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Jessica Jones (Scenesys ID: 245)
Full Name: Jessica Jones
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Private Investigator
Citizenship: American
Residence: The Instrata (Clinton (Hell's Kitchen), Manhattan)
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Street Level-OOC, Defenders
Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 11 July 2001 Actor: Krysten Ritter
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 56 kg (123 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts


Jessica is a private investigator that runs Alias Investigations in New York City. She is a metahuman with extreme strength, and durability well above a human's own. She keeps few friends but does look out for the 'little guy' even if such a life barely pays her bills. Note: This is post S1 JJ; after she publically snapped Kilgrave's neck on the docks. Some people see her as a hero who protected a bunch of people from a vicious mind controller who was going to kill them all with his powers. Some see her as a murderer who shouldn't be walking the streets, and some don't care or didn't pay attention enough to recognize her. Feel free to have your character react accordingly and as you see fit.

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Jessica Jones is a private investigator from New York City. After she was orphaned at a young age, Jones was taken in by Dorothy Walker, and developed a sisterly bond with her daughter, Trish. Shortly after being adopted, Jones discovered she possessed superhuman abilities due to the fatal car crash that took the life of her parents and eventually decided to pursue a career as a superhero. However, a fateful encounter with Kilgrave, a vicious man with mind controlling powers, derailed her superhero career and she spent a torturous tenure as Kilgrave's slave before finally breaking free of his control. The experience left Jones suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, prompting her to hang up her secret identity and open her own detective agency.

Trying to remain an average person and keep a low profile, she takes on minor cases for cash, caught in a spiral of despair and destructive behavior.


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Jessica Jones was born in 2001 as the eldest child of Brian and Alisa Jones. Growing up in Queens, she was generally a tomboyish girl, sitting in her room, avoiding pesky neighbours, and teasing her little brother Phillip, who she loved more than anything in the world. As a teenager, she went to Midtown High with Peter Parker. She developed a slight crush on him, though never made her feelings known - she was quite resigned in the interactions between the two, though out of shyness rather the typical disregard for the world that Jessica was known for. The only time she had a chance to make her feelings known, it happened to be after Peter was incredibly nauseous -- having been bitten by a radioactive spider.

The summer after her romantic rejection was a chance to start fresh. Brian receiving tickets to Disney World from his boss Tony Stark, the family of four went on holiday. As Jessica teased Phillip in the car as she always did, Brian, who was driving, believed the kids were fighting, and started to tell them off -- being distracted from the Army convoy he was driving behind. One carrying radioactive chemicals. As the car crashed into it, Jessica became an orphan, and lost her beloved brother, and fell into a deep coma. Unknown to her at the time, this would grant her abilities including superhuman strength, invulnerability, and flight.

During her recovery, she was adopted by talent agent Dorothy Walker, as a publicity stunt to promote her daughter Trish ("Patsy") and her TV Show. Despite being adopted into a rich and famous household, her life was much worse, as Dorothy would often act abusively towards Trish. During one of Trish and Dorothy's arguments, she broke the bathroom sink, and could lift the sink entirely above her head -- she was discovered by Trish, but they agreed to keep her super-strength a secret.

Jessica often faced bullying when she went back to school. When Peter Parker reached out to her and told her about his experience with his uncle Ben, it was the last straw, as she despised her once-crush pitying her, and her cold personality meant she backed away from him. When she went home, she saw Dorothy forcing Trish to vomit in the toilet in order to lose weight. This was the last straw, and she flung Dorothy across the room, her adoptive mother fleeing as she helped Trish re-build her life.

Over the years, she tested her powers, such as discovering she could fly. After high school, she landed a boring office job with sexist co-workers. Always an acute investigator, she managed to figure out her boss was committing fraud -- and used it to get herself six months severance pay, and a glowing recommendation. Trish advised her to become a real superhero and use her powers to help others - "Jewel." But Jessica only mocked the moniker, disliking getting involved in the superhero world.

This seclusion would be her undoing. As she fended off her friend Malcolm from being mugged, she was applauded by Kilgrave, whose mind control she fell under. For the next few months, she became his prisoner, being treated to dinner at Italian restaurants and a five-star hotel -- but also being raped, as she had sex with Kilgrave when she was under mind control. At one point, she regained free will, and considered jumping off a balcony, wanting to end her life rather than be a controlled slave. One day, he asked her to obtain a hard-drive from Reva Connors, and, after digging it up after hard concrete, Jessica was ordered to kill Connors by Kilgrave. Punching Reva in the chest and stopping her heart, the horror of committing murder traumatised Jessica, and she walked away from Kilgrave, him being smashed by a bus, and seemingly killed -- Jessica breaking free of his control.

After the traumatic experience, she started to work as a private investigator. "Finding the worst in people" came easy to her, so she said, and she managed to work on cases nobody had solved before. She currently works in Hell's Kitchen as a private investigator.


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Jessica Jones could easily come off as being cold, rude, brutal and sarcastic. Towards others, she is nothing less than disdainful and blunt, carrying herself and her opinions out loud with little forethought or regret to insulting or showing disrespect to anyone. If aggravated or extremely annoyed by someone in her disfavour, Jessica could become an intimidating figure. She has been an introvert since she was a girl and only opens up to a select few of people, and even those she has difficulty expressing up to openly and truly. Despite her hard-bitten demeanour lies a more vulnerable side, plagued by self-loathing and guilt.

