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Winifred Burkle (Scenesys ID: 160)
"Can I say somethin' about destiny? Screw destiny! If this evil thing comes, we'll fight it and we'll keep fightin' it until we whup it. 'Cause destiny is just another word for inevitable, and nothing's inevitable as long as you stand up, look it in the eye, and say, 'You're evitable!'"
Full Name: Winifred Burkle
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Dark Horse (AFC)
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: Bludhaven
Education: Graduate School UCLA
Status: Dropped
Groups: Scooby Gang
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 29 August 2001 Actor: Amy Acker
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby


Not every girl gets pulled into another dimension and treated like a Cow. Fred, however, is that girl. Out of the alternate dimension of Pylea, home to her friend Lorne, who also hates it there, a 'handsome man saved her from the monsters.' Fred is a brilliant physicist, and an equally brilliant MacGyver, tinkering with things, inventing things, all to help her new friend Angel on his mission of redemption. She also has one of the worst cases of post traumatic stress imaginable, writing on walls, sometimes, to relieve her stress when the oppression she suffered in Pylea gets to be too much.

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Fred is a tall, waifish woman with pale skin that looks like it might burn under too much direct sunlight. She brown eyes and long wavy brown hair that is generally left free of any tie. A young woman, she looks to be somewhere in her mid-twenties or perhaps younger due to her generally innocent and genuine expression.

Currently, she is wearing a black skirt and a dark red sweater. Her shoes are sensible flats. She wears a small silver cross about her neck, but otherwise does not wear any other kind of jewelry and her make up is a natural look.


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The only child of Roger and Trish Burkle, Fred grew up in a loving household in Dallas Texas. A smart girl, she sailed through high school as well as her bachelor's degree, never veering far from home. She even went to college at the Dallas State School so that she could stay close to her family. However, every bird has to spread it's wings, and Fred's time came when she found her calling to study physics. Accepted to the UCLA program in Los Angeles, she moved to the big city.

Excelling in all of her classes, Fred proved herself to be a bright, up and coming physicist. When she wasn't in the lab or studying, she was working at the Stewart Brunell Public Library. It was in this library that Fred came upon the ancient text that opened the portal to Pylea. Always curious, she spoke part of the ancient text aloud, which activated the portal and sucked her into the Hellish dimension without giving her any way of returning.

For five years, Fred survived Pylea. She worked as a cow with an explosive collar around her neck for two years before finally managing to disable it and escape into the woods. There, she found a small cave that she made her own and hid away from everyone and everything that could take her back to being a slave. Every once in awhile she would have to travel into town to steal food and sometimes her curiosity just got the best of her. Scribbling physic equations and pictographs on the wall in an attempt to both remember and forget her old life, she went a little insane. Using a defense mechanism, she convinced herself that LA and that dimension never existed - that this had always been her life. Still very smart and with amazing survival instinct, she managed to keep herself alive for years until luck sent Angel into Pylea. He rescued Fred and pulled her back to their proper dimension.

Once returned, she hid herself away, drawing on walls and generally terrified that at any moment, any action might bring her back to Pylea.

After awhile, she managed to crawl back to something approaching normal. Her family eventually found her and helped her recover. Eventually, she moved to Bludhaven in an attempt to use the knowledge that she knew to make a difference. She is between herself and while she is more stable than she has been in a few years, she still has some trauma she is working through.


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Fred is exceptionally smart. While she may not have much starting knowledge on the occult, she's a quick study and knows advanced physics, science and mathematics. She's also quite observant and a quick learner - how else could someone survive in the wilderness in an entirely new dimension without knowing what plants were edible and which were poisonous?

A bit of a chatterbox, she doesn't know when to just shut her mouth or when her hypothesis/idle chatter should possibly be kept to inner monologue. While she may not look strong or brave at a glance, she has amazing survival skills in the harshest of circumstances. Keeping herself alive in the abandoned woods of Pylea for five years, she has proven herself to have an enormous willpower and an intense loyalty to those that saved her as well as those that have proven themselves to be her friend.

