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Voodoo (Scenesys ID: 1122)
"God, you still haven't worked it out, have you? You people come to the magic planet an' stay at the science-fiction hotels, an' you see nothing..."
Full Name: Priscilla Kitaen
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Kherubim/Daemonite Hybrid
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Exotic Dancer / Operative
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Metropolis
Education: East Baton Rouge High School
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 8 August 2003 Actor:
Height: 181 cm (5'11") Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Purple
Theme Song: "Black Magic Woman" by Santana


Priscilla Kitaen is a beautiful young woman of mixed race who is using her most obvious asset to get herself ahead in the world, working as an exotic dancer, currently employed at a high-end club in Metropolis. She has a criminal record from a few years ago, and records indicate she was living overseas for a while.

Voodoo is also an online handle for a somewhat mysterious lone heroine who has been popping up here and there all around the States and Europe, taking on threats from aliens to magical creatures and serial killers. She tends to deal with threats to the oft forgotten and ignored segments of society.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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This tall, exotically beautiful young woman stands nearly six feet tall, her curvaceous form toned and tightly athletic, moving with flowing grace and a prowling command of her environment. Her features are a stunning blend, with waist-length coal black hair tumbling over her shoulders and down her back, framing a face with hauntingly deep blue eyes above high cheekbones, a graceful nose, very full lips and a graceful neck, setting off perfectly the burnished caramel of her skin, final proof of her mixed heritage. Her sultry mezzo-soprano voice has a rolling, indeterminate accent which adds to the air of mystery about her.

Artfully ripped faded blue denim jeans encase her legs and arch low on her hips, emphasizing her curves, while a white short-sleeved half-shirt with a purple-accented golden green dragon coiled over the chest covers her torso, leaving much of her flat, toned caramel-colored tummy bare. A pair of ankle-height black boots with two-inch heels and gold-set purple stones cover her feet.


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A child of mixed-race heritage with no idea the alien aspects that were hidden from her, Priss grew up half of an outcast amongst the bayous and parishes of Louisiana and the deep south. Losing her parents long before her teens, Priss grew up from poor into downright abandoned, moved from foster family to foster family, and finally to a group home. Battling her own disadvantages in school, she never excelled at anything but dancing and people; and that would shape her attempt at a future.

Looking for a way out of the poverty and hopelessness she faced, Priss parlayed the talents she know about into exotic dancing - stripping - and quickly rose to be a major headliner in the business. Having no idea about her other abilities, her life as a dancer took a major turning point when a performance at a DC area club was interrupted by a battle that erupted between monstrous aliens hidden in the audience and a covert action team out to save Priss herself from kidnapping or murder.

Whisked away by these amazing and confounding strangers, Priss found herself rapidly immersed in a world of Cold War-esque secret alien conspiracies, trained to be a warrior and operative, her view completely skewed by learning of her own alien heritage and powers. Even more challenging was coming to some acceptance of not just being a throw-away, but turning out to be vitally important, with the power to make huge changes in the world. It didn't hurt that she wasn't struggling to feed herself anymore.

After a trip into space, visiting the very origin planets from which the alien Cold War originated, Priss returned to Earth with a bit of a problem. It was now known to her teammates - the closest thing she'd had to real family since the untimely demise during her childhood - that she was in fact a hybrid, including alien nature and ability from the race that were and continued to be their enemies and opponents. The stress and distrust generated there became more than she could tolerate, and Priss left the group, heading out on her own and returning to her loner life as a headlining stripper.

Trips around the country and indeed the world led to a lot of changes for Priss, not the least of which was discovering a raw talent for voduon magic taught by the Loa themselves, and finding ways to embrace more and more of her Daemonite heritage and abilities. Priss has continued to do what she can to help others, having found this a true calling, but has continued to do so largely on her own. Her contact with her former teammates remains strained and distant.


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  • Outward confidence - Priss projects a vivacious, fun-loving, confident and sexy face to the world. These things are all a part of who she is, and she chooses to put them forward, embracing them as her reality.

    * Street smart - Priss may not be very book smart, and she most certainly does not have the best education, but she has a lot of practical intelligence or 'street smarts,' and can handle most any crisis, figuring out what is needed, where to find it, and how to obtain it. Even if it's not legal.

    * Immodest - Priss isn't exactly humble, nor is she body-shy or conservative. She comes off brash, daring and flashy.

    * Isolated - Priss doesn't have any connections. No family. No friends. No home. No teammates anymore. Priss doesn't trust easily, and though she's no basket case she has some abandonment issues. So she is very isolated. Being human, this can make her feel pretty lonely, when she allows it.

