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Claire Temple (Scenesys ID: 230)
"You've got to be kidding me."
Full Name: Claire Temple
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: Nurse
Citizenship: United States of Ameria
Residence: New York City
Education: University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Defenders
Other Information
Apparent Age: Late 20s Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 5 July 1997 Actor: Rosario Dawson
Height: 170 cm Weight: 57 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Drafted involuntarily into the war of Hell's Kitchen, Claire Temple pits herself in dual roles: emergency nurse by day and a healer and mender of New York's vigilantes by night. Known purely by word-of-mouth, and her identity marginally sheltered to keep the monsters off her doorstep, there is alluded talk to a "night nurse" among the street-level heroes: a woman you call for the emergencies without worries of police reports or uncovered identities. She performs unparalleled surgical work in the most sparse and bereft of conditions, maintains strict doctor-patient confidentiality, and makes damn sure her patients stay alive. She's certain she's in over her head, but she's seen too much and she's sick of being afraid. What's a woman to do?

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Claire Temple is a woman who looks always tired around the edges and always ready for trouble. There is a sharpness in her dark eyes which says she always expects something dangerous to come around the corner - but it's not fear, it's simply someone who is prepared. She has deeply tanned, olive skin, clearly Latina in descent. Her intelligent eyes are midnight brown and her messy, slightly layered hair the same deep brunette. Despite her exhaustion, there is something about her which is beautiful. She has stately, slender features with high cheek bones and a generous mouth. Her frame is thin, but has enough curve to hips and breasts that she might be considered more hourglass than lanky.

More often than not, Claire is in a pair of scrubs. She favors traditional blues, but sometimes she'll be in a teal or a deep maroon. Ugly or not, she is a nurse who has embraced the comfortable, non-skid support of crocs and she has several pairs in black and navy. Most working hours, there is a stethoscope laced carelessly around the back of her neck. Her hair is pinned off her face just enough it doesn't get in her eyes.


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Born and bred New York City, Claire has never been scared of what the city has to offer. She grew up the daughter of a single latina mother in Hell's kitchen with several siblings, raised by both her mother and her grandmother who only spoke Spanish. She walked home after school with her own key to let herself in and remembers New York of the 80s, before things started cleaning up. It made her fearless in the face of most anything else she sees in her adult life. Her mother worked hard to ensure she and her siblings had whatever they could want. They had lots of cousins too, down the block and down in Florida. For as hard as life might have seemed, it was a happy one.

One of Claire's biggest regrets is that her grandmother passed a year before she graduated nursing school, but she never let it hold her back. She dove into her career in her abuela's name, never forgetting the advantages her family left her (a rent controlled apartment that was her grandmother's, an education, a whole lot of love.) She's been a nurse for a decade now and is widely regarded as the best nurse at Metro General. She's taken third shift (4 am - noon) because it lets her help the super heroes during the worst hours of the night, then go off to work. Then the Reign of Terror happened, and life was thrown into chaos. She worked longer shifts, helped more heroes, and basically did nothing but work for three years. She thought it would break her, but somehow she survived. It made her stronger. Now, however, she doesn't know how to go back to a normal life.


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There's no other way to say it. Claire's brilliant, in her knowledge, her adaptability, her insight, her observation... There's not much that gets past Claire, and she doesn't even need to hear heartbeats to pick up on it. If she'd had the resources while she was getting her education, she could have made a phenomenal ER physician, but as it is, she's a /de facto/ physician (or unofficial nurse practitioner) to the superhero and vigilante community at large. Few run-of-the-mill MD's could take on such an arduous caseload, but Claire's become a guardian angel to plenty of men and women in and out of masks and aliases. She herself might not be superpowered in a way that might show up on SHIELD's radar, but what she has is utterly brilliant.

Claire is a trusted presence in her neighborhood. If someone's having trouble deciding whether going to the ER is a good idea, they ask for Claire's opinion. She's a valuable resource when the doctor's orders or the prescription instructions aren't clear. Sometimes getting set up to go to the hospital for a minor injury seems to be more trouble than it's worth, so occasionally Claire gets a knock on the door from someone who lives a floor or two from her place. She doesn't complain, considering how those calls compare to some of the other surprise medical visits she gets (that also, maybe not coincidentally, rarely knock on her door).