As she spent five years alone, she's used to talking to herself and not so used to relating with others. Things that may not be usually usually spoken outloud are no matter to her. For the most part, she just says what she thinks without much of a filter. Socially awkward, but as friendly as a puppy, she's eager and happy to help. She's a kind woman who wishes to see the best in the people around her. However, due to betrayal and traumatic background, she is quite capable of being calculating and unforgiving to those that have done her or the people she loves wrong. With sufficient evidence and her own beliefs, she will cut off someone she thought of as a close friend or trusted colleague without prejudice.

Also, she loves tacos. Loves them.


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Fred has a genius level intellect. She was well on her way to finishing her doctorate program far before her time. Able to think on her feet as well as comprehend complex problems and solve them on the run, her smarts are able to get herself and others out of multiple problems.

Mad Scientist:
Always an inventor, Fred is able to put together both complex Rube Goldberg-like devices under pressure as well as more delicate and finessed devices with time on her side. Her mind is always able to think outside of the box or take a rational leap in order to come up with solutions others would not have. She can build a device that could corporealize a ghost, or a large box that may make toast. With Fred, you can never really tell.


Fred does not give up easily. It does not matter how horrible the circumstances or how dire the outlook, she will face it and come out on the other side. She has already faced living alone in a hell dimension where the demons there captured, enslaved and killed humans and she escaped. The challenges she and the people she faces can be dealt with: she knows it.


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Fred is good at research and science and math and helping find things out that way. People interviews and hitting the street is not so much her forte. While she is observant and smart, she also tends to be trusting - not the best suits in attempting to figure out if a suspect or a potential client is lying.


In her former life, before being pulled into Pylea, Fred was a graduate student in Physics physics program of UCLA and was bright enough to make her professor jealous of her talents. While she no longer is going for her PhD, she applies the same testing and scientific mind to the supernatural and everything around her.


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Fred has two loving parents who are willing to support her no matter what she does. They supported her move from Texas to LA and then, after her return, they supported her when she decided to stay and study the supernatural. Their continued and utter support has helped Fred multiple times. Also, her mother will run over demon bugs with a bus.


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A Little Crazy:
Having spent a lot of time alone and on the run in a dimension she didn't understand and with little hope of returning to Earth, Fred turned inward. Since returning, she has gotten better, but she is still a little bit crazy. It can crop up at strange times and tends to make her awkward around other people.

Foot In Mouth:
Fred has the tendency to speak before thinking. This can lead to long, rambling speeches about science or possibilities. It can also mean that she says things that might offend or embarrass them or herself before she can shut her mouth.

After being sucked through a portal into a hell dimension, Fred was quite broken. While she is generally okay with magic, porting magic will make her freak out again. The idea of being trapped in other dimensions will almost certainly get her writing on walls again.


