, and Hellboy looked up, directly at the scientist and one-man wrecking ball. It seemed he had to think a moment before weakly bringing up that big, heavy oversized right hand, and moving the wrist weakly in a "50-50" motion. Strangely enough despite his weakness, he was able to move his own limb as if it wasn't a hindrance to him.

Drake made a quip and the half-Demon turned around on a dime to regard the youngster.

"Kid I-"

Sadly that was as much as he could get out, his very clever quip ruined by another round of coughing, dust shaking off of him with every movement.

Iron Man has posed:
"I'm pinging through to SHIELD for his records, I should have that by the time you get into medical," Tony comments, having only heard a selection of what is going on through the communicators. "Looks like you've got this handled. Alert one of my droids if you need me, I have a fascinating meeting to finish up here." Booo work meetings. Whether Tony is remaining on the communicator or not is probably up to debate. The little medical bots appear near the door, and start to trundle out to see if they can assist with moving the patient. One of them has a little resperator mask and oxygen tank, and hopefully waggles it at Hellboy and Rogue.

Hulk has posed:
A frown touches Bruces face, before he looks to the lillies. Looks to the blood. Looks to the bots. While Rogue brings Hellboy into the Mansion proper, Bruce is already setting up the respiratory aid over Hellboys face. "You have one of the communicators?" Bruce asks of Drake rhetorically; he wouldn't be here if he didn't, "Might want to slow down and listen next time, kid. This one is one of SHIELDs people." Finally, Bruce looks to Drake with a side glance as they move Hellboy into the medical bay, "You thought this was going to be a fight?" Bruce asks the man.

Slipstream has posed:
"The comms said something about a surprise vistor and still alive or whatever. I was in the shower when it came through and I was blasting Journey also because I can't shower without Journey, and I figured it was important if Tony was calling it in so I rushed over as quick as I could. Eesh." Drake says to Bruce as he rolls his shoulders back. "I mean ... Tony didn't say it wasn't a fight either, or an invasion, or a Skrul secret agent .. " He trails off, then lifts a hand to Hellboy. "Hey dude! I'm Slipstream. Team eff-up as you can see. I'm like a mascot except one you don't really want to have around." He gives Snowball a 'fistbump' as she floats in to bump one of her wings against his fist. "This is Snowball, my trusted companion. Nice to meet you, bro."

Hellboy has posed:
When he heard talk of someone being a Journey fan, that's when Hellboy finally reached the end of his constitution, finally passing out and going limp in Rogue's super-strong grasp, his head hanging low and only his tail occasionally twitching, the only hint that he wasn't actually dead.

Medically, when any research was done, it would be discovered that Hellboy seemed to function very similarly to a human, he had all the same organs and bones and muscles as a regular human, this was thanks to his human mother. The only 'strange' thing would be around his right arm, the skin tissue aroud the big stone right hand was extremely thick, extremely powerful scar tissue, so thick that cutting past it might seem like a bad idea. And besides the fact hat he seemed to heal remarkably fast(a natural finding in super-types), the only other change was the sheer boiling hotness of his blood. Strangely enough, when out of his system it would begin to cool down to normal acceptible temperatures and otherwise behave like normal blood.

Also interestingly enough, he was a universal donor. Oh, and one other thing, is if any research was done on his lungs, they'd probably find it was filled with that weirdo gunk that was going around. Making breathing rather difficult.

Iron Man has posed:
The little medical bots help in their way, non-intrusively. They will do things like discreetly take temperature, continue the oxygen, and keep up while the patient is being brought bodily towards the better medical facility. Tony did pull through with getting the information, so they can at least know that the man doesn't have an insane fever along with other respiratory problems.

Hulk has posed:
Clearing lungs is more a matter of aiding them, typically with injections or chems. First things first though... and Bruce silently sets up an airtight trap around Hellboys medical bed; a containment chamber Bruce designed himself to interface with the Mansion mainframe with scanners and all the other fun medical diagnostics. It snaps into place in half a minute, and a console outside is used to bring mechanical arms up to start the process of evacuating Hellboys lungs of the gunk.

Most of it goes into a containment unit attached to the respirator. Whatever might escape is vacuumed up and placed in the same unit.

