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The efforts of an unlikely group to get the Winter Soldier to come in from the cold.
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Winter Soldier
Co-Runner(s): Claire Temple
Groups Involved: Just Cause, SHIELD
Target Audience: Street Level (generally)
Rating & Tone: R, Char-focused




Winter Soldier, Claire Temple, Captain America, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Winifred Burkle, Black Widow (Romanoff), Melinda May, Loki, Ares, Harry Dresden, Feral, Angel, Peggy Carter, Lois Lane, Darcy Lewis, Akula

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
What Is, And Should Never Be September 5th, 2017 Sam Winchester stops by to check on Claire Temple after her ordeal at Hydra's hands. She earns his implicit trust.
Ataraxia September 1st, 2017 Plot finale. Having developed a plan to save Claire Temple, Steve Rogers, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, and Winifred Burkle follow Bucky Barnes to the Hydra base where the former Winter Soldier knows she is held captive... but find themselves facing their personal nightmares before they can break her free.
A Polite Interrogation August 31st, 2017 Mercy Thompson wants some answers about the wolves she lost. Bucky Barnes gives them. Neither parties feel any better.
Awkward Preparations August 30th, 2017 Sam, Fred, Mercy and the Winter Soldier discuss next steps. There are plenty of mental and verbal landmines to avoid while the four begin to plan Claire's rescue.
Anamnesis August 26th, 2017 With the Winter Soldier captured, the difficult task of undoing decades of brainwashing awaits. Loki, making use of the Mind Stone, sets out to do just that, enabling Steve Rogers, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, Melinda May, and a very cross Winifred Burkle to assist him in the repair of the Soldier's fragmented mind. Additional guidance comes in the periodic appearance of Claire Temple(?).
Captured August 25th, 2017 Winter Soldier has been captured. Mercy Thompson is there for when he awakens. There are words by both.
Visitation Rights August 25th, 2017 Winter Soldier receives a visitor. Captain America. Sam and Mercy give the low-down of their plan.
The Nature of War August 24th, 2017 Sam Winchester takes a turn guarding the Winter Soldier. They discuss the nature of war, and reach a strange sort of understanding between one another.
Let Me In August 23rd, 2017 As Dean races away to forge his dark deal with Crowley, Fred confronts Sam about all the secrets he's been keeping.
Epokhe August 23rd, 2017 Several days ago, Sam Winchester received a precognitive vision, telling him where the Winter Soldier would be on this date. He and Mercy, Fred, and Dean pull together their weeks of preparation, and set and spring a trap.
Wanted August 23rd, 2017 After Sam uses his telekinesis to help capture the Winter Soldier, emotions run high and truth bombs are dropped.
Wasted Years August 23rd, 2017 Dean gets home after a particularly rough day to find his father perfectly fine. May comes to check on the younger Winchester. John gets an earful.
3 Russians, 1 Coyote August 21st, 2017 Mercy, acting on impulse, tracks and assails the Winter Soldier after running across the result of one of his jobs. The encounter is complicated by the fact that not only was the Soldier talking to Akula at the time, Vanya followed Mercy's trail as well.
We Got Your WMD Right Here August 19th, 2017 Fred and Mercy get together to build more BOMBS. Secrets of Sam's scent are however revealed. And visions. So many visions.
Catching Up August 17th, 2017 Angel and Fred discuss the rescue of Sam and hydras - both animal and organization.
Backahasten to the Future August 16th, 2017 The Backahasten begins a series of murders along the Hudson River with the aim of capturing one of the Brothers Winchester at last. Did she get a little nudge from a certain King of the Crossroads? Or is his latest offer just an attack of opportunity?
Cutscene: To Mourn the Lost August 13th, 2017 Mercy Thompson finally learns that Darryl the werewolf is dead. She mourns.
Don't Treat Me Bad August 12th, 2017 Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Winnifred Burkle and Agent Melinda May team up to investigate a rash of freak accidents and suicides targeting NYU athletes.
One Job August 11th, 2017 As Sam Winchester tries to tend his brother in the hospital, Dean is caught up in a memory of a deadly deal made 9 years ago.
We're All Okay Here August 10th, 2017 Sam and May pop over to Mercy's garage to check in, while Loki brings lattes and the battered form of Dean. With car.
Sleep, Sugar August 8th, 2017 Sam struggles to cope in the aftermath of his rescue from Hydra. Fred presents him with a special gift to help him out.
Wayward Son August 7th, 2017 Dean Winchester goes in search of the Winter Soldier, and certainly finds him.
