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Helena Shepard (Scenesys ID: 7101)
"This fight is over, even if I have to drag you to hell kicking and screaming myself, I'll do it, never doubt a Marine, OORAH!"
Full Name: Helena Shepard/Valdisdottr
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian Hybrid
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: CEO of Shepard Construction
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Metropolis
Education: USMC, Met U.
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 44
Date of Birth 28 January 1982 Actor: Leelee Sobieski
Height: 192 cm (6'6") Weight: 227 kg (500 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Zombie" by Bad Wolves


CEO and majority shareholder of Shepard Construction, as well as a Major in the USMC (Reserve), Special Raiders Division. Also known as Battleborn, an armor wearing superheroine known to fight stronger mutants and metas as well as any other supernatural monsters. Known to donate money to help veterans, and has an open hiring policy at her company for retired vets.



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The statuesque woman before you stands at a staggering six foot six inches tall with her beautiful long strawberry blonde hair tied into an intricate braid and left in a military style bun at the back of her head, a golden Viper clip hanging at the back of her blonde tresses. Two tendrils of her bangs frame her face stopping just below her angular jaw with pure white tips that probably match what she has hidden inside her braided bun. Deep brilliant blue eyes are the centerpiece of a very beautiful face. A slight use of makeup is used to accent her facial structure, giving her a very regal and striking look with high cheekbones and a strong yet feminine jaw. Her full lips are painted a natural darker red, and her ears are adorned with golden earrings that move from her lobe all the way to the top of her ear, sporting ruby and obsidian studs in them. From her lithe neck the scent of lavender perfume can be scented.

She wears a long black coat that is closed from the top of her neck to just below her wide hips, yet falls to almost brushing the floor and is pushed along her bust line to show a generous hourglass figure that flows into a narrow waist and wide hips. She also wears tight leather pants that are tucked into a pair of knee high heeled boots, all in black save for silver and red threaded embroidery.


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Born on a cold day in late January 1982, Helena is the daughter of Brandon Shepard and Valdis of Asgard, Brandon being of Norse descent. She was a big Child, and grew tall and strong, taking part in sports and ROTC while in school, and learning to both control her strength, and fight, by her mother.

At the age of 18, when she graduated high school, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Her time in ROTC letting her start as a Lance Corporal when she graduated from Boot Camp. Since she was classified as 'not human' she was put in a special unit with other 'special people' and used for some of the hardest fighting during the war in Iraq, eight years of constant fighting, training, and promotions left her as a Gunnery Sergeant, she even spent three years as a drill instructor. She took four years in the Marine Reserves to tackle college.

Compared to her active duty life, the next four years were, boring. She did learn how to handle her father's business, and due to the increasing destruction of property from heroes doing their thing, she convinced her father to try and take advantage of that, so heroic destruction was fixed as a discount, and that put the family's net worth well over 100 million.

Once College was finished, the 30 year old Helena joined Marine Officer candidate school, and was soon an Officer. She rose through the ranks, helping in any active duty she could find, including fighting things that are best left to supers, though, she was one.

Upon graduating from officer school, Helena's mother gifted her with her axe, and armor, which were magically sealed to Helena via tattoos.

"If anyone from Asgard asks, you are Valdisdottr."

Helena then took the name Battleborn, and helped people all over the world for the marines, though, her mother had vanished when she was 40, and her father died of heart failure. At the age of 42, she took a contract with the marines for reserve duty yet again, and then publicly came out as Battleborn, since she didn't have any family to put in danger, she was told she had a half sister, somewhere, but the name was never given to her.


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Helena is both a battle hardened warrior, as well as a jovial and kind friend, which side of that coin you get, depends on who you are, and what's happening.

In combat she is a force to be reckoned with, having pulled fellow soldiers out of dangerous situations, and having held the line, sometimes on her own. The thousand yard stare she has proves that she is no stranger to combat or war, and this is compounded by her PTSD.

On the other side of this, Helena is a wisecracking, generous friend who donates money to those who need it. She cares about people and will do what she can to those who need it, charity work, offering jobs to those who wouldn't get hired otherwise, and believing in second chances. Even if her size makes her look intimidating, her jovial attitude makes her approachable.


