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Xiomara Batista (Scenesys ID: 9712)
Full Name: Xiomara Batista
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Xavier's School, Westchester, NY
Education: In High School
Status: Shelved
Groups: New Mutants
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 15 August 2012 Actor: Liz Dela
Height: 155 cm (5'1") Weight: 46 kg (101 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee


Xiomara Batista is a young mutant with a fiery temper and a bit of a problem with authority. She started running with a gang at a young age and has landed herself in the legal system. A deal was struck for her to be rehabilitated from her ways, which will lead to her record being expunged. If she can keep out of trouble...

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This young woman is petite, standing at just 5'1". Her darker skin tone makes it difficult to tell her heritage, since she could be Hispanic or African American depending on viewer's interpretation. Her hair is black, falling to her upper back in a riot of wavy curls that again shows a mixture of textures. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost black. Her body is shapely, curvy with wider hips and strong thighs. She tends to wear street clothes, nothing too fancy.


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Her father was Puerto Rican, having come to the US when he was in his teens, working as a mechanic. Her mother as an African American woman out of the real Harlem in NYC, working at various jobs to help pay the bills through her life. Their relationship led to some problems for them, but they have stuck together through it all. They have only one child who they named Xiomara, which means fierce warrior. They knew she would need to be with all the prejudice in the world. Born in Spanish Harlem in NYC, that is where Xiomara has spent her entire life. It is one of the less lovely areas of the city, filled with violence and crime. Drugs and gangs run rampant.

Her early life was good, her parents protecting her as much as they could from the darkness of the world. Yet, in time, her friends were getting more and more into those very things her parents tried to keep her safe from. And since they were her friends, Xiomara followed along.

By the age of 12, she was a member of Los Muertos, a smaller gang out of Spanish Harlem. They had based themselves off characters from a video game, even going so far as to utilizing UV tattoo techniques to be able to identify a member under a black light, while being able to hide their gang markings from a distance should the cops come looking. At such a young age, to her it wasn't so much a violent choice as just spending time with people her age and covering each other's backs. In time, she learned it was more but by then, she was much deeper.

She was fourteen when she learned she was a mutant. She was chilling on a corner with some of her gang friends. A rival gang came through on a drive by and fired weapons. She threw up her hands, as though that was going to do any good to stop bullets. Yet, it did. Somehow she had created a glowing shield in front of them which took the impact of all the bullets. The other gang members drove away quickly but no one was hurt in her group.

This led to the higher ups in the gang to realize she had potential to do more. She was groomed, guided through the ranks even more, used to help during bigger crimes. Unfortunately, the last one they tried failed. She was sent into a bank to try to rob it and anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. She found herself in Juvie awaiting trial and refusing to snitch on anyone who had been with her but gotten away. The story of the young mutant arrested for trying to rob a bank did hit a couple of local sections in the newspaper and on their websites, but it was buried way down in the stories. Yet, sometimes people find things like that and open doors for those caught in bad situations. And that is where her story begins.


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Xiomara is larger than life. She is loud and likes to be the center of attention. She enjoys life and having fun. Wanting to do what she wants when she wants has gotten her into trouble in the past, and likely the future. She's stubborn to a fault. She isn't a generally mean person, though she has done some bad things in her life. She won't shirk away from violence if a situation calls for it. She isn't going to back down from a fight and, more likely, will need to be dragged away from one.


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Xio's shields absorb the energy that is directed against them. An energy blast will disappear, taken into the glowing shield. That energy is altered and drawn into Xio. She gains no benefits from it other than it helps energize her a little, allowing her to continue to fight longer than she might have but not to any extremes.