Claire is, of course, a nurse. She's licensed in the state of New York to do everything a registered nurse does, and she has the years of experience to be very, very efficient in doing her work in very trying circumstances. She has experience training advanced nursing students in how to handle themselves in the emergency medicine domain, but she prefers to leave instructing the next generation to the people who actually want the preceptor job. For her part, she's got more important things to do (or so she feels).

Compartmentalizing one's empathy is important for ER clinicians. The overly empathetic may be prone to cringing away from patients' illnesses and injuries, or worse, may report pain or illness themselves. Claire Temple experiences no such difficulties. She can grit her teeth, patch wounds, and stick needles with little trouble, although she may have some discomfort and distress depending on the depth of her relationship with the patient. She's not made of stone!


The name of the game is adaptability. Claire's tremendous knowledge of how to put the human body to rights finds expression in all kinds of crazy situations. She's done light abdominal surgery on her kitchen table. Couches work as passable surgical beds, so long as the patient is lined up properly. Claire always prefers to work indoors, but she could sling up an IV bag in a back alley if necessary. It's not about the instruments, environment, and supplies -- it's about how they can be used to help her patient, wherever she is.


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Disposable supplies are the lifeline for Claire's informal practice. She sneaks out whatever she can slip out of the supply closets -- suture packets, gauze, tape, and for the damn fool idiot vigilantes that keep getting themselves sliced up because they either go out when they shouldn't or because they don't have functional body armor, Hello Kitty band-aids. The hospital keeps on ordering, and as the staff keep going through the supplies like veritable popcorn, Claire has the opportunity to skim off the top.


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Knock it the hell off. Call it whatever you want -- machismo, toxic masculinity, plain ol' stupidity -- Claire's had it up to *here* with it. She has no patience whatsoever for posturing, measuring contests, or any of the other idiot games some of these powered morons play to make themselves feel superior to each other, whether it's when they first meet or when they simply disagree on a course of action. Enough's enough. Could you quit acting like jerks for long enough to take out those Doombots over there? Great, thanks.

Claire can handle seeing someone else's blood, and she can even manage to deal with seeing the blood of a loved one wounded in front of her (though sometimes with considerable difficulty). She's internalized her wariness, though, to the point that she panics if she takes a bleeding injury in all the fights among the supers and the vigilantes. Expect her to need to find where a wall joins a floor and to need to sit down for a while... Okay, need to calm down, maybe they didn't poison their weapons this time... Breathe, Claire, breathe...