    * Scrappy - One wouldn't think an exotic dancer would feel she had anything to prove, but Priss' certainly not the norm there. She wants to be strong, capable, take care of herself and wanted to pull her own weight as a member of the underground alien hunting team. She's a fighter and doesn't like to back down.

    * Not very 'by the book' - Someone who follows conventions would have tried to go to college, or tried to get an office job to make a living. Someone who follows conventions would have run away screaming at the idea of seeing aliens possessing humans. Priss has no issue with sneaking around, stealing, breaking and entering, or whatever it takes to get by or get it done. Rules were made to be broken.

    * Inner doubts - No matter how confident Priss tries to be, she has doubts about herself. She knows she's not that smart. She knows that she is a bit of a screw-up. She knows quite well that as good as she has gotten, she's nowhere near as talented, strong or capable as the other members of her former team. And she knows that she has given up on that life and that purpose to run away and go back to dancing, aimless and directionless. She has serious doubts about her own self-worth.

    * Inner Strength - As full of doubts as she can be, Priss has an inner core of great strength and determination. Pushed, she can and will push back.


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A dormant Daemonite power exhibited once under extreme stress, there has been no further evidence of Priss being able to manipulate time. However, the potential clearly lies somewhere within her muddled hybrid genetic soup, and it could come up again.

NB: This ability could be potentially unlocked and further defined at Staff discretion and with staff permission in the future. Until such time as that, this attribute is here largely because certain 'detections' might pick up that potential. No ability in this arena will be used without prior permission from Staff and a better definition of ability and detriment is applied and approved.

Electromagnetic Manipulation:
A dormant Daemonite power exhibited once under extreme duress, there has been no further evidence of Priss being able to manipulate electromagnetic energy fields. However, the potential clearly lies somewhere within her muddled hybrid genetic soup, and it could come up again.

NB: This ability could be potentially unlocked and further defined at Staff discretion and with staff permission in the future. Until such time as that, this attribute is here largely because certain 'detections' might pick up that potential. No ability in this arena will be used without prior permission from Staff and a better definition of ability and detriment is applied and approved.

A natural and intuitive empath, Voodoo is constantly aware of the feelings of others around her, both good and bad. Without any act of volition on her part, Priss can pick up the emotions of others in a range of about one hundred feet. Exceptionally strong feelings may reach out to her from as far as two or three times that range. Priss' empathy makes her a natural 'people person' and a gifted performer; it also makes her a natural lie detector; only someone or something utterly and completely devoid of all feeling could escape her sense (non-AI robots, for instance; most AI robots have some degree of emotion tied to their self-awareness).

Hybrid Physiology:
Priss has a complex hybrid physiology, combining elements of Kherubim, Daemonite, and (mutant) human into a single, unique whole. From her Kherubim ancestry, she has inherited a body that maintains peak athleticism and capability with a minimum of effort, granting her strength, agility, health and stamina that approach the lowest end of superhuman levels, as well as exceptionally acute senses. From her Daemonite ancestry, she has inherited exceptional speed, agility and reflexes sufficient to catch most street vehicles, and even dodge thrown-slug projectiles. From both alien ancestries, Priss has inherited an exceptional resistance to most human pathogens, and has - at least potentially - inherited near-immortality against the ravages of age.

Mental Illusions:
Priss' mutant telepathic talents include the ability to cause another's mind to perceive things that are not there, or to not perceive things their senses are actually picking up. In general, she can only do this to minds that are not telepathically shielded. She can at most manage this on three or four minds at once, and only if they are in close proximity and the change to their perceptions would be identical.

Mind Control:
One of the most advanced and powerful psionic effects Priss has mastered is the ability to directly control or dominate the mind of another. She has proven able to control another's actions, even to manipulating their powers to her whim or desire, activating them, controlling them, or shutting them off as she sees fit. She has even proved capable of seizing hold so fiercely as to lock the subject in place, unable to move or respond in any way. Doing so for longer than a minute or so against a strong will is very tiring, and the longest she has managed to maintain this was about half an hour, after which point she collapsed exhausted. Directing another in complex actions requires a great deal of concentration, leaving her physically vulnerable, at best able to stumble along only dimly aware of her own surroundings.