The main thing do with this energy is direct it out to another person in a form of energy that matches their own power signature. This would need to be something that she would be able to absorb (she won't be boosting telepathy for a mind blast), but has to be given to a person different from the one who provided the energy in the first place. For example, if she were to absorb an energy blast into her shield from Sunfire, she could then channel the energy through herself and give the energy to Cyclops or Colossus to boost their energy output, be it optic blast or kinetic in the form of a punch. This boost can be very small or up to doubling the power of her target, but only for a single shot. Then the extra power is depleted, and they are back to normal levels. Most of the time, it will be small boosts to power, just a little extra something.

She can be used as a battery of sorts when fighting with others though. If she had someone like Thor fighting at her side, he could give a regular lightning strike to her shield. She could take that strike, convert it, and channel it to Hulk giving him double his normal levels of kinetic force for a single Super Hulk punch.

To channel energy to another person, she has to use her hand to focus the energy to them. So, she would lose her ability to create a second shield if she is channeling power from one shield and directing that power to a third party. She also cannot channel a person's energy back to themselves. It has to be altered as it is channeled through Xio to match a different person. It can go to a person with the same sort of powers, say the lightning strike from Thor could be channeled through her to Storm to boost Storm's lightning strike. She just couldn't channel a blast from Thor back to Thor to help boost his own powers.


Xio is able to create shields that absorb energy. This can be most any type that would have a physical effect, including kinetic. This can include something like a telekinetic attack that is physical in nature, but does not work on things like mental attacks through telepathy. It has to have a physical manifestation of some sort. She can block up to 40 tons of physical force at this time or an energy blast of about the level of a single lightning bolt. An optic blast from Cyclops on a mid to low setting could be blocked, his high levels could not and would destroy the shield. A blow from Hulk at normal levels, she could take probably one hit on the shield and the shield remain. A second hit and it's going down. An enraged Hulk? No chance of blocking and most certainly will overload her to the point she will pass out (see Weakness Feedback). Basic lightning bolt, first blast will be okay and absorbed. Second and the shield will be going down.

The shield can be up to fifty feet by twenty feet and extended up to fifty feet in front of her location, though she usually does it much closer. She does not know how to create a shield that is not a simple wall at this time, though she will learn more as she practices with her powers. She also can only create a shield if she uses her hand to focus her power. Thus, she can create two shields at the same time, one with each hand. The shield can be moved as she moves her hand, in any direction.

Xio is not limited on how many shields she can make but she is limited on what she can do with the energy it absorbs. Normally, it will just be absorbed and dissipate into nothing. If it is a large enough blast/strike, she can channel that energy (see Ability Channeling). But she can only absorb the energy from a single hit. So, if someone hits the shield with repeated blasts, only the power from the last blast they fire will be able to be channeled to another person. It is not cumulative and collecting all the prior hits.


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Xio's father is Puerto Rican and her mother American. Thus, she can speak, read and write in both Spanish and English fluently. She can sometimes figure out languages that share a structure with Spanish but it will be hit and miss.

Violence is no stranger to Xio. She ran with a gang and learned how to hold her own there, despite her petite size. She is not a martial artist but street fighting using boxing and grappling techniques is something he does very well. She could take on two street level opponents at a time. The average martial artist on the street would even be someone she could do a good showing against. Anything above that and she'll do her best to at least bloody them before she gets taken out of the fight.

Xio has been exposed to cars her entire life. Her Dad would take her out of the city to the countryside and let her learn to drive at an early age. Throw in like 20 Fast and Furious movies and she had aspirations. Once she started running with her gang and car theft was added to her skill set, she joined the street races that would happen around NYC. She is an excellent driver, able to handle a car at extreme speeds. She prefers a manual transmission when given the chance at one, particularly for racing. She would be on par with a police officer in her ability to handle a car at high speeds and in extreme conditions.

Free Running:
Being a wild child on the streets as often as she could, Xio was introduced to free running by some of her friends. It is a way she uses to stay in shape while challenging herself in getting from point A to point B in the fastest amount of time, no matter the obstructions in the way. She isn't scared of heights and knows what she can and can't do. She is highly skilled in acrobatics, with many years of practice incorporating it into her free running techniques.

