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Wilson Fisk (Scenesys ID: 356)
"It's only a matter of waiting beside a river long enough for the bodies of your enemies to float by, neh?" -James Clavell, _Shogun_
Full Name: Wilson Grant Fisk
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (VPC)
Occupation: Corporate CEO and Crime Lord
Citizenship: USA
Residence: New York City
Education: Self-Educated
Status: Dropped
Groups: Defenders, Hench, Spider-Verse, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 45 Actual Age: 45
Date of Birth 30 June 1981 Actor: Vincent D'Onofrio
Height: 201 cm Weight: 204 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3 (Chosen One Mix)


By the light of day, Wilson Fisk is a man of innumerable resources who engages in any myriad of industries, though is heavily invested in construction and other industries. However, those closer to Fisk's inner circle know that he has a heavy hand in the organized crime of New York, specifically Hell's Kitchen. His two faces are as yet not known, but one wonders how long he can operate in the light of day as one person while controlling the shadows as another.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Wilson Fisk is an enormous man. 6'8" and over 400lbs, he is built like a "brick house". He might be overweight but he is not rotund, instead taking a rather compact appearance. Blue eyes are set into a stern face, his head shaved completely bald without actually being polished. Fisk is somewhere in his early forties but carries himself like someone both younger and older. Wiser. Utterly confident. He is nearly always seen wearing a perfectly tailored several thousand dollar suit, usually in blue.


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Kingpin was an impoverished child, overweight and unliked. His father abused both him and his mother, which is why he committed his first murder at age 12- his dad. He'd attacked Wilson's mother; this was never to be tolerated in anyone. After this Fisk took up bodybuilding and fanatic training in physical combat. he became involved in the criminal underworld and began studying on his own in order to improve himself.

Though just a 'thug' at first Fisk eventually became close with his benefactor, a mob boss, and took over for him when he died. Soon Fisk became known as a 'kingpin' of crime in New York City. His fondness for politics and strategy and careful investment of funds to make himself above the law and also legitimate is the envy of many of his fellows.

Wilson Fisk is untouchable and right now he is trying to consolidate his hold on New York City. At his heart he truly loves the city and he can fix it if he can ever rule it for himself.


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Wilson Fisk is a man of tremendous conviction. He is determined and philosophical, seeing through everything he undertakes with a careful and pervasive perfectionism which has managed to make him one of the wealthiest and most successful men to have ever lived. He is soft spoken but full of gravitas right to the moment where he loses his temper and his voice is like a roar. Cold and calculating Wilson, when pushed far enough, explodes with the rage he's been so carefully restraining. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him but also exacting. Ultimately he is trying to help his community- by shaping it to the image he wants, at whatever cost. If everyone listened to him the world would be fine.


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While Wilson Fisk has no superhuman abiities he is as strong and durable as it is possible for a man of his size to be- and he is very large. His stamina is also at the pinnacle of human ability. Despite his raw bulk Wilson also possesses remarkable agility and dexterity.

Fisk has an intensely strong personal willpower. He has resisted psychic attacks from extremely powerful telepaths through sheer tenacity and is impossible to intimidate normally.


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Fisk misses very few details, either in his surroundings or in people. Hidden guns and armour, subtle aggression, moving shadows. He is always watching and is difficult to ambush even in his sleep.

Wilson Fisk has studied combat in all its forms, including a solid degree of marksmanship. His particular focus is unarmed combat, however, where he started with martial arts like Krav Maga and moved to fighting styles that would use his strength including, eventually, a fascination with Sumo. He has held his own in fights against superheroes, even those with supernatural strength and reflexes. His bulk protects him from knife wounds and blunt trauma, and Fisk has defeated eight master martial artists in less than a minute by himself.

Fisk has studied Economics, War, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, History, and Linguistics. He is extremely well-educated in most subjects and further speaks quite a few languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and others- particularly those common among criminals.

Kingpin has planned out and executed a series of business and logistics moves that took him from nothing to being the head of the largest mob family in New York City. From there he's taken the business world by storm as well. He is a brilliant tactician and strategist whose work is utterly meticulous. He leaves nothing to chance and his contingency plans have contingency plans.


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Wilson Fisk has an impressive array of weapons and vehicles for his henchmen to use or to use himself. Often moderately hi-tech, always effective. He's great at being prepared by unveiling some sort of new weapon.

If you have a weakness money can buy or that can be found the world over then chances are Fisk can get it. He can acquire a small piece of kryptonite or that rare piece of wood from the old country that turns you into mush. Whatever it is, he has an uncanny ability for finding such things to stick into his plans. Usually, he already dug it up as a contingency. He is powerless before many of his enemies, after all. (With player permission. This obvious doesn't apply to strange weaknesses that require mystical access or other unusual hoops. He can fly to Transylvania for the stake that killed Dracula, though.)

Wilson Fisk has numerous supervillains and assassins in his books and pays quite handsomely for their assistance with various matters. He could, if need be, put together quite the supervillain team to defend his enterprises.

Fisk has a walking stick he sometimes carries which makes an extremely effective club being far heavier and more durable than it appears due to the metal core beneath its wood facade. His diamond stickpin contains a highly compressed knockout gas used as a last resort.

Fisk's suits are actually some of the finest body armour ever made, well concealed, to the limits possible within a padded suit. His watch is also bulletproof and can be used to send encrypted signals via radio, satellite, etc. to his minions or even summon his armoured car. He also has access to a huge variety of weapons, up to and including laser weaponry, explosives (with appropriate experts), and vehicles.

Fisk has a very large number of almost fanatically loyal scientists, thugs, lawyers, and other sorts of criminals in his employ. They work due to dedication, fear, or both. It's hard to find people willing to betray a man who makes them rich if they make a good effort at obeying and will destroy them utterly if they step out of line.

Fisk is known to be honourable, following through on his various deals even in his criminal enterprises. He is also extremely brutal, giving him an edge through fear. He pays well and does not renege; in the business world he's respected as a financial strategist beyond compare.

Kingpin runs the largest organized crime syndicate on the entire east coast of the USA, centered around the Italian Mafia in New York City but with its fingers in most of the criminal enterprise on the coast, and nearly all of it in New York City. He also owns numerous legitimate businesses and is a well-respected businessman. He's carefully invested ill-gotten gains to make them legitimate and his teams of lawyers have made sure he is bulletproof. Nothing connects the businessman to the criminal mastermind directly yet they are utterly intertwined. The only loose ends are people and they are very well paid not to talk.


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Wilson Fisk's one true love and his biggest blindspot. Vanessa, his wife of 21 years, knows of Fisk's empire and business practices and is completely on board with them. Threats to her are likely to throw the Kingpin into a rage and he will gladly go to great lengths to please her. Even jokes about Vanessa can set him off. They have a grown son, Richard, who is unaware of his father's criminal dealings.

NYC is Fisk's pride and one of his greatest loves. He is trying to save the city by controlling it. It is the bastion of his power and one of his greatest weaknesses. The city needs to be protected and evolved.

Fisk's Empire is the efforts of many hundreds of people. He cannot maintain it alone though he might come close were he to try. Those people who actually know the truth could undo much of his work with a few words. Numerous safeguards are in place but those can always fail.

Though it does much for managing his businesses and criminal empire Fisk scares his associates and friends to death as well as his enemies. If anyone is likely to turn on Fisk it is when their fear to be near him overwhelms their fear of his reprisal for their leaving.

While giving the impression of man who is under careful control and strictly business the Kingpin can and will decide to change that on a moment's notice. His is the sort of anger where he will go from calm to breaking your skull in an instant, as some of his former business partners have learned.


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