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Being a half Asgardian (On her mother's side), Helena is twice as durable as a Normal Human, heals twice as fast, and can lift a car over her head with both arms, move twice as fast and has enhanced senses twice as good as a human. This is usually considered the half-way between a human and an Asgardian. The drawbacks are that her all-speak is limited to languages of Earth, and she has a life expectancy of only 180 years instead of the multiple millennia that full bloods have. She has not partaken of the golden apples of Iduun, so no one knows what would happen to her powers and life span should she eat one.

Note, measurements based off double an Olympic athlete.

  • Arm Strength of One ton, Leg strength of five tons.
  • Can run 30 MPH
  • Bones can withstand 1500 lbs. of blunt force, and five tons of crushing force.
  • Has twice the stamina a human at an Olympic level does.
  • Has a healing factor twice that of a Human. Bones heal twice as fast, as do cuts and burses. Can get over a bacterial illness within a day, immune to earth based viruses.


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During High School Helena was on the track team, and the basketball team. This athletic skillset only improved when she went to the marines and realized the true potential of her limits. She is at a peak athletic condition of her hybrid status, and still, on occasion, plays a few sports as well as finds time for exercise and weight lifting.

Both her mother, and the marines, taught her combat. She is able to mix the somewhat elegant blade style of the Asgardians with her hard hitting rough USMC martial arts. She holds a black belt with a red stripe in the USMC, as well as certifications for most firearms and knife fighting.

Her minor in college was electronics. She uses this for gadgets that she uses in her armor, as well as fixing a few of the higher tech military gear that may be used if she is working for the USMC.

Firearm upkeep, making shells, and creating guns with the proper materials. This was a small hobby of hers while in High School, though not it's become part of her professional skillset.

Most of the books and media she has involves history. Another past time of hers that over the years has become a very knowledge filled well of information.

Business and company administration, Helena went to collage for this, holding a major degree for this.

Part of military training was how to survive in the wild, or in a hostile area. She knows how to build a temporary shelter, get food, keep warm, and how to make an obscure signal that only her allies would know.


Having served as a Non commissioned officer, AND currently serving as an officer, Helena knows battlefield tactics, from full scale war to urban warfare.


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Her mother's battle armor, strong enough to withstand all but the highest caliber bullets and slashes from all but the strongest weapons. Comes complete with a shield in the right gauntlet that can appear and vanish with the flick of a wrist.

The armor is runic-bound to Helena, meaning that the tattoos she has on her body is where the armor is 'hidden'. This armor can be called upon in full or in part at will. This was done by her mother to ensure that the armor can't be stolen, the magic used is very old, and definitely not something a normal Asgardian would have, though, her mother was a Valkyrie with friends who could get the reagents and spell for this to work. The runes can be broken upon Helena's Death, which will cause the armor to materialize and be removed the normal way. Also if the armor is damaged, other than the shield which will repair itself within a day, she has to find a dwarf or someone versed in Asgardian smithing, and has to be awake and looking at the armor while it's being repaired or else it will vanish back into the runes.

Runic Axe: Another gift from Helena's Mother, this Axe is part of her armor set, will return when Helena wills it, and the runes on the axe cause the axe head to freeze over with magical ice, and when she impacts an object or person with said axe, they will begin to freeze as well. The freezing effect depends on how long she charges this attack, which can only be charged in her hand (Note: if she isn't holding it, she can't charge it.)One to five seconds will cause the axe to frost over any surface it comes into contact with, and can cause frostbite in wounds. The frosting effect happens in a second. Five to ten seconds and she can cover a surface of thirty feet in diameter in ice from where the axe head impacts, or, cause a person or monster to freeze from the inside if she impacts them with it. This takes about a second to happen. Anything longer than ten seconds causes Helena to freeze as well, since she is not Asgardian, and not a trained magic user, she can't handle the magic the axe has.

