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Bizarro (Scenesys ID: 1250)
Me Bizarro am so sad to be here. Me am ashamed of you all! Whole city finally disunited again no thanks to Bizarro. It am bad. <smile>
Full Name:
Gender: Male
Species: Kryptonian Clone
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Heroic Villain
Citizenship: None
Residence: New Bizarro World & Metropolis
Education: Privately Tutored (Badly)
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 31 December 1997 Actor: Dave Bautista in grey-face.
Height: 191 cm (6'3") Weight: 107 kg (235 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Bizarro is basically Frankenstein's monster. He is a clone of a famous Kryptonian superhero we don't speak of. The rumor is that he stands for the opposite of everything the red and blue guy stands for, but maybe he really is something more than the sum of his parts. Maybe he is more than just an automaton and maybe he can understand and learn. Then again, maybe not.

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This man is a strange, bizarre vision dressed in blue and red. He looks like Superman, but doesn't look like Superman all the same. His skin is a stark white color, like he's never had any sun in his life. His face looks distorted somewhat, with his brow slightly larger than normal, and his eyes yellowed. He has black hair, and it is slicked back over his head. As far as his physical make-up, this monstrous man is as thick as a tree and appears as strongly built as any bodybuilder.

This heroic man wears a familiar red and blue costume. His costume is stitched together and is a heroic blue color, with a backwards letter S on his chest. The backwards letter S is red and not straight, slightly jagged and not centered. His boots match his bodysuit, which is helpful to his style but his sleeves are a little too long for his massive arms. His fingernails are black. He wears a red cape which is tucked in neatly at his neck.


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Bizarro was originally created by Project Cadmus, who bred a Kryptonian clone that frightened everyone and attacked the people of Metropolis until it collapsed unconscious, apparently dying. LexCorp then retrieved the body to perfect the Kryptonian DNA sequences him life back, which was successful only for a short time and the duplication began to break down. As a result, he developed milky white skin and a "bizarre" physical appearance. Bizarro destroyed the lab and decided that he "was" Superman, so ultimately he was very confused. He escaped LexCorp before they could help him or understand what they had done. Misunderstandings broke out across the city and Bizarro started to cause a lot of havoc. He became upset when the real Superman appeared to deal with the situation. Bizarro fought Superman for a while, until Lois was in danger, so broke off to save her from an explosion. Afterward, he disappeared and wandered the globe, creating a home in the dangerous Sahara desert. He later returned to Metropolis to confront Lex Luthor, Superman, and get back to being the hero the city deserved (but didn't want).


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Bizarro is simple-minded. He gets confused easily and doesn't understand complex moral or ethical situations. He finds it hard to communicate, because he often speaks in a backwards way, which confuses people, so he tries to say very little. He understands casual conversation well-enough, although his perception of situations is usually flawed. Bizarro wants to fit in and do right like a "hero", but has a bit of a temper and hates all things connected to Superman. He doesn't really hate Superman as much as the idea of a perfect Man of Steel, hero of Metropolis and friend to all people. He'll punch anybody who thinks Superman is so good and perfect. His "heroics" usually lead to disasterous results, but he'll trade sides on a whim, to save people, punch Superman and his friends, or help Lex Luthor across the street. Or the exact opposite.


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Bizarro's body operates like a Kryptonian, with some opposite differences, such as in his applications of superpowers. The radiation from the Earth's yellow sun fuels him and makes him strong. A yellow star's radiation keeps him going and is his primary source of nurishment. Without this, Bizarro weakens and eventually loses his superpowers.

Bizarro can fly at will. He can fly as fast as Superman and Kryptonians, which is about as fast as any vehicle or plane. Gravity doesn't mean much to him. He can even fly in space.

Freeze Vision:
Bizarro can project beams of icy cold light from his eyes. This particle beam is a unnatural replication attempt at Superman's own power, though with the opposite effect. Bizarro's freeze vision can solidify anything well-below freezing, although he can control the temperature of the freeze beams. The lower the temperature gets, the more the freeze beams slow and crystalize the target. Heat and fire have little chance to counteract the continuous beams of Bizarro, and would have to be at thousands of degrees to compete. The effect can also be widened to effect larger objects, though that stunts the effects. The range of this power is limited to about several hundred feet, though his accuracy leaves something to be desired.

