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Bruce Banner (Scenesys ID: 338)
"Please don't hurt me." A warning, not a plea.
Full Name: Robert Bruce Banner
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (DFC)
Occupation: Drifter. Survivor. Scientist.
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Bedford Towers (Upper East Side, Manhattan)
Education: PhD in Nuclear Physics at CalTech; Degrees from Harvard, Penn State and Desert State Universities.
Status: Dropped
Groups: Avengers, Defenders
Other Information
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 9 August 1990 Actor: Mark Ruffalo
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 72 kg (158 lbs.)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: The Hulk Themesong


Once a prodigy scientist working on military projects, Doctor Bruce Banner was caught in an accident of gamma radiation that should have killed him. Instead, the unique circumstances of the accident became the catalyst that transformed him for the first time into the Hulk; one of the strongest creatures in the universe. After a long time of being hunted for the potential and actual destruction the Hulk causes, Bruce has negotiated somewhat of a truce with authorities.

Now publically known as a brilliant genius who transforms into the Jade Giant when he's angry, Dr. Banner tries to find a way to find peace with himself, even as he finds a way to cope with the panic he causes as he tries to defend those around him.

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This man is of average height, weight, build, and looks. He is wiry, skinny and appears to be a bit nervous. His eyes look everywhere, back and forth, as though taking in everything around him, looking for a threat that may arrive. He has brown eyes that appear to be haunted by something deep inside his very being, and his hair is unkempt and black in color.

Currently, Bruce Banner is wearing a open-collared grey shirt with a blue tie that is not closed completely. His navy blue pants also appear to be new, as is his shirt, and appear clean and freshly pressed, as though they just came off the rack. His black belt appears new, and his black shoes look new and comfortable, as though they haven't been worn before today.


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Bruce Banner is the product of Brian, an abusive alcoholic father who, as an atomic physicist, expected his own exposure to mutagenic radiation would result in genetic defects in his offspring. Bruce's loving mother was murdered by his father while protecting the boy. Intimidated into living in silence with that monster, Banner's first big break came when his father drunkenly bragged about getting away with murder and got himself locked away in a mental institution. Psychologically traumatized, antisocial and withdrawn, Banner gained an intense and deeply rooted hatred for bullies and especially for his own sense of helplessness either for his own suffering or the suffering of others at their hands. While Bruce had a loving aunt to take him in who treated him like her own and kept him away from his institutionalized father and memories of the trauma he suffered there for the rest of his young life, his psychological issues still set him apart at school and even made him a more enticing target for bullies. In an act of outrage, a young Bruce Banner built a bomb and planted it in his school basement which, luckily for him, turned out to be a dud.

Ironically Bruce earned a doctorate in nuclear physics just like dear old dad, and just as ironically it was that career path that proved his father right - and partially the fact that his father was right - about Bruce's genetic mutations that saved his life one day. Those mutations were only partially to blame or thank for Banner's survival.

Having taken government work immediately out of post-graduate university, Banner was working on several projects for the U.S. Department of Defense. One of those was the development or re-development of Abraham Erskine's super-soldier serum and another was the development of the gamma bomb. Both projects were considered top secret and extremely dangerous, so much so that Banner's team on the serum was prohibited from testing on living organisms larger than single cells and then weren't allowed to test outside of tightly controlled and highly secured environments and even then were required to flash-fire the environment to ensure complete destruction of test samples after such a short span that any meaningful study of potential side effects or mutations was impossible.

For that reason, Banner had deliberately begun experimenting on himself. His tests had been low-key at first, a few cells here and there in the lab's secured environment and only after hours, but toward the end he had begun administering larger and larger doses to himself by direct injection.* Now, and even then, he's honest enough with himself to admit that the act was deliberately suicidal.

(+news timeline/25 - 2,013 AD)

To his surprise the serum was a success - not the same level of success seen in the original product administered to Steve Rogers, but a significant success all the same.

While this was going on and the serum was undergoing refinement and improvements, the gamma bomb project was nearing completion. On the day they were set to test the device he spotted a civilian - no more than in his mid-teens - wandering out on the test field. Bruce selflessly rushed out into the field even though the bomb was triggered and countdown to detonation had begun, and just managed to knock the teenager safely into a ditch and shield the boy's body with his own before the full force of that gamma radiation blast passed over Banner himself. The pain was unimaginable, indescribable, as intense heat that should have vaporized him and radiation that should have poisoned him boiled every cell in his body.

