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Okhotnik (Scenesys ID: 1194)
Do svidanya, Tovarisch
Full Name: Klavdiya Irina Vasiliev
Gender: Female
Species: Afflicted Weretigress
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Homeless, former Soldier/Sniper
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Residence: The Streets
Education: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth March 14th, 2000 Actor: Unknown
Height: 176cm Weight: 70 kg
Hair Color: Ash blonde Eye Color: Grey-green
Theme Song: Wrong Side of Heaven, Righteous Side of Hell - Five Finger Death Punch


Russian soldier mauled by tiger and miraculously survived and healed. only to be 'watched' and then eventually almost kidnapped by Russian intelligence organization, now on the run and in hiding in the US on the streets as a 'homeless vet,' trying to survive, stay in hiding, and figure out what the heck is going on with herself. PTSD is not helping.



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There a conflicting air about this figure, at once the retreating, flinching withdrawal of the rejected, dejected and lost, and the barely-leashed lethality of one inured and inculcated in violence as an aspect of daily survival. Those with a real sense for such things will pick up a hint of smell that is something more and Other than human.

Taller than average but walking usually hunched over and stoop-shouldered, this is a younger woman in her mid-twenties with a street-aged look better suited to her mid-forties, her long ash-blonde hair a lanky grey-brown of the largely unclean. Her tightly toned and athletic physique and modest curves are largely forgotten within oversized attire and a body language that is as lost and forgotten as one can become. She keeps her eyes and head down, except for rare moments of frightening lucidity, when the fiercely wild grey-green orbs have a piercing quality of hungry inner light that is unsettling at best, terrifying at worst. Her voice is soft and husky, with the edge of one used to life or death communications and the paucity of words usual for one who has learned words usually have little meaning in her life.

Her physical form is virtually swallowed up in an oversized multi-toned brown/tan camouflage jacket, beneath which peeks a plain and filthy white ribbed tank top and a pair of sandy tan, very dirty and worn military fatigue pants. There is a definite air of the unwashed about her.


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Klavdiya was born just before the turn of the century in post-Cold War Russia. Though she grew up in uncertain and confusing times, with a country constantly in flux, she - with her parents' guidance - pushed herself to excel and pursue the one avenue all seemed sure would never diminish in need, especially in the midst of such uncertainties: the military.

She managed to get into Lomonosov with her good grades and determination, and joined their cadet training program, managing to graduate with a junior officer's commission to the Russian Army. Showing a particular skill for tactical analysis and sharpshooting, she was promoted quickly after specialized training and joined the Spetsnaz, becoming a team scout sniper. She excelled in the tightly-focused team environment of the Spetsnaz, and found their closely knit comraderie very comforting and reassuring.

Two years ago, unfortunately, all of that changed for Klavdiya. Her team was assigned to border protection patrols in the Siberian taiga and up into the mountains bordering between Siberia and northern mainland China. Klavdiya was on overwatch for her team, scouting ahead to various points and then settling in to keep an eye - and a scope - on them as they moved ahead. She had a viciously violent encounter with a tiger, and was found hours later, unconscious and near-death, badly mauled, after going incommunicado. Her team carried her out of the mountains for a medivac chopper, and she was returned to base for medical assistance.

When Klavdiya arrived, the medical personnel frankly expected her to expire given the severity of her wounds. Yet even as they prepared an operating theater, her body began to knit itself back together. When the surgeons discovered this, they set her bones and splinted her limbs, doing what they could as quickly as possible, and then documented her body's rapid recovery.

Klavdiya's recovery was deemed miraculous, to say the least. She not only survived, she was up and mobile within days, and fully operational within just over a week. Even more astounding was the complete lack of scarring from her injuries. And all of this was reported and documented.

Not at all sure why any of this was happening, Klavdiya was just glad to get back to her unit. When they were transfered to Chechnya she went with them, returned to her unit and happy about it. But all of that disappeared when power-armored soldiers in black closed in on the unit and presented orders to take her into custody. Afraid and confused, suddenly abandoned by her own team who pulled back rather than closing in around her as she would have expected, she acted swiftly on pure instinct, using the same sort of tactics she had been trained to use to create an opening, run, and hide.

Klavdiya had no idea who the soldiers in powered armor were, but she knew she had no desire to become someone's lab rat, so she ran far and fast. She doesn't know what has happened to her, or why, but for now she has done the best she can to disappear. She left her home country, slinking across the seas, and has taken to surviving on the streets of the admittedly much softer United States. Thus far, her efforts have been focused almost exclusively on survival and secrecy. But she must soon begin figuring out what has happened to her, and why, and what she is going to do about it.