The stereotypes are occasionally true. It's not so much that she thinks she'd be victim of a Hand doc or nurse (though the thought has occurred), it's that she really, truly hates being a patient, period. Part of it is that she can be quite tough with her patients if she feels she should be, and she's not all that comfortable with being in a vulnerable position in front of them later on. The other part is that she simply hates having to submit to medical care, and she wants it to be over and done with as quickly as possible, with a minimum of disruption to her life. She's seen enough cases go south in the ER that she doesn't like to be in that precarious state herself.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Dagger is still stubborn as a goat October 26th, 2020 Dagger gets a visit from the Night Nurse and scolded on her obsession. Dagger will need to learn how to relax, or it will cost her greatly.
Milk Cartons: Enter The Devil. September 29th, 2020 The Devil of Hell's Kitchen visits Cloak and Dagger. A pact is made.
A Challenging Night September 29th, 2020 Matt and Claire have a long talk.
Nurses: Catching up and checking in September 24th, 2020 Sandy comes to visit Claire and have dinner. Secrets are shared.
Here Comes A Challenger September 22nd, 2020 Claire stops by Matt's and, incredibly, he's there! He opts out of his night gig to help her through a tough night.
Nurse Night Out September 21st, 2020 Nurses hang out and get drinks from Lester.
Downside of Sharing a Building September 20th, 2020 Historial: Matt and Claire finally decide to try and restart their friendship (or more?) over sancocho. They aren't complete idiots about it.
A drink is needed. September 19th, 2020 And the Detective meets the Nurse
4 Pints Deep September 15th, 2020 Claire and 'Lester' meet at Luke's once again, after Claire has had a horrible day at the hospital. He talks her out of at least one bad decision and confirms for himself her true identity.
Patching Up Bodies, Not Hearts September 15th, 2020 (Historical) The Daredevil finds his way to Claire's apartment after a month of avoiding her. It's bad enough an ambulance is called.
Damsel and the Devil September 13th, 2020 Aftermath of Claire being used to bait Matt into a trap. She gets tired of his crap and tells him to hit the road.
Safe Houses and Dangerous Games September 12th, 2020 Claire and the Punisher meet by saving each other's life. Some honest words are exchanged.
Opportunities September 11th, 2020 The Punisher finishes off a roving gang of thieves, and ends up taking a dozen bullets to save Claire's life, taking a couple in critical areas in the process.
The Early Days September 10th, 2020 The first meeting of Night Nurse and Devil doesn't go quite as bloodily as you expect. There's still some blood.
Watering Hole Wednesdays September 10th, 2020 Claire heads to Luke's on her night off and meets another, seemingly halfway decent, boy from the Bronx. Bullseye. Aka
Drinks at Josies May 17th, 2019 The Defenders get together with Peter Parker. Everyone has drinks (Peter's is a Sprite), some people walk other people home. Or something. Totally don't go out and beat people up in alleys and need medical care at 3am. Nope. Not them.
Licking Wounds. January 2nd, 2019 Half price night at Josie's lands JJ in hot water. A ticked off Claire is a sight to see. Bad JJ, no drink for you!
Girl's Night Out December 23rd, 2018 Summary needed
Beer, Pretzels, and Questions... November 13th, 2018 Claire Temple, Jessica Jones, and Kate Bishop meet in a bar. Girl talk is had, and Kate gets some... advice.
Black Sky: There Might Have Been Ninja... October 25th, 2018 A hacker an archer and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen drop in on Claire's clinic.
Pool Night at Josie's October 16th, 2018 Nelson and Murdock host a mutant, a vampire, a spy, a thief and a skinwalker for a game of pool!
Black Sky: I Know He's Hiding Something! October 14th, 2018 Kate and Claire enjoy a ladies night at Josie's where Kate puts the pieces together and thinks she's figured out who Matt is. Only time will tell if she's right!
Tournament/Black Sky: A Yelling, Island Edition October 9th, 2018 Claire and Matt have a therapeutic discussion about Matt's place in Elektra's plans.
Black Sky: Asking a Favour... For a Friend September 25th, 2018 Elektra asks Claire to accompany Matt to the Tournament, and tells her why. Claire is understandably unimpressed. Nothing changes between the two women.
Pool Night at Josie's September 25th, 2018 Pool night at Josie's brings and odd collection of heroes to the table.
