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Ike Harris (Scenesys ID: 1561)
Full Name: Ike Harris
Gender: Male
Species: Eternal
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Prime Eternal
Citizenship: Olympia
Residence: Olympia
Education: Informally Incalculable
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth Summer of 21,000 BC Actor: Paul Walker
Height: 187 cm Weight: 79 kg
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
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A figure from antiquity, Ikaris has been in the background down the annals of history. Figures both famous and hidden throughout history. He has been present for many of the world altering events down the ages. Now he's back. He can feel that something is coming.. and he'll be present for this too.



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Standing at a touch over six foot, this man has a presence about him that is hard to place. Lithely built, he can't be over 200 pounds. Brilliant blue eyes flash out from under an ear length mane of dirty blonde hair. A five o'clock darkens his cheeks and a bit down his throat. A strong jawline defines his face, and you can see the muscles beneath the skin twitch on occasion.

Clad in a dark leather biker jacket that hangs open, showing off the black T-shirt beneath it. The shirt hugs his frame, showing off a lean figure. Stone washed jeans hang from his hips with a black leather belt, large buckled. This along with a pair of black combat boots.


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Ike's name was not always Ike. Nor Ikaris. He was born with another name longer ago than it's comfortable for most humans to think about. He has had a great many names over a great many lifetimes. He was born on Earth, but so long ago it may as well be another world. Well before humanity left their caves and started forming societies. His people are the Eternals. Born of meddling by a race from beyond the stars, and aptly named because of their longevity.

Born in the Eternal city of Polaria hidden deep in the Siberian tundra, to a scientist and her warrior mate. His childhood was that of the few other Eternal children, educated in the stories and histories of the race, trained in the use of his natural abilities. Math, sciences, and the state of the world around them and their place in it.

And so he lived, in and around this city until around his 10th millennium. He began questioning his place in the city and it's daily goings on. With the blessings of the Elders, he left Polaria to wander the world and explore it's vastness. To gain experiences that his city, vast though it is.. cannot give him.

And so he wandered. Fighting, setting things right where he could. Encountering the monstrous race his elders thought him of, those known as Deviants. Ike fought them back where they sought to oppress humanity. For nearly 6 millennia, Ike wandered the Earth, touching peoples lives where he could. Not knowing the legends that sprang up around him when he left. Legends of his deeds.. some accurate, others greatly exaggerated. He may or may not have helped build and guide an ark full of refugees and many pairs of animals to escape a great flood.

Returning to Polaria, and met with open arms, as six thousand years is not so many for people whose lives spans millions.. Welcomed back, Ike was assigned to the detachment headed to what is now Greece, to battle the Deviants trying to take over there. There he met the gods of Olympus. Broke bread with Zeus, and cracked jokes with Hera and Hermes. He also fell in love. While on assignment in Crete, on the isle of Minoa, Ike met a human woman as strikingly beautiful and pure of heart as any he'd met. A short time later they were wed in the Grecian style, and not long after they had a son.

His son, Icarus.. yes.. THAT Icarus.. grew to be a strapping young man, due in large part to being half Eternal. Flying with his father through the clouds and skimming over the water was something he loved more than anything. So Ike petitioned the master crafters of his people to make a pair of wings that would allow the boy to fly. But before he could train the boy on how to use them properly, Ike was called away on duties for Polaria. He was gone for years.. In his absence, Icarus and his mother mourned, fearing Ike had been killed or captured. Donning the wings and soaring high, Icarus flew far and wide to find his father. But he wasn't skilled in using the wings, and soared far too high. Passing out from lack of air at such a height, he remained aloft until the sun burned out the delicate controls, and he fell into the sea and drowned. Ike returned not long after from the war, and while he was able to recover his sons body from the sea, both he and his wife were broken.. and she ended things not long after. Ike changed his name to IKaris in honor of his son's memory.

Ikaris has been around the world countless times, and over the ages he has been many people. Since the 4th host retreated from Earth, Ike challenged the then leader of the Eternals Thena, and won.. becoming the Prime Eternal. Leader of the Eternals on Earth. Most Eternals are living their own lives in this new era, most keeping to themselves in an age of mutants and aliens and superhumans.

For now though, he is content to simply be Ike Harris. Good guy and drifter.


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Ikaris has been around a very long time, and has had a very long to form who and what he is. A product of his upbringing, and a full knowledge of the proud and storied history of his race have impacted him quite a bit. He is a warrior, first and foremost. Ready to give his all for those he cares about and his people come first, always. He has assumed something of a fatherly role upon becoming the Prime and tries to observe that as much as he can. He can be short and to the point verbally, a bit of an ass. But he really does have a heart of gold.


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Ikaris is an Eternal, a genetic offshoot of humanity. An entire race that is a product of genetic manipulation by a race from beyond the stars. His race has been imbued with the ability to absorb ambient cosmic energies from the world around them. Not unlike Kryptonians actually. Like most other Eternals, Ikaris primarily draws strength from Earth's young and vibrant yellow Sun. Solar energy fuels all Eternals powers, and they grow weak without it.. only human. Basic powers as follows.:

Eternal Strength: Ikarus' muscles are far denser than humans and he is stronger than most of his fellows, able to deadlift around 50 tons. This is without the assistance of his mental abilities.

Eternal Stamina: Eternals are fed by the stars, literally solar powered. They can go for days with any activity going full bore. They produce far less muscle fatigue toxins than baseline humanity. Ikaris can function at full power for nearly a week before slowing down.

Eternal Invulnerability: All Eternals have much denser musculatures than humans, and can take a helluva beating. When he is fully empowered, Ike can shrug off blows from the mightiest of beings. Normal Earthly weapons do nothing to him and he can walk right through anything short of a nuke. Those sting. This isn't counting his mental abilities.

