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Astrid (Scenesys ID: 1815)
"My ancient home is destroyed, people survived Ragnarok. Midgard is my home now.....and I will not let it fall to evil."
Full Name: Astrid
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Theme: Original (OSC)
Occupation: Warrior
Citizenship: Asgard
Residence: New Asgard
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth 1 April Actor:
Height: 192 cm (6'6") Weight: 113 kg (250 lbs.)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey
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A survivor of Ragnarok, Astrid is one of Thor's warriors aboard the Asgardian vessel 'Frigga's Mercy'. She has some knowledge of healing and medicine for Asgardians, but it is rather antiquated and much of her knowledge is for Asgard, not Midgard. With her home destroyed, Astrid has to adjust to Midgard, and their way of life. While she is a warrior first, she does respect those from Midgard who came to assist her kin on her ship and she will be forever grateful. But now comes a new obstacle in her new life: learning how to adjust to Midgard properly.



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Standing 6'6" tall, this fair skinned beauty has dark hair that remains short on her head, not even touching her shoulders. She has large, pale blue eyes that are framed by her dark eyebrows and high cheekbones. She has full, light pink lips that are plump and bow shaped.

She has an athletically voluptuous body, covered by a silvery type of armor that seems to mold to her form easily, as if it were made for her. The sleeves of the armor cover her arms to the back of her hands, with bracer on both arms, but on the right forearm, there is a rod that's as long as her hand is wide.

The armor flows over her curvy hips as an armored skirt would, down to her mid thigh, allowing full freedom of movement. Upon her lower legs are a pair of silver greaves that cover her lower legs from foot to knee with no trouble.


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Astrid has not truly been an outspoken woman, but normally grim faced and determined. She took her duty as a Warrior very seriously. She had been a warrior most of her life, even fighting in battles, such as the war in Jotunheim. She never really counted how many giants she slew, but she only did it to protect her fellow Asgardians. She never boasted, even at the dining hall table. She just had a grim feeling that something bad was coming.

And bad it came. Ragnarok hit Asgard and Astrid fought the losing battle. She tried so hard to save many of her fellow Asgardians, only to watch them die within reach of salvation. As the Asgardians retreated to the ship so they could escape the dying world of Asgard, Astrid defended them as best as they could....even taking a couple of poisoned blades to her side. She survived, but barely. She laid in the medical ward for weeks, until....somehow...her eyes opened and she was cured of the poison that seeped through her veins. She was, apparently, one of the people to receive one of the old, outdated, and rationed cures that were given out to dire emergencies aboard the ship.

Now, Astrid is a more outgoing soul, and friendlier to her fellow Asgardians...and to those of Midgard. If Midgard was to become her home, she wanted to be more jovial....and hope Midgard avoided the fate of Asgard. Until then, she was going to enjoy every single moment of her second chance at life.


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Astrid's personality, before Asgard fell, was that of a fairly serious woman, always looking for threats to Asgard and more ways to hone her craft in archery and magic. She had her medical knowledge as secondary, only as a way to gain an advantage over her enemies and destroy them quickly.

After Ragnarok, she has found that her knowledge of Asgardian physiology is a lot more useful than she led to believe, as she has been able to save quite a few lives with that knowledge. And now, her personality is more fun-loving and outgoing, more likely to join a friend for a feast and a tankard than to refuse, and share more light-hearted stories, than to share what happened at Ragnarok....for those stories are stories one should go through.


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Astrid is able to understand all languages as an Asgardian.

Astrid can take a lot of heavy blows before she has to give up a fight. heavy blows can be a heavy punch from a human, to multiple hits from flying cars.

Astrid can fight for a long time without getting winded. Hours being a good indication of how long she can fight.

As an Asgardian, Astrid's wounds heal faster than most humans. While she can't regenerate lost limbs, most of her wounds close and heal themselves in hours, rather than days.

As an Asgardian, Astrid's strength is a lot higher than a normal human's. As such, she is able to throw cars and truck around 5 tons.

Astrid has a vast knowledge of magic and is able to use her offensive magic through her bow. Her defensive spells, such as a barrier spell, or a dome barrier spell, can be cast normally. Her Barrier spell and dome barrier spells are basically Asgardian shields that are summonable, but the barrier shield can be moved with her right hand, like an actual Asgardian shield which can repel most mundane attacks, such as bullets, arrows and thrown weapons but doesn't repel some of the larger attacks, since her Asgardian shield is much more powerful. The dome barrier is her 'panic defense' spell, that covers her and maybe one or two allies in her immediate (within 5') wake, but she can't attack while the dome barrier is up. Her Offensive spells are use through the enchanted Asgardian arrows she carries with her. She carries a finite number of these type of arrows upon her, and she uses them sparingly, but she can forge more.

Typical spells include a fireball arrow, which has a blast radius of up to 20 feet from the initial impact of the arrow, a chain lightning arrow, which arcs up to 6 people no more than 30 feet apart, a magical burst arrow: which hits up to 9 people with magical bullets up to 30 feet away from the initial impact, an acid burst arrow: which acts like a fireball arrow, only acid, A Dispel Arrow: An arrow that dispels magical effects, but the arrow must impact on the barrier or person to do so, A Seeker Arrow: A magical arrow that is designed to follow a target after the arrow is fired, but Astrid must have sight on the target before firing, A Phase Arrow: An arrow that flies in a straight line through many mundane barriers, defenses, and even weak magical defenses, and many more, but up 5 feet thick depending upon the material. The denser the material, the less it can pass through. It cannot pass through Adamantium, and Vibranium makes it bounce off. She cannot cast offensive spells without the bow and enchanted arrows. She never learned how to cast magic normally.