How'd She Get to Be a Mediator September 8th, 2018 Kate tries to drown her sorrows alone, but ends up visiting with everyone in Hell's Kitchen. Maybe she needs a new watering hole.
Patching Things Up at the Clinic July 28th, 2018 Matt drops off some papers to Claire at the clinic, there's yelling, there's talking and things get back to something like normal.
We Need to Stop Meeting Like This June 28th, 2018 Matt and Skye are attacked while catching up, but when they meet with Luke and Claire all the secrets come out.
Ninjas to the left of me, Ninjas to the right, Here I am.. Stuck in the Middle with You June 22nd, 2018 Claire's clinic gets attacked. Matt, Elektra, and Luke come to the rescue. You know who got blamed for it all, right? Right?
Meet me at Mercutio's June 14th, 2018 Claire and Luke go for coffee, only to find Elektra there. Luke and Elektra make a devil's bargain.
Back at the Bar June 7th, 2018 After Elektra admits that she's the leader of the Hand, Claire gets angry, Jess gets booze, Luke gets a job and Elektra and Matt make questionable choices (again).
It Was Never Goodbye May 22nd, 2018 Post visit with Darcy, the others wander in (Claire and Luke) and interupt Matt and Elektra /not/ breaking up. Words are had. Secrets get out. People storm off. Matt and Elektra are left not saying goodbye.
Down at the Bar May 19th, 2018 Three Defenders meet for drinks. They catch up.
Biofeedback says phone a friend April 22nd, 2018 Yin calls for help to deal with those gaping bloody itches you just can't scratch.
Needing to Talk (not Yell) April 21st, 2018 Summary needed
Morning in Hell's Kitchen April 14th, 2018 Summary needed
Patching Up April 10th, 2018 Matt, Claire and Elektra go to Matt's after their fight with the Hand. Claire and Elektra get patched up, Elektra and Matt realize some things can never change.
Venting April 7th, 2018 Summary needed
Off the Menu April 6th, 2018 Matt and Elektra wind down the night with fresh arguments after Danny's birthday bash. Claire runs into them, and all three of them run into ninjas.
Bed Check April 1st, 2018 Summary needed
A donation negotiation situation. March 25th, 2018 Claire and Matt make their pitch to Natasha Cranston
A Stab in the Dark March 24th, 2018 Elektra drops in on Claire for some much needed medical attention after a pointed lesson goes nearly fatally wrong. Only to have Matt Murdock drop in on the two of them and get appointed Elektra's nursemaid for the next 7 days, much to her chagrin.
A yelling March 19th, 2018 Matt's earned this one.
Green Beer and Wings March 18th, 2018 Summary needed
Sanguine Chit-Chat March 4th, 2018 Matt visits Claire to get patched up, plans are hatched, questions asked and certain undercover mission is discussed.
Saline and gauze February 24th, 2018 Claire drops off some medical supplies at St. Margaret's, and Vanya and Juggernaut get a chance to catch up on mutual hobbies.
Superb Owl February 4th, 2018 Danny finds Claire while she's walking home from work on Super Bowl Sunday. Thor drops in (literally -- no, there's a crater).
The Problem With Stalking Dangerous Men January 26th, 2018 Summary needed
Catching Up January 6th, 2018 Claire and Matt catch up after things have been quiet on Claire's end for a while.
SHIELD Urban Conflict Firearms Training Scenario October 16th, 2017 SHIELD senior agents run the newest batch through a training course.
They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Blood Ties October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
SHIELD Under Siege October 8th, 2017 Enemy agents infiltrate SHIELD and attempt to abscond with incredibly valuable equipment.
Rise Up While You Can October 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Heads Will Roll October 2nd, 2017 SHIELD sends a team on a rescue op. Things are far worse than intel suggested.
Rainbow in the Dark September 30th, 2017 An unusual arrival in Gotham gets the attention of SHIELD and WAND people. And others besides.
Splintered Futures September 24th, 2017 Summary needed
Awkward Awakenings September 10th, 2017 Claire Temple awakens back in safety, after her harrowing experience. She and Mercy Thompson catch up on all that happens. Bucky Barnes is super guilty.
What Is, And Should Never Be September 5th, 2017 Sam Winchester stops by to check on Claire Temple after her ordeal at Hydra's hands. She earns his implicit trust.
Ataraxia September 1st, 2017 Plot finale. Having developed a plan to save Claire Temple, Steve Rogers, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, and Winifred Burkle follow Bucky Barnes to the Hydra base where the former Winter Soldier knows she is held captive... but find themselves facing their personal nightmares before they can break her free.
