Midnight Sons

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The Order of the Children of the Midnight Sun, or Midnight Sons for short, are a loose alliance of heroes, with a taste of damnation that they draw upon in order to fight it, or who are compelled to fight against it, to prevent the same from happening to others. Members of the Midnight Sons are given a brand, which is seared into their arm, becoming visible when ritually summoned, and hurts like the Devil himself until the summons is answered. The brand otherwise remains invisible until it is needed. The Midnight Sons have no formal base of operations, but have used the Honeycomb Hideout and Sanctum Sanctorum in the past.

Base of Operations: Honeycomb Hideout (Fort Joseph, Blüdhaven) and Sanctum Sanctorum (Greenwich Village, Manhattan)
Founded: 8 December 1972

OOC Leader

Hannibal King

IC Leader

Hannibal King