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Tourney: Paying Respects
Date of Scene: 04 October 2018
Location: Kairos
Synopsis: A walk about the Tournament grounds leads to several interesting conversations, and more bittersweet sorrow.
Cast of Characters: Elektra, Daredevil, Shredder, Deadpool
Tinyplot: Tourney

Elektra has posed:
Throughout the day, as bouts were undertaken, results were posted to the listings board. There were some expected results, and a few upsets... and then there was the bout between Elektra and Daredevil. It had been marked with: Double Concession.

There were more than a few whispers about the matter, including several who claimed no fight took place, and it was a bitch move on (whichever of the two the particular person was more inclined to like)'s part - but to see either of them, a fight had most certainly took place. Both bore bruises along limbs and marks upon their faces that showed contact without restraint. Notably, Elektra bore a full grazing of fist along a cheekbone.

Still, she wandered the grounds of Kairos, stopping to observe things. If she was seeking anyone in particular out, or avoiding anyone the same, it wasn't apparent. Nor was her tail. Not unless you were particularly observant.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil was nothing if not observant even if it wasn't in a conventional way. Like Elektra the Devil of Hell's Kitchen has been wandering the grounds, or more accurately, stalking them, like a caged beast. Watching this fight, and that fight, and like Elektra's tail, never far from their hostess.

Finally though his path crosses with hers, likely to the amusement of those speculating about the double concession, and he offers the woman a nod. "Miss Natchios," he says in quiet greeting.

For all their talk of enjoying this weekend, it seemed that life had once again sent them to their respective corners.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder hadn't joined the whispers, but he wasn't without suspicions about the nature of the hostess' fight. He spotted the two, and it seemed to the bladed master that this was possibly the best time to engage the topic.

    "Devil, Miss Natchios." He speaks calmly, but with an air of purpose. Many believed that he had been dead before he arrived the day this began. He's sought to be present at each fight, but theirs eluded him. His presence had brought many whispers, of whether it had turned out true that he was immortal, or if another had simply taken up the mantle as the Shredder, the leader of the Foot Clan.

    "There are few upsets in this tournament that have been as talked about than yours," he comments. "Quite the accomplishment."

Elektra has posed:
Of course the fight between Matt and Elektra had eluded Shredder. It had eluded everyone - fought in the pre-dawn hours on the beach. Which of course had helped fueled the 'it didn't happen' rumours.

Matt's approaching her has her stilling her footsteps incrementally more, until she is holding position, and allowing him to approach her. There's no doubt in her mind that every move she's making is being watched. She's not sure she cares any longer. It's not like there's much more anyone can do to leverage her. One last hurrah, and then all of this would be nothing more than a lingering memory.

Her head is inclined to the devil in red. "You know, we never did discuss what to call you. Daredevil seems so..." She shrugs, and looks to say more when Shredder approaches.

A smile lights upon her lips, and lingers, even if it is a wry thing, with only the faintest upturn at the edges of her lips. "I try not to be predictable at the best of times. I just say, you my dear Saki, were a surprise. I suppose this weekend is full of them. Have you met my friend, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen?"

Daredevil has posed:
"Got a little bit?" Daredevil asks Elektra. "You know, somewhere away from the crowds?" he says head shifting towards some of those tasked with watching her.

Time was wasting and he felt keenly every second that slipped through his fingers. Her question though makes him smile, "You can call me Mike or Michael," he says, easily. It was his middle name and the one he used in cases like these when he had to but a name to the man behind the mask.

Then as with the walk back from their fight, someone comes to call but unlke before, with Gao, Daredevil is keen to get a closer 'look' at the man in the bladed suit.

Like most he'd thought Shredder was dead, most of his contacts thought the same, but here he was, or someone wearing his costume, if Daredevil had met the man before his death he'd be able to tell but as things stood it could be anyone in the suit, a veritable Dread Pirate Roberts of crime.

"Shredder," he greets with a nod, taking the man in with his senses.

