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Catseye (Scenesys ID: 214)
Full Name: Sharon Smith
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Professional Cat
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Frost Tower, New York City
Education: Homeschooling by Emma Frost
Status: Dropped
Groups: Hellions
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 2 February 2009 Actor: Skyler Samuels
Height: 182 cm Weight: 64 kg
Hair Color: Purple Eye Color: Golden, slitted pupils
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Abandoned as an infant when her parents discovered she was born an ailuranthrope, Catseye was adopted by a cat who had just lost her litter. Catseye has lived as an alley cat ever since then, not even aware of her human side. Her age is unknown, but in human form she appears to be in her mid teens.

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Before you is a young girl in her teens reaching about 6'0" in height, with a remarkable long silky lavender hair, flowing down past her shoulders. Every now and again there seems to be a hint of pointy ears peeking out of those lavender locks. The girl's eyes are a very feline-like, golden with slitted pupils and seem to glow when light reflects on them. Her rosy lips seem to be caught in a mischievous smile that implies she's nearly always on the look for a new adventure, or perhaps trouble. She seem to consider everything around her with a sense of wonderment as if it was all brand new to her, despite looking very much a teen at times she seems to behave like a little girl, youthful exuberance very apparent in the way she carries herself. Her movement is very graceful, as she seems to carry herself with a rather feline-like pride.

Currently she's dressed with a pink "Hello Kitty" T-shirt that features Hello Kitty performing cheer routines waving pompoms about while dressed as a cheerleader. Though cute, the shirt seems perhaps too childish for a girl her age, but she seems mighty pleased with it. She's also wearing a gently flared white skirt, and occasionally a lavender cat-like tail peeks underneath it, at times shifting behind the girl as if she was not aware of its presence. Her pale slender legs are not covered and she's wearing a pair of comfortable looking sandals.


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Unlike most mutants, Catseye's powers manifested at birth rather than puberty. When her parents saw their baby girl turn into a little kitten, they were shocked and disgusted. So much so, that they abandoned her in the streets of Boston. The little kitten was adopted by an alley cat that was drawn to her helpless mewling.

Growing up as a cat, Catseye learned everything that cats learn as they grow up. She had a perfectly normal life for a cat, until one day her adoptive feline mother was tormented by nasty kids, which caused Catseye's powers to kick in. Catseye transformed from a regular seeming alley cat, to a large panther-like cat, and the kids ran for their lives. Unfortunately, the kids were not the only ones frightened out of their minds, as Catseye's adoptive mother and the rest of her family escaped from her. They had no understanding of mutant powers, but had every bit of understanding that Catseye has become a larger predator.

For the second time in her life Catseye found herself all alone, but this time aware she had a special power. She kept living the life of an alley cat, she avoided drawing attention to herself. On her own, she made use of her new found ability to help her survive and hunt, though at first she wasn't able to always shift on command. Through experimentation with intentional use of her power, Catseye discovered she could turn into a human. She still retained some feline features, but looked human enough. This was extremely useful discovery, as she was now able to open windows and doors that blocked her way, as well as have another option to intimidate enemies.

With the gift of her intelligence and photographic memory, Catseye was soon able to pick up some key words in English, through observation of human interactions. This allowed her to communicate in a very low level with other humans, but she was able to be better understood than when she meowed at them.

One day Emma Frost happened by Catseye shifting from cat to human, opening a door for a restaurant's kitchen, before sneaking inside for a quick snack. Intrigued, Emma through telepathy discovered Catseye was a mutant, and saw potential in her. She introduced herself to Catseye, and offered to give her a comfortable home, where food was always handy and Catseye jumped at the opportunity.

Emma wound up taking Catseye to Frost Tower, where she started homeschooling her, so she can join her team of Hellions. Catseye was grateful to Emma, and formed a bond with her, taking Emma for her surrogate mother. Emma also gave Catseye her human name, Sharon Smith. Now as a member of the Hellions, Catseye AKA Sharon, is trying to learn how to be human to Emma's behest.


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Catseye is quite innocent and naive, having had no human upbringing whatsoever, she is unaware of human concepts such as right and wrong, fair and unfair, good and bad. She is unfamiliar with ambition, greed, possessions, rules or commonly accepted codes of conduct. Having been raised as a cat, by cats, all she really knows is how to hunt for food when she's hungry, how to play to have fun, how to find a safe spot to sleep and of course all of the rules of interactions amongst cats. Part of not having any human education leads to Catseye behaving very childlike when in her human form, rendering her very easy to trick as she's quite trusting and tends to believe what she's told, a result of being unfamiliar with the concept of lying. Naturally being a cat most of her life, and only discovering her ability to shift into a human form in her teenaged years, has lead Catseye to believe she is a cat with the inherent power to turn into a human.

Catseye behaves like a cat, and tends to think like a cat, it is doubtful that even a telepath will be able to make her understand the truth is actually the otherway around, as her belief is so strongly ingrained in her psyche. She can be playful, self-centered, and put her own amusement over other things, all the while taking everything lightly. She can enjoy playing with a ball of yarn or chasing something to pounce as much as someone else would enjoy a day at an amusement park.

Unfortunately Catseye's lack of understanding of the human world results in her having no grasp of laws, customs or ethics. She simply doesn't comprehend why such things exist and what's their purpose, and so she doesn't really care to learn to abide by them. She doesn't have any prejudices, she judges every person on an individual base and according to what she feels and not to what they look like or what heritage they come from. For example: she will not feel embarrassed if she's seen nude, as she doesn't grasp the reason to be shameful about one's own body; she cannot comprehend the concept of stealing being wrong, as she is used to thinking like a cat where everything around her can be used for her amusement or survival.


