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Arnim Zola (Scenesys ID: 65)
"Revenge is good. As good a fire to move forward as any. Remember those who stood on your fingers as you climbed the craggy cliffs. Remember their faces. Remember their families."
Full Name: Arnim Zola
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: HYDRA Research and Development Lead
Citizenship: Swiss Confederation United States of America
Residence: Hart Island, Eastchester, The Bronx, New York City
Education: Multiple Doctorates
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 148
Date of Birth 25 December 1879 Actor: Toby Jones
Height: 152 cm Weight: 46 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Hydra" by Henry Jackman


A formerly world renowned scientist, who was recruited by Hitler's Deep Science division, and eventually HYDRA, he was key in the research of their Second World War super weapons, until his capture near the end of the war, by S.S.R. forces. He was pardoned of all crimes and welcomed aboard as a chief researcher for S.H.I.E.L.D. A key S.H.I.E.L.D. asset, he helped invent a great deal of technologies before his "death" in 1972, at the age of 92 due to cancer.



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Visually in his mid 30's, this balding man looks to be in very good physical condition. His face is rather round and disarmingly friendly, his general demeanor kind and welcoming.

He's clad in a simple white lab coat over top of a brown turtleneck and plain brown slacks. His glasses are silver metal, with thick lenses that make his eyes seem wide. On his left arm is a simple strip of red fabric with the pitch black HYDRA logo embossed into it.


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Zola was raised a farmhand in Switzerland, he always wanted to be a doctor to cure the sick and mend the broken, while seeing what caused it in the first place.

Running away from home Zola worked any job he could to get the money to go to college.

Upon arriving in school, he excelled with flying colours, rapidly becoming a household name in Switzerland. His education and immense intellect made him one of the first true bio-engineers and computer scientists. Yet for all of his successes, his bank accounts were constantly empty, every penny of his personal wealth going back into his research.

His work was legendary, but his ethics were lacking, which caught the attention of the German forces. He was invited to meet with the Fuhrer himself, and offered a position within their Deep Science division in order to assist with the coming war effort.

When war did break out, it become clear that while his efforts were assisting many of their works, they simply lacked the power necessary to function at full capacity. It is in this moment he joined the group known as HYDRA.

Working in secret with the subgroup inside of a sub group, Zola came into frequent contact with various allied heroes of the age. Throughout Germany, he was heralded as a hero of the people, a savior of the war effort. He married a beautiful woman, and life looked like it was finally on track. He had radio appearances, and his products were used across Germany.

Eventually as the war effort turned in favour of allied forces, Zola was captured. Handed over to the S.R.D., he was interrogated, and pumped for information. Working on HYDRA's own orders, he gives them information willingly in exchange for a full pardon.

With the war over Zola, worked alongside the newly re-branded S.H.I.E.L.D., and other American organizations. His work helped to propel technology forward. He and his wife lived out their lives in luxury.

In 1972, feeling the weight of his age hard on his shoulders, and realizing his time was short Zola, preformed an experimental procedure on himself with the help of HYDRA agents planted throughout S.H.I.E.L.D. His brain was removed from his body, and placed at the centre of the world's most powerful supercomputer, all in secret. Publicly, he died of cancer after a prolonged battle and was cremated, buried alongside his beloved wife.

Behind the scenes and deep underground in a top secret research base, Arnim worked as a super computer continuing to invent on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and work towards HYDRA's goals.)

The facility itself was mothballed in the early 1990's. All records of the supercomputer's existence, and the massive reactor, were expunged from storage. With the facility sealed off, Zola was able to work in isolation, with the only ones aware of his continued existence members of HYDRA loyal to him, and their mission.

Over time the facility was slowly converted into a HYDRA base of operations, keeping a low profile as they continued to research weapons and technology into the current age.