It was only the genetic mutations, the nature and extent of which were and still are unknown, that he was born with as a result of his father's exposure to manner of atomic radiation, on top of the effects of that developing super-soldier vaccine he'd been injecting himself with for months, that kept Bruce Banner alive. The direct exposure to intense gamma radiation even left him apparrently unscathed apart from vaporizing the clothes off his body and leaving him in a pain-induced coma from which he awoke every few hours only to scream in agony. It was those same mutations, further affected by the serum, that interacted with the intense gamma radiation over the next few days to change him, resulting in the bizarre were-creature-like phenomenon where sundown physically and mentally transformed him into a brutish, manipulative, monstrous version of himself both physically and mentally, and at sunrise transformed him back into Bruce Banner. The mutations accelerated, and after just days Banner found himself overtaken by a childlike, nearly mindless and destructive monster when angered, and over time he found that could happen even at the hint of frustration. After several incidents and collateral damage, and the discovery that he had been injecting himself with the super-soldier vaccine, Banner was branded a criminal and a terrorist, and was forced to flee from his home while pursued by law enforcement, military, heroes, and villains alike.

Through the years Bruce Banner has become a master fugitive, hiding in plain sight and working through the system without any identity but the name he chooses to give people or any documentation in dozens of first, second, and third world countries. The trick, he's found, is to keep moving without making too many connections and before people get to know him well enough to ask too many questions. Never good at, or very interested in, forging close friendships anyway, the lifestyle suits Banner well enough.

He eventually got his legal status fixed, meaning he isn't pursued by the military or the police in the U.S. anymore, but his dual-identity was splashed all over the national and global news for so long that he's still a prime target for every supervillain and third world dictator - even a few vengeful heroes - the Hulk ever crossed.

History 03: Psyche
Banner's repressed hatred, anger, guilt, and sense of evil or selfishness are largely to blame for the range and unpredictability of transformations he can and does undergo. Through psychotherapy -some he's voluntarily (and actively) sought out and some that he was abducted and was subjected to against his will- he's come to understand this and through that he's come to achieve a measure of control over some of his forms. The biggest problem is that, no matter how much therapy a man gets he can never fully escape or get over a childhood of physical and emotional abuse, or watching his loving and beloved mother murdered right in front of him, then being forced to live in silence with her murderer.

At the very best it takes constant effort and neverending discipline for Banner to keep control over his darker aspects and he knows well that it will require eternal vigilance to keep control over his himself. What Banner has achieved, to date, is best described as an uneasy truce with himself. He is never really in control when he allows one of his Hulk psyches to emerge, but they do communicate with him, consulting his conscience and reason and allowing that to inform their decisions, at least to a point.

With all that being said, a fully-enraged Hulk coming out in an involuntary transformation is just that and nothing more and that's all there is to it. There is no controlling The Hulk in this state.

History 04 - Avengers

The Hulk is both the reason the Avengers were founded and one of the founding members, having had his savage aspect's childlike mentality used against him by a manipulative Loki. The resulting menace was enough that his longtime friend Rick Jones, the same boy whose life he saved on the gamma bomb test range the day he was changed in the first place, put out a distre


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Personality - ???
How many pieces could Bruce Banner's mind have shattered into as an abused child? How many ways were those pieces scattered before he was freed from the prison of terror that his father kept him in? What lurks undiscovered in the recesses of his mind?

Personality - Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner has good reason to maintain a passive demeanor when he's out and about, trying to blend in. But, he's only human... and a human has a wide range of emotion. Unfortunately for him, his deeply rooted hatred for bullies can get the better of him regardless of his desire to keep The Other Guy in. While this sometimes makes them get him to a point where his other self shines through, Bruce tends to do things to keep The Other Guy at bay, like make use of stress-balls or meditation.

Personality - Hulk
The Hulk represents the inner child who was tortured and neglected in Brian Banner's house. He's the indestructible thing that Bruce always wished he could be when he was that age, that never could be until that fateful day on the testing range. The Hulk has the mind of a child maybe 7 to 10 years old, depending how angry he is, and almost everything makes him angrier.

Anger, fear, and spikes of adrenaline in the blood spark the transformation from Bruce Banner into the Hulk. The more the Hulk destroys the angrier he gets, the angrier he gets the more he destroys, the more he destroys the more police and military units try to shoot him down and the more they hurt him the angrier he gets. The only things that have ever been able to bring the Hulk down are the people Bruce Banner loves, the ones he'd never dream of hurting, sheer exhaustion after a destructive rampage, and Bruce's technologies which unfortunately he almost always develops resistances against.