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At her core, Klavdiya is a young woman who has focused largely her entire being on her identity as a soldier, as a part of a team and a piece of a whole. Loyalty, dependability, faithfulness and service are all tremendously important pillars of her psychology.

Unfortunately, all of that has been horrendously eroded by her abandonment by the force, institution and team to which she had given her loyalty and faith. She has not yet figured out what is happening to her biologically, but she is aware enough to know she is battling PTSD and depression. She does the best she can with this, but she needs the resources of those outside herself, and she cannot afford to take the risks required to get them. It's a vicious cycle.

Klavdiya has also found herself driven by powerful instincts that she knows weren't normal for her before the attack. She does the best she can to resist them, but they are quite insistent, like the one that drives her to seek out a place of woodlands for a few nights every month. They're just all part of her 'new non-normal'.

It should be noted that Klavdiya has no memory of her times in tiger form right now, and that when in tiger form she acts largely on instinct, without much of that calculating, human intelligence. That will change eventually, but it is what


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Human Form

Thanks to the affliction, there have been some changes for Klavdiya even in her human form. None of them are immediately visible, but all of them are important. First is the increase in her senses (see +abi diya/senses). Second is a significant overall improvement in her strength, health, endurance, speed, agility and reaction speeds.

Although physically quite fit before her change, Klavdiya is now incredibly strong. She doesn't look any stronger, but at this point she can dead lift nearly a thousand pounds, can sprint fast enough to keep up with cars on a highway for short distances, and can maintain an easy pace of around 30 mph for hours at a time, can maintain high levels of physical exertion for two hours before needing to rest, is agile enough to keep up with or outmaneuver Olympic gymnasts, and with a reaction speed fast enough to snatch or bat arrows and thrown weapons out of the air with her bare hands or simply dodge them. In dark lighting, her eyes will tend to reflect ambient light just enough to be noticeable.

Hybrid Form

Though Klavdiya has no idea how to take a middle form as yet - she's not even aware of how to cause herself to change into the tiger form consciously - it is possible for her to do so. This results in a bipedal felinoid creature with a body twelve feet long from shoulder to hips, with massive legs and a large tiger's head, an overall height of around fifteen to sixteen feet, and a five foot long tail. Weighing a bit over a thousand pounds, the hybrid form has strength sufficient to lift or move nearly five tons, and is strong enough to ram cars off the road and slice her claws through non-armor metals. She can sprint at speeds nearing 90 mph for very short periods, and maintain a steady pace of almost 45 mph for around three hours before needing a rest. The hybrid form can sustain blows of force approaching two to three tons with minimal effect beyond sheer momentum, and low caliber firearms won't even penetrate her skin. Normal (non-magical, non-exceptional) blades propelled by normal human ranges of force cannot cut the hybrid form. The hybrid form is, theoretically, capable of limited human speech, where the tiger form is not.


As a werebeast, Klavdiya heals incredibly well. Her body can heal soft tissue damage in a matter of hours that might take weeks for a normal human. Bone breaks take a bit longer, but even then she still heals such things at rates at least ten times as fast, a broken leg properly reset being back to normal in a matter of a couple of days. Most poisons and toxins have minimal effect upon her, and she can overcome their effects rapidly, while most diseases simply never gain a foothold against her. Klavdiya usually heals without scarring regardless of the severity of the wound, although mis-aligned bones may need to be rebroken to set properly.

There are a few exceptions to this, however. Firstly, wounds caused by obsidian not only will not heal any faster than they would normally, they fester like acid, and will tend to poison the body where the obsidian flakes off unless the wounds are thoroughly cleansed. Obsidian poisoning is potentially lethal to Klavdiya, much like silver poisoning would be for a werewolf. Wounds from obsidian weapons will also tend to scar.

Additionally, complete loss of a limb would require months of extra food and time to regrow a replacement. And proper beheading is lethal.


Klavdiya's senses are exceptional and heightened at all times, regardless of form. Nevertheless, they are far more enhanced when in animal or hybrid form than they are when in human form.

In human form, Klavdiya's sight extends into spectrums above and below the normally visible range, allowing her to see in conditions other than completely sheltered darkness with a startling accuity of monochromatic perception. Her visual range extends about three times the range it did before her change - and she had exceptionally accurate vision before the change. Her hearing is similarly accurate, able to make out whispers at a range of hundreds of yards in acoustically uncrowded areas, able to hear higher- and lower-pitched sounds, and able to pick up nuances in sound natural human hearing would not pick up. Additionally, her sense of smell is sufficient to identify someone within a range of a hundred feet or less by scent alone, and to notice things like changes in physiological condition and even fear and other primal responses. She can even take a pass at trying to track someone by scent, though that generally requires either a scent she knows very well, or one that is particularly strong or distinctive.

