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Moon Knight (Scenesys ID: 1768)
"I don't wear white to hide myself. I wear it so they'll see me coming. So they'll know who it is. 'Cause when they see the white, it doesn't matter how good a target they are. Their hands shake so bad, they couldn't hit the moon."
Full Name: Marc Spector
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Cabby / Philantropist / CIA Liaison / Former Boxer / Former Mercenary / Current Crazy Person
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Dropout
Status: Dropped
Groups: Midnight Sons, Martial Arts-OOC, Starling-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 33 Actual Age: 33
Date of Birth 26 February 1994 Actor: Brendan Fraser
Height: 187.96 cm Weight: 102.058 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Kid Charlemagne" by Steely Dan


Servant of Knushu. Is he? Nutjob in a cape with thrill issues. Is he? Decorated American hero. Is he?

Moon Knight is many things. Marc Spector, his alter ego, is a more complicated figure. Prone to hearing voices, guided by visions no one else believes he has, he's got a lot of sins to atone for, from his time in the marines and later the CIA. Is he atoning for those sins by putting on the cape and cowl? Is this violent night-time lifestyle some sort of perverse therapy? Or is he truly serving a higher power?

If you're a villain, none of those questions matter. The only thing that that he's going to hurt you.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Dressed head to toe in all silver and white, you'll see him coming a mile away. Because he wants you to.

In a regular world, his height of six foot two would be above average, but here in the age of the superhero, that's just par the course. Same goes for his powerful, thick muscular build, it's clear that he went into wrestling in high school, the way his form is so dense and powerful. The face is hard to see due to the white hood hiding his features, any details of his face hidden behind a veil of dark shadow, with two silver glowing slits penetrating that darkness. If one were to get closer, they might see that behind the veil is actually a full mask, something that hides every possible detail about his face.

That hood is attached to a cape that rolls down the shape's shoulders, going down to his ankles in a way that masks much of his movement, though when that cape is pulled back it's easy to see that the rest of his body is adorned in the same shade of white as the cowl and mask. Across his chest is a silver crescent moon, something that glints in the darkness just like his eyes, same with the knuckles and wrists of his gauntlets worn over a pair of white gloves, and the same as silver metal 'kickpads' worn over the shins of his white boots. Across his waist is a white leather utility belt, pouches galore. Across the back of that belt looks to be two silver metal sticks, which probably don't tickle.


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Son of a rabbi, Marc knew early on that he was different than other kids. He heard things others didn't, and when some of the other neighborhood kids teased him, his solution was violence. Brutal, brutal violence. His father, a pacifist who lived for God, was horrified, but there wasn't much that could be done to get the boy on another course.

For a time it seemed that high school mellowed him out, that making the high school wrestling team did him some good. That was until he beat the coach within an inch of his life for calling Marc 'crazy'. he was kicked out, obviously, and from there he went right into the armed forces. After three years, he went from there to the CSIS. And eventually, he left the CSIS to become a soldier of fortune. It was here, touring across Iraq, Africa and countless other lawless, wartorn areas that he met his best friend and modern-day shield brother, Jean-Paul Duchamp...though Marc always just called him 'Frenchie'. Other than this friendship, Marc didn't achieve much of anything other than an impressive bodycount, and a number of warcrimes that he'll have on his conscience until the day that he dies.

The lost, aimless wandering stopped in Egypt. It was here that he discovered a tomb and a shrine, and a mantle. He discovered Khonshu, and for the first time in his life, the noise in his head stopped. For the first time he knew what he was, and knew what he wanted to be.

Everything he found in Egypt he brought with him to his home in Windsor, the statue to this lost forgotten moongod, and the white cape and cowl that served as the mantle. These things weren't exactly legal, but at this point Marc was in for a penny, in for a pound. In fact, knowing that Marc Spector might not be a welcome sight to some, instead Frenchie and he both put their heads together and developed the persona of Steven Grant, small-time millionaire investor and wannabe businessman. High status enough to gain access to gain access to various social circles, but harmless enough not to attract a great deal of attention. After a while, they were able to get enough funds to acquire a defunct Apache helicopter from the '80s, now dubbed the 'Mooncopter' by Frenchie...despite Marc's disapproval.