Eternal Regeneration: All eternals possess the ability regenerate from bodily harm. Call it a healing factor. He can heal most any wounds given time.

Eternal Powers: All Eternal powers stem from advanced psionic abilities, another gift from Celestial meddling. Those will be described individually.

Ikaris has trained long and hard in shaping the cosmic forces within him to his desires. This has manifested in bursts of heat and force from his eyes and hands. He can generate his 'disintegration' beams from his eyes, narrowly focused beams of heat capable of reaching temperature of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, more than enough to vaporize most Earthly materials.

He can also generate far broader beams from his hands, though he normally relies on his eyes.

These powers have a relatively short range, Full power up to about 200 feet, then rapidly decreasing in power.

Ike can levitate and propel himself telekinetically. Lifting himself and pushing himself along inside a TK force shield to keep the wind off him. He can reach speeds of just over Mach 1 in the air. (850 MPH) He can lift a large crowd and take them as well, though it gets harder the more people he must fly.

All Eternals have some degree of psionics. Some choose to develop the gift in one way or another, some don't. In Ike's case, he is a low level telepathic adept. He can scan surface thoughts of any being less adept than his own, and shield his own mind to some degree. setting up telepathic communications is possible but requires more concentration than he likes to give in a combat situation. People must be within line of sight to affected.

On the other hand, Ike has developed his telekinetic abilities far more than his telepathic ones. While he has to use a hand to guide his mind, a crutch he's never learned to let go of.. he can lift up to 30 tons with his mind alone. This can be a force in any way he needs it, lifting, crushing, gripping.. He is also adept at telekinetically 'hardening' the air around him as a shield. This can be either linked to his arm and wielded like an actual shield, or in a dome around him and a few others. It's not as resilient as he is though, and it takes concentration to maintain it for any length of extended time.


Like all Eternals, Ike has the ability to psionically teleport himself wherever he likes, but like most Eternals, he hates doing it. It hurts. Psionically unmaking your body and reassembling it elsewhere in the blink of an eye sucks immensely. His range is global. but he has to visualize the place.


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Ikaris has been training for millennia in warfare and single combat. He's been around longer than any Earthly martial art and has blended together his own 'style' that works for him. Fast, brutal.. and unforgiving. He has no qualms with ending a life, but much prefers nonviolent solutions.

Ike has been present in court at nearly every dynasty and every kingdom in the world at one time or another. He has broken bread with Lords and Kings and Knights, Ladies of the court, and Ladies of the night. Sat with generals and slept with beggars in the gutter. Ike knows how to behave himself, how to speak when a self perceived 'lord' is speaking to him.

Ike is very much a history buff. Being that he was there for most of it. He met a LOT of people whom history now remembers their deeds. He might even BE a couple of them.. but he's not telling.

Ike has been around since before mankind emerged from their caves and had anything more than a grunt to communicate.

He speaks all major Earthly languages, ancient and most modern ones. He's fluent in most, but some of them.. like.. say first dynasty court Mandarin... he's a little rusty being he hasn't spoken it in several centuries. Benefits of a long life and a strong mind.

Having spent millennia on his own in pre-history, the amount of sticks he has rubbed together to create fires is nothing short of ridiculous. He knows how to track game, follow tracks, and survive off the land.


Humanity as a whole is very good at one thing. That's killing each other. We've been doing it since the beginning and shown no signs of stopping since.

Ike has a long and storied military career, both as an Eternal and as a human serving in the armies down the millennia. He knows tactics, what works and what doesn't against most foes. Rigid cavalry charges to Hoplite blockades to guerilla warfare. He's been in nearly every extended battle or war since the dawn of humanity on one side or another.


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Being alive as long as Ike has, he's learned to prepare for the long game. As such over the many years, has seeded the world with caches of money and tools and things of use. Likely many will have been found by now, but many remain.

Ike has taken a day job at a history museum as a tour guide and a night guard. This slightly odd dual role affords him paychecks which allow him to live as a human might. It also allows him to both protect artifacts and give tours some have likened to a trip to the movies. It's likely he really knew how humans hunted in -10,000 BC. Y'know.. cuz he does.

Hidden deep in the largely unexplored and frozen reaches of the Siberian north, lies the ancient city of Polaria. Hidden by harsh and brutal landscape, unforgiving temperatures, ancient and powerful cloaking field. Guarded against entry to non Eternals by powerful force shields that can shrug off nuclear bombardment. A lasting legacy of the Celestial's technology left behind. The last stronghold of Eternals on Earth, it is a fortress Eternals can run to in times of need, collecting high tech weapons and armor hidden away since antiquity.


Ikaris is the Prime Eternal. That means he is the de facto leader of the Eternals on Earth. Most of the time he is more than happy to let his people live their lives. Whatever lives they choose to live. But in times of great need, Ike can call on his people and gather an army a thousand strong. An army where every soldier rivals Superman in might.


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He has been alive and actively fighting for a long time... and it brings issues. There are some people and monsters out there that want to ruin or destroy him. He is constantly dealing with recurring villains. An entire race of beings dedicated to the eradication of his race to start with.

While not vulnerable to it, magic ignores his invulnerability, thus affecting him as it would anyone else.

Like most of the Eternals on Earth, Ike gets his powers from the Sun. The sun's nourishing energy fills his cells like tiny batteries, fueling his wondrous powers. Not unlike a certain other race that has become well known on Earth.

That being said, being kept from the sun for extended periods of time starts to diminish his powers, eventually he'll be left as a normal human.

Ike can only go about 24 hours apart from the sun before he starts to feel the effects, a drain on his strength. Fighting or other strenuous activity expedites this process exponentially, one week and his powers are gone. His powers will return when he returns to the sun, but it's not a quick process.


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