Psionic Blast:
Priss' mutant telepathic talents include the ability to focus her psionic energies into directed blasts against the minds of her targets. Most non-psionic targets experience this almost like acid poured over their brain, virtually crippling them with agony. Even psionically resistant targets have proven to be affected by this attack, though somewhat less so than non-resistant targets. The power level of her attacks is not as great as other master telepaths, but far more powerful than most with her much lesser level of experience. With great effort, Priss can project this force over a small area of effect at the same time, though the psionic blow would be less forceful as her full force is then spread out across that area and multiple minds.

Psionic Exorcism:
Deriving directly from the Sight and her telepathic abilities, Priss has a powerful ability to exorcise controlling thoughts or entities possessing or controlling another. This can include a Daemonite possessing a host; a spirit or ghost possessing a living form; another telepath's mental domination in place with a subject's mind; and more. The most significant limitation to this ability is that at least one or the other - the 'host' or the possessor - must be willing to be freed. As such, if someone willingly accepted possession and had not been given cause to regret that decision, she would be unable to purge the possessor.

This power is very taxing and tiring, and made doubly so by Priss' empathy, which causes her to feel the pain and anger of those involved. She generally finds it easier to accomplish this when in physical contact with the subject, though that is not a requirement. Both subjects, and usually Priss herself, will be disoriented and staggered by the pain and exhaustion of the experience, leaving all three rather vulnerable.

An added effect of Priss' Daemonite heritage is that she has gained the ability to regenerate from injuries rapidly, healing even normally mortal wounds in minutes. So long as a significant portion of her brain remains, she can potentially survive and regenerate completely with time and resources.

Priss' Daemonite heritage grants her a limited ability to change her own shape. Usually, this amounts to creating claws and fangs, or perhaps wings capable of gliding. In moments of greatest duress and rage, she has demonstrated the ability to transform completely to a form like a full-blooded Daemonite. The claws and fangs created have proven capable fo rending through most terrestrial metal alloys with reasonable ease.

Priss was born with very advanced and powerful telepathic abilities, limited largely for most of her life by her lack of training or experience with them. Since becoming aware of her own nature and her powers, she has spent countless hours learning to understand and control those powers. Priss can read the surface thoughts of others quite naturally, and with but a thought can often probe deeper, seeking out connected thoughts and memories. She can network the minds of others together, creating a telepathic communications network, and sustain this for a group of ten or less.

Priss' telepathy finds no barrier in supposedly 'alien' minds, likely because of her own non-human heritage. Similarly, language is rarely a barrier for long, as her mind naturally seems to soak up a translation for another's thoughts as she explores them. Range seems to be her one significant limitation, as she finds it difficult to do much beyond basic communication and surface-thought scanning without at least line of sight contact with others, and she generally can only best accomplish truly advanced or involved telepathic effects with direct physical contact.

The Sight:
The prophesied power that drew the interest of both the Daemonites and the Kherubim and put Priss on the path her life has followed since is The Sight, which manifests as the ability to see and sense the truth behind shapeshifted, illusion-masked and possessed or controlled persons. Priss can see the face and form of a Daemonite within a possessed husk, but the same also proves true of one being controlled by a ghost, mind control, or magic. Bewildering to most, Priss is even able to see the truth through video images and photographs, which implies the ability transcends the merely psionic to enter the realm of the magical. There has never been any evidence that anyone or anything can hide from her ability in this arena.

Voodoo Magic:

No great and experienced battle magi, Priss has still discovered - much to her surprise - that magic is real, and that she has something of a talent for it, owing to yet another mystery of her bloodline unknown to her: she has more than a touch of the homo magi. She has proven capable of drawing upon the power of the Loa, calling forth spirits, raising the dead, and has even become a conduit for the Ghede. Her knowledge and training is pretty well exclusively through the Vodoun tradition, as practiced within the African community of Louisiana.


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Priss has always been somewhat athletic. Since discovering her alien heritage and her Coda training, she has maintained extensive athletic efforts; running, swimming, various weight training, stretching and isometrics.

Combat Training:
Priss has been extensively trained by the best of the best of the Code all-female Kherubim warrior society. This included extensive martial arts training, various melee weapons, and training with energy- and slug-launching weapons. She has put that training to use repeatedly, and has proven quite talented with tactics, strategy and guerilla warfare methods.

Priss is an exceptionally skilled and talented dancer, from jazz and tap to ballroom and swing, ballet and club dancing. She has parlayed that skill, talent and experience into a profession as a headliner-quality exotic dancer, and she has fallen back on that line of work more than once.

Not exactly a combat-trained NASCAR driver, Priss has however had a moderate bit of training from former teammates in handling a car, truck, or motorcycle in less than ideal conditions or stressful situations. Most often, she just proves herself to be a daringly competent motorcyclist.

