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Dragon Bar Brawl
Date of Scene: 31 May 2019
Location: Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York
Synopsis: A bar was demolished, Arnold the Hun gets to spend a night in jail, and another Coin has wound up in hands that the Foot don't want them in.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Woman (Stacy), Shredder, Wasp (Pym), Shadow
Tinyplot: City Fall

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Ninjas and Criminals.

Something has been really not good in this town for some time now when it comes to Criminals and the Law.

Nab a bad guy, wrap them up like a present, give them to the cops right?

Use to be that they actually were prosecuted and not just cut loose.

Use to be.

Gwen is getting frustrated even though she has been filled in with what is going on. She hasn't stopped... stopping crime.. even if it doesn't seem to stick as good as her webs do. She may have actually tweaked the formula so it is extra annoying for the criminals on a sticky factor just because of this. Petty but it made her feel a bit better.

Right now she is following from above a couple of gang members she had dead to right leaving a local police station. She wants to have a word with their bosses or whoever they are taking orders from these days.

Even if that means kicking down a door she probably shouldn't alone.

Shredder has posed:
    Purple Dragons. Link and Roger were their names, and they were just heading to Harold's Bar, one of the popular locations for their gang. They run it, even if not in name. Nobody goes in there except the Purple Dragons, but they buy enough booze the owner doesn't complain. They step off the street and into the dimly lit, and oddly sky blue walls, making something of a bizarre contrast. As if the bar was intended to be a deli, but was repurposed.

    "We're back! Got a couple of jobs while we were down at the station, too. One of the new cops wanted to look good, needs someone off the game that he can catch and turn in, said he'd give us $500 to scrounge someone up."

    The Hun, that mountain of a man, sits at a chair, seeming oversized, like an adult sitting at a children's table. "That's small potatoes, Link," Hun says, "But if you wanna do it, go for it. Adders think they can fly solo still, probably help him pick up one of them."

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
With all the fancy schools in this part of the city you might expect that, for a girl Nadia's age, she'd either be in this part of town to learn or at the very least check out a potential school. And today at least you'd be wrong because Nadia Pym is here to hit the museum mile. Which is at least on the touristy side of the academic.

Of course she didn't actually plan out which museums she'd be visiting or bring a map for that matter. While her cellphone sits at home acting as a paperweight to a big stack of theoretical physics papers she was up all night reading. Oops!

Still she's full of the confidence of youth and as such has no issues with taking a short cut down various alleyways. At least so long as she's sure there isn't a Russian hit team waiting for her. Thankfully, if unbeknownst to Nadia, the Russian hit team is lurking outside her house trying to track her by the movement of her cellphone.

Shadow has posed:
    Unbeknownst to Gwen, the Ghost Spider is not the only one who has had eyes on this particular place. The Shadow has been observing this bar for a while already, as another link in the chain that's slowly tightening around the throat of the Tri-state Area... And she's on her way to extract some answers...

    About a block away, a nondescript cab slows down briefly as if the driver is looking for fare -- and no one pays enough attention to notice the back door slamming shut, or the shadow flitting out of the lamp-light and into the alleyway behind the bar...

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Okay that definitely looks like the right place. It helps that there is another Purple Dragon loitering out front of Harold's Bar.

Poor Waxer with his backwards baseball cap and obvious Purple Dragon gang colors and prominent symbol on the front of his jacket.

Gwen shifts her momentum on a web swing and manages to stay right on target and land moving pretty fast next to Waxer, whom she plucks off his feet even as she is slamming her way through the door.

To Natasha watching the known Gang Establishment as she heads to the alley (and maybe Nadia walking by) there is a pretty fast moving white, pink, and black hooded figure who just dropped out of the sky and did something rash.

How rash one wonders?

Well Gwen actually tosses poor Waxer up and then webs him to the ceiling even as she stops into the bar, letting the door slam off it's door stop and close loudly behind her.

"I am damned tired of you criminals doing .. .. .. Crime and just walking for it all the time. You are going to give me the person your working for in the Foot and do it now or I am going to so help me jebus web you to the A-Train!"