In hybrid or full feline form Klavdiya's senses are much more acute, to a factor of about 300%.


Though Klavdiya has no real idea yet what has happened to her, the simple answer - which isn't simple at all - is that she has been afflicted as a weretigress. This is a magical, mystical, primordial change in her biology. The fact that she survived the change means that she cannot ever be simply human again. She is now, at all times, at least a bit of a beast, her inner tigress always present in instinctual ways, prodding and compelling her responses. And sometimes that inner self becomes her outer self, as she transforms.

Klavdiya's transformation is in no way smooth or seamless. It is a protracted, painful, even agonizing experience, as her body pops, twists and reshapes itself in skeletal and muscular systems from the ground up; it's quite disturbing to watch, and even worse to be trapped on the inside of it all. The transformation usually takes about fifteen minutes. Pushed to her limits, it is possible Klavdiya could change in five minutes, but she would be in a hightened state of aggression due to lingering pain and discomfort for a protracted period of time afterwards.

Tiger Form

Clearly, there has to be some magic involved in Klavdiya's affliction, given that she transforms - quite painfully - from a slightly above average size woman of significant physical accumen into a twelve foot long, just shy of six foot tall at the shoulder Siberian tiger, weighing in a bit over one thousand pounds. While in this form, Klavdiya is much stronger and faster than her human form. Most impressively, of course, are the additions of claws and a tiger's bite. The tiger has strength sufficient to lift or move nearly five tons, and is strong enough to ram cars off the road and slice her claws through non-armor metals. She can sprint at speeds nearing 100 mph for short periods, and maintain a steady pace of almost 50 mph for around three hours before needing a rest. The tiger can sustain blows of force approaching two to three tons with minimal effect beyond sheer momentum, and low caliber firearms won't even penetrate her skin. Normal (non-magical, non-exceptional) blades propelled by normal human ranges of force cannot cut the tiger.


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Klavdiya has been a dedicated and gifted all-around athlete for most of her life. From running and swimming to weightlifting, core training, speed and endurance, Klavdiya has always been a top-notch athlete. Workouts are one of the things that bring her a sense of peace and normalcy in her own gone-mad world, so she keeps up her workouts, even out on the streets with isometrics and endurance.


Klavdiya is a well trained soldier with a wide array of combat skills, from unarmed fighting to various knives and other basic muscle-kinetic weapons - yes, she even knows how to use a bow, stave and spear - up through firearms. She is an excellent combatant, proven in the field of battle even before the enhancements that have resulted from her change.

Covert Ops

Klavdiya's training included covert operations, from black ops insertions, stealth, assassinations to covert intelligence analysis, drop-offs, hand-offs, tracking and stealth in an urban environment, lockpicking, tight fireteam operations, parachute insertions, etc.


Klavdiya received a top-notch Russian education, including a Bachelor of Arts in History. She is no dummy and has a broad knowledge base, including biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, world literature, and of course history.


Klavdiya is skilled with demolitions and explosives. She is not an explosives specialist, someone who on her own could design an implosion program of charges or the like, but she has solid field skills in the deployment and implementation of explosives. She knows what is safe, what is not, and how to do her best to avoid taking herself or her team out in the process.


Klavdiya is particularly adept with firearms. She knows them inside and out - literally - including how they work, the variations and differences, their benefits and costs, proper maintenance and repair, and she is an exellent markswoman, an accomplished special forces sniper.

First Aid

Klavdiya has been trained in field medicine and first aid, including basic trauma care, sewing up wounds, medicines and herbal or field solutions to infections, disease and wounds. She's no doctor, but she could probably keep up with an EMT, and possibly do better with field improvisation.


Klavdiya's native language is Russian. She is also fluent in English, Ukranian and German. She also knows a smattering of Mandarin and Cantonese.


Klavdiya is an excellent battlefield tactician, with a real vision for how to best accomplish even the most difficult tasks in almost any landscape and resources. It was her talent with this that made her the chosen sniper with her former operations team, as her overwatch guidance was especially useful.


Klavdiya has good skills with tech in the field, from radios and communications gear to computers, scanners, jammers, laser range finders and more, and she knows not just how to use but how to maintain and repair these items. She's no master hacker or gifted programmer, but she knows what she is about and what software to use to make it easier to accomplish.


