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Who will win?
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Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Elektra
Co-Runner(s): Daredevil
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Black Ranger (Park), Caim Kataras, Claire Temple, Daredevil, Deadpool, Derek Khanata, Dragon, Elektra, Green Arrow, Iron Fist, Karai, Lady Shiva, Raphael, Raphael, Red Ranger, Robin (Wayne), Sabretooth, Shang-Chi, Shredder, Sister Reinhardt

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Title Date Scene Summary
Tourney/Black Sky: There's No Time For Us October 24th, 2018 Elektra takes Matt to her dojo to say goodbye.
Tourney/Black Sky: Who Wants to Live Forever Anyway October 21st, 2018 Elektra takes lethal action to keep Black Sky out of the grip the Hand.
Tournament: There Can Only Be One October 20th, 2018 The Tournament culminates in one of the oddest battles yet. Robin, in a self-sacrificing move... WINS? How does that even work? (Because: Deadpool)
Tourney: My Red Suit Bro! October 20th, 2018 Deadpool and Wade discuss Spider-Man, cancer kids, and jobs. They bond. Kind of.
Tournament/Black Sky: The Sound of One Hand Clapping October 19th, 2018 Elektra confronts Stick about all she's learned, and reveals the fullness of her plans.
Tournament: Master and Student October 19th, 2018 Daredevil Once again encounters the Dragon. Murdock learns what he must do in order to fight at his best and find his own manner of peace....and he has a friend in Richard Dragon. They spar.
Tourney/Semi-Finals: Damian v. Karai October 17th, 2018 Tourney continues: Damian vs Karai

OOC Note: Karai emitted by Shredder

Tourney/Black Sky: Completely Off the Record October 16th, 2018 A gut feeling pays off, and Elektra gets Barbara Gordon (and some as yet unnamed friends!) on board to help decimate the Hand.
Tourney: In a controlled setting October 12th, 2018 Karai and Raphael face off in the tournament, and it's not a friendly fight.
Tourney: It's kinda like sex, but unarmed October 11th, 2018 Deadpool shares with Elektra some of his concerns about the tourney.
Tourney/Black Sky: An Old Master October 10th, 2018 Richard Dragon and Elektra share some quiet moments together, wherein they discuss the future.
Tournament/Black Sky: A Yelling, Island Edition October 9th, 2018 Claire and Matt have a therapeutic discussion about Matt's place in Elektra's plans.
Tourney/Black Sky: When Two Fists Meet October 9th, 2018 Two Fists meet upon a beach, and lament that there aren't better answers. They both walk away to face another day.
Tournament: a friendly spar October 8th, 2018 Red Ranger and Sabertooth spar, the fight ending with the elder showing youth isn't everything.
Tourney/Black Sky: Respecting an Elder October 8th, 2018 Shredder and Elektra meet in her private island dojo, and face off. She learns much, and earns respect. Plans continue to be set in motion.
Tournament: Caim VS the Black Ranger! October 5th, 2018 In a show of Martial Arts prowess, Caim and Adam Park (The Black Ranger) battle it out!
Tournament: The Blindman, the Assassin and the Dragon October 5th, 2018 Richard Dragon pays a call on two former students that didn't know they were /both/ former students.
Tourney: Paying Respects October 4th, 2018 A walk about the Tournament grounds leads to several interesting conversations, and more bittersweet sorrow.
Tournament: Shang-Chi vs. Sabretooth October 4th, 2018 Tourney: Shang-Chi vs Sabretooth
Tournament: Raphael vs Razorfist October 4th, 2018 Knife vs sai, monster vs freak. There can be, only one!
Tournament: Red Ranger VS Green Arrow! -FIGHT!- October 4th, 2018 The Cristmas Clash ends, with a surprising victory..
Tournament: Magical Fisting Powers October 4th, 2018 Tourney fight, Deadpool vs. Iron Fist.
Tourney/Black Sky: Old Friends October 2nd, 2018 Matt and Elektra end round one with a double concession of defeat; and begin their weekend together.
Tournament: Conversation and Training October 1st, 2018 Summary needed
Tourney: Welcome to Kairos September 30th, 2018 The combatants and guests of Elektra's Martial Arts Tourney are welcomed to Kairos Island.
BlackSky/Tourney: Respect Your Elders August 28th, 2018 Madame Cao pays Elektra a 'friendly' visit to make certain that the younger woman knows where she needs to stand. Elektra pitches the Tournament.. and ponders her very uncertain future.


Title Date Scene Summary
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