6525/City Fall: Kings and Ninjas

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City Fall: Kings and Ninjas
Date of Scene: 15 February 2019
Location: Restaurant in NYC
Synopsis: Shredder gives Fisk a coin, and an invite to help change the face of New York City's Power Structure.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Kingpin
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    The invite came from a young woman, maybe twenty years in age. Her name was Karai, and she approached him as he was getting in the car, and made it clear that she was not intimidated by body guards, despite her size. She didn't come to fight, though, but to deliver a small wax sealed letter.

    The Shredder invites you to speak at the China Garden at 10pm."

    Of course, the Shredder was thought to be dead until a few months ago, when he came back out of the shadows, and since that time, several mafia families have discussed their politics of joining the crimelord.

    The China Garden is a restaurant, nice by Hell's Kitchen Standards, and previously territory of the Hand before their recent removal from power by the Daredevil and Elektra. The cover restaurant continued to operate, however, as the Foot took control seamlessly, as if they had been in control all along.

Kingpin has posed:
Wilson Fisk treats the young lady with respect, despite not knowing her or what her intentions are. He addresses her in fluent Japnaese, with a faint accent, and thanks her for her time and effort in delivering the message. He even goes as far as offering her one of his bodyguards to her safely to wherever she is going. Once they part ways, Fisk gets into the car and his driver takes off.

At 9:58 PM, Fisk's car pulls up to the restaurant. The driver gets out and opens the door for Fisk, after which the large man gets out and walks into the restaurant. He is unaccompanied by body guards at this time, and the driver waits in the car until Fisk is done his business. After a quick glance around and responding to respectful nods from a handful of patrons, Fisk continues on and talks to the host. "I am Wilson Fisk." he simply says, expecting that to be enough informamtion for the host to know what to do.

Shredder has posed:
    "Of course," the host says, retreating his way back to the kitchen. A moment later he returns, and says respectfully with a bow. "Please, Mr. Fisk, follow me." The kitchen is not where he returns, but instead, takes Fisk back through the seating area, and to a private room. There are no body guards in this room, just the man himself, his steel armor the introduction to itself. The Shredder is relaxed, his face covered by the black Shizoku beneath the antique helmet. "Wilson Fisk," he says, not standing up. "The Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen." He unfolds his hands, and gestures casually to the seat across from him. "Would you care for anything to eat, or for a drink?" he asks. "I am pleased that you have come."

Kingpin has posed:
Wilson Fisk follows the host into the private room and when he sees you sitting there he openly shows surprise on his otherwise stern and measured features. "Well well." he says, tilting his head to size you up, perhaps a bit difficult with your sitting down. Then he holds up his hand before resting it back on the cane he put between his feet. "Please don't trouble yourself, sir." He does take the invitation to sit down and lowers his weight onto the indicated chair, sitting up straight and resting the cane across his thighs. "Out of all the things I was expecting today, sitting down with the Shredder was not one of them." He seems amused and curious at the same time. "I do hope your lovely granddaughter made it home safely. I offered her one of my bodyguards, but she politely declined."

Shredder has posed:
    "Yes, she values her independence, always looking to express herself as worthy of being chuunin. I do not fear her ability to defend herself." He continues the relaxed, unconcerned posture of someone who might even not be expected to be a fighter if not for his reputation.
    "You have made well in your city," he says. "I understand that you have a few individuals that have been buzzing about your enterprise, annoyances like flies, but outside of that, you have met with a great deal of success in a very hostile market." He gestures vaguely to indicate the world outside the restaurant. "Not many people impress me in this way."

Kingpin has posed:
Fisk listens to your words carefully and when you are done, he takes his time to reply. Then he calmly says, "If I did not know any better, I would think you are trying to flatter me." He holds up his hand as if to indicate he's not done talking yet, and he quickly continues, "I do alright for myself. It takes time and effort to run a spices and herb importing business." There is an obvious joking tone to the latter part of his statement. "Likewise, I am impressed by your ability to, well, let's be blunt. Your ability to not be dead. But we're not here to blow smoke up eachother's asses, Shredder. You did not invite me for pleasantries. What are you up to, and what do you want from me?" The bluntness is obvious, but it's also an open invitation to be just as direct in return. Fisk is not known to mince words when it comes to business, especially the kind of business that takes place in the darker hours of the day.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder doesn't chuckle at the joke, but then, he's never been known to have much of a sense of humor. "No, I did not ask you here flatter you. I've assessed your abilities, and I find them useful. We live in an age where we find ourselves in opposition against powerful enemies. Aliens, mutants, cyborgs, and the like. America currently stands as a superpower on the world stage, but its ability to manage it's own politics is decrepit. I am planning to use this, and I plan to start in the most noteworthy city of the nation. This one. The local government is corruptable, as you are no doubt well aware.

    The Shredder leans forward almost imperceptibly. "You have undoubtedly heard of the cooperation I have gained from several organizations. Some of them would fight each other if not for my hand over them. Together, I have created an entity able to control the direction of the government. Your connections and cooperation would be most beneficial to finish that picture."

    Of course, the rumor mill would reveal that the Foot is not only performing this in New York City, but a number of other cities as well, including the nearby city of Gotham.

Kingpin has posed:
Wilson Fisk considers your words carefully and moves his hand off his lap to place it between his knees, resting his hands on top of it. "I will certainly not oppose your plans, Shredder. If I understand your proposal as you have intended it, you are offering a partnership between yourself and me. Our resources bundled for the protection of the city and the nation itself, and of course the fine people that live all around us. How could I refuse? As they say, together we might live, divided we must fall. I will look forward to more details of your plans. THey sound interesting, to say the least. I already own a few dozen of New York's finest, I could certainly be persuaded to branch out into the government as well." Of course you are well aware that Fisk already controls a good chunk of government, without which he could not have possibly built his empire to the size it is now.

Shredder has posed:
    "Partnership," Shredder considers the word, as if it was not the one he would have chosen, and is weighing its application. He folds his hands again. "When this is done, I will need someone who will desire to be the authority in New York City. You are not reckless, and you are ruthless enough to deal with threats as they appear." He says it as if there is a counterpoint hanging in the air.

    "The mutants of this city," he says, "they provide the key to turn this endeavour into a global effort. I mean to rule this world," he says, without a hint of reservation. "Know that I will not share that rule, but I cannot command all places at once. I will need capable people who will be competent when left to their own devices."

Kingpin has posed:
Wilson Fisk nods at you and says, "Then we understand eachother perfectly." he simply says, acknowledging your offer and your intentions. Then he rises and says in fluent Japanese, "Thank you for your time, Shredder. Tonight was very enlightening. We will see eachother soon to discuss our next step." Instead of extending his hand, he inclines his head in a faint bow.

Shredder has posed:
    At this, Shredder also stands, and returnes a likewise faint bow. "Good, Mr. Fisk," he says, pulling a gold coin from his sash. "If you have contention with any other within the forces that I have assembled, this is your authority." It has the emblem of the Foot on it, and appears to actually be made of solid gold. Probably worth a good $3,000. He unceremoniously tosses it in the larger man's direction. While Shredder is tall for a Japanese man, he's not nearly the size of Fisk.