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Augmented Genius
Bruce Banner possesses beyond a genius-level intelligence, not just 'for a human' but compared to many species who might consider the smartest humans to be dumb as insects.

Whether he was born with this, it was an effect of the mutations caused by his father's exposure to radiation, it is a result of him testing the super-soldier treatments on himself, or all of the above may never be known.

Hulk Strongest!
Once transformation has begun, it takes only seconds to complete and the abilities of the Hulk are active immediately. Once transformed into the Hulk:

  • Invulnerability: The Hulk is invulnerable to bullets and explosives, from small to large arms, tanks, aircraft, armor-piercing, lasers, plasma-beams, you name it. This doesn't seem to be a function of density or thick, tough hide, sheer muscle mass or some kind of magic, but a combination of all of the above. The Hulk can fall for several miles, suffering no ill effects. The Hulk has withstood attacks by adamantium blades, survived atomic pile detonation, re-entry from outer space, the Hulk has been known to survive cold as low as -250 degrees F although he was put in stasis until he thawed, even survived ground-zero at nuclear detonation. Pain can stun and slow the Hulk down, but once a sustained attack causing the Hulk pain ends there will be a severely pissed off Hulk to deal with.
  • Strength: In a voluntarily-transformed state, the Hulk is said to be able to bench-press up to 70 tons. In a fully enraged state, the Hulk's strength is incalculable - able to bench press over 100 tons. While these indexes might be interesting scholastically, say to S.H.I.E.L.D. researchers, the reality is that even a not-totally-enraged Hulk can and has ripped entire islands off the ocean floor and swum with them on his back, shattered adamantium alloy armor with a single punch, double-fist punched through a bunker designed to withstand explosions several thousand megatons in force, etc.
  • Speed: The Hulk can travel at over 200mph running, and well over the speed of sound leaping. Hulk forms have been known to overtake lightning fast trains, fighter jets and ICBMs, when the jets and ICBMs had a head start. The Hulk has leapt nearly into orbit and on at least one occasion was mistaken for a missile by ground radar.
  • Stamina: If somehow he manages to sustain the transformation that long, the Hulk can go weeks without food, water, or rest, even at peak exertion.
  • Healing: The Hulk's healing factor is nearly instantaneous and can bring the creature back from edge of death or even what should have been deadly injuries. The Hulk has been known to regenerate lost limbs, a critically severed brainstem, even come back from disembowelment. In some cases Bruce Banner has been injured to near or what looked like past death, but transformation into the Hulk form has successfully healed him. The Hulk is immune to disease and viruses, though some powerful toxins have been known to weaken him.
  • Willpower: The Hulk is either immune to mind control or simply doesn't have a mind to be controlled (cue laugh track). A number of villains and even heroes with mind-affecting powers ranging from the psychic to powerful illusions have found that even though they can completely subjugate Bruce Banner, if or when he transforms into the Hulk they are instantly and completely powerless against the creature.
  • Environment Adaptation: The Hulk seems to have the ability to survive in environments no others cannot, such as the ocean floor, the vaccuum of space, or in molten lava while holding his breath. He also is able to breathe in most extra-terrestial environments.
  • Anger Empowerment: The angrier he gets, the more amplified all of the Hulk's powers become.... and almost everything makes the Hulk angrier.

Hulk: Combat
Each Hulk form has an instinctive comfort with their own body and an innate talent for unarmed combat. They punch, kick, leap, and dodge as naturally as any wild animal. While the Hulk doesn't exactly block attacks, he does have a tendency to catch them in one or even both hands, before trying to break the opposing limb or throw his enemy by it.


Bruce has learned self control to the point that, unless he's under the influence of some form of mind control or drugs, he can choose voluntarily to release the Hulk. The trade-off is that the Hulk must communicate with him, consulting before engaging in battles and especially before taking actions that may result in collateral damage, so that Banner's conscience and reason can influence the actions taken by the Hulk. Unfortunately, this self-control fails if his transformation is involuntary.


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Computer Hacking
The first step in any kind of engineering project is modelling, and in the modern day that means 3D modelling and CAD. Banner had to learn those programs, which are intended for architects instead of scientific researchers, and how to extend their features (and bypass their built-in safeguards against that kind of unintended extensibility) early in his career.

Electrical Engineering
You can't design and build a gamma ray bomb, or any other piece of modern technology, without knowing how to power it. Banner had to learn eletrical and electronics engineering as part of his basic prerequisites in college.