Having a father as a mechanic, Xio spent a lot of time working on cars at his side. She is an expert mechanic, able to work on the more modern cars and those that are antiques. She has a lot of knowledge and could work as a mechanic in a garage or working somewhere restoring vehicles once she is older. For now, it is a thing she enjoys doing for fun.

Street Smarts:
Xio has been running the streets for about four years now, in a neighborhood fraught with all crime. She has a lot of knowledge of the movers and shakers in Spanish Harlem in NYC. She knows how to read people, how to pick out a mark for a scam, how to run a hustle. She also knows how to use weapons in a fight and is comfortable with guns. She knows how to social engineer a situation in order to take full on advantage of her target. She has excellent geographic knowledge of that area of NYC. She knows hot to plan out a theft or burglary, steal cars, rob stores in ways she avoids her face ending up on camera, mugging people in alleys and so forth. Basically, gang level street crime was a thing she was involved in, though she avoided dealing drugs. She knows how the networking on that function, she just didn't sell herself.

Tattoo Artist:

Not a professional but Xio is an excellent artist. She knows how to using pencils, inks, spray paint, oils, etc. Thanks to her time in her gang, she has been exposed to tattooing on a new level, including UV inks and techniques involving those. She has been exposed to and used professional equipment, but she also knows jailhouse techniques and the like. She could get a job as an artist once she is old enough. She would be considered a journeyman level.


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Although she is not to have anything to do with them anymore, Xio is still a member of Los Muertos. This is a smaller Latin gang based out of Spanish Harlem in NYC. Many of the members are her friends and she might be able to get help or information from them. She just has to be sure that she doesn't get caught doing so, since it would violate the terms of her legal deal.

Xio has two parents who take care of her financial needs. She gets a monthly allowance for things she might need while at school, though this is nothing extravagent. While she has been a very rebellious teen, she does love her parents and relies on them.

Xavier's School:

Xio is a student at Xavier's School, not by her own choice. As such, she has the school resources to fall back on. She can use their training facilities, gets an education, while being rehabilitated from her former life. It also gives her three hots and a cot so she can't complain too much.


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Her shields can only take so much damage before they will collapse. If the blast or physical attack on the shield is sufficiently powerful, it can cause her physical pain. If it is something that hits hard enough for the shield to collapse immediately, she will pass out from the psionic feedback. (See Abilities for power limitations.)

Gang Affiliation:
Xio is a member of Los Muertos, a Latin gang based in Spanish Harlem in NYC. It is a smaller gang but that makes it no less dangerous. She is a member of the gang, in good standing, and sees them as her friends. This can lead to putting those around her in danger at times, if there is someone who is an enemy to their gang. Additionally, the gang use UV light tattoos to mark their dedication, which also are helpful for intimidation and creep factor when necessary. She has these types of tattoos, which mark her as a member as well. While they are not visible under normal light, under a black light they glow neon.

Hand Motions:
At this point, Xio is unable to use her powers without using her hands. So, she can only do two things at a time. It might be two shields, or she might be able to make one shield and channel energy to one of her teammates with the other. If her hands are bound in handcuffs or the like, she can still create a shield, but she cannot channel energy. If her hands are covered in some sort of specially designed power-cuffs, she will not be able to use her powers at all.

Legal Deal:
Xio cut a deal which will finalize with her record being purged. However, that is only after she completes her education at Xavier's School, a deal struck for her by the staff at that school. They agree to rehabilitate her while keeping her away from the gang that has gotten her in so much trouble. If she finds herself in trouble with the law again, she will be taken back into custody and the deal will be off the table.


Xio has a fiery temper. She is not afraid to get into a physical alteration with someone that annoys her. She might be small, but she is mighty. She isn't afraid to confront someone much larger than her petite size. Sometimes her mouth will write checks she can't pay though, which may lead to her getting beat down.


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