Anamnesis August 26th, 2017 With the Winter Soldier captured, the difficult task of undoing decades of brainwashing awaits. Loki, making use of the Mind Stone, sets out to do just that, enabling Steve Rogers, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, Melinda May, and a very cross Winifred Burkle to assist him in the repair of the Soldier's fragmented mind. Additional guidance comes in the periodic appearance of Claire Temple(?).
I Want to Break Free August 4th, 2017 Mercy Thompson, Fred Burkle, Dean Winchester, The Black Widow, Melinda May and two werewolves team up to retrieve Sam Winchester from Hydra's clutches. The Winter Soldier shows up to stop them, as does a special guest hydra (emitted by Claire Temple).
Where In The World Is Claire Temple July 23rd, 2017 Mercy and Natasha look into the case of the missing Claire
Korenizatsiya July 18th, 2017 Sam Winchester faces the questioning of the Winter Soldier's Hydra handlers.
Na lovtsa i zver' bezhit. July 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Team Bucky Nooooo July 7th, 2017 Claire Temple, Mercy Thompson, The Black Widow and Sam Winchester come up with a plan to retrieve the Winter Soldier from the clutches of his handlers.
Checking In July 7th, 2017 Claire and Mercy check in on each other after the debacle with Coyote. Only there's more to this meeting than checking in, there's talk of war.
Seeking Answers About the Winter Soldier July 4th, 2017 Natasha approaches Claire Temple to ask questions about the Winter Soldier
Aftermath - Soldier lost, Nurse saved. July 2nd, 2017 "As advertised on the tin."
Schwerpunkt July 2nd, 2017 A premonition prompts Sam and Dean Winchester to race to the aid of James Barnes. They're able to save Claire Temple, but Hydra gets their Soldier back.
The Troubled Trickster June 30th, 2017 Summary needed
An Assassin's Anguish June 30th, 2017 Winter Soldier is stuck in a nightmare from his own mind. Claire and Mercy-Coyote try to save him.
A Nurse's Nightmare June 29th, 2017 Nightmares accost Claire Temple, as the Coyote's mind attacks her. Mercy-Coyote steps in to help her friend.
The Lineup June 26th, 2017 Claire Temple and Sam Winchester work together to put a human name to the near-mythical legend of The Winter Soldier. And then? Together, they come up with a plan.
Contacting A Nurse: After Hunting A Soldier June 25th, 2017 Mercy contacts CLaire Temple to let her know what Bucky said. Only magic interrupts their chat.
Patch the Woobie June 15th, 2017 Fred Burkle retrieves a wounded Sam Winchester in the aftermath of his encounter with The Winter Soldier, and calls Claire Temple to help. The conversation takes an unexpected turn.
Fugue State June 14th, 2017 Confused and disoriented after Claire Temple and Mercy Thompson interrupted his reconditioning session, the Winter Soldier visits Claire for answers.
Down the Rabbit Hole June 13th, 2017 Claire Temple enlists the aid of Mercy Thompson to find out more about the Winter Soldier. The two wind up discovering far more about what is done to him than they expect.
Leviathan Rises June 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Wendigo: Clean Up On Aisle (Floor) 1 June 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Pills June 4th, 2017 The hospital calls one Fred Burkle because she's Sam's only emergency contact. Claire Temple covers for him and his unexplained injuries. Claire is rattled when Sam mentions his vendetta against the man with the metal arm.
The Wendigo Hunt June 3rd, 2017 A Wendigo stalks the hallways of a hospital in Hell's Kitchen. Mercy, Claire, Loki and Winter Soldier work to defeat. Or Claire and Mercy run like hell and Loki and the Soldier kill the beast.
Soldiers and Nurses and Cops, Oh My! May 31st, 2017 Sometimes Claire Temple has to trek out to Gotham to get supplies for her work as the Night Nurse. Interested in preserving his medical care asset, the Winter Soldier tails along. Things go sideways, but fortunately Karrin Murphy is also on hand.
Defendersmeet May 25th, 2017 Jessica Jones brings Karen Page by Claire Temple's place for some treatment after a minor scuffle. Unfortunately, the Winter Soldier was already there. He almost goes unnoticed up until Daredevil shows up.
You Again-- May 23rd, 2017 Winter Soldier needs his arm fixed. Claire brings him to Mercy's Garage for repair.
This Job Can Be A Real Drain May 8th, 2017 Summary needed


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