As he works, Bruce continues to talk to Drake, "We have a crisis response call on our communicators for that sort of thing. As it is, you seem dead set on this life." A beat passes, before Bruce smiles, sadly, "Take it from me, kid. If I could get out of this lifestyle, I'd be happy to go back into obscurity and take a teaching position somewhere. It's not too late for you to live a normal life."

Slipstream has posed:
"Well, I wasn't really .. wanting to fight.. I was thinking I'd show up... throw out some sweet one liners... annoy the bad guy long enough for you to punch him into orbit. You know.. then go get Root Beer Floats afterwards because they're delicious, which we can still do by the way. The floats. When Red Bull wakes up, we can all go get some." Drake rocks his body back and forth. "You can teach online classes, do it all Skype like. Put some glasses on the big green guy and teach biology or something." He flashes a grin to Bruce. ".. So, what happened to this guy? Did /he/ get attacked? He sounded like he was wheezing about."

Hellboy has posed:
It seemed he'd be out cold for a long while, whatever he was suffering from really took him for a ride. In his coat pockets there were coordinates, and written directions for a small place up in the New York countryside, these look to have been written normally. Underneath the location were a series of underlines that looked like they were made in a panic followed by two words: 'Bad' and 'Quarantine', except written in a way that was almost unreadable. Given how Hellboy was more or less incapicated by whatever he encountered, it was a safe assumption that even writing out that word was a Herculean task.

"Did you just call me 'Red Bull', kid?"

Well ok, he was SUPPOSED to be out cold for a long time. It seemed the son of the fallen was made of sterner stuff than the average joe, and even now he was slowly sitting up to use the intercom next to that bed, still coughing but not coughing nearly as much as he was, it seemed his lungs were getting used to their new, non-ruined state. Enough that Hellboy was breathing heavily, wiping that cold sweat from his brow as he groaned out.

"I feel like I'm breathing fire. And not in the cool dragon-way, neither."

Iron Man has posed:
While Dr. Banner works on helping Hellboy in the medical lab, the little robots assist him as best they can: which means they follow any orders issued to them from Dr. Banner, and carefully parcel all samples safely, and prepare them for any testing required. After a little while of that, Tony's voice comes back over the communicators: Tony's not present, but has full ability to access anything he would like to poke around in, within the mansion, from wherever he is.
    "Good job keeping him alive. Any story on what happened?" Tony asks, nosy.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol just recently arrived at the Mansion, taking her usual route from the landing pad on the roof, so she's coming in down the stairs. Her hearing sure is sharp, as she managed to catch some bits of conversation on her way in, and she casually let herself into the conversation, "wouldn't do Root Beer Floats, those are very bad for you...but not nearly as bad as calling that guy 'Red Bull'," Carol may not know Hellboy specifically, but she doesn't need more than a glance to know he could probably punch Drake into orbit. She doesn't feel especially keen on flying up there to grab him before he breaks through the atmosphere, "so what's the status?"

Hulk has posed:
After making sure that the unit containing the junk is secure, Bruce has the chamber cycle the air through filters to be positive everything inside is dealt with, including scanning clothing and Hellboy himself, before the chamber is cracked open. Bruce might not like the bot assistants, but he's not about to run them off. Soon, Hellboy is free to move about, and Bruce heads for the coat rack to grab his lab coat. "The Other Guy isn't a mental powerhouse, but I can appreciate the thought, kid."

The coat is shrugged on, "Red Bull is a much kinder name compared to some of the ones The Other Guy has. I'd take it." Bruce gives with an air of amusement, before he steps over to Hellboy, offering his hand for a handshake, "We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Doctor Bruce Banner."

Slipstream has posed:
".. Uh ... Sorry.. I thought you were still ... knocked out... you know, one of these days, it'd be awesome if one of you guys would stay knocked out for more than three minutes so I can sneak in a one liner or two to pad my ego." Drake says as he rubs the back of his neck. "But, hey! It's great to meet you and I hope the Doc here can make you feel better, because I'm /really/ into this Root Beer Float idea and I'm sure big B here is also." The youngest Avenger-Mascot-MaybeTony'sSidekick rambles on for a moment as he gives a crooked grin. "But I'm Slip Stream!" He repeats to him. "Nice to meet you, dude." At the sight of Captain Marvel, he pauses and openly stares at her with widening eyes. "... /Woah/... you are ... /her/... "

Hellboy has posed:
"Yeah, thanks for getting that stuff outta my lungs, found a big cluster of some sorta white mushroom stuff, found it out near the Manhattan shore down there, whole clusters underground. I'm just lucky that I remembered where I was when I got a whiff of the stuff."