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Astrid is very skilled with a bow. In her many years in Asgard, she has not missed a shot with her bow, whether in practice, or in battle. Some have accused her of using her magic, but she has proven she is an excellent shot without her magic.

Astrid is quite skilled in hand to hand combat. Combined with her strength, endurance, and durability, she's a formidable opponent. However, she does favor power over speed most times.

Astrid's has a vast knowledge of how to heal Asgardian wounds, as well as Asgardian physiology. She knows how to mend many wounds and even cure some near fatal wounds on Asgardians.


When her bow is separated and becomes two swords, Astrid can become a flaming whirling dervish of death. The swords are connected to her bracers by magical chains and have the element of fire when used like this. It is an elegant, if deadly style that can be combined into one sword for heavy attacks, or extended out to deflect attacks and hit distant enemies. While Astrid is deadly in this style, she does not like using it, for it is a dance that means someone will be seriously hurt, or worse....killed.


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Astrid's armor resembles breastplate, but it is light and custom fitted for her. It also has a backpack upon it that gives her wings allowing her to fly. When not flying, the wings are tucked into the backpack and out of her way. the armor, and the wings, are tough enough to repel most small weapons fire.

Astrid is an Asgardian herself, so she has her fellow Asgardians to ask for help, and help them herself.

Astrid has a shield that can repel most attacks, even shells from a tank, some large lasers, and generally makes it so the person behind it is safe from direct attacks when it's deployed. It is made of tougher stuff than her armor, and is typically retracted into her left forearm bracer.

Astrid's bow is a very ancient bow. It has a portable form as a rod, that can hold itself onto Astrid's forearm bracer when not in use. When grasped by Astrid, the bow deploys into it's bow form. It allows her to fire magical force arrows if she just pulls the magical string back and lets it go. She can also use special Asgardian arrows to enchant with magic when she pulls the string for different effects, such as elemental damage, homing arrows, phase arrows, exploding arrows, EMP arrows, and many more. The Bow is strong enough to repel enemy attacks, such as a sword. It can also be separated at the middle to become two weapons, which the magic in the bow would make blades, and let the halves become two swords, if need be, but it cannot use the magic arrows, nor be able to use the special qualities it has while in sword form. The bow is also able to gather energy if Astrid pulls an arrow fully back on the string with an arrow nocked. In doing so, she gathers energy into the arrow, and causes the bow to glow with energy. Fully powered like this, she can launch a devastating attack upon her target, that looks like, to the passive viewer, as a laser with a loud boom behind it. Firing a show like this takes time and leaves her very vulnerable, and it consumes the arrow.

When Separated to make themselves blades, the swords themselves are magical, and are connected to Astrid's bracers by magical chains. They are also covered in fire and have the ability to become one, much larger sword as well, for more powerful attacks, as well as reach out to attack a short distance away. The magical chains are strong enough to actually hold Astrid's weight....and others if need be. She has a fighting style that supports the blades in this form, and while she prefers not to use the style, she will if she must.


As part of Astrid's armor, she has a pair of deployable wings that look like angelic wings at first glance. They allow her to fly as a basic power, up to Mach 1, but their use doesn't end there. The are large enough that they can stop incoming attacks if need be, by curving around the front or side of Astrid to protect her entire flank. They are resistant to bullets, arrows, fire, and ice. Acid would go right through them, as can many other types of attacks. They can also, if need be, attack on their own with refillable 'feather darts', which are actually force bolts from the wings. They're controlled by Astrid, and are nowhere near as powerful as the bow she has. The number of feather darts number up to 9, and take at least 5 minutes to refill, which is forever in a pitched battle. And an opponent can see them coming, as there is a 'wind-up' to them being used. As in, the wings have to extend out completely and then flap forward if in the air, or close in front of Astrid, then flap outwards on the ground. The 'Feather Darts' are magical in nature, and they disappear whether they hit or miss a target.


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An anti-magical field will take out most of Astrid's ranged offense from her bow, and force her to attack with her physical arrows. Her bow won't be able to separate and many of her armor's functions won't work, nor will her shield deploy. As a result, much of her offense will be nullified by the field, and, unless she's prepared for the anti-magic field, she usually only carries 20 arrows in her quiver.

While Astrid does have mundane attacks, which mundane barriers can repel, her magical attacks can break down most mundane barriers, with Adamantium and Vibranium being a special exception. Magical defenses are able to stop her magical arrow attacks, as well as the secondary effects much of the time, provided she doesn't use a dispel arrow.

Despite her vast knowledge of Asgardian physiology and being able to heal them, much of her knowledge is with Asgardian salves, medicine and plants to use on Asgardians. So, much of her knowledge is useless on Midgard.

Astrid is very much a 'fish out of water' on Midgard. She had never been to Midgard as Thor has, and she may be mistaken on a great many things, which could cause some hilarious situations....if it doesn't cause a lot of destruction.


Astrid was on Asgard during Ragnarok, and fought hard to save her homeland. In the end, she could not save her homeland. If Midgard is to become her new home, she may fight beyond reason to defend the helpless of her new home.


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