Shredder has posed:
    If he is surprised that Elektra knows his name, he doesn't betray it with his look. "I do not think we have met, other than perhaps each other's reputation I think." The Foot headquarters may not be in Hell's Kitchen, but it is right next door to it, and while the Foot themselves seem focused on a higher echelon of society, their operations end up in Hell's Kitchen now and again.
    "I find it curious, you call him friend? I imagine that must be a strained friendship, given the life choices you have both made." Apparently he's not afraid to step right into it.

Elektra has posed:
He might not betray it with his look, but Elektra is savvy enough to know when she's scored a point - however subtley. Of course, striking that cord wasn't truly the point. Were she here to make jabs and settle scores, perhaps, but this weekend had moved beyond all that petty claptrap and into other matters. So much so that she could be utterly serene about meeting someone who was otherwise, if not a mortal enemy, at the very least, an enemy she would otherwise seek to strike down.

Still, this was a tournament where civility ruled.

"Michael.. he and I, we've known one another for years," Elektra murmurs. "Friends is a truly inadequate term at times, don't you find?"

Matt she nods to. "I did have some matters to discuss with you later. Perhaps after this meeting? I have time."

Daredevil has posed:
So far most of Daredevil's encounters with the Foot had been with their lower eschelon, so, he might be excused for being a bit cocky where the organization and it's leader was concerned.

Nodding in Elektra's direction, Daredevil says, "She's right, and we manage for the most part," a smile is spread tight across his lips, like it's all nice and casual. "What about you? What brings you to the island? Saki, was it?"

Shredder has posed:
    "Indeed,"the Shredder answers. "I suppose agreeing to both surrender in such a scenario as this does you well, though I think it may not bode well for others. Perhaps that is why your attendants are uneasy," he observes.

    "As for myself? I need not hide, I find that excellent talent can be found here, and my granddaughter wishes to prove herself in some way by taking the tournament." His emotion is lacking in the statement, making it difficult to determine whether her efforts would be of use to succeed in impressing him.

Elektra has posed:
There's a momentary fondness of gaze that drifts over Daredevil, before returning to Shredder, though by that time, the fondness is replaced with a lift of brow, and interest.

"So you've noticed that, have you?" She gives a small, short derisive laugh. "Well, I don't find myself worrying overmuch what my attendants think. It might do them well to be uneasy. Too often we get stuck in our ways, wouldn't you think?"

She doesn't precisely wait for Shredder's answer, but she nods at him.

"It's been a good forum for observing talent. Any number of surprising up and comers here. I find their fights the most interesting, to be honest."

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil doesn't seem to react to that brief fond gaze, which is in its own way telling, even if his attention seems not to shift from Elektra for long.

"There's definitely been some interesting fights," the man in red opines. "Though how they got kids on the island for the last one... I'm not sure," he says meaning the match between the Iron Fist and Deadpool. There is a smile at that though. "And you're not fighting?" he asks Shredder.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder doesn't smile, not that it'd be visible if he did behind the black shozuko. "I do not need to prove my prowess," he dismisses the thought. "Though my rival's students seem to think they can. Interesting that he showed alone." He doesn't respond to Elektra's comment about being stuck in their ways directly. "I see with your perspective why they may want to continue observing you," he says to her. "Youth comes with so many unpredictable features."

Elektra has posed:
There's a low chuckle from Elektra who does little to deny any commentary on her unpredicatableness.

"Oh, they've underestimated me before now." The Hand, that is. And it's apparent that not only does Shredder know exactly who she is... but so does Michael for some reason. "Much to their sorrow."

She shrugs. "I like to think I brought them kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century."

Matt is given a look. "Yes. *Those* children. They were not my idea. However." As much to say what's done is done. And, for that matter, they can be on the boat for safety's measure. It's well staffed, secure, and away from the fighting.

Deadpool has posed:
    "Nooooooo, don't take my kidlings away," Deadpool is arguing with whatever assistant or lackey was sent to give him the unfortunate news. He shows the attendant his plastic bead and elastic set of bracelets on one wrist. "They gave me luck in the form of mass produced plastic. But there's FEELS in these plastics and poorly tied knots," describes the mercenary. He's being 'ushered' along semi-willingly while he talks with his hands. He's still very bloody from his match: he's wearing the mask but the lower face and neck, and down his throat, is wet with the blood. It doesn't show up TOO much: red and black are great picks for hiding that.

