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Zombie-Girl (Scenesys ID: 7494)
Full Name: Ayla Braun
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Unemployed
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City, New York "The Bronx"
Education: City College of New York dropout
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 31 October 2004 Actor: Samantha Wright
Height: 160 cm (5'3") Weight: 64 kg (141 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Luminous Green
Theme Song: Dead Girl Superstar - Rob Zombie


Through sheer force of will college student Ayla Braun escaped from Hell to rise again! Now she fights crime around the streets of New York City as the mostly unknown hero Zombie-Girl while escaping the forces of Hell who know her as The Unbroken.

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Zombie-Girl, the undead hero of the Bronx!

TThe first thing that one usually notices when they look her way is those eyes. Eyes are indeed the window to the soul, though hers are more like open blastdoors containing a supernova. They pierce darkness about them like a pair of luminous green headlights that each leak a lick of hellfire. The second thing one typically notices is her unusual skin coloration. It's gray, a gray like that of the oldest tombstone in a graveyard on a moonless night. But unlike those who typically fall under the broad term of 'zombie' she suffers from no kind of decomposition. Her skin being without flaw.

If you can ignore these things she is otherwise a fairly normal young woman. She has blond hair that has been cut into a short and messy boys style. She's something of a shortstack, standing only 5'3" tall, but being rather athletically built to make up for those... shortcomings.

Her uniform for when she's out prowling the streets for a face to acquaint her fist to is fairly simplistic. She wears a black wrestling singlet that has a white skull with no lower jaw printed on the chest. She also wears black wrestling shoes, and a white wrestling headgear that completely obscures her ears.


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Before her death, Ayla Braun was your typical bully. Her dad left when she was less than a year old, and her mother went to prison not long after. Despite the best intentions of her grandmother who attempted to tried to raise her right, it seemed that there was just too much of her parents in her. Still due to taking her wrestling team to the champions 3 years running in high school, she managed to land a full scholarship.

Her grandmother hoped that college would bring about the Ayla that she new was hiding under the mask of ego and meanness that she wore. But college, if anything only gave her more freedom to strike out that the world that she thought wronged her. Then came the night of the accident. The wrestling team had won over their rivals. To celebrate she and her friends went out drinking, followed by a joyride in a stolen car. She was behind the wheel when she looked down only briefly to see a text from her grandmother asking when she was still planning on coming over for a visit that weekend. Ayla only looked up at the last split-second to see the oncoming truck.

The next thing that she new she was falling through flames. Her memories of her time in Hell are fuzzy. The horrors so terrible, that on the plane of Earth the mind rejects them like the way a dream slips away from the waking mind. Hell is a place where the damned are broken. Most are broken nearly instantly, the stronger can sometimes last hours, if not days. But yet they were not able to break her. If souls are the currency of Hell, breaking her would be like hitting a hefty sum in Hell's lotto.

She became the "pet" of a minor ruler of Hell due to the oddity of her willpower, and at this balls the party guests would take their turns in trying to make the girl kneel. But none of this weakened her, the flames of Hell forged her. When she was strong enough she made her escape. She turned the weapons of her tormentors against them. She fought her way through the Stygian hellscape.

She awoke in her coffin, a week after her death. Time can work differently in the underworld than on the Earth plane. Though she spent a decade in Hell, on Earth she was only in the ground a week. The passage from death to to un-life was not easy. For a while she was a creature of instinct, closer to the zombies that one would see on the silver screen. She saw the thugs and criminals as though they were demons who tormented those around them. She struck back at them with brutality. One man was nearly killed, beaten so badly that he would never walk again. A homeless street preacher and magic user named Owen came investigated these assaults. Though Ayla was feral at the time, he could sense the goodness within her and that she had a difficult transition back to life. He refined her inner flame and brought her back to sanity.

Now she is ready to find her new place in the world. Not dead, but not fully a live. Once damned, and ready to help those from falling into the pit.


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Quite lively for the undead. She's a feisty and sarcastic tomboy who's always ready for a throwdown for business or pleasure. But her devil-may-care attitude is only to keep herself from thinking too much about what she's lost, or what she's taken from others. Still she can become serious in matters of the strong taking advantage of the weak. Still she is always willing to offer redemption to those who have taken the wrong path in life to save them from the fate that she herself suffered.


