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Hugo Strange (Scenesys ID: 9305)
"So, you know my name. Good, because I know everything about you. Your darkest secret, Your ultimate weakness. I know who you are, Bruce Wayne."
Full Name: Dr. Hugo Strange
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Psychologist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham City
Education: PhD from Gotham State University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Batman Family
Other Information
Apparent Age: 51 Actual Age: 51
Date of Birth 21 January 1976 Actor: Corey Burton (Voice)
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 77 kg (170 lb)
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:


Dr. Hugo Strange is a esteemed psychologist living in Gotham City. Growing up from "Unfortunate circumstances", Hugo overcame his troubled childhood as a orphan living in Gotham's worst neighborhood and became a professor of psychology in Gotham State University. He eventually came to fame after his profile of the infamous Gotham Serial Killer "Faceless" lead to his arrest. Now a reasonably famous man, Hugo Strange often appears on Gotham TV shows as a panelist when not busy at Gotham U, most notably on the Jack Ryder Show, where he has a reoccurring role. But underneath his Grandfathery, scholarly exterior is a cold, ruthless and sociopathic criminal mastermind with a ever increasing obsession with the Dark Knight, of whom he is currently preparing a profile on.

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Before you is a man of average height with a average build. The top of his head has no hair whatsoever, but has a prominent beard on his chin and bushy eyebrows. He often wears a nice brown tuxedo, but occasionally wears a white lab coat and brown pants. He wears a prescription pair of coke-bottle glasses on his face, thus giving him a pretty memorable appearance.


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Hugo Strange was born in Gotham City on January 21, 1976. From an early age, his childhood was marked with grief and trauma. When he was five years old, his parents were killed in a tragic car accident that Hugo was a witness of, their bodies forever being etched in his memories. After the accident, Hugo was sent to live in an orphanage in Hell's Crucible, one of Gotham's worst neighborhoods. During his childhood, he saw other children come and go, eventually being adopted while he always rejected. This, alongside the general horrible conditions of the orphanage, caused Hugo to strive to one day ascend above his miserable life and become successful, despite the odds stacked against him.

Once Hugo graduated High-School, he earned a scholarship to Gotham State and decided to major in Psychology. After years of study, he eventually earned his Ph.D. in Psychology. He ultimately became a professor of Psychology in Gotham State, and probably would've remained there for the rest of his life if it weren't for one incident. When Strange was 47, he was already a well-respected professor in Gotham State when the GCPD visited him. During this time, a serial killer named Faceless, whose MO was wearing exaggerated masks of his victims before killing them, then stealing their actual faces after death was terrorizing Gotham's East Side. The GCPD wanted Strange to make a profile and were willing to pay him a decent reward for one.

History 2:

Strange formed a disturbingly accurate profile on Faceless after a few days of study, leading the GCPD to Joseph Zedno, a Gotham mail carrier who was fired from his job after people on his route complained about missing mail. To Strange's amazement, Batman beat the GCPD to Faceless and apprehended him by the time the police arrived to arrest him. This was the start of an obsession that would soon turn dangerous. After Zebno was arrested, Hugo Strange found himself in the limelight after his profile was credited with leading the GCPD straight to Zebno. The once formerly unknown Strange was now a public figure, appearing in Gotham TV shows as both a subject of an interview and more often, as a consultant or panel member, with the Jack Ryder show being the most common, being like a second job to the Doctor. The GCPD also made Strange an unofficial profiler, using his expertise to help the department nail five more criminals. During this time, however, Strange's obsession with Batman combined with his repressed mental issues was causing the Doctor to become more unhinged, which he hid behind his usual everyday facade.

When Strange turned 49, his obsession with the Caped Crusader reached a critical point. Strange decided to make a profile on the Caped Crusader himself and started by secretly organizing crimes across the city to get a better view of Batman's psyche and to relieve the boredom he was beginning to feel about his life, despite the fame he had. In the process of making his profile on the Batman, Strange's obsession became worse and worse, to the point where he started to dress up as the Batman in order to "get into his mind." He also found that he enjoyed organizing complex crimes and began to view himself as a sort of Moriarty. He started to have his henchmen commit challenging crimes outside of Gotham to prove he can, while still maintaining the facade of the well-respected Psychology Professor at Gotham State. It has been over a year since Strange started the creation of Batman's profile, and, to his delight, he is almost done.