    In fact, spotting Daredevil as they start to pass draws Deadpool's attention and an overly cheerful wave towards him. Fellow leather-suit-guy. Or whatever. And then Elektra. Because hotness. And the Shredder. "Holeeshit. You must really DESPISE hugs."

Daredevil has posed:
Giving Shredder a nod he says, "Well if you get bored of watching..." he lets that implied challenge hang.

The kids still have Daredevil smiling, "Didn't figure you'd brought them, but glad they're safely out of harms way."

Speaking of the kids, when their champion comes by Daredevil returns the nod, red leather bro, to red leather bro. "Speaking of the kids, what's happening with the tourney now that we've conceded to each other and Danny and Deadpool came to a draw?"

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder turns to look over his shoulder as Daredevil comments on his armor. He gives him a stare of several seconds, seeming in confoundment at the brashness. "The merc with the mouth," he says, realizing who he is. He doesn't comment further. "I am still curious about this concession," he recenters the conversation, or attempts to, back on his original reason for engaging it.

Elektra has posed:
Wade's arrival earns an actual reaction from Elektra worthy of the name. It's an almost pained grimace she makes before schooling her features into something more nuetral as she holds up a hand to alert the man's assistant to hold for the moment.

"Take the children back to the boat. Give them the upper mezzanine quarters and assign a full contingent to guard them. I expect there to be no incidents." Then she waves the man off, but indicates that Wade, himself, should join them. "So, you're the man who brought children to this event. I'm not sure if I should be horrified, or applaud your audicity."

Her gaze flicks over the well and truly bruised and abused Wade, who looks much worse than either she or Matt did after their fight, and they had been a rather bloody mess between the two of them. "I heard about the outcome of your bout. Very interesting resolution. Clever. But future rounds won't be so simple. I hear you hit like a girl? I'm almost tempted to test that theory out for myself."

Matt she offers a slight lift of shoulders to. "I suppose we'll see what happens. Once my name was in the ring, I no longer ran the bouts. I have an associate who is making certain things are tended to. I've no doubt all will be seen to."

Deadpool has posed:
    Deadpool doesn't mind at all that Shredder isn't chatting with him about hugs or the lack thereof. Lots of the time people give him 'that' stare. "You know it. All the mouth. All the merc, my spikey new friend," Deadpool replies to Shredder, lifting both arms to weave his fingers behind his head, stretching his spine out a hair with the brazen stretch. It would be an arrogant posture if he actually stuck with it, but he doesn't, he swivels his head to look at Elektra.

     "Hey, they wanted to see their hero fight. I got them tickets. I think Chad only has a week to live or something, give the poor kid a break," Deadpool remarks, shaking his head. "I mean, his name is /Chad/." Deadpool lifts both hands, as if that was more than enough said. Not that he stops talking.

    "Who told you? The guy that entirely DID exit the ring before me and shoulda lost? That guy, the one askin' to do Rock-Paper-Scissors instead of fightin'? I don't remember if he complimented me on my bitchslap style or no. Or what he's comparing it to."

Daredevil has posed:
"We did all the fighting we could stand," Daredevil answers Shredder about the concession.

As to the status of the bouts, "I guess that makes things fair," he says of the thing being taken out of Elektra's hands.

Deadpool's arrival is met with a smirk. "Deadpool," he greets the Merc. "And hey, there's always a thumb war?" he suggests as another way to resolve the fight with Danny.

Shredder has posed:
    "All you could stand," Shredder remarks. "You will pardon if I read between the lines, given the enjoyment one seems to take in street fighting, and the other's current leadership status among a rather formidable organization of ninjitsu."
    He seems to consider Deadpool for a moment, and then decides to let him run his course, as if strategically.

Elektra has posed:
"People talk," Elektra says with a soft laugh. "I hear things. You don't host a function of this magnitude without hearing all the gossip."

More precisely, you don't head an organization like the Hand without eyes being everywhere, and a fairly good system of intel to boot. Even if there were certain matters of questionable loyalties and who was running what these days.

"No worries. We won't tell your little secret, and you got an agreed draw. Impressive. I must admit I'm curious what you can do." Not to mention this Danny Rand.