While Fred is usually a trusting person, once she learns that someone has abused or taken advantage of that trust, she will completely and utterly disconnect from them. If proper evidence is produced that incriminates someone as having caused her or her loved ones harm, she will not hesitate to retaliate against them.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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The Scarlet Lounge March 11th, 2020 The Scoobies race to an exclusive Vampire feeding club to try and rescue Dawn..Unfortunately their victory is not without consequences.
So...this is awkward... February 15th, 2020 Thomas and the Scoobies have breakfast and invitations to a party are made.
Wither the Witch February 10th, 2020 Fred meets Willow...they get drunk, and end up headed in the same direction...
Birthday Hangover January 31st, 2020 Friends are made, conversations are had, guest rights are extended.
Scoobie Musings January 21st, 2020 Buffy and Fred commiserate about the Scoobies and new career paths in life.
A New Year's Hangover January 5th, 2020 Fred warns about the dangers of Wake-Up Juice
Vampires. Even if you live with one, they suck January 3rd, 2020 Fred gets bit by vampires. Katsumi saves her, but gets bit a couple times herself.
Best of Intentions December 13th, 2019 Buffy and Angel have a 'date' through a strange machine Fred made.
A mammoth of a time November 20th, 2019 Welcome to Excalibur. Population weird.
Are magic and science like oil and water November 15th, 2019 May takes Winifred on a tour of R&D while waiting for paperwork. Jemma is welcoming and Fred goes a bit mad scientist, but thankfully only hypothetically.
Brooding Angel, Hidden Winifred October 29th, 2019 Summary needed
One. Two. Three (heroes), ding ding ding October 25th, 2019 Winifred gets lynched by FoH devotees, Witchblade and Sara rescue Fred. Katsumi gets caught up...and Sara leaves the NYPD to field all questions.
Fred got roasted. The X-Men try to unroast her. October 25th, 2019 The Xmen pull Fred back from the jaws of death, and restore her.
It's Spike and the Fred... October 17th, 2019 Spike wins a bunch of kittens. Fred is happy. Then cat videos are made.
Hospital visitor for Fred October 4th, 2019 Fred receives a visit from Hank McCoy of the XMen, who calls in his friend Shannon. Shannon's healing powers are used to take Fred's VERY severe injuries, but now Shannon has taken those injuries on herself.
Age of Darkness: Sentinels Attack! October 3rd, 2019 Winifred Burkle and several mutant children are attacked by Sentinels. Superman arrives enraged, and several bystanders are injured. The Sentinels are defeated. A young mutant boy and Fred are critically injured and taken to hospital.
Peabody's Improbable History October 2nd, 2017 Summary needed
(Un)Invited September 28th, 2017 A bloodied Dean returns late and calls for the help of Castiel. Fred attempts to help, too, with mixed results.
Cold as Ice September 27th, 2017 Summary needed
A Mercy Call September 17th, 2017 Summary needed
Pawns and Wagers September 15th, 2017 Fred returns Dean's amulet to him.
Meet the Parents September 14th, 2017 Fred stays with her parents while waiting for them to wake up. Sam keeps her company and they discuss the previous events as well as his blood addiction.
Meet the Parents September 14th, 2017 Fred stays with her parents while waiting for them to wake up. Sam keeps her company and they discuss the previous events as well as his blood addiction.
Third Option September 13th, 2017 After receiving word of Dean's possession, a team goes out of their way to get White Eyes out of the Elder Winchester's body. Things don't go as planned.
Back in Black September 11th, 2017 After Dean and Fred's contentious conversation, Sam returns home and realizes that something is not right with his brother.
Homecoming September 11th, 2017 Dean returns from Virginia. Fred attempts to apologize, but it does not go well.
Travelling Riverside Blues September 11th, 2017 Fred Burkle and Sam Winchester race to South Dakota in the hopes of driving the white-eyed demon out of Dean's body.
Solving for X September 3rd, 2017 After the events of the Hydra base in their rescue of Claire, Fred remains unconvinced that this is the real world. Sam does his best to convince her.
Ataraxia September 1st, 2017 Plot finale. Having developed a plan to save Claire Temple, Steve Rogers, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, and Winifred Burkle follow Bucky Barnes to the Hydra base where the former Winter Soldier knows she is held captive... but find themselves facing their personal nightmares before they can break her free.
Awkward Preparations August 30th, 2017 Sam, Fred, Mercy and the Winter Soldier discuss next steps. There are plenty of mental and verbal landmines to avoid while the four begin to plan Claire's rescue.