Which is about when Gwen spots Hun and those white eyespots on the mask go wider, okay that Purple Dragon is HUGE. "Someone has been eating his wheaties..."

Shredder has posed:
    The whole room turns to look at the intrusion, all of them surprised. Except Hun, he simply looks up, unconcerned.

    "Link, you idiot, you are lettin' one of the spider kids follow you here? She's wearing white, you dolt, you'd think you could notice that." He lets up a sigh, and stands up, and then picks up his chair in one hand.

    "Look, kid," he says, "You don't wanna be in here. Assault is a crime, y'know, and we might have to call the cops. So how about you let poor Waxer down, and we won't call the boys in blue out here to have you arrested."

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Hey excuse me Mister do you know the..." Nadia manages to just start to call out a request for directions when a familiar costumed superhero grabs the stranger and barges into a rather unsavory looking drinking establishment. "Way to the Guggenheim.. Oh."

She pats herself down, in search of her phone with which to call for the police, and finds nothing. "Police? Avengers? Any passing superheroes?" She asks what she presumes is an empty street. She doesn't wait for a reply before flashing a grin and adding "No? Well I guess I'll just have to help."

So still in her street clothes (jeans and a t-shirt with a bunch of cartoon kittens playing with some yarn) she moves up to the door, then pushes it ajar so she can get an idea what's going on inside before committing herself to a risky fight.

Shadow has posed:
    The chuckling at Hun's response to Gwen's challenge is perhaps not unexpected -- which is why none of the Dragons realize that there are more chuckles than there are people chuckling until one of them escalates to a sinister laugh...

    "Heh. Heh heh heh... HA HA HA HA HA HA... Oh, Arnold. That Coin in your pocket is making you bold. Bold and stupid. It might protect you from the cops - for /now/ - but do you really think any of them will lift a finger to save you? Did you really think no one would realize what you were up to? That no one would KNOW?"

    The laughter echoes off the walls as shadows start moving of their own accord. "The lady asked you a question, Arnold. It would be rude not to answer..."

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
"Hey I am sneaky. Ghost Spider, not Obviously Following You Spider. Give me some credit." Ghost Spider snap points at Hun and his hefting of the chair one handed like that. "Also .. Waxer.. well he is pretty much stuck there until someone manages to pry him down, the tiles give way, or the webs disinigrate and he falls on his face. Actually two of three involve him falling oon his face." which is actually factually helpful.

"And honestly I'd laugh and say the cops would never believe a bunch of obvious gang members over a Super Hero... but we both know the problem with the cops right now and god don't get me started about the Bugle." pauses "Actually lets mention the Bugle. I'm a menace remember like Spiderman. I won't be here when the cops arrive."

"So Talk Godzilla. The Foot contacts name and location. Now."

Then she twips with both hands and webs the phone on the end of the bar, as well one enterprising gang members hand and cellphone.. to the jukebox of all things. "Oh hey a jukebox... we should put on some music for this fight!"

Focus Gwen. Thank Jebus for Spider Sense. Well I mean it is going off but it is really the Dragons, not all those shadows.

"I ... okay I am not doing this crazy shadow stuff. Not me. That said ... I guess you might be an Arnold.. or ..well whatever. What the shadows said! Now." roll with it Gwen. Also what coin is the shadow talking about?

Shredder has posed:
    Hun frowns, hearing the laughing voice. While some of the other gang members seem intimidated, Hun does not. "The name's HUN," he declares."

    "Who's that? He knows your name?" Link asks, looking around.

    "Some joker that think's he's clever because he can crack into police files," Hun answers. "Doesn't matter. Your pal with the voicebox isn't going to scare me," he says. "We know whose team they're on, and we know whose team we're on, so let's have at this." He flings the chair in hand at Ghost Spider.

    "Hun! What've I told you about wreckin' my bar?" yells out the older man behind the bar.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
A fight? And mysterious talking shadows? And something about feet? Ew.