Shredder gets the tail end of an enigmatic smile. He was another she wouldn't mind testing herself against. "I wouldn't say I enjoy street fighting." She didn't. It was just great stress relief, especially when she found plying her preferred trade rather.. limited. "And we don't speak of the other in front of strangers."

By which she means Wade.

"Unless, of course, we're all swapping secrets, but I think we understand one another in this matter, do we not, Saki?" Pointedly.

Deadpool has posed:
    "There is. But pretty sure he has Iron thumbs in addition to iron fists. That'd just be playing into his field of weird things that don't really involve fighting. Already wouldn't go with stabbing weapons. SO NOT COOL." Deadpool strokes the handle of one of his katana at his back, as if subconsciously woeful he didn't get to stab somebody with it. "Secret? Should I know my secret?" Wade asks, perking. "Is it about not having toes?"

    His phone goes off, and he diverts, pulling it from a pocket of his belt pouch. And pausing to try to wipe off the blood on it. He digs for something to wipe with, ends up with a moist, individually packaged towelette. Whose wrapper is also bloody. He gets it open, though, and moistly wipes. It's a lot worse now, since his gloves were bloody, and that got all over the towelette. It's just a disaster.

    "I need a fucking hose," Deadpool says, as if that were a proper farewell, and looks around, distracted, before heading to some tidy shrubbery that probably has a hose of water affiliated with it. He doesn't have to go very far.

Daredevil has posed:
"Take it how you like," Daredevil says about their conceeding, though he does add to Elektra, "I think I'm supposed to be the street fighting one."

To Deadpool though he has to nod. "You would have to look out for Iron Thumbs, maybe you guys could play Rock Em Sock Em Robots?" he suggests lightly before shaking his head as Deadpool goes off in search of a hose.

There's a questioning look shot to Shredder and Elektra about that.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder watches the exit, and then glances back at Elektra. "Secrets have value indeed. I will be blunt and disregard them in this case," he says. "You play a dangerous game. If you wish to remain in your place, you will need to become more ruthless. There is no room for principle where you have made your home. Do not think all that goes on behind closed doors goes on in secret."

Elektra has posed:
There is another of those soft laughs from Elektra.

"Ah, now see, my dear Saki, that is where you misjudge me. I have been utterly ruthless. To the point of pain."

She's not saying who's, though she has made pointed statements within the Hand up to this point. Still, there is a sense that this has moved past that.

"Though I'm curious, what have you heard? It always interests me to hear what tidbits filter out and away. I like to be aware of how well or poorly my networks are working."

Which may or may not be a lie.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil frowns, knowing just how ruthless Elektra had been in this matter. Even if it was not in the way others might expect.

Still, Shredder was right, secrets had value, Daredevil knew that well, so he simply crosses his arms and looks skeptical when Elektra asks the man what he knows.

Shredder has posed:
    "Pain?" Shredder laughs. "When you have battled Death, been pierced by the arrows of demons, been slain and resurrected, you can speak of pain. Something I believe you /will/ in fact be able to relate to in time, perhaps sooner than you think."
    As he speaks, the laugh leaves his voice. "You have no doubt heard the legend of the Black Sky. Take it from one who is old enough to know. The legend does not speak half. And I will not sit idle as it happens. If you cannot control your people, they will be controlled for you."

Elektra has posed:
There's a narrowing down of gaze upon Shredder, who had clearly hit too terribly close to home with that comment about Death. Whether she takes that bit about being resurrected as rhetorical - given he, himself, has been said to have been slain in the past, and yet, is clearly here - is up for debate.

"I have heard the words spoken." Elektra nods. "A weapon destined to win an eternal war. Yes."

Daredevil has posed:
Anger flashes through Daredevil's body at Shredder's taunt, but he doesn't act on it but to clench his fists. "Heh, nice story, you should talk to my friend who says he fought a dragon," the Devil says with a sneer.

The mention of the legend of the Black Sky though gives Daredevil pause. He falls silent. Listening.