Flow Shield: The shield connected to her right Gauntlet is able to take on any form, though made of the same metal as the rest of her armor. It can be as small as a buckler, or as large as a Tower Shield, and it's main purpose is to deflect magical projectiles on the level of your average magical user and magical weapons of mid to mid high range. (Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate Levels would probably destroy the shield, as would Thor's hammer with it's lightning). Highly focused plasma and higher damaging physical attacks can break said shield for a time.

Shepard Construction co. A multi million dollar company that gives discounts to contracts where heroic collateral damage is concerned. Her father started this and now she owns 80 percent of the voting shares for that company, giving her a net worth of 100 million dollars. The Company is run by a CEO and Helena only has to show up for shareholder and board meetings, given she doesn't have anything more pressing like saving the world.

Both military contacts as well as business contacts. This can get her information, weapons, or other such things she may or may not need.

Semi Automatic Shotgun: 12 gauge with a feed in the stock, made to fire utility shots (frag, dragon's breath, tear gas). The feeder is held under the left gauntlet of her armor, with six shells of four different kinds.

Desert Eagle: A semi-automatic with a seven round capacity when chambered for .50 caliber rounds. Able to fire with one hand due to her Asgardian blood.

M6 Enhanced Carbine rifle: The normal firearm issued to most marine grunts.

Boot Knife: A big Knife for a big boot. This Knife can also attach to the barrel of Helena's rifle like a bayonet.

Tactical Longsword: Made of a Carbon steel alloy this blade in a normal human's hand could be classified as a two handed weapon, for Helena, one hand will suffice.


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She will kill if is has to be done, while this may paint her as someone less than wholesome, she knows that the protection of the innocent is worth more than the life of someone who would harm the innocent. This puts her at odds with Heroes who wont kill.

A nation that is politically charged does come with a drawback of taking a side. She is pro Military, Pro social freedom, and pro free market. The proper term is Libertarian. This can put her at odds on both sides of the aisle, but, liberty or death!

War is a whole bag of problems that have left Helena with PTSD. Being shot at, bombs exploding around her, not knowing which civilian was good or bad, being in a fox hole for weeks on end with a sniper rifle, all sorts of things have left her with demons to cope with. Normal battle won't trigger her, but when there is destruction, hurt people, explosions and gunshots, her mind will go back to that time and put her in full marine grunt mode.

She did hide it, at first, but then decided that it was too much trouble and that she didn't have any close family to really worry about. She went public in 2024, though, villains and criminals and other bad sorts know who Battleborn is now.

She is much stronger and taller than a normal human, thus, she stands over six and a half feet tall, muscled. Though she is not misshapen, having the same proportions as a normal sized human or Asgardian, still, her height and hard muscles do make her stand out.

It's a sore subject for her, now that the Asgardians are on earth. Even though they would accept her with open arms, she herself does feel like she has something to prove. This also causes problems with her armor and Asgard based weapons.

  • If she charges her axe for longer than ten seconds, she can cause herself to freeze, unless she drops her axe before her charge reaches 15 seconds, she could slowly turn into a Helena-ciccle (this takes about half a minute for her to become encased in ice).
  • Asgardian magic: She can't create it, she can use magical weapons and items, like her axe and her armor, but she wouldn't be able to enchant them, or toss fireballs around, or make illusions, even if she knew the proper way, and the proper reagents. Even if a full human, or Asgardian, or anyone else CAN do it, Helena, cannot. This also causes her to be unable to dispel the Runes for her armor that her mother put on her, making her death the only way the armor will be released, should someone really want that armor.
  • High Calorie Diet: The average Human is comfortable at 24 hundred Calories a day, Helena, needs close to 10,000. Not only is this because she is extremely active, but because having a body twice the strength of a Human and everything else, this calls for a lot more energy, and since she can't get it from the sun, or some cosmic battery, she get's it from food. A lot of food, all you can eat... her favorite words.
  • Earthspeak: Asgardians can speak and understand any language in the universe. Helena only knows those from Earth, granted, if such a language was made on earth, she'll understand it. (Yes even Tolkien Elvish and Klingon.) Though, an Alien translator, she is not. So any language outside of Earth, she will have to learn like everyone else.


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