Well, two out of three seem like interesting enough reasons to draw Nadia's attention. So she gives the door enough of a shove to slip inside, incredibly pleased she's wearing the armoured undersuit of her costume under her clothing (because it's cheaper to put on layers than it is to infuse every pair of pants she owns with pym particles!), and heads into the bar.

Keeping low to try avoid being seen she snatches up an empty glass from a nearby table. Right as a chair starts to sail through the air and a fight breaks out in earnest.

Shadow has posed:
    "Oh, I beg to differ, Arnold..." comes the mocking reply as one Dragon who was about to get up finds himself grabbed by the collar by a blurry, half-visible hand and thrown bodily into two others. "And I don't need to the police files to KNOW what you've done. All I have to do is look at you and see every one of your sins crawling over your skin like maggots on a rotting corpse..."

    Another Dragon who was just sliding out a switchblade finds a hand clamped around his wrist like a vise, and he lets the knife drop to the floor with a scream of pain that's cut short when a fist slams into his face and knocks him out cold.

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Gwen was figuring the chair was going to be coming straight at her head sometime soon really. It isn't hard with her reflexes to catch it, and thank goodness for super strength and being 'sticky' because she almost loses it. "Wow... I mean why crime when you could have played professional ball.. I am serious.. pick your sportsball.. well probably football.. but come on..." she sets the chair down. "Also don't break his bar Arnold before we break your faces."

Honestly Ghost Spider is doing everything she can to just shake information out of these Purple Dragons but if Super Heros and Talking Shadows doesn't shake them, what will it take.

She isn't actually going to torture anyone after all.

She does suddenly go low and sweep the legs out of the next nearest dragon moving fast and web him to the floor.

Spotting Nadia her eyespots go wide again and she pivots and faces Hun walking up towards him directly now, distraction, "Tick tock Arnold.. I think the Shadows are more violent then I am..."

Shredder has posed:
    Link lunges forward, producing a pair of brass knuckles from his pocket as he does. He takes a swing at Ghost Spider, as two more join in. The man behind the bar holds his phone. "Yeah, costume, came in tryin' to shake down people, and some other guy is around here doin' something creepy too, and...Hey kid! This is a bar, you get outta here!" he announces to Nadia. Hun turns around as another one of his boys finds himself attacked by the unseen.

    "Very poetic, you say that like it's supposed to intimidate me. He scans the incoming shadow, and then with one hand grips the table he had been sitting at, and flings it in the direction of the Shadow.

    "Hun, cops are on their way, stop wreckin' my place already." The bartender chastises. As if on cue, a distant siren can be heard. Amazing how fast they respond when a a bar full of thugs are the ones who are calling for help. Probably just one car, but it's still rather timely.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Don't worry honest citizen," Nadia shouts out, tossing the glass she's holding up in the air. "I'm also a super hero!" And at that she seems to almost blink out of existance. Leaving a t-shirt and jeans to fall to the floor as a tiny insect sized Nadia leaps through the air. Her reduced size allowing her to jump clear across the room, catching the glass out of the sky, and slamming it into the back of one of the thugs heads.

"Oh hey Ghost Spider! It's nice seeing you again. We stopped an armoured car robbery that time, remember?"

Shadow has posed:
    The problem with throwing objects at people you can't see is that you tend to miss, and Link probably won't appreciate the table slamming into his back when he regains consciousness. If the Hun feels any guilt or dismay at the result, he's not showing it, instead whirling to take a swing at where he thinks the mocking laughter is coming from.

    "Hun! Knock it /off/! Cops will be here any minute!" the guy behind the bar yells again, but it's becoming clear that Arnold is no longer in a listening mood as a thrown chair again fails to hit the Shadow but instead shatters half the bottles behind the bar...

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Son Of A Bitch.

"Come on!" she yells at the Old Man behind the bar.

"Stupid corrupt cops. Stupid Dragons. Stupid Evil Bar Owner." Ghost Spider mutters as grabs Link when he swings at her by the arm and throws him, really hard into one of the advancing Purple Dragons.

It is a satisfying crash as they demolish their way through some tables before ending up in a heap of splinters. Someone may have a trip to the emergency room from that throw but Gwen is losing her temper a bit.