Beneath her flaws, Jessica is a good person at heart and chooses not to waste her super-strength that was given to her at the cost of her family's lives and become a hero to help people. The harrowing encounter with Kilgrave who controlled her to do everything he wanted to, including being raped repeatedly and murdering a woman before breaking out of his control, caused Jessica to give up her life as a hero, as she could no longer view herself as one and decide to keep a low profile instead by becoming a private investigator. Though she refused to class herself as the sort, Jessica does show signs of heroism as she is deeply sympathetic towards other individuals who have been "Kilgraved", though she was also fearful enough that she came close to leaving town and leaving Hope with Kilgrave to protect herself, thinking she could not save her.

However, the combined trauma of losing her family and experience with Kilgrave has also made Jessica a somewhat unstable individual. She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress and Survivor's Guilt, occasionally undergoing hallucinations and flashbacks of her time in Kilgrave's grasp. These hallucinations usually involve Kilgrave either whispering to her or being otherwise intimate, while she is surrounded by purple lighting, referencing the purple lighting in the back of the restaurant Il Rosso, where Kilgrave always had their table. In these instances she can act out more erratic and violent such as punching the window of a subway train after remembering one of Kilgrave's commands. After the death of her family, no matter how close she bonded with a person, Jessica had great difficulty fully forming emotional connections to a person as she couldn't even tell Trish Walker, her adoptive sister and closest friend "I love you".

Jessica has an alcoholic side to her personality which she uses to cope with her repeated tragedies. Due to her superhuman metabolism, she is able to consume vast quantities of alcohol without damage to her liver and appears to have high tolerance, being able to quickly drink an entire bottle of wine during dinner with Kilgrave's then nonchalantly asking for another one. When inebriated, Jessica can become more violent such as threatening Jeri Hogarth's ex-wife, Wendy to sign her divorce papers.

Jessica is a highly independent woman and shows no interest in being in a relationship, although she was forced into a fake "relationship" with Kilgrave, though it is not out of the question for her to enter a sexual relationship... perhaps one that could later become romantic, even. She refused to allow herself or her friends be disrespected by anyone, especially men. To the few people she cared about, such as Trish, she defended them fiercely and kept her distance from them as to not have them be collateral damage.


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Enhanced Resilience:
Jessica has durability far beyond that of a regular human, being able to resist multiple beatings with little to no visible injuries. This resilience also allows her to perform greater feats of strength without injuring herself, such as smashing a mirror with her fists or breaking a window with her elbow. Her stamina is enough to allow her to run across New York without tiring or stopping for breath. However, she is still vulnerable to gunshots and explosions, though the former can mildly affect her unless she is shot in a vital area, as being grazed in the shoulder, for example, only causes her brief pain.

Enhanced Speed:
Jones' overall strength allows her to run at speeds superior to the average human. She was able to catch up to a car fairly easily, move across a street in a second or less to stop a car from hitting a little girl and stated she can run a mile in under four minutes.

Jessica is able to fly, though she has never mastered this ability. She can propel herself off a surface and through the air at various speeds and altitudes, but she sometimes gets injured while landing. Jones refers to this as being "more like jumping and then falling" or as "guided falling". She regularly uses this ability to jump several stories to reach rooftops, fire escapes and balconies.

Regenerative Healing Factor:
Jessica's augmented metabolism heals faster than an ordinary human being. She is capable of completely healing minor scratches and injuries in mere hours, and major injuries like broken ribs in just a single day. It may also allow her to not be affected by the harmful and long term affects of alcohol, leaving her only to experience intoxication and hangover while not experiencing any signs of toxicity.

Superhuman Strength:

Jessica has strength beyond that of a regular human, especially notable regarding her size. She was able to completely crush an alarm clock by slapping down on it with her open hand or throw a shoe into the ceiling hard enough to crack it, both times when she had tried to sleep off a hangover. She also could effortlessly lift the back of a slow moving car, throw a gun through a wall, break metal chains, locks and hinges, bend metal bars and panels, smash through glass and marble with her fist and gently push down several metal cabinets like dominoes. Even as a child, she was strong enough to break a bathroom sink off a wall by accident and then lift it over her head with one hand. In combat, she can use her strength to easily overpower or rag doll humans, throw a person across a room or even send someone flying across a street with her full strength, the latter of which she did to kill Reva Connors via one strike to the chest. However, she is not invincible and it is not impossible for normal humans to overpower her. She is also matched, or outmatched by others with super-strength abilities.


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Jessica has basic combat skills, often using her superhuman strength to her advantage, overpowering and rag dolling her opponents or throwing them several feet. She is able to successfully fend off multiple people, though she is not invincible and can be overpowered.

Master Investigator:

Jones is a highly skilled investigator, using a multitude of methods to achieve her goals. She often impersonates other people's voices on the phone to advance with her cases, and is able to easily connect evidence that other people may overlook. She is not afraid of using methods that could be considered illegal, such as stealing things, or breaking into private places, often using her strength to break doors and padlocks, in order to obtain clues and advance in her cases, often using her powers as a means to an end.


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Alias Investigations:
Alias Investigations is a detective agency owned by Jessica Jones. The detective agency only has one employee, Jones herself, and operates out of a run down office, that also serves as Jones' apartment.

Smartphone and Laptop:

Jessica uses applications on her cellphone to get information she needs for cases, such as a police scanner app or GPS app, as well as being skilled in searching up data on people in order to solve cases.


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Jessica coped with her trauma through alcohol regularly drinking to forget her troubles. Though she is not affected by the toxicity of alcohol all hat much, it affects her senses and gives her severe hangover, affecting her abilities.


Jessica was severely affected by her time spent with Kilgrave. She didn't know what her own thoughts were, she was subject to rape, and she was a prisoner for sixth months. For her, suicide was preferable to life in the brief moments when she regained conciousness. This culminated in her killing Reva Connors, an event she still remains deeply guilty of. She cannot bring herself to killing, and is very wary of her powers because of this.


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