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Flex (Scenesys ID: 1456)
"My teammates are counting on me and I won't let them down!"
Full Name: Adrian Corbo
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Canadian
Residence: Toronto, Canada
Education: High School Graduate
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Starling-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Alpha Flight
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 21 February 2007 Actor:
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 72.57 kg (160 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Strange Changes


The younger and more bookish of two orphans, Adrian and his brother Jared both manifested mutant powers at puberty and were trained by Department H for membership in the new Alpha Flight.

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An average-sized though fit youth with Black Hair and Brown eyes. In Costume, he dresses in a red body stocking with silvery trim and maple leaf emblems.


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Adrian can not remember his mother, all he remembers is his brother Jared and the Orphanage at Hull House. He does remember the monster that came one night and threatened to eat his eyes, and how Beatrice de la Salle came to scare it off.
His brother, Jared, was athletic and always in good shape, while Adrian was a reader and Scrawny. Jared one day teased Adrian into flexing his muscles, such as they were, and the other kids thereafter called him Flex as a joke.
One Day, Jared woke up surrounded by a force field he could not turn off. Someone from Department H arrived to help (the orphanage was secretly run by them) and, after they found a way to feed Jared, Eugene Judd was brought in to help with his training.
It was a few years later it became obvious how appropriate the nickname was, his mutant power being the ability to flex parts of his body into thin sheets of organic metal. Judd trained Adrian as well, until he graduated school and was brought into Department H and was sent to Gamma Flight for initial training.
After a time, Adrian had sufficient training to move up to Beta Flight. He was always a bit less confident of his abilities than his brother, but was eventually given the gold edge indicating he was ready to graduate. However, he was kept back because Alpha had enough members. He was given leave to go out on his own, but was asked to be on call in case he should be needed. He is determined to show that he has what it takes to be a hero.


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Adrian is Bookish, Shy, and Retiring, but he refuses to let his friends down and is very observant. Several times, it was his observations that kept the team from serious trouble.


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Metallic Transmutation:

Flex has the ability to transmute most of his body into thin sheets of organic metal. He can transform a single finger into a long thin flat tool such as a scalpel, scraper, screwdriver, or blank key. He can transform an arm into a shield or sword. On one memorable occasion he transformed himself from the neck down into a thin shape of organic metal covering roughly thirty feet, knocking an estimated fifteen people into the air by his transformation. His transformed blades are sharp enough to cut through steel with relative ease.
The transformed parts appear to be fairly resistant to harm, he has used them to block lasers and deflect bullets. The limits of his durability have not yet been tested, but it is presumed that they would not stand up to Adamantium claws or to heavy weapons like those of a tank.
In addition to durability, he has some ability to shape the sheets of metal he forms. He could, theoretically at least, use this ability to flex himself through narrow openings, such as under a door, or to reach distant locations. He has not tested the limits of his ability to stretch and shape himself either, but has considered the possibility of forming himself into an aerofoil to glide with. It appears that he can stretch and flatten a given area to be roughly six times as large in both length and breadth and 1/36 times as thick on the average. He seems be able to trade length for breadth, creating shapes that are longer and narrower as when he created a blade from his arm only about four inches wide but over 15 feet long. He has recently learned to partly transform, bend himself at a joint, and then continye transformation to create shapes with angles.
It is uncertain how much force Flex can exert with his transformed state, though he has been noted to be capable of throwing 15 men into the air at once, meaning he can exert at least 3 tons of pressure.
It is as yet unknown if transformation in either direction would heal him from damage, however it seems likely that it could.


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Adrian was taught some basic computer skills as part of his investigaive training, and has started learning computer graphics, specializing in polygons. He has decided his teachers at Department H were not very original, possibly they were being mind controlled by the Director as Alpha Flight was.

Escape Artist:
The fact that he can physically alter the configuration of his body makes it nerly impossible to hold Adrian. Even so, he has been trained to escape using only normal skills...just in case someone puts him in nutralizer handcuffs or the like. He is not up to the level of professional magicians or the like, but can get out of ropes or handcuffs.

Being trained by Eugene Judd, Adrian has learned something of gymnastics and acrobatics. He is not up to olympic or professional level, but has some basic training.

Trained by Department H in abilities of general use to an agent, Flex knows how to investigate a crime scene and how to pick a lock. His skills are probably roughly equal to those of most police or private detectives, though not to criminal investigation experts.

Origami is the art of folding flat planes into complex three dimensional shapes. Adrian has taken up this art as practice for creating more complex forms with his power.

Unarmed Combat:

Trained by Eugene Judd, the Superhero Puck, Adrian has combat skills that are above average, even without the use of his powers. While not up to the level of experts like Captain America, he is above the level of street thugs and bar-room brawlers. He could probably hold his own against most low-level Gotham villains. When his powers are added to the mix, granting him reach, weapons, and defenses, he is even better.


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Alpha Flight:

As a former member of Alpha Flight, and current member (on leave) of Beta Flight, Adrian can probably ask for help from Alpha Flight in times of need. By extension, he could possibly call on Department H and the Canadian Government, though only to a limited degree.


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His transformed parts are conductive of electricity, and to some degree of heat as well. His flesh and blood parts can be damaged, even if the metal is not, by electrical attack.

Limited Mobility:
When he sets a part of his body into a form, it stays in that form...a strait blade can not flex for example. He has to transform it back to flesh and blood to reform it into a different angle or shape.

Limited Senses:
In any area that is transformed, Flex has very limited senses. Because of this he is reluctant to transform his head, knowing he will be unable to see, hear, or smell while it is transformed. He still has some sense of touch, but it is not very good, akin to being numb from cold.

He is still bound to the Canadian government, if they call him he will answer (especially if it is Alpha Flight calling).


Blood does not flow through or from the parts of his body that are transformed. If he is only partly transformed (as he usually is) any part not transformed that is separated from his heart and lungs will not be getting oxygen and has only minutes of function. If his chest is transformed, he can not breathe or circulate blood, so he prefers not to transform this area and if he does so it is for as short a time as possible.


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Canadian Crossfire March 3rd, 2020 A new kid in town gets caught up in the Punisher's war.


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