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Doc Samson (Scenesys ID: 9216)
"Trust me. I'm your doctor."
Full Name: Leonard Samson (ne Skivorski)
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: MD/PhD, Johns Hopkins U
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 5 March 1991 Actor: Mark Paul Gosselaar
Height: 198 cm (6'6") Weight: 175 kg (385 lb)
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Dr. Feelgood" by Motley Crue


Dr. Leonard "Doc" Samson is a high-profile and medically licensed psychiatrist who frequently discusses the psychology of super-types in various articles, talk shows, podcasts, and the like. In addition to possessing medical expertise in this area, Samson is also recognizable as a super-powered adventurer himself, having been involved in a number of unusual and publicized altercations as a participant.

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This adult Caucasian man stands between six and seven feet in height and sports a broad-shouldered, muscular figure. A long mane of bright green hair hangs to the middle of the man's back, tied up at the back of the neck in a tight leather thong. Beneath a stern brow stares a pair of brown eyes, from between which a sharply hooked nose curves down the center of his face. The man's set, square chin and jaw frame a thin pair of lips.

Over the man's well-muscled body and arms, he wears a form-fitting red t-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt running horizontally across his chest. He wears a pair of tight blue leggings, belted at the waist with a bright yellow leather belt, along with a pair of cuffed yellow leather boots that reach his knees.


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Leonard Skivorski, Jr. grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, obsessing over scientific inventions and advancement in the shadow of his chauvinistic psychiatrist father. Although he despised his father, Leonard nonetheless wanted to to be liked and admired by everyone, and so he too pursued a career in psychiatry, publishing his research in an array of medical journals. However, Leonard felt like he had no chance to prove that he was capable of so much more--until he learned of a delicate predicament that, he postulated, might be resolved through the competent use of gamma radiation projected as a ray.

His hypothesis proved correct and, after solving that problem, Leonard theorized that residual radiation might exist in the device he used. He subsequently irradiated himself in secret to see if he could improve his physique to the level of his intellect. As a result, Leonard gained massive strength and stamina, as well as long green hair, leading him to call himself "Doc Samson" in reference to a nickname of his father's. This experiment led to a number of (entirely reasonable) conflicts between Samson and his colleagues and others, and Samson has put his powers to use to stop a range of gamma-based threats, which Samson claims are extremely dangerous to society, and to help those in the superhero community who might benefit from his psychiatric care.


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Self-Centered: Leonard Samson is a bit of a selfish man, in the sense that he wants everyone to know he is a superhero, that he is a genius, and that he is incredibly powerful. If given the chance, Samson will discuss at length both his abilities and personal history, unafraid of the spotlight which many super-powered beings choose to shy away from.

Scientific Beliefs: Samson feels that the progression and evolution of humanity will only come through scientific and humanistic means, and he rejects supernatural or mystical explanations of the universe, even as his colleagues in the superhero community demonstrate relevant abilities.

Solo Methods: Doc Samson is not much of a team player, preferring to investigate and execute his own "research" projects without others' less-informed perspectives. When he teams up with others to get a job done, it frequently ends in an argument or other ill will between those involved. For a man whose career requires collaboration, communication, and peer review, he attempts to circumvent those practices whenever he can.

Hulk Envy: Deep down, Samson wants the power, the strength, and the freedom of the Hulk--a means of letting loose on all the accumulated stressors of his life (whether he's evaluating them fairly as such or not). But Samson knows he has to remain in control and that he has to be better than an id-fueled brute, so that he's better than his father was. It's the only way Samson can be accepted as the hero he sees himself as. He doesn't want to be, but he can't admit that to anyone--not even, really, to himself.


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Samson's gamma-powered body affords him the ability to exert himself physically for durations of time far longer than a normal human would be capable of, including being able to engage in extended physical contact for over a full 24 hours before exhaustion and fatigue toxins incapacitate him.