Shredder has posed:
    "An eternal war is not won. By definition it is eternal. Black Sky would not be the end of a war," Shredder defines. "It would be the start of one. It is not the only prophecy. And while many prophecies are true, I refuse to allow them to be binding. You can scoff at them, Devil of Hell's kitchen. But you have little insight to the true nature of this Beast." The word beast is said with an air of a proper noun rather than a simple descriptive term.
    He glances over the passer bys, indicating Deadpool, the Foot Soldiers, those who have come to watch the event as sport. "All of it, it's meaningless compared to the things that will one day come. When the puppeteers come from the thin places and into the thick. I do not tell you because I have any desire to see you succeed, Elektra Natchios. I tell you because this world may very well burn at your hand if you cannot become what you must become. And do not think I will not strike you down if it comes to that."

Elektra has posed:
Elektra shrugs. "Start. End. It doesn't matter. I have no intention of being a weapon. Or a puppet. Rest assured."

She does give him a long, searching stare. "If I can not become what I must? I failed with the Hand, Saki." A grand admission. An admission he might well be shocked to hear tumble from her lips. "So I am changing the equation. Denying both sides what they want. I have no doubt you'll have your little war once that happens. A chance to step in and make your mark. In fact, I'm counting on it. Unless I miss my mark, there are things in motion even now that will guarantee you will have to honour those words of yours."

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil turns his head towards Elektra, his expression a warning. The Hand was near and listening.

"Elektra..." he says giving as much word to his warning as he dared.

Despite all that he hears how Saki says the word Beast and his head swivels in the the armoured man's direction. "Oh? Well don't leave me in suspense."

Though the rest is all riddles. He understands Elektra's part all too well, but Shredder's part eludes him.

Shredder has posed:
    "Oh, you will be left in suspense," Shredder answers. "Your 'friend' knows well the stakes, it sounds." He bows to Elektra. "Perhaps there is more to you then I have realized," he admits at both her confession and the declaration of resolve. He regards her for a moment, then regards Matt. He seems to internally make a decision. "I will not prevent you from savoring what time you have left, then. I have my own matters that must be seen to."

Elektra has posed:
Elektra realizes her error, and lowers her voice. With luck, and most likely, the crowd around them did not allow her words to carry. She only needs things to remain as they are for a short while longer.. That Shredder has already figured out what this weekened represents is something of a surprise, even as she understands there are few other conclusions to be drawn at this point. It could also be that he understands her time left is more figurative than that - that she speaks merely of.. soon, not 'now'.

She bows in return to Shredder.

"Perhaps we will have occassion to match skill this weekend?" A pause. "And I thank you for allowing what must be to be."

Daredevil has posed:
Bristling at Shredder's words, Daredevil grinds his teeth but does nothing more for now. Instead his attention and senses fall on the nearby agents of the Hand, gauging them for signs they've heard what had passed between the three of them. None seem exceptionaly excited or nervous, by fact that they didn't hear or extremely diligent training and Daredevil relaxes, giving a slight shake of his head to Elektra to say they were clear.

He has nothing to say though, now that the apparent danger has passed he lets himself ruminate on what's been said.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder considers the request. "If you wish," he concedes. He gives another glance at Daredevil, then gives a narrowed nod, as if he has concluded regarding their relationship. Then turns to leave. His cape bounces behind him as he walks, and with the raise of a hand, a Foot elite rushes from parts unknown to his side. He whispers at a level only the Daredevil might hear, "Fetch me Karai at once." He continues to walk back to where the lodgings are, leaving the other two in peace.

Elektra has posed:
Elektra watches Shredder leave. She doesn't hear his words. Perhaps this is a good thing. Perhaps it is a thing that would mean nothing at all.

"He knows," she says quietly. "About us. And he's chosen to leave us be."

Shredder knows other things, too. Things she's only heard ghosted bits about. Things she didn't fully expound upon to Matt or Stick. Things she didn't want to believe, in part because she doesn't understand them all, and in part because what more can she do? She's already trying her best to extricate from a situation she can't win.

Turning back to Matt, she murmurs, "Michael? I don't believe I've heard you use that one before."

Daredevil has posed:
"For now," Daredevil supplies of Shredder's charity. "Don't think he won't use it against me later. His people aren't much to write home about but they're making moves into Hell's Kitchen. More mystical crap, more ninjas... it was almost more than he could take.