He's been quiet for a while but now, it seems there's a new player leaping around rooftops, and delivering vengeance and pain to the thugs and the monsters of the world. Now Khonshu's champion has arrived. Now the Moon Knight is gonna make things right.


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Fractured, that's a word for it. Marc is a man who has a lot of problems he has to work through. Perhaps another word could be 'intense'. Marc's moods and emotions shift and shift rapidly, one moment he could be seeing red with rage, and the next moment he's heard the world's funniest joke and can't contain himself. Sometimes he loses himself for a while, off in his own world while the rest of said world moves around him. Trying to answer any question of "is he serious" or "is he sarcastic" or "is he worked up and violent" is almost impossible to answer, because it honestly depends on any given moment. At least when he's Marc Spector.

When he's Steven Grant, his schmoozy millionaire alias he's able to fake an air of smarminess so well that it honestly seems genuine most of the time, he's attentive, observant, prone to giving that fake 'rich-boy' laugh on command if he needs to. This is the part of him that 'appears' the most stable, though it's telling that this is the persona he spends the least amount of time in, and seems to be the most 'drained' after this particular masquerade.

And then there's Moon Knight. When he's the Knight, his thoughts are clear, and his heart doesn't feel so full. When he puts on the cowl he is lucid and focused. When he wears the mantle of his God he is grim and studious, but not so grim that he can't crack a joke at some criminal's expense. He is relaxed but ready to strike and lash out at a moment's notice. But even then, he can get lost in it. Following clues, elbows deep in blood and crime and madness, if he's spent too much time under the mask he can seem a bit unwound, and yet wound too tightly.

Whether he's Spector, Grant or the Knight, the whole thing seems to be a high-wire act, with no safety net to catch him if he falls.


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There's debate on whether Moon Knight has powers or abilities, or whether he's just a lunatic with training and a predilection for violence. People may never know the answer, but whether he's the chosen avatar of a forgotten god, or whether his inner demons and his psychosis are what fuel him, the result is a man who cannot be 'predicted', at least not easily. Those with the power of deduction or simply a keen detective's eye, Moon Knight almost defies these sorts of skills or powers. When Super Staticians look at him, their brains instantly divide by zero. If looked upon by combat savants, those known for winning fights in their heads or copying everything their opponents can do perfectly, those people just might have something like a panic attack when looking upon Khonshu's Chosen. Or, maybe they won't, but what they see might frustrate them.

Marc Spector's head is a strange and oftentimes confusing place, fragmented and with rooms and stairs that lead to nowhere. Telepaths, mind readers, mind controllers, these sorts might find it supremely difficult to navigate the ever-shifting labyrinth of the Moon Knight's mind.

It's unclear whether this is an actual 'super' event or whether it's just all in Marc's mind, seeing a full moon in the sky seems to trigger something deep down within him. He hits harder, he moves faster, he feels no pain. He's still human, he can still be killed by many many things. But to encounter him on a night like this, it's almost...supernatural.

But is it really?


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If Marc really truly needs to, he can, with enough time, develop a whole other personality for purposes of infiltration or hiding. He can improv something off the top of his head if he just wants to bluff someone temporarily, but if he wants to make a more concrete identity that won't fall apart to heavy scrutiny, he needs help from someone in order to come up with documentation.

Whether it be with hand to hand weapons, firearms or his bare hands, Marc is capable of dealing out some serious punishment. As a fighter he's very aggressive, constantly in motion, constantly putting his varied forms of training and long experience (Amateur boxer and wrestler in college, highly trained in CQC and kickboxing during his time in the armed forces.) to good use. There are times where he is genuinely frightening.

For a man of his size, Moon Knight has a running speed and reaction time that can be considered truly frightening. He'll often use blitzkrieg and ambush tactics, overwhelming gangs and gunmen with actions before they have a chance to really comprehend what's going on. And while he's not quite fast or agile enough to dodge bullets, he's fast and agile enough to make a cowardly gunmen -think- he can.

