The Key

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The Key
The Hand descends on New York City and its surroundings, threatening the lives of the Defenders and those they hold dear. At the same time, a strange race of plant people rise in woods around Salem Center. What are they all after, and are their goals aligned somehow?
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Iron Fist
Co-Runner(s): {{{Contacts}}}
Groups Involved: The Defenders
Target Audience: Street level characters
Rating & Tone: R - Dark and Moody




Iron Fist, Hawkeye (Bishop), Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Traci 13, Stargirl (206), Sublime, Spider-Woman (Drew), Karen Page

Other Information

Contact Iron Fist directly if you want to be involved!


Title Date Scene Summary
Night Lights September 28th, 2017 Karen and Kate stumble upon an abandoned vehicle on the side of a highway. What they find in the woods nearby is a disturbing twist to an otherwise uneventful night.
They Came at Night! August 17th, 2017 A group of strange beings make themselves known for 'First Contact'.
The Brownstone Boogeymen August 9th, 2017 The Hand make a move on a notorious drug house in Hell's kitchen, but their plans are thwarted by several Defenders (and Kate Bishop)!


Title Date Scene Summary
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