Though shaky now, the big red man was stood in the group of people now in just his shorts, as he clacked over to his trenchcoat and utility belt over on the counter. But not before he looked up and met Banner's stare, reaching up to shake the scientist's hand. Perhaps the Other Guy was one of the strongest beings on the planet, but that guy wasn't shaking hands with a half-Demon right now. To say the grip was 'powerful' was an understatement, even as he gave a big ugly smile to the rest of the group. He definitely wasn't gonna win any "Most Attractive Male" awards any time soon. But when he spoke with that low deep voice of his, it was earnest.

"Captain, Mr. Stark, Dr. Banner. Kid. Name's Hellboy, I'm glad I ran into ya when I did. I'm glad knowin' there are good guys running around, tryin' to fix crap like this."

Iron Man has posed:
Not to worry: Tony shows up on one of the monitors, clearly lounging in an expensive chair, likely with his feet on a desk from the angle of his body, dressed in an immaculate suit. TONY will go ahead and win all of those "most attractive male" awards that Hellboy is missing out on, particularly with the bemused smile he's wearing in addition to the attire. He has part of a hologram panel pulled towards him, and is mostly looking away from the camera.

"Hey, it's you that managed the crawl to the doorstep. Glad to scrape you up. So, underground caverns of toxic plant? Aw. I was really hoping we could sit this one out," Tony observes with a shake of his head. "I'm putting up some maps on the monitor here. Can you pick out where the zones were?" Tony asks. His 'picture in picture' adjusts on the screen, to show a scrollable overlay of the city zone Hellboy mentioned.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"I am /her/...?" Carol repeats with some amusement, "we're in Avengers Mansion, no need for superlatives, Captain Marvel or Carol will do." She extends her gloved hand towards Drake, first time she's running into him in person after all. "Saw an earlier report from you, how are you fitting in?" She asks, before focusing a moment on Hellbat, and shifting attention towards Banner, "do you need to get him in the lab for in depth testing?" After hearing Hellbat's explanation, Carol sighs, and turns to Tony who makes such lovely appearance on screen, "think I should try and get Kree scientists involved? Or would that hurt your pride?"

Hulk has posed:
Bruce hadn't had time to actually look at Hellboys file, so he wasn't prepared for the sheer /strength/ Hellboy had. So, when his hand is painfully gripped, Bruces eyes shoot up as the natural panic settles into his brain.... and Hellboy gets treated to a close up of suddenly greening eyes as Bruce instantly pulls the hand away, bringing both up to his face as he drops to the floor on his hands and knees. When the monitor shows up with the zones, Carol herself gets a good look at the greening eyes as Bruce starts to breath heavily; a familiar technique for his nerves.

Hellboy seems to have unintentionally nearly triggered an episode... but despite the shaking, he's not growing at least. Small mercies.

Slipstream has posed:
".. Uh... Yeah.. um.. you are her. The other Cap. Just as iconic. You're like a huge deal with my buddy Zapp. He has a poster of you on the wall." Drake says as he holds out his hand to shake it firmly. "I'm Drake. Slipstream. Um.. I'm settling in well. I'm learning a lot from Mister Stark. I haven't died yet! So that's legit. Only came close to like twice... the last time was super painful. Dumb ninjas. Um... " He trails off as he looks past her to Bruce, then starts inching away quickly. "I'm gonna get everyone something to drink. Quickly, shout your orders at me before I blink away!" He's just going to get Root Beer Floats. He's already made up his mind.

Hellboy has posed:
"Awww, crap."

Hellboy distantly heard Stark's request to do something, but right now that was a million miles away. He'd just gotten his coat on and was just now putting on that heavy clanking belt, when Banner started getting 'crazy'. HB's glowing yellow eyes(now glowing much brighter now that he wasn't possibly dying) were wide and his left hand was resting on the handle of that giant, massive revolver currently resting in its holster. He stood that way, impassive and stone and waiting, and the second the moment seemed to pass, that's when HB finally exhaled in relief, reaching up idly to rub along the edges of his horn stumps.