Klavdiya has had extensive training in driving and piloting a wide array of vehicles in difficult and dangerous situations, from combat driving to boat piloting, motorcycles, ski-mobiles, tracked tanks and armored personnel carriers, etc. She also knows basic maintenance and field repair for these vehicles.


A skill originally picked up during her youth from her maternal grandfather, Klavdiya has kept up an interest in woodcrafting, especially as they have given her something quiet to do alone on long watches and detached operations. While she is not world-class or anything, she is pretty talented, and used to make a point of giving tiny wooden animals to friends and teammates as gifts.


As part of her youth and her training, Klavdiya has had extensive training in wilderness skills, including hiking, tracking, rock climbing, survival in a wide array of terrains including desert, arctic, plains, mountains, etc, from foraging to hunting and how to safely prepare food and water in those environments, to navigation, orienteering, and more.


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Klavdiya was trained as a special forces operator, and she has money transfered to accounts that are not on the 'radar' of her former masters in the Russian military, as they are not in her name. She has perhaps thirty-thousand dollars, but she tries not to touch this money; she has no way of being sure that others in Russian intelligence don't have the accounts flagged, and she has no desire to confront the armored folks who came for her the last time they knew where to find her.

Feline Affinity

Klavdiya really doesn't know what to do with it, but she has discovered that these days cats really like her. Wild cats. Feral cats. Domestic cats. Even the big cats at the zoo. They all seem to respect her. In point of fact, they generally acknowledge her as a big, protective leader, like the leader of a pride. It means that most with feline instincts won't willingly attack her, and she can generally and quickly intimidate them into stopping any attack they are forced to make. Of course, it also means her cardboard box in the alley looks like the Cat Lady of Tasmania's domicile, as the cats on the street tend to flock around her.


Klavdiya may be homeless, but she is not completely helpless. She does have some gear on-hand, including a .45 caliber handgun with two clips and a box of ammunition, several knives, collapsible fighting batons, a crowbar and a set of rudimentary lockpicks.She's ready to do what she can to defend herself, or others. Of course, she does not have carry permits for any of these in the US, so they also represent the possibility of arrest if caught by LEO.


Klavdiya is homeless, so she doesn't have a lot, and what she has she can only keep by keeping it with her, on her, and mobile. Most of her gear - clothing, bedroll, blankets, mess kit, etc. - are all military surplus, mostly Army. US Army, because blending in is vital. She usually tries to get in a shower once a week at a shelter or a YWCA.


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For someone who has always been a part of a group - family, classes, the Army, her own team - there is nothing worse than being alone. Outcast. Rudderless. Klavdiya cannot reach out to her family, lest she endanger them, and her own team - those she would have considered as close or closer than family - stepped back and let those armored goons try to take her away. She can't trust them. But she misses them more than words can say. Yet somehow, it feels like alone is all she is ever meant to be, now. It's torture.


Klavdiya is being hunted. There is a Russian intelligence organization out there that wants to capture her, and probably test and torture her to learn more about her ability to survive and recover as she has from her injuries. If they learn more about what she can do, that is likely only to expand their interest. And potentially worse, if word of this gets out to US intelligence organs, she could find even this place ill-suited to hiding.


Klavdiya did not enter the US legally, and she has no legal identity papers. Even if she were not identified as a Russian soldier AWOL, she could still be in big trouble if grabbed up by LEO; if her prints manage to lead anyone to her true identity, she would surely be deported, or worse.


Klavdiya's biggest physical weakness is to obsidian. This black volcanic glass (stone) is deadly to Klavdiya, a poison of unimaginable and literally acidic toxicity. Usually largely immune to normal slashing weapons, a cut from an obsidian blade will cut to the quick, fester and almost boil, and will not heal; it will also tend to become infected and poisoned by flecks and flakes of the stone that break off in the wounds. Obsidian to Klavdiya is like silver to a werewolf; there is nothing nastier.


Klavdiya has been through Hell. She has done combat tours in Chechnya and out in the mountains of Siberia, as well as throughout the world wherever Russian needed her soldiers. Compounded to all of that experience is that of being quite literally ripped up, shredded and mutilated by the tiger that attacked her. And then rejoining her unit only to find herself outcast, alone and running. She has plenty of post-traumetic stress disorder: hypervigilance, distrust, paranoia, difficulty sleeping, frequent angry outbursts, being jumpty and easily startled, numbness, feeling emotionally distant and cut off from others, and more.


Klavdiya is a stranger in a strange land; there are few places in the world that could be more alien to her than the United States. The wealth, plenty, and schitzophrenic confusion of this place is bewildering. She doesn't know much of the lingo or pop culture references. But this is where she is. This is the best place for her to hide. Or so she hopes.


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