Walking it Off August 5th, 2017 The brothers Winchester catch up in the aftermath of Sam's rescue. When a freak accident proves Dean is far more hurt than he's letting on, Sam insists on a trip to SHIELD medical, where Dean gets a clearer picture of what happened to his brother in Hydra hands. The resulting rage is epic.
No Regrets Policy August 5th, 2017 Sam and Fred strengthen their relationship in the aftermath of Sam's rescue.
I Want to Break Free August 4th, 2017 Mercy Thompson, Fred Burkle, Dean Winchester, The Black Widow, Melinda May and two werewolves team up to retrieve Sam Winchester from Hydra's clutches. The Winter Soldier shows up to stop them, as does a special guest hydra (emitted by Claire Temple).
The I-Hate-Bucky-Club August 4th, 2017 Returning from a case in Virginia, Dean finds the woman who has been leaving him multiple voicemails in the search for his brother.
We Got Bombs August 2nd, 2017 Fred and Mercy work on more surprises for Winter Soldier. This time involving ICER bullets.
A Herald's Help July 29th, 2017 Vanya joins the fight against the Winter Soldier.
Hello Little Girl July 29th, 2017 The Winter Soldier visits Fred.
A Hunting We Will Go July 27th, 2017 Mercy goes looking for Vanya to ask for help. Instead of finding the other woman she finds Ares, God of War. OOC: Some of Ares' poses were lost in the beginning.
A Garage In Harlem July 27th, 2017 Melinda May of SHIELD visits Mercy Thompson to see what's going on with the Winter Soldier. Spoiler Alert: Winter Soldier is just mean.
Shield Brothers July 26th, 2017 After forty years, the Winter Soldier and John Aaron cross paths again, and Ares assesses for himself the nature of the Soldier versus that of James Buchanan Barnes.
Respite July 24th, 2017 The Winter Soldier visits Sam in his cell. It seems almost friendly. Right up until it isn't.
Korenizatsiya July 18th, 2017 Sam Winchester faces the questioning of the Winter Soldier's Hydra handlers.
A Meeting Convened July 18th, 2017 Loki, Black Widow and Mercy speak of plans to take down the Soldier. Spoiler Alert: The plans aren't very well thought out just yet.
If You Build It July 18th, 2017 Fred and Mercy meet at her garage to start building an arsenal that might slow down the Winter Soldier with the help of Loki. The Winter Soldier taunts them.
Volume 5 July 18th, 2017 Peggy Carter comes face to face with the Winter and Soldier and finds him familiar. He has no such recollection.
Volk i Koyot July 14th, 2017 Having taken Claire Temple, the Winter Soldier attempts to take Mercy Thompson, but Loki has something to say about it.
Moose Hunting July 14th, 2017 The Winter Soldier takes Sam Winchester hostage for Hydra's own inscrutable purposes.
Team Bucky Nooooo July 7th, 2017 Claire Temple, Mercy Thompson, The Black Widow and Sam Winchester come up with a plan to retrieve the Winter Soldier from the clutches of his handlers.
Checking In July 7th, 2017 Claire and Mercy check in on each other after the debacle with Coyote. Only there's more to this meeting than checking in, there's talk of war.
Schwerpunkt July 2nd, 2017 A premonition prompts Sam and Dean Winchester to race to the aid of James Barnes. They're able to save Claire Temple, but Hydra gets their Soldier back.
Wounded on a Shore June 29th, 2017 Sam Winchester's efforts to protect the Winter Soldier from the shadows brings him face to face with the a man. Bucky Barnes struggles to break through the cracks in the walls.
Hunting a Soldier June 19th, 2017 Mercy Thompson seeks out the Winter Soldier after witnessing (and disrupting) his reconditioning, only to find he has already been seeking her.
Soldier and Hunter June 15th, 2017 One of Sam Winchester's premonitions presents him with a choice: face the Winter Soldier alone, or allow a man to die by the grace of an assassin's bullet. He makes the only choice he can. Despite assistance from his strange and growing suite of unasked for powers, the assassin once again turns the young hunter into an unholy mess of quivering Sam beans...and might well have killed him, had the past itself not risen up to intrude.
Fugue State June 14th, 2017 Confused and disoriented after Claire Temple and Mercy Thompson interrupted his reconditioning session, the Winter Soldier visits Claire for answers.
Down the Rabbit Hole June 13th, 2017 Claire Temple enlists the aid of Mercy Thompson to find out more about the Winter Soldier. The two wind up discovering far more about what is done to him than they expect.
Provokatsiya June 6th, 2017 Winter Soldier extends the Black Widow a bloody invitation and an unacceptable offer, subsequent to their encounter at the embassy attack.
Parties and Embassies and Death May 30th, 2017 A routine SHIELD warding job for one Sam Winchester turns into a big mess when the Winter Soldier arrives on the scene to kill the Ukrainian ambassador.
You Again-- May 23rd, 2017 Winter Soldier needs his arm fixed. Claire brings him to Mercy's Garage for repair.


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