"Talk about a close call...wait a minute no, I don't like root-"

It was too late, Slipstream was gone, it seemed, and for the SHIELD agent it seemed life could finally return to normal. As he slowly used the complicated map gizmo Tony was pointing out, he spoke idly.

"Now listen, when I was down here I was investigating something different, I found a series of holes down near the southern shore dug by something called a 'Swimming Wyrm'. Typically harmless unless some whackadoo gets too close with a camera, then ya gotta find pieces of him in the ocean the next night. Anyway, I was checking out one of its tunnels when I found it dead, next to these things. An' I don't know how much of this stuff there is, so I don't know just how much is hiding underground. Say, who's been growing this junk anyway? Is it that Doc Doom idiot? One of those mole people? I've never seen anything like this stuff in all the years I've been doing this."

Iron Man has posed:
"My pride is entirely willing to delegate strange plant samples to scientists that are FAR more excited by fungal growths than I would ever be," Tony replies to Carol evenly, with a vague gesture of hand. And then a brief distracted motion as he looks into the camera. Is Hulk going to---? drat.

Tony has to be a reasonable one? Leadership can suck. He takes it in stride: "Hey, try not to provoke our best scientist right now; arm wrestle later, okay? Give us time to make bets," Tony suggests, tone mild, as if the Hulk indicators weren't as alarming as they are. He's monitoring, though.

"I've got a drink," Tony adds for Drake's benefit, lifting some type of mixed drink from off camera to show it off with a sound of ice moving in the glass: and then he has to have some, other hand flinging back through the hologram images that give a mild orange light glow underlight to his features.

"I don't have much on this fungus yet. I don't think anyone does," Tony says, clearly disliking to say he doesn't have something. "Other than it is extraterrestrial, growing slowly when it eats, and fire isn't the way to deal with it."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol laughs when Drake denotes her as the 'other' Cap, "I'm sure Steve likes that," she remakrs, rather unfairly. "Well, you can tell your buddy Zapp I appreciate his support." She does have a firm grasp, but she's not a showoff, she's not trying to hurt Drake, she just shakes hands firmly as she's always done, having this subconcious habit of asserting herself in a handshake, comes from years in USAF CoC as a woman. "Not dying is surely the first step into a successful superheroing career, congratulations," she taps Drake on the back, before her attention is stolen by Bruce, she doesn't need more than a glimpse to demand, "Bruce...you need to join me for a flight?" She'll take the immediate punishment to save the Mansion from massive damage. She can handle it way better than the Mansion, that's for sure.

At Hellboy's suggestion of culprits, Carol notes, "my money is on extraterrestrial involvement." Carol motions at Tony's image on screen after he certifies her assumption. "Have we tried photons? I could try and blast it with cosmic photons and we can see if that does anything...but ultimately, I'd feel comfortable to get a Kree braintrust on the research, I'll take a sample to new Kree-Lar tonight."

Hulk has posed:
Bruce isn't hearing anything around him, and doesn't acknowledge anyone around him as the green flickers visibly in shade over and over for a solid five seconds. Eventually though, it fades completely. With nothing around him to further provoke him, it seems Bruce is getting the trigger under control. It's a testament to the amount of self-control that he now has in his 'truce' with The Other Guy. Early in his transformations, the Hulk would be tearing the Mansion apart trying to 'escape' it by now.

A deep breath later, and Bruce shakes his head, trying to clear the lingering anxiety, "I... think I'm fine now. Luckily, he didn't crush my hand... or I'd be gone." Bruce assures Carol, before he slowly stands, bringing off the knees of his coat briefly as he slumps slightly, clearly temporarily drained from exerting the sheer amount of control he just did, "I couldn't hear anything but the blood in my ear until just now. I think I heard something about the spores?" Bruce asks, clearly trying to distract himself with work.

Hellboy has posed:
"Yeah, they uhh, they think the mushrooms might be aliens. Makes sense why I've never seen it before, all that space stuff has never really been my wheelhouse."

As he spoke he gave a bit of a wide berth to the doctor for now, not sure how the trigger worked, or if the sight of him would make things worse. During this time he reached into his utility belt and pulled out a red and white pack of cigarettes, needing something to calm his nerves after that tense situation just now got diffused.