She will feel super bad later though.

"Uh.. Wasp... I remember... we should probably not be here when the stupid cop gets here... I don't feel like dealing with headlines of SpiderMan's Sidekick or some bullshit assaulted a police officer today."

Gosh Gwen is pissed.

The second dragon coming at her gets a faceful of webbing and a kick right to the gut to send him flying. "Stupid Dragons." as she backs towards the door.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"No! I'm not actually the Wasp. But I /did/ meet her and she's.. I guess a bit like a mentor but anyway it's not very important right now," Nadia replies brightly. Leaping from one of the thugs to the next, crossing the room with bounding leaps, then delivering a tiny yet remarkably mighty punch to a pressure point. "You can call me Nadia."

"And won't the police be here to arrest these criminals? They /are/ criminals right? I hope I haven't just hit a normal bar patron for no reason...."

Shadow has posed:
    "Oh, it's nowhere near that simple anymore," comes that mocking voice just as Arnold shatters a chair against a pillar -- the bar is rapidly running out of portable furniture.

    "The police have been bought -- and I was hoping one of these thugs could lead me to who paid their Coin..."

    Arnold suddenly staggers, stumbling off balance as if taking a kick in his side. "Ghost Spider. Check the pockets of those you followed in here. At least one of them should be carrying a gold coin. Don't touch it with skin, but the Avengers need to Know about it, and what it entails. But for now we should leave..."

Spider-Woman (Stacy) has posed:
Does the Shadows assume she is an Avenger. That could be cool.

"What the Shadows said..." she flicks her wrist and THWIPS Link from over in the rubble of the table she threw him into and yanking him to her. Maybe a bit of whiplash.

The pockets get searched as she quickly backs out the door, then she tosses him back in.

Spinning around she ducks any other thrown objects by Hun and thwips a line up to a roof nearby and yanks swinging herself up and onto it.

Getting clear before the cops, though she does pause on the roof in case people want to regroup.

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
Of course it's all well and good punching a couple of goons, but it's the boss doing all the damage (even if he does seem to be getting a lesson in unconventional shadow boxing). So Nadia leaps and bounds her way across the room, landing on the big mans shoulder. "It's funny but no matter how big and bulky a person gets it doesn't take much force to knock them out. If you know where to hit," she opines with a hint of a Russian accent, as she repeatedly begins punching tiny fists into poor Arnolds (aka Hun) carotid artery. "Nighty night!"

It might not drop the poor brute, but he'll probably be very very dizzy as a result. Besides it'll distract him from whatever the mystery shadow is upto.

"If you need to contact an Avenger I think I can help," she offers, leaping back off Hun and retreating to where she left her outer layer of clothing. "Even if it means I'll probably get told off for crime fighting... again."

Shadow has posed:
    Arnold scrabbles at his neck when he feels Nadia's punches, but his swings have become more and more erratic; they don't even come close -- and then the door to outside opens behind him. "{This is true, Tiny One,}" the Shadow replies in fluent Russian. "{But now is time for good girls to be running home, da?}"

    Nadia - and Arnold - can briefly see a tall figure in a cloak and hat outlined against the streetlights from outside -- as well as the lamps from the approaching cop car. The figure throws a mocking salute at Arnold, who roars and throws a table in the other direction -- which passes through the vanishing figure, through the bar window behind it... And into the cop car's hood.

    Coin or no coin, Arnold "The Hun" Jones is going to have some problems explaining himself, as mocking laughter fades into the night leaving no sign that the Shadow was ever there...

Wasp (Pym) has posed:
"Uh-oh, someone's in trouble!" Nadia giggles into Arnolds ear before leaping away.

The police, as they storm in, might be mildly confused by the sight of a rolled up T-shirt and jeans making an exit out the front door. Nadia herself almost totally obscured by the garments, then once she's out she glances around to look for a discreet spot to get re-dressed. Climbing her way to an unoccupied rooftop she mutters to herself "I'll have to start bringing spare clothes along when I leave the house."