Point of Order August 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Anamnesis August 26th, 2017 With the Winter Soldier captured, the difficult task of undoing decades of brainwashing awaits. Loki, making use of the Mind Stone, sets out to do just that, enabling Steve Rogers, Mercy Thompson, Sam Winchester, Melinda May, and a very cross Winifred Burkle to assist him in the repair of the Soldier's fragmented mind. Additional guidance comes in the periodic appearance of Claire Temple(?).
Worlds Colliding August 26th, 2017 Summary needed
Epokhe August 23rd, 2017 Several days ago, Sam Winchester received a precognitive vision, telling him where the Winter Soldier would be on this date. He and Mercy, Fred, and Dean pull together their weeks of preparation, and set and spring a trap.
Wanted August 23rd, 2017 After Sam uses his telekinesis to help capture the Winter Soldier, emotions run high and truth bombs are dropped.
Let Me In August 23rd, 2017 As Dean races away to forge his dark deal with Crowley, Fred confronts Sam about all the secrets he's been keeping.
Another One Bites the Dust August 21st, 2017 Summary needed
We Got Your WMD Right Here August 19th, 2017 Fred and Mercy get together to build more BOMBS. Secrets of Sam's scent are however revealed. And visions. So many visions.
Catching Up August 17th, 2017 Angel and Fred discuss the rescue of Sam and hydras - both animal and organization.
Personal and Confidential August 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Devil in the Details August 14th, 2017 Fred and Dean have a one on one conversation about the Hunter Life and Sam.
Don't Treat Me Bad August 12th, 2017 Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Winnifred Burkle and Agent Melinda May team up to investigate a rash of freak accidents and suicides targeting NYU athletes.
Picking Up the Pieces August 12th, 2017 After the incident with the Vengeance Demons, Fred and Sam discuss the past.
Sleep, Sugar August 8th, 2017 Sam struggles to cope in the aftermath of his rescue from Hydra. Fred presents him with a special gift to help him out.
No Regrets Policy August 5th, 2017 Sam and Fred strengthen their relationship in the aftermath of Sam's rescue.
The I-Hate-Bucky-Club August 4th, 2017 Returning from a case in Virginia, Dean finds the woman who has been leaving him multiple voicemails in the search for his brother.
I Want to Break Free August 4th, 2017 Mercy Thompson, Fred Burkle, Dean Winchester, The Black Widow, Melinda May and two werewolves team up to retrieve Sam Winchester from Hydra's clutches. The Winter Soldier shows up to stop them, as does a special guest hydra (emitted by Claire Temple).
We Got Bombs August 2nd, 2017 Fred and Mercy work on more surprises for Winter Soldier. This time involving ICER bullets.
Hello Little Girl July 29th, 2017 The Winter Soldier visits Fred.
In Your Dreams July 28th, 2017 Fred Burkle uses a dreamwalking spell to try to reach out to Sam Winchester in the hopes of gaining details about his location, captors, or anything else that can help.
Follow up with the Goblin. July 26th, 2017 Goblin Girl shows up for an update about the drug she dropped off, and calls in some backup.
Needle in a Haystack July 20th, 2017 Fred asks for Angel's help to find Sam.
If You Build It July 18th, 2017 Fred and Mercy meet at her garage to start building an arsenal that might slow down the Winter Soldier with the help of Loki. The Winter Soldier taunts them.
Locking In Romance July 14th, 2017 Sam Winchester brings Fred Burkle an unusual gift and they spend a sweet evening together hours before the Winter Soldier takes him.
A Meeting July 13th, 2017 Angel and Fred catch up on what they have been doing lately.
Eye of the Storm July 6th, 2017 Sam Winchester and Winifred Burkle get to go on their very first date without monsters, demons, or any other sort of life-threatening scenario.
Sanguine June 25th, 2017 Romance blooms after Winifred Burkle proves she's a force to be reckoned with when a group of vampires take Sam Winchester hostage.
Patch the Woobie June 15th, 2017 Fred Burkle retrieves a wounded Sam Winchester in the aftermath of his encounter with The Winter Soldier, and calls Claire Temple to help. The conversation takes an unexpected turn.
Pills June 4th, 2017 The hospital calls one Fred Burkle because she's Sam's only emergency contact. Claire Temple covers for him and his unexplained injuries. Claire is rattled when Sam mentions his vendetta against the man with the metal arm.
Hell's Bells May 28th, 2017 Sam and Fred meet at on a demon hunt. Neither really know what to do with the other.
At Least the Nuclear Accelators are Licensed Now May 21st, 2017 Summary needed
Holtzbusters April 26th, 2017 Summary needed.


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