Bruce learned mechanicing while working on lab equipment for the Department of Defense, a skillset all the lab workers needed in order to keep costs down since they desperately needed their budget for materials and further study rather than parts and new equipment. He furthered his abilities once he went on the run, keeping an old pickup truck running until it finally conked out for good, then got better when he had to take work in the field to make ends meet.

Bruce Banner has studied medicine, biology, biochemistry as well as several other sciences in his quest for scientific knowledge. He has obtained a medical degree to go with his astrophysics degree, and is quite capable of performing complicated and emergency surgery when required.


Bruce studied physics to a doctorate degree, and applied what he learned throughout a short but distinguished career working research projects for the U.S. Department of Defense.


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Bruce Banner has been asked to consult with many groups, from SHIELD to the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Alpha Flight, and several other high level groups within the United Heroes Universe. His expertise in medicine and especially Astrophysics has made him an invaluable asset whenever it was necessary. However, it should be noted, that most organizations and groups also know about his other half, and so, they only call on him when absolutely necessary. He can call on their help as well when necessary.

Bruce Banner as the Hulk was one of the founding members of the Avengers, and has maintained those ties throughout the years. He can call on them for assistance and they can call on him, as Bruce Banner. However, when the need arrives, it is always good to have a Hulk in your corner as well.

IDs and Accounts
The name Robert Bruce Banner isn't on his accounts. That would be suicidally stupid. Bruce Banner's bank and credit accounts are under the name of David Ferrigno, a fake identity he spent some time putting together during his time as a fugitive from the law. Unfortunately David died at birth shortly after his mother was in a car accident, and she died shortly after filling out the birth certificate.

That doesn't change the fact that he's about the age Banner looks so David has a social security number and by all accounts is doing pretty well for himself as a private contractor. All the paperwork is in order showing that David Ferrigno was homeschooled, earned an online college degree, and pays his taxes.

He also has a number of other fake identities in case he needs other names... but the David identity is the one he uses the most.

Odd Jobs

Banner's odd jobs bring in a modest income, and light contracting and consulting he does for Stark Industries brings in a bit more.


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Betty Ross
Neither Bruce Banner or the Hulk would ever hurt longtime girlfriend Betty Ross, who he'll probably always have feelings for.

No matter how angry he gets, no matter how blinded by rage or surrounded by enemies, the Hulk could never bring himself to harm a child. While undoubtedly one of the most effective weapons to use against Hulk if you want to stop him from doing something this instant, or force him to do your bidding, using a child in this fashion is probably the surest way imaginable to make an enemy out of Banner for life.

Emotional Shutdown
Bruce Banner's involuntary transformation into the Hulk depends on his ability to feel threatened, angry, or afraid. It is in essence the ultimate self-defense mechanism, turning him into the Hulk; an uncontrollable creature of mass destruction.

Dampen or control his ability to respond to stimuli, and there's a chance of stopping the transformation.

This heavily depends on severity, as this cannot override the subconscious survival instinct... but it can work for mild triggering episodes.

"Hulk love puppies. No smash."

There has been a documented case where the Hulk, lost to blind rage, was brought to a sudden standstill and subsequent capture in the middle of a psychotic and destructive rage by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent armed with a box of puppies.


Bruce Banner cannot abide suffering, despair, torture, pain or the victimization of others. This will cause him to get very angry, and it is only with supreme effort can Bruce prevent the monster within him from getting out. And even with that effort, sometimes, the Hulk still makes an appearance.


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There will be no Vendettas! March 15th, 2018 Angry people talk and do not do angry things.Power Boy talks to Dr. Bruce Banner about the fight with the Hulk, shaken by his loss of control.
Drink Your Ovaltine March 7th, 2018 Cap meets with Tony and Banner to catch up.
Comin' round, on the mountain February 27th, 2018 Tony talks Hulk down, and Thor arrives with good ideas.
Smash of the Titans February 26th, 2018 Well that could have gone better
Control February 26th, 2018 Summary needed
A Sane Researcher November 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Doctor Banner I presume May 27th, 2017 Summary needed
For Hearts Long Lost and Full of Fright May 26th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 602 May 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Terrorists Strike Metropolis May 24th, 2017 Summary needed
Spider In The Corner May 24th, 2017 Bruce and Emma discuss work with a spider in the corner
Let's Rumble (and get Paid!) May 23rd, 2017 Summary needed


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