"Photons, eh Cap? All you guys are pretty good with this whizz-bang science stuff. I couldn't even figure out how to make the volcano work as a kid."

Iron Man has posed:
"So far the meager tests I've run have had it eating any energy type like a hungry, hungry hippo. Made it grow; so we have plenty of samples for you, Carol. Cold doesn't seem to do anything; might be a good way to get it in stasis, but we'd need to do more testing on that. I did send out some messages to the mansion and the JLA. I mean, I can save the internet, but space mold? Admittedly foreign," Tony's been busy, too. He had three birthday parties to throw for himself.

"But going into dangerous areas full of alien plant feces under the city sounds like a team effort. Maybe we can sort out what it's doing. How's this week look for you guys?" Tony asks, taking another drink from his glass, as if he were scheduling a casual dinner.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol nods as Bruce reassures her, she was about to grab him and take straight for space if need be. At least it would have saved the Mansion from too much damage. Fixing a wall is much simpler than the whole damned place. "Roger," she remarks at Bruce, before laughing at being held as one of the science-fu types about the Mansion, "not quite my forte, but the Kree in me certainly made me more...'aware' shall we say?"

"I hope the Kree science team can have some more input for us, heck, maybe they encountered it in the past..." Carol is ever optimistic.

Hulk has posed:
"Right. We have samples from Hellboy now, so I can do some tests with them with the usual biological markers and see what it reacts to." Bruce chimes in. Hellboy avoiding him is noticed, and Bruce just smiles at him. "Fear, panic, anxiety, adrenaline, anger. The Other Guy comes out as a self-defense mechanism or when I'm angry and want to lash out. You just surprised me is all." He gives a vague gesture to Hellboys hands with one of his own, "You're pretty strong, and I didn't get a chance to read your file while I was saving your lungs. I'm sorry about that."

Then, he turns to Carol, and he gives a gesture to her, "Captain Marvel can project photons in a blast. She's offering to blast it and see what happens." Bruce informs Hellboy, before he turns to the monitor, "I should be available. Are we going down to investigate it, or just hit it with things and see if we can clear it ourselves?" Bruce asks, with an uncertain tone.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy nodded, as a match was produced and then struck against that massive stone hand. At the heat and friction the runes nearest to the site very briefly glowed yellow, before calming back down. After a long drag, smoke was exhaled through the half-Demon's mouth and nose, briefly nodding before glancing back to everyone there.

"Going back and investigating, are ya? I figure I'd be about as useful to that operation as a tick on a camel. Unless...this fungust stuff, is it plant like at all? I got something back at the Bureau that lets me ask questions to plans, and get an answer back. Thing is I can only ask one question a day, and get one answer back. Would that be useful to this situation?"

Iron Man has posed:
"Asking what it's weak to would be useful. Well, it seems more plant like than anything /else/." Tony observes. "Oh, one other thing. Hang out another twenty minutes or so, and I'll get a breather filter fabricated for you, Hellboy," Tony offers. "In trade for the brain tissue samples we totally didn't take." Right.

"Based off the previous spore tests, the filters I'm getting thrown together should keep you from collapsing unintentionally while you hunt the underground morlock worms." Tony and his 'thrown together' high tech devices. There's some minor sounds from the laboratory down the hallway, as Tony enacts exactly what he said he'd be doing.

"A plan would probably be good, Bruce. If you have a vote, let me know." Or Tony might wing it.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"It's something," Carol grins, not making a big deal of it. Everybody in this room has their own thing that they do exceptionally well after all. "I'll try to be available for that expedition, but I'll go see my Kree friends tonight, to make sure we won't be making it worse..." she turns her attention between Banner and Stark, "either of you can help with properly packing a sample to avoid agitating it in space travel?"

Hulk has posed:
Listening, Bruce just nods, "I'll do some tests and work out a game plan."

Then, Carol gets his attention as Bruce looks over to the containment unit, "Do you need a direct sample, or will what was in Hellboys lungs work?" Bruce gestures with a finger over to it, the box clear, small, and still attached to the chamber housing itself. "Just slide that out of the transition tube, and it'll lock itself. It's designed for biohazard quarantine, so as long as you don't throw it into a sun or something, it'll be fine in space."