Priss is naturally multilingual, raised speaking English, French and Creole. She has since learned several other languages, mostly from prolonged telepathic contact with those native to those languages, including Spanish, Russian, Manadarin, Kheran, Daemonite, Greek, Syrian and Japanese.

Priss is a really gifted people person. She understands how people think, how they feel, how they will react. She has an excellent instinct for what to say to help someone, calm them down, make them feel better, etc. She has a great talent for both psychology and social dynamics. Admittedly, her talent and instincts have been greatly informed by her Empathic and Telepathic powers, but the skill and talent remains, even when the powers themselves cannot get a read.

No ace combat pilot, Priss still has exceptional reflexes and coordination, and she has been trained how to pilot a few exceptional aircraft - and even a spacecraft - used by the HALO Corporation and the WildC.A.T.s. She's a decent pilot with a good bit of talent.


Part and parcel of Priss' Coda training is training in stealth: how to move quietly in a variety of environments, how to adapt to the visuals of various environments to pass unseen, and so forth. She's not necessarily a super ninja, but she's pretty good at moving unnoticed, given a chance.


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Compelling Attraction:
Beyond her physical beauty, there is a very real magnetism to Priss that draws the attention, interest and attraction of nearly all who meet her, even when she's not trying. If she truly tries, few can resist her.

Priss has some specialized gear that she obtained while working with the WildC.A.T.s that she has kept and used now on her own. The two most notably exceptional items are a Coda sword made of special metals, capable of piercing steel, and a Kheran technology kinetic blaster capable of delivering a blow of approximately two tons of force.

Halo Corporation:
Priss has been on the books of the HALO Corporation as an employee and special consultant, bringing down a truly impressive paycheck that was as much bribe as anything, to soothe ruffled feathers. At the moment, she is on an extended leave of absence from the company, and is paying her own way. But she could reactivate her arrangement with them at a moment's notice. She also has the ability to arrange other resources through the company, with some time and effort, including vehicles, safe houses, etc.


Priss has a custom hot-rod motorcycle, with purple-flame detailing. The bike is top of the line, including Bluetooth for communications and music, etc.


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With the awakening of her Daemonite heritage, Priss has also awakened the potential for a real berserker rage and bloodlust. In the heat of a tough battle, she can lose herself to a bestial rage, viciously attacking and trying to slaughter her enemies. Someone who gets between her and her enemies will likely find themselves lumped in with her enemies and subject to the same lethal intent.

Priss' empathic talents can be quite a blessing, but they can also be a bit of a curse. She is as subject to feeling others negative emotions, and potentially overwhelmed by them. This can be especially so with others' pain and suffering.

Exotic Beauty:
As beneficial as it can be to be exceptionally beautiful and memorable, it isn't always a great thing. Priss finds it very difficult to go low-key or pass unnoticed unless she can literally stay out of sight.

Priss is a woman of interest, and she is hunted by more than one faction. Daemonites want her for her power, if only to stop her from using it against them. The Kherubim want her for her power to help them hunt and battle the Daemonites. And anti-mutant groups and technology dont' care about her alien heritage; they pick up on her human mutant powers, and target her for that. Added to that, Priss has a few outstanding beefs and issues with the authorities back in Louisiana.

Priss isn't human, much as she looks it. She isn't a Kherubim or a Daemonite either. She is instead a hybrid, a mixed-up blend of all three, and a mutant besides. As resistant and resilient as this makes her to earthborne toxins and pathogens, it means she is not nearly as resistant to alien toxins and pathogens as another Kherubim or Daemonite would be. It also means that if she were seriously hurt in some way that her regeneration could not take care of the problem, it is quite likely she would need very specialized medical attention, as treating her would not be like any one of the three, but - predictably - a crazed custom mix of all three at once.

It also means that Priss just doesn't belong. She's very gifted, and powerful, and has enormous potential. But she can see all sides of many of the issues that can arise between these races, and she often has trouble because none of the three can entirely believe in or trust her.

Psychically Loud:

Priss is a great deal more powerful psionically than her skill level alone. As such, when she uses her powers, she uses a great deal more psionic energy than a more skilled user would, and that 'makes a lot of noise' in a psionic sense. Others with a sense for such energies - including other telepaths - can pick her up very easily, as if she is firing off the telepathic equivalent of an air raid siren. That tends to bring her a lot of attention at times from those aware of the 'noise' she makes.


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