His heart grows heavy in his chest, his throat tightens. It was never going to end.

"If he takes you up on a fight could-" he begins before he stops himself. He couldn't ask her to do what he couldn't even if it meant an end to yet another war on the streets of Hell's Kitchen, one Matt would have to fight with a hole where his heart had been.

"It's my middle name, first thing that came to mind when Claire pulled me out of a dumpster, sort of use it when people want another name to call me. Not like I don't have a big enough collection." Daredevil, D, Red, The Devil's of Hell's Kitchen, he collected names like he collected scars.

Elektra has posed:
"Hnh." Elektra makes a considered sound in the back of her throat. "I can't say it suits you so well."

She watches the emotions play out over his features, and whisperes, "I've done all I could to help. You know that. There were only so many avenues left. I wish I weren't leaving you to this mess, but the beautiful thing is, you'll band together, all of you. A common foe. Something to remind you what it is you believe in."

She tries to spin the positive on it.

"Can you what, Ma-ichael? If I seek Saki out for a fight, can you what?"

Daredevil has posed:
"I mostly use it out of habit," Daredevil explains with a slight upward curl of his lips.

He sees what Elektra's trying to do, not with her sacrifice, he already undestood the depths of that, but right now with her words, trying to make it seem okay. It wasn't though and it never would be.

"It's okay, we don't have to talk about it," there was no defensiveness there, or anger, just an admission that he wanted these final days to be about more than trodding that ground between them with yet more regrets. That he wanted to give her that.

"Probably good to not talk about that either, you know what I was going to ask, it was a moment of weakness, let's move on."

Elektra has posed:
"Can you watch?" Elektra considers. "Maybe. Though I think he and I have words we may need to have without your ears around."

She's fairly certain there is more Saki could tell her. At the very least, there are things she could tell him under the guise of a match that might help in the future fights - not against Matthew and the rest of the Defenders, but against the Hand.

Daredevil has posed:
That wasn't what Matt had planned on asking, he was going to ask, if it was possible to slip, to lose a bit of control and maybe kill Shredder before he became a problem. It was a sign of how desperate Matt felt that he got as far as he did in asking.

It shamed him, so when she thinks he meant the other, he doesn't correct her. "Sure," he says. "I get it, if it works great, if not, fight him when you can."

He didn't know how things fit together, but if fighting Saki was something she wanted to do with out her minders, he assumed it was part of her plan.

Elektra has posed:
It will occur to her later, what her mistake was. Not that she'll correct it. She'll let him stand beneath the assumption he was asking to watch. It's not like the truth would change her answer - taking Saki out now would only intensify what was to come.

For now, Matt and Shredder had a common enemy, and for a time that would be necessary. What Matt didn't need was a final legacy of Elektra leaving him yet one more person who wanted him dead. As it was, he and his friends would have to fight to make points.

Hopefully what she'd done by sending that data to SHIELD would be enough to tip the scales.

So many machinations she'd put into place. So many dominoes waiting to topple. Too soon, or one just slightly out of place, and they'd all tumble like a house of cards, one collapsing atop the other ineffectually.

"I need to tend to something, if you don't mind? Perhaps later?"

She wants to say dinner, or something more intimate, but she can't. Dinner has to be happenstance - not a plan. And intimate? Another of those dominoes waiting to fall.

With an inclination of head, she nods to Matthew and takes her leave as well.

Daredevil has posed:
It was almost too much to bear. Losing Elektra, the war against the Hand, the war against the Foot, with the only thing waiting after that was the nightly war to defend Hell's Kitchen from the next threat, and the one after that, and the one after that ad nauseam...

"Sure, later," Matt says with a flat smile.

...It'd be easy to hang up the suit, be Matt Murdock, hide from those fights live a somewhat normal life, but the devil in him wouldn't let him. It was the whisper in his ear that told him he didn't run from danger, danger ran from him, and that Hell's Kitchen and New York were /his/, not the Hand's not the Foot's not anyone's on the wrong side of the law.

"I'll be around," he promises, with life returning to his expression. Some of the fire restored.

If he had to fight a war with a hole where his heart had been, he'd do more than fight it, he'd win.