Steven Grant is good at appearing like he is good at investing. In reality he pulls out of more projects than he goes through with, and any project he goes through with, it's anyone's guess whether it actually does any good or not. The bulk of MK's funds come from other avenues, mainly stealing from criminals. "Investing" is just part of the ruse.


Being a former high school wrestler, turned marine, turned heavyweight boxer, Marc Spector has a lot of power in his frame, enough to compete in various strongman competitions. As you can imagine, this strength comes in very handy when breaking faces.


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Marc's trusted brother in arms from their days as soldiers of fortune. Frenchie is the superior pilot between them, and he's the one who designed many of the wonderful toys that Moon Knight uses in his war against crime. He's also able to keep Marc relatively grounded at least some of the time.

Steven Grant is "A millionaire", but here's a secret: He doesn't actually have that much money. He's able to give the impression that he is, though, from a combination of playing the stock market, from actually doing his "job" as an investor...and, most commonly, stealing from criminals. Mob money, drug dealing money, Triad money, he keeps a very small amount of what he finds from them, the rest he either alerts the authorities to, or he burns, whichever he feels more at the moment.

An identity Marc Spector built, a millionaire investor, a foppish layabout who Marc can use to spy on the world of the upper class, and who can get into places that either Marc or Moon Knight wouldn't be able to. When he is pretending to be Steven Grant, Moon Knight is a liar, and he is sorry. When he is pretending to be Steven Grant, sometimes he is and it feels better.

Despite the flashy name, this is honestly just a stripped down Apache helicopter, all the weapons gutted from it and instead a smokescreen is able to be produced, if those piloting it need to hide out for any reason. there is an old fashioned grenade-launcher hanging inside the cockpit, but it's only loaded with modified smoke grenades, teargas and flashbangs, not anything truly destructive. Frenchie is the pilot when this is used at all.

Not too much of a big deal, this isn't as heavily armored as certain vigilantes, though it's thick leather-like material is enough to potentially stop a knife(though his gauntlets are better suited for that task.), and the eyelets of his mask are designed to let in as much light as possible, allowing him to see quite comfortably in dark rooms and alleyways.

The cape and hooded cowl are honestly more protective than the suit itself, flame resistant, the cape also has gliding capabilities if used properly, essentially acting as a hang-glider and emergency parachute all in one.

Finally, the utility belt is able to hold many items, including evidence Moon Knight finds on his travels, or anything else he may want to take with him.

Besides having a number of small penthouse apartments as Steven Grant, Marc Spector has a number of off-the-radar, hole-in-the-wall sort of safehouses, just in case he needs to lay low and he's nowhere near his regular homes. In addition, he has an old abandoned, forgotten about hangar out in the Starling countryside, perfect place to keep an old '80s Apache helicopter.

Being a mostly nonpowered vigilante-sort, many of his tools are familiar. he has crescent moon shuriken and a grapnel-gun, the familiar array of smokebombs and even flashbangs, and his gauntlets and kick-pads are lined with a hard metal that adds a great deal of additional impact to his punches and kicks. He has a large heavy boomerang made out of the same strange metal, designed to cause concussions, this thing can hit HARD without Moon Knight needing to exert a lot of force.

One of the main weapons, though, are a pair of long 'escrima-style sticks, made out of that same strange material. They can be used separately, they can be linked together as a pair of nunchucks, or they can be combined to form a bo-staff. No matter how he uses them the result is the same, a lightweight weapon that's durable and powerful enough to break bones, shatter car windows and much, much more. Moon Knight is not a nice person.


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Moon Knight wears a white and silver costume, he is making no attempt to hide in the shadows. This means that if he ever wants to for whatever reason, he's S.O.L.

Even at the best of times, Moon Knight is not the most balanced of individuals. He hears the voice of Knushu speaking to him, and sometimes he hears other people as well. There are times where it's difficult for him to parse what's real and what's not.


Moon Knight has a habit of ignoring injuries, moving past pain and continuing in a fight even when he really, really should just stay down and rest. Seeing that he's a regular human with no super toughness or healing factor, this is not great for his health.


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