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Similar to Wolfsbane's lyncanthrophy, Catseye has ailuranthropy, meaning she can turn into a feline. She may one day be able to shift to other feline species, or even a were-wolf like hybrid of a were-cat, but she has no training with her powers. Her current forms are: regular house cat, a large panther-like cat, and a human. But even in human form she retains feline features. It is likely she keeps her feline features to keep getting the sensory input she is used to, without that input she would likely feel blind or handicapped. With her powers she enjoys enhanced dexterity, fast reaction time, increased flexibility and agility. She is at a level where just given a chance, she might set some Olympic records in gymnastics. She enjoys the benefit in all her forms, but may move more like a cat than a human when in human form.

Catseye enjoys the following enhanced senses as a result of her powers: %rSight: Catseye's field of view is 220 degrees rather than the 180 degrees of humans. She can see in the dark, so long as it's not pitch darkness. She can spot movement that's too fast for the human eye.

Smell: Catseye has a keen sense of smell, 14 times stronger than a human's sense of smell. She can identify people by scent as well as pick on their emotions whether or not they intend to share them.

Hearing: Catseye is able to hear frequencies lower and higher than the human ear, all the way up to 60 kilohertz as opposed to human threshold of 20 kilohertz. She can pick on rustling of grass, silent footsteps, and distinguish different sound sources 3" apart while being 3'2" away from them.

Catseye has fangs and claws, like any other cat. But in her panther-like form, her claws are capable of tearing through such material as metals and concrete, shredding armor and tearing marks in steel walls. She can also use her claws to climb up walls by digging into them.

Catseye has a low-level healing factor, meaning she heals very quickly from cuts and small wounds. Serious injuries are beyond her healing factor, and she will require the aid of a trained physician.

Catseye is gifted with an IQ that may well rival that of Kitty Pryde, though her lack of education belies the fact. Despite her potential for genius, Catseye was raised as a cat and thus appears dimwitted to most people. Catseye isn't truly interested in honing her gift, and it's unclear if she understands the importance of doing so.

Empowered by her mutant power, Catseye is able to leap to tremendous heights in panther-like form. If she's standing still, she could leap as high as 5 feet in the air, but with some space to run, she could thrust herself all the way up to 15 feet in the air.

Catseye possesses a photographic memory, if she sees something she will remember it in exact detail. Relying the information to another could be a problem, considering her peculiar manner of speech.


When in her panther-like form, she's able to go 55mph for extended periods of time and also push herself to 80mph for short distances.


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As a result of her ailuranthropy, Catseye is naturally very flexible, agile and gifted with incredible reflexes.

Due to her enhanced senses, Catseye tends to rely on a person's body language and scent moreso than words in conversation. This, naturally doesn't work with machines.

While having no formal martial arts training, cats have their share of experience fighting for survival. Catseye can fight, and she fights in a feral manner. This could make her moves hard to predict when a trained fighter tries to measure her.

Due to lack of education, and being raised as a cat, Catseye has a big problem communicating with humans, or smoothskins as she calls them. But for the very same reason, she can communicate clearly with fellow cats. Aside from turning into a cat herself, she retains feline features even in her human form, the ears, eyes and the tail.

While she is perfectly fluent when talking to felines, what little knowledge of English Catseye has, she picked from deducing over time with her intelligence and some lessons from Emma Frost. She is still quite limited when it comes to communicating.

Just the fact she survived to this point, after being thrown from her house as a kitten, proves Catseye knows about survival. She learned most of her skills from the cats who raised her.


Catseye got her means for survival mostly by stealing, as a stray cat who can turn into humans, she had an incredible edge as many don't heed animals, giving her a chance to sneak into places that humans would have a harder time to sneak into. She's a natural cat burglar.


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Having Emma Frost as something of a surrogate mother isn't a bad thing at all, it means that for the most part, Sharon can get whatever she needs from Emma. Sometimes she might get things she doesn't think she needs simply because Emma thinks she should have them. While she keeps a good relationship with Emma, she's not likely to ever want for anything.


Able to communicate with cats, as she's pretty much one of their own, Catseye has unique access to a world of information she can attain from stray cats about the city. Learning what they learned, it may not be the most reliable information, and it would mostly pertain to specific people and actions, and not so much conversations as they don't know human talk like she does. Still, you'd be surprised what information you might get when you lend your ears to a cat.


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Catseye's mutation manifested at birth, and she grew up as a cat. She believes she's a cat and behave like a cat. She has the urges of a cat, and she is susceptible to them. She could get distraced with the use of catnip, or tantalizing cat toys. An animal tamer who would identify Catseye's feline manner, might be able to handle her just as he would any other feline, as she responds in similar fashion.

Catseye is utterly clueless when it comes to human culture and basic knowledge. For instance, in nature there is no ownership, if you can take something, than it is yours. Thus the concept of possessions is strange to her. Clothes seem like putting a fake skin on top of your real skin.

Catseye may be physically 15 years old while in her human form, but she has barely spent any time at all as a human, and thus she is very much like a child in her thinking and behavior. She tends to be quite trusting, and unless someone belies the fact they are lying to her with body language, she is quite easy to fool or otherwise lead astray.

Catseye has a peculiar manner of speech. She refers to herself in the third person, and tends to make out words to refer to locations, people or objects.

Catseye doesn't know the most basic of human things as a result of her upbringing. For instance the concept of time, math, basic scholastics, even just reading a clock or tie shoelaces.


Being comfortable with who she is, Catseye makes no attempt to hide her mutation. She has pointed ears that could perk out of her lavender hair, and she has a feline tail. Her eyes are golden with slitted pupils, just like a cat.


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