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The world cannot be allowed to control itself, or it will fall into chaos. There is only one way humanity can continue, and that is by being controlled. Zola has every intention of assisting HYDRA to be that controlling factor. He doesn't care about human life or morals, or anything that can stand in the way of that goal, nor does he care about doing 'good' he just has that one goal. Hail HYDRA!


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Zola is an excellent hacker and cracker able to utilise his immense processing power to crack through security and encryption with ease. He can physically break into most systems sending his consciousness direct into the devices to hack it in person.

So long as the central hub still exists Zola is effectively immortal. He no longer ages, his brain doesn't decompose. He can survive indefinitely.

Due to the massive upgrades made to his memory banks, Zola's intelligence has been severely increased, as well as his processing capabilities. He's able to fake photographic memory through storage on his brains operating system, and do advanced calculations in the blink of an eye. While there is still human in there he has the processing power only a supercomputer could muster up.


Though Zola's physical mind is trapped inside of a physical computer hub he has the ability to temporarily transport his consciousness into any machine. Most often this takes the form of Life Model Decoys. If for any reason the machine he is in is destroyed, his consciousness will return to the main computer hub.


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Thanks to his processing Zola is able to understand most any language given time. Some more complex languages can take longer to decode then others.


From biochemistry to electrical engineering and robotics engineering, Zola has a solid grip on it all. Able and willing to pool from multiple lifetimes of experiences to get done what needs to be done. It helps that he has access to the full brunt of the internet to keep him up to speed on more recent developments.


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Outside of Hydra, Zola has been recruiting allies, villains, hackers, people he believes will be useful to his goals. Most of these contacts only know him as a presence online they are told to call The Benefactor. Zola trades information with these sources and sometimes uses them to carry out attacks. Those who prove to be the most useful are either recruited, or if they prove resistant to joining Hydra, then they are fitted with one of the eye implants that Zola uses on his inner circle to ensure their compliance.

A well hidden fortress of a base buried deep bellow what had been the S.R.D.'s training facility, planned to train a generation of super-soldiers. The compound proper is a complex well hidden network of tunnels, false walls, and elevators which contains all of what is now Arnim Zola.

Its existence has been scrubbed from the record books, and every precaution possible has been taken by the HYDRA team which took it back over to keep it that way. The base is lined with new age polymers that prevent heat signatures, and even lead to keep out radiation. A central generator made from alien technology powers the self sustaining base protecting it from unwanted eyes.

As one of the heads of modern Hydra, Zola commands a great many Hydra agents from a distance. Preferring to protect himself with concentric rings of agents and cells of agents, with only the inner most group knowing the truth of who leads them and fewer still where his body is kept. This top group is kept in line, both by being vetted by Zola's predictive algorithm to be sure of their loyalty and by custom cybernetic eyes that lets Zola see what his agents see; allows Zola to send them messages; and if needed can be detonated to prevent them from being captured or disobeying a command.


An old creation originally crafted in the 1970's for deep cover operations, these robots can assume the appearance of a specific human almost without flaw. Their programming allows them to duplicate voices and mannerisms, while appearing perfectly human to all standard forms of scan. While expensive to make they function as excellent spy weapons, and can be made to resemble humans or animals. Zola prefers to utilise these bodies over other machines due to their ability to simulate the basic forms of touch.


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If his brain is destroyed, that's it for Zola. His consciousness is spread throughout the machinery of the compound with decades of upgrades to his memory banks and the like only serving to enhance his existing intellect. If anything were to happen to his brain he couldn't live.


Being spread out across an entire compound means that it is physically impossible to transport the entirety of Zola's systems. His systems can be upgraded and added to, but to move the whole thing would take decades with the sheer complexity of it all, and the use of alien technology to keep it working.


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Tidepool: Behind the Scenes January 16th, 2018 Summary needed

OOC: This is a cutscene that follows log:
DarkSky is the handle of Skye Johnson, Karl is an LMD operated by Arnim Zola aka The Benefactor, and Miles Lydon is the head of the Rising Tide.


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