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Zombie-Girl is able to regenerate her body as long as her brain is mostly in tact. Minor bruises and cuts heal in under a minute. As limb which is cut off can be reattached just as quickly. More grievous damage, like massive tissue damage from a bomb, or not being able to reattach a lost limb will regenerate fully within an hour (the lost limb then crumbles to dust) If her brain is damaged things get a little more dicey, this takes a week to recover from (if at all)

Undead Stamina:
Zombie-Girl's undead body allows her to perform feats above those of normal humans. Her body does not produce fatigue toxins, so she never tires and can perform a physical task indefinitely. Further she has a small degree of low level super strength. With great effort she could just about lift the weight of an average car up onto her shoulders.


Zombie-Girl is not properly alive. As such she does not need to breath, or eat. She is immune to poison, disease, and exposure to radiation or extreme temperatures. With the exception of her brain, her organs are largely vestigial. Even if she were completely disemboweled she would be able to walk around. She also does not register pain the same way that people normally do. Something as otherwise traumatic as losing a limb feels to her like an annoying buzzing or itching.


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She has always been a natural athlete. Her favorite sport was wrestling, meaning she is a quite accomplished grappler.

Horror Trivia:
Back in her college days she supplemented her income by working in a video store. She was and remains a huge fan of horror. As such she is quite knowledgeable of horror trivia and tropes in those movies.

Street Smarts:
In her living days, she ran with the wrong crowd. She knows who to talk to to learn what's going on in the back alleys.

Stygian Escapee:

Due to spending quite a lot of time there, she is familiar with Hell and some demonology.


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Father Owen:
Serves as a mentor to Zombie-Girl. He's known as something of a local fixture in the Bronx subway stations as the amputee street preacher that delivers sermons for donations. He's actually a minor practitioner of the mystic arts and former cultist to a minor deity. A majority of his power was stripped away when he rebelled against his former god, but he retains a small bit of hedge magic. What he can do without risk to himself is create minor charms, wards, and detection spells through the use of glyphs that tap into outside power rather than drawing on his own inner reserves. With this he can:

  • Being a priest he is able to create holy water. He can bless a gallon of water after praying over it for an hour.
  • Block magical detection and teleportation to a location. It is sufficient to block a low level magic user.
  • Exorcism. He's able to banish a demon from a host. This will take hours or days.
  • He created a unique spell that was something of a reverse exorcism. The only known usage of this spell at present is anchoring Zombie-Girl's soul to her body.<br.

Flat Broke:
Since coming back to life Ayla has had to start all over. She lives with Owen in the basement of an abandoned church. With the exception of a few meager belongings, she doesn't have much worth mentioning.

Jude the Apostle's Church:
A condemned church situated in a dangerous neighborhood in the Bronx that serves as a hideout and home for Zombie-Girl. Due to an act of violence that cost the lives of thirteen of its parishioners it became a spiritually active locus. Though Father Owen has helped the ghosts that inhabited the church to the other side, it remains a source of spiritual energy. Father Owen has tapped into this mystical energy via hundreds of glyphs posted on the walls to create a ward against magical scrying and teleportation - though a powerful enough magic user could overcome this easily enough.

The basement of this church has been renovated with work from Zombie-Girl and Father Owen to be a comfortable living space with water, heat, and electricity.


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Due to her appearance she's unable to blend into a crowd or pass as a normal human without a lot of dermablend and a heavy pair of dark tinted goggles. Also, the glow of her eyes makes stealth and hiding quite difficult as well unless her eyes are closed.

Her brain is her anchor point for her soul. Some damage, such as a bullet from a small caliber gun can be healed after some time, but will put her in a feral state until a magic user can properly align her again. Massive damage (such as a shotgun blast) to her brain though will permanently kill her.

Heaven's Ire:
Converse to being wanted by Hell, she is generally either mistrusted or even lumped in with demonic forces by those on the side of light.

Hell's Bounty:
She is an escapee from Hell, and quite a valuable one at that. Demonic forces operating on the Earth plane would like nothing more than to drag her back to where she belongs.

Despite being a hero, she her powers are tainted with negative forces. Powers stemming from the light will fry her like a vampire in sunlight. Such damage will take a week at least to regenerate. If she is buried in consecrated ground, she will be unable to regenerate unless someone digs her up.


Ayla is animated by forces that she does not comprehend. Though she's able to command this power instinctively (hence her powers) she lacks the subtle command of a proper magic user. Someone skilled in the powers of necromancy would be able to unlock greater levels of potential within her, but at the loss of her free will.


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