Bizarro has a high degree of invulnerability, thanks to genetic super-strength and endurance. Nothing on Earth can penetrate his skin, and alien weapons have random effects.

Bizarro's senses are genetically manipulated to replicate those like a Kryptonian. He can hear sounds thousands of miles away and he can see just as far. His sense of smell, taste, and touch are hundreds of times more sensitive than a normal person, but the problem with Bizarro is that his intelligence limits the use and understanding of these senses. He sometimes can replicate amazing feats of Superman if he sees it done and can perform up to that skill level.

Bizarro has super-speed, hundreds of times faster than any vehicle on Earth. His genetic manipulation makes him possible of escaping the Earth's atmosphere without harm and entering space. He is as fast as Superman.

Bizarro has the forceful breath like a vaccuum, and can heat things like a microwave. The breath is not fire but heated air like that from an oven or microwave, but thousands of times more powerful, capable of melting steel. The trick to this superpower is that his lung capacity can't be sustained forever.


Bizarro is a very powerful genetically created being, created with the strength of Kryptonian. He can twist steel into a pretzel with ease and lift massive weight over his head, so he can perform heroically like Superman or accidentally cause mass havoc.


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Bizarro likes to pretend he's a mild-mannered businessman, complete with suit. It's his secret identity. He has no knowledge of business beyond what's on TV commercials.


Bizarro would be as dangerous as anyone if he were a competent fighter. Instead, he is clumsy and awkward. His superpowers help him survive to become a threat.


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The Fourtriss uv Bizarro is a remote structure filled with useless junk. It is located in the Sahara, in one of the warmest places on Earth.

Bizarro isn't as interested in LexCorp as LexCorp seems interested in him, in continuing the work of Cadmus. If he were ever to go to LexCorp, they would probably try to deceive him as much as help him.


Lypto the Super Lizard lives in Bizarro's Fourtriss, having been "saved" from an alien planet. He sometimes obeys Bizarro. Usually. It is a five foot lizard that operates like an alligator. It has a huge jaw.


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Bizarro speaks backwards and in an awkward, ungrammatical way, upsetting teachers everywhere. Despite understanding perfect English, the way he speaks is often the opposite of what he really means. Good means bad, up means down. He substitutes the pronoun ME instead of using I, and other pronouns and words are replaced too, making for complex baby talk. He uses double negatives and throws in the word NOT liberally.

Bizarro's genetic code is on file with Project Cadmus, LexCorp and whoever they've shared it with. Bizarro is at risk from manipulation for this reason and there might be other Bizarro clones. But don't tell him.

Bizarro is weakened by the radiation from blue Kryptonite, which is a duplicated version of green Kryptonite. Green and red Kryptonite have no effect.

Superman is an important part of Bizarro's history and character. Bizarro hates Superman and what he stands for, because he knows he can't be Superman. He wants to be. He wants the acceptance Superman has. He'll deal with Superman with anger and frustration.

Yellow Sun:

Bizarro needs the radiation from the sun for his superpowers and he is afraid of the dark. He can absorb this radiation like a Kryptonian, and lack of sun weakens him over time. A blue star weakens him immediately.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Adaptation Part 2 April 22nd, 2023 Summary needed
Unstoppable: Major Offensive April 10th, 2023 Bizarro pre-emptively strikes against the Utrom Base in Queens, and he, the Pink Ranger, and Phantasm fight the forces of the alien invaders with the US Military, and destroy the forward operating base.
April Showers April 4th, 2023 The Joker and Two-Face try to ring in the spring with a daring heist of a social event.
Me Am Happy to See You! April 1st, 2023 A meeting between Bizarro and Superman, it doesn't go very well for either of them.
Centrally Parked October 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Dude Where's my Space Boat October 1st, 2017 Summary needed
A bizzar Day September 17th, 2017 Summary needed
The Ice Cream Problem August 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Not quite Supermen August 2nd, 2017 Kenan tries to help out Bizarro, with less than perfect success.


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