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Clayface (Scenesys ID: 927)
Batman: Just because you look like a monster doesn't mean you have to act like one.

Clayface: But that's the role, isn't it, Batman? You play yours, I play mine. Nothing else matters.

Full Name: Basil Karlo
Gender: Male
Species: Gollem
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Thief
Citizenship: U.S.A! U.S.A!
Residence: Gotham
Education: College Level
Status: Dropped
Groups: Batman Family, Gotham-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 48 Actual Age: 48
Date of Birth 4 July 1980 Actor:
Height: 368 cm (12'1") Weight: 227 kg (499 lb)
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Muddy white
Theme Song: "The Show Must Go On"


Clayface is a long time foe of Batman. One of the most powerful ones in his own way because the professional criminal is crafty and a master of misdirection. He's not as feared as the Joker because he doesn't take sadistic pleasure in killing and often just injures police enough to get away. He has a fearsome appearance but a track record of being not so bad. He's a thief, not a homicidal maniac and that's a nice change of pace in Gotham.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Clayface the shapeshifter could be anyone at any time. In his true form he is a 12 foot tall mountain of clay like protomud that had thick arms and legs. Sometimes multiple arms or even legs. g3Imkpg.jpg


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Once a famous actor but as time passed he started to be left behind by progress. With CGI and metahumans like Ford Benett hogging all the good jobs so the studios could save money, a legitimately good method actor couldn't get work. No one respected the process any more, it was all about being cheaper and doing the productions as fast as you could. Like most of Ford's work, quality was unimportant.

Feeling he had no chance of competing in the job market with all these aliens and supers he fell into depression and out of the eye of the public. Then one day a man came to him with an offer, an offer to give him the power to take his life back. A judge who worked for Daggett had been in a car accident in the middle of a case the mob boss had to win. Daggett's men offered him the chance to play the role of a lifetime. They gave him a special mutagenic clay treatment that would let him literally change his face for 24 hours at a time to look like anyone. They said in return for playing the part of the judge and finishing the trial for them they would give him the power to get his career back on track.

It seemed innocent enough, for Gotham. He met with the judge, studied the case, studied the judge and his mannerisms then the judge called and scheduled the case to move forward.

Everything went according to plan and afterwards Karlo was to meet Mr. Daggett himself but it was a trap. The goons working for Daggett tried to shoot him. He scrambled for his life tripped and fell into a bundle of power-lines which snapped and fell with him into the vat of morphic mud. The vat burst into flame. The building was lost along with all of Daggett's research but one of Batman's most iconic villains was born.

Over the years he has been one of Batman's most powerful and challenging foes often playing the part of spy or inside man. While he is physically powerful, what makes him more difficult to contend with for the heroes of Gotham is that he could be anyone.


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Basil is a broken man, literally. His mind is full of echoes of the roles he has played while Clayface. Doctors at Arkham have discovered that he doesn't just split himself into parts and will those parts to move and act normally from one central consciousness but he actually becomes separate people that share a connection. Like someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) those personalities continue living on inside his mind.

He explained to the doctors that they are his supporting cast. Imaginary people that he gives jobs to do. They go out and do their jobs then they come back to the set.

All people's personalities are a mixture of conscious and subconscious thought patterns working together. He just has a great many more of them than normal. This is why his personality can be so extreme. When he feels compassionate it is because the people in his head all want to help, when he flies into a fit of rage it's because there is a riot going on in his mindscape.

As the years have passed he's actually evened out and became a more balanced person not by getting better but by adding more and more voices to the supporting cast of characters in his head. Clayface may be the star but he has an entire troop of people in his mind helping him keep the act on the road.


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Damage Resistance:
In his clay form he is immune to most forms of kinetic attack because they go right through him. However it still hurts to be shot. Not like it hurts people but it's painful and it makes him angry. Concussive force can blow him apart, literally to splatter and he can pull himself back together again. He is resistant to electrical and energy based attacks except under special circumstances. (See +wea Frequency) He is resistant, but not invulnerable to heat, like all clay he can be baked. When this happens it takes him hours to recover from the mental trauma and slowly reduce his body back to it's natural clay form.

One of his main mode of transports, in order to stay off the bat radar, is turning into a flock of birds and flying from place to place. He can fly just like any other bird can.

If he can get to a place where there is abundant clay or mud and rest there he recovers faster by assimilating the natural substances into his body.


He can make himself look like, feel like and have the mass of anyone, or anything. He can replicate the appearance but not function of things as complicated as laptop computers but he wouldn't be able to read a USB drive you put into his port or connect to wifi. He could look and feel like a machine gun but couldn't actually fire. Umbrellas, clothing, people, animals, furniture, false walls, doors, even parked cars, those he can do with ease. Shapeshifting is willing his body to look and act like a person. It takes skill and effort. It's an act of control where as mimicry is giving up control. He would rather shapeshift than mimic people. His giant inflated ego sees mimicry as cheating.


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Method Acting:
Method acting is telling yourself a lie until you believe it and act as if it is true. This is how he made a living. Like most good actors of this method he could become so engrossed in a role he could lose himself and become so convincing that people would swear he was that character, even before he could change shapes. He was one of the best.

Because his acting career pretty much ended when he became a supervillain, he embraced his new role as a criminal and like all method actors, he got very good at it. Often the only way to know you've been robbed by Clayface is that you won't know who robbed you. This is how he makes most of his living. From being a shoplifter to identity theft, he likes to mix it up. Sometimes he'll even just walk into wealthy people's homes and take their stuff as them while their families watch.


He can project his voice, across rooms or make it sound like other objects are talking.


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Being a long time criminal he has underworld contacts and knows how to reach out to other criminals. He's the kind of guy you want on your team as an ace in the hole. He's a frequent thug for hire.

Gotham has a lot of places you can hide when you need to. He's familiar with the places Batman doesn't look. The places to go when you want to be among criminal kind and the places where people bury their secrets.

Proffitt Studios:

This is where Clayface makes his home in gotham. It's an old abandoned filming lot where he once made movies. He keeps his props and wardrobe there as well as the trophies he's collected from his crimes.

Some items he can't replicate while impersonating someone so he's been collecting odds and ends from his enemies over the years. Penguins trick umbrellas, Batman's swing-line guns, batarangs, some of Mr. Freeze's freeze grenades, and one of the mad hatter's hats for example. Enough items to use to help pass himself off as other people for the purposes of a job. (AKA: Plot devices)


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Chemical Composition:
Changing his chemical composition interferes with his morphic field and immobilizes him until he can change it back. Cement mix, freezing him, even large amounts of water and jello or flour could be used to render him unable to move his body until he spends hours flushing the foreign chemicals out of his system.

With the cast of personalities in his mind it's virtually impossible for a telepath to help him find mental health or for a psychologist to help him get better. One day his mind will become so fractured that it will self-destruct.

The field of energy that allows him to change shapes is vulnerable to specific frequencies of electricity. Batman figured out long ago what these frequencies are and developed a bat-taser specifically to render him immobile. Experts of Morphing technology like the Power Rangers or Rita Repulsa could also easily figure out this frequency.

Nana Nana Nana:
One of the main personalities in the cast of people who lives in his head is actually a version of Batman. The dark knight lives in the back of his mind, brooding and watching the show from the rafters of his mental stage. This presence in his mind reflects what's left of his conscience and stops him from wanting to do needlessly violent things. The voice of reason in the back of his mind wears a cowl and sounds like it needs a throat lozenge. The subconscious batman construct prevents Clayface from doing things he'll regret.

The Cure:

He is always willing to work for anyone who might be actually able to cure him and turn him back into a human.


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