The gamma radiation with which Samson bombarded himself gave the doctor a greatly fortified muscular, tissue, and skeletal structure. Under optimal conditions (and with minor difficulty) Samson can lift/press 70 tons before the strain would cause the man to injure and exhaust himself. Samson's legs are powerful enough to propel him nearly 600 feet straight up in the air, and roughly 900 feet in total distance (though this is likely to result in fatigue and injury from the exertion). Note: although Samson's strength is based on the same gamma-ray radiation as the Hulk's, his power does not increase with the intensity of his anger as Hulk's does.


Doc Samson's irradiated body possesses an increased invulnerability and resistance to harm, as well as over two hundred pounds of added mass to increase his force and power. Samson's skin can reflect high-caliber bullets (though heavy ordinance will penetrate his body). He can also survive the impact of 20 tons of force without injury, the equivalent of a flatbed truck barreling towards him at 100 mph. Samson also never reverts to a non-superhuman state like the Hulk does, and thus is not vulnerable to attack in the same way.


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While Doc Samson's main area of expertise lies in the field of psychiatry, he also possesses a strong grasp of several other STEM fields, including physics, computer engineering, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. While he is not as well-versed in these various fields as in his own, Samson is conversant enough to understand many of his colleagues' aims and methods as well as how to look up further information that might be necessary for collaboration or opposition.

Mechanical Ingenuity:
Samson can formulate inventions and build together both prototypes and genuine working machines to assist his various theories. Granted he is not always correct or perfect in design or implementation, but he can get it working once he builds it. Samson also has enough knowledge of gadgetry and technical know-how to fix and modify others' machines and inventions to possibly solve the situation (as was previously stated, he is not always 100% correct in his appraisal of the situation).

To pursue his MD/PhD in psychiatry, Samson completed extensive and varied medical training (including internships in internal medicine and pharmacology). While the bulk of his time since med school has been focused on psychiatry, Samson is nonetheless a qualified medical practitioner and occasionally engages in continuing education programs to maintain a proficient level of subject matter expertise.

Samson holds a MD/PhD in psychiatry and is a world-renowned expert in the field. He has published research for a number of years and has spoken across the nation at both universities and medical conferences on topics varying from the chemical factors of human behavior to specifics in abnormal development in twins to the epigenetic effects of gamma radiation.

While Doc Samson generally does not actively seek out publicity for himself or his career as a superhero, neither does he shy from the spotlight. Years of professional communication in various contexts (as a therapist, as a scholarly presenter, as a translator of expert information to the public) has readied the man for his time in the limelight, and only rarely does Samson find himself without something relevant to say.

Unarmed Combat:

As a result of his continued engagement with super-heroes, Samson has had the opportunity to learn a variety of combat techniques and martial arts principles. He's not a master of any of them, but (all other factors aside) he is capable of holding his own in a fight against most competent opponents.


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Medical License:
Samson is a licensed psychiatrist and, accordingly, has a number of legal protections afforded to him to conduct his business--not the least of which is doctor/patient confidentiality. Given the range of clients that Samson deals with (especially those possessing super-abilities), this protection is important, as Samson cannot be compelled to divulge information about his patients.

Professional Communities:
While his ego is even more incredible than his strength and has cost him a number of friendships and other close relationships, Samson nonetheless maintains a network of professional connections among his fellow psychiatrists, psychologists, and scholars/practitioners in a number of related fields. While none of them is likely to break the law for him, there are many research opportunities that Samson can bring to the table that might entice these colleagues to assist him to more of a degree (with relevant professional labor) than they might otherwise be inclined to. Of course, many of his colleagues also have a very skeptical take on the ethical dimensions of Samson's super-hero-related activities given the kind of information he has access to as a therapist for so many.

Superhero Community:

As one of the few psychiatrists not only willing to deal with super-abled individuals but also to physically withstand most/all relevant intimidation or threat, Samson is regarded well enough among the super-hero crowd for his professional expertise and his frequent active intervention in crises, especially (although not limited to) those of the gamma radiation variety.