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To most people Hugo Strange is a calm, calculating sort of gentleman. He maintains the appearance of a gentlemanly scholar, showing proper etiquette where he is, especially when on television. In the classroom, he is a stern, but grandfatherly sort of professor who demands respect from his pupils. He has also been observed to have a good sense of humor, sometimes telling jokes in the classroom and on television.

In reality however, Hugo Strange is a obsessive, sociopathic man with no regard for anyone but himself. He is quite ruthless, often punishing henchmen for the tiniest of infractions to show as a "warning" for others. He is also a know manipulator, using his skills as a psychologist to get people to do what he wants. While he rarely shows it, Hugo has a temper which he manages to keep in check, but will fly into a rage if one of his more seemingly foolproof plans fail.


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Genius Level Intellect:

Thanks to years of study Hugo Strange has become a brilliant man. He is well-versed in all kinds of subjects and it allows him to make schemes that are very complicated and multi-layered.


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Besides Psychology, Hugo's second scientific specialty is Chemistry. Studying it as a minor while in college, Hugo is just as skilled at it as he is at Psychology. As a result, he is able to make a variety of chemical compounds, including a truth serum.

While not as skilled at it as he is with Psychology and Chemistry, Hugo has a basic understanding of Human Genetics. He often does experiments on Human genes, using unfortunate homeless individuals snatched from the streets of Gotham.

As part of his job as a Psychologist, Hugo often uses Hypnosis on his patients and is quite competent at it. He does it via the classic pocket watch trick, but it only seems to work on weak-minded individuals and stronger minded subjects can resist it more easily.

Hugo Strange is, of course, a expert Psychologist. He knows how the Human brain functions and how to manipulate it for his own ends.

Tactical Analysis:

Due to his high intelligence Hugo Strange is a skilled tactician, a trait that has attracted many criminals under his banner over the years. He can plan and execute schemes that sometimes take months or even years to come to fruition.


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Strange is relatively famous in Gotham and this allows perks other people would not be able to get like access to exclusive clubs and the respect of the general public. It also helps drops suspicion of him being a criminal since being in the public eye supposedly makes him less likely to be a crook.

Hugo Strange often uses Henchmen to aid him in his schemes. Strange makes his henchmen swear loyalty to him and makes them promise to keep their allegiance to him secret, even when captured. His men are often clad in dress shirts and ties and uses small firearms like pistols.

Hugo Strange has secretly purchased an old hospital building outside of Gotham and uses it as a lair and as a laboratory. Currently, Strange's lair is still fronting in the form of an old abandoned hospital that is fenced off by a supposed contracting firm named New Eden Incorporated, in reality, a cover company made by Strange. Within Strange's is a variety of scientific equipment including beakers, various chemicals, a series of restraining beds to hold "subjects, and surgical equipment. Besides the hospital, Hugo has a series of lesser safehouses for his men scattered throughout Gotham. Most of these are old abandoned buildings owned by New Eden and mostly have a two-way radio, a small stockpile of ammo, and a basic security system to alert his men to intruders.

Lars is Hugo Strange's bodyguard and main enforcer. Lars is a skilled brawler and is extremely loyal to Strange, to the point where he will willingly die to protect him. He often accompanies Strange's men on crimes, often acting as their muscle and as Strange's envoy.

When Strange gets his hands on illicit funds, he ships it to Mr. Clean,a Gotham money launderer who cleans the money and ships it back to Strange.

Lex Corp Stock:
Hugo Strange met Lex Luthor right after the arrest of Faceless and struck up an acquaintanceship. After a year, Lex decided to give Hugo a few shares of his company, which significantly supplements his income. (Note, already have permission from Lex to use this.)

While not at Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor levels of wealth, Strange is relatively well-off due to his appearances on various TV Shows and his job as a University professor. He also supplements his income through choice investments in the stock market, including Lex Corp. With his generous income, which is around the mid-millions, Hugo Strange has been able to buy a decent three-story home in Gotham's suburbs and has been able to purchase various properties around Gotham anonymously.

New Eden:

New Eden is supposedly a development firm based in Star City. In reality, it is a front made by Hugo Strange, who created it under a false name. He uses the company to buy abandoned buildings around Gotham and use them for his various plans. Some detective work beyond the company's website will show that the company has no completed projects under its belt and no headquarters to speak of, making it very suspicious to those who dig deep.


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Mental Instability:
Hugo Strange is mentally unstable. He is incredibly obsessive and will do anything to fulfill his obsession, even if it kills him.


Strange, due to his age and lack of powers, is not a strong fighter. He can easily be taken down by the likes of Batman and, if a hero pushes it to far, can actually kill him.


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