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Over his years as a practicing psychiatrist and as a super-hero, Samson has accumulated a number of enemies and angry individuals otherwise seeking him harm (whether for his self-centeredness or for his willingness to pummel them into the ground). Since Samson has a public identity and his office is similarly public knowledge, he all but invites attack and retaliation.

Many of Samson's means of professional intervention skirt the edges of ethically acceptable behavior among his colleagues in medicine, since he not only has the potential to (and frequently does) profit in various ways from the information he gains access to as a therapist and as a consultant for various super-human incidents. Further, because he has super-human abilities himself, Samson frequently participates in such incidents rather than serving purely as an impartial observer. So far, Samson has managed to avoid ruining his reputation (as his heroics generate enough goodwill that lawsuits may have seemed too difficult to win), but he may not be ablel to continue on such a winning streak forever.

Gamma Rage:
Even though Samson's abilities are not augmented by his anger the way that the Hulk's are, the doctor can still be goaded or otherwise fall victim to the allure of a berserker rage. His professional demeanor and self-control can be pushed to their limits, and in such instances Samson would become as much of a threat to the public as the Hulk ever was.

Doc Samson knows he is stronger and more powerful than the average man. In fact, he frequently flaunts it, letting it serve as the physical reflection of his intelligence. This leads him to act brash or overconfident with himself, thinking he is too smart or strong for a foe, for example, and getting outmaneuvered or overpowered as a result. Additionally, Samson's sense of superiority has caused many to feel some disgust or contempt for his self-indulgent state of mind when given the chance. Samson has many colleagues and acquaintances but few friends, in no small part due to his egotistical behavior.

Doc Samson is completely vulnerable to magic influence and offense. While he has witnessed, and been affected by, magic in the past, Samson rejects supernatural phenomena, refusing to learn mystical or occult lore that might offer alternative explanations to scientific ones. As a result, he is not only vulnerable but unprepared for any such assaults.

Mental Attacks:

While Samson's strength was greatly augmented by the gamma radiation he subjected himself to, he has no protection against any telepathic, psionic, or other mental attacks.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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When A Doctor Calls January 20th, 2020 Doc Samson visits Kid for another therapy appointment. Things go better than the first meeting, but something's definitely eating at Kid...
Dealing with Stragglers January 15th, 2020 Hulk comes back from Limbo chased by a swarm of demons, and with some help, deals with them.
Lights, Camera, Mayhem January 14th, 2020 Jessica Drew and Doc Samson find themselves having to deal with the reality show-based arrival of a nightmarish Spider-Woman who simply should not be.
In Defense of Heroes January 11th, 2020 Hugo and Samson have a interesting debate
New Patient Referral January 6th, 2020 Nick comes to see Doc Samson to decide whether he might be a useful replacement for Nick's retiring therapist.
History of Present Illness December 31st, 2019 Lucius Primus visits Doc Samson in search of helpful therapy.
The Doctors In December 15th, 2019 Kid finally Doc Samson as a potential therapist. Goes about as well as you would think.
Two Heads Are Deadlier than One December 13th, 2019 Nyx and Doc Samson manage to overcome a reprogrammed Bi-Beast and, in the process, uncover a space that was once an AIM workshop/laboratory in a small Pennsylvania town.
Paws, Claws and Wicked Jaws December 11th, 2019 Summary needed
Conflict Resolution December 10th, 2019 Sabretooth manages to complete his contract, much to the chagrin of Doc Samson regarding the prospects for his budding clinic.
Hulk Potion No. 9 December 9th, 2019 Samson has no clue about the demonic nature of the crew that tried to grant a man his greatest wish, and Piper doesn't have the necessary time to explain the situation in a way he'd understand.
Church of the Living Hulk November 26th, 2019 After breaking downtown Riverdale free from the mental grasp of Xemnutology, Supergirl is determined to investigate the potential source of that threat.


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