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Once upon a time in NYC
Date of Scene: 10 July 2023
Location: Club Lux, Melville
Synopsis: A sound check, technological upgrades, Fate, Sin, the Devil, the Phantasm and a chickita with a brand new phone on the payroll. Sometimes, life can work out.
Cast of Characters: Sinister, Phantasm (Drago), Lucifer, Arana, Doctor Fate

Sinister has posed:
It is a magical day. They call it 'Monday'. Which occasionally, means that such places as Lux are completely and utterly shut -- the club is having a deep clean of the upper areas and may well be open later on for the night-fliers and the glowflies of the world, but for now?

The speakers, security and sound system of Lux is undergoing a serious upgrade at the moment, although it seems all that's actually occuring is some of the staff, wearing more clothing than normal, are up ladders fixing small devices, about the size of bluetooth wireless earbuds, into corners, behind cameras and seemingly randomly in the middle of the floor where the spotlights and such are housed.

Sinister himself, Doctor Nathaniel Essex... is currently standing at the very center of the floor, listening to the walls. But earlier, he sent out a message in an email to a young mexican journalist student, requesting an interview.

That was enigmatic. Right?

And a musician, requesting sounds be made. Ok, so that one is LESS enigmatic.

And Fate? Well, that tends to happen all on its own, doesn't it?

"Luci, I've had thoughts. It's a pervasively bad habit of mine, but I think this one might even be reasonable." Is just dropped out there.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
You know. In retrospect, when two of the top four people who text you consists of the devil and his other half, that could be considered weird. But Nick's not quite a normal guy either. Of the messages received this seemed one of the clearest ones. 'Sound system upgrade... Need someone to test it out. Will you?'

Clear and to the point.

And so Nick is heading over to find out who is using Sinister's phone. But being that it's a pleasant day and he hasn't had any noticeable issues with shadowy sorts recently. He opted to take the long way over. Namely, no portals. Besides, he's aware of what 'done x hours' means when someone doing upgrades is stating it. He's got time.
Lucifer has posed:
Because Lux is 'closed' while all of this is going on and all those here working know of the Devil's antics...Lucifer is currently walking on the ceiling. He's not pacing in any fashion, but instead doing laps above instead of below. At least from this vantage point he can see who is working on what and ensure they're not about to blow his property value to the ground. Or render his club powerless which will cost money to fix.

When Nathaniel calls out the idea that he's had thoughts, the Devil pauses. "We're going to have more people on our payrolls than what we know to do with. But... it's your money. Spend it as you wish." He then grins, because they do keep some of their accounts separate. Namely the business ones. There's likely a personal account that they both put money into, but at this rate, who the hell knows. They're both flush with so much funding they don't know what to do with. Why else could Lucifer drop an easy twenty million match on a charity donation?

He resumes his ceiling walk.
Arana has posed:
"I don't know. Who even uses email anymore?" That's the convo happening at the front entrance, someone talking to the person on the door. "I don't even know a Doctor Essex. Google says that he's famous though, so I'm ...no, I don't need to hurry." A pause, as the person on door duty tries to get her to 'just go inside', but she does not appear to be listening per se.

"I'm just sitting there, typing that chupamedias report, and I don't need to tell you about THAT stuff, when I get pinged. I mean, I've got my phone set loud, so..."

A moment later she's literally shoved into the main area, her rapport with the cute guy on the door interrupted rather abruptly, and she turns to shout "Que te folle un pez!" as she's locked not out, but IN. She grumbles and then turns to look inside. "Uy, madre que te pario.."

Which is when she realizes that her voice is actually quite audible to the room, and everyone just heard her wish that Dillon would get raped by a fish...

First impressions, yanno?
Doctor Fate has posed:
Every now and again....

There comes a time for Fate to intervene.

Whether now will become one of those moments will be entirely up to those present. But, through the doors, despite the club supposedly being closed, the old wizard manages to go right where he's needed....and he appears in the room with Ana, with Lucifer, with Nick...and with Sinister.

"...Hm...I see this is a gahtering of many a unique individual. My only regret seems to be that I did not visit sooner."

He chuckles. Despite the age in his eyes, he doesn't look a day past his prime, youth still bearing on his facial features. It's only the eyes that hold the wisdom of the age.

"...I don't suppose I could request a drink?"

His eyes settle on Lucifer specifically, humming. "I trust you've been keeping to your nature."
Sinister has posed:
Very occasionally, Essex can be as clear as crystal and not cryptic as the times crossword. It's rare, but it does happen.

With a glance up a the upside down wall-trotter, Sinister shakes his head a little. "Drop in the ocean, but that's where pearls come from, so I will give things a chance..."

And in the knowledge that Drago is taking the long route, he glances in the direction he knows the man to be in, smiles to himself and lets the gaze sublime toward the door as the Game was interrupted by an abrupt door. "By the by, she's also very colourful-- though now I have to clear -that- mental image from my mind... Antonio, a little to the left and -twist- ... thank you." The gogo dancer up his ladder regretably has to check right from left, which may not inspire vast amounts of confidence, but so far nothing has exploded. Or shorted out a city block. Satisfied, Sinister turns to the door, one of his best dialed-to-eleven smiles on his face, mildly crooked but ultimately toothpaste commercial worthy. "Miss Corazon, I'm glad you got my mail, it has been a little while and I am quite sure that an actual email is better than the snailmail I originally felt inclined to courier over. That would've been..."

.... cut off, his words trail at the arrival of an unexpected guest, walking straight in past door people and his own security system. A frown is shot toward the door, another up at the little devices being installed and yet a third to the go-go dancer who was so helpfully not ambiturnwise.

He does seem to recover well. "You have the advantage over me at least, but it seems ..." nope, not fully recovered. "Luci??"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Sometimes coming in later than others has its benefits. And other times it doesn't. The judgement is still up to which outcome it is for this time as Nick opens the door to intercept the sounds of someone declaring ill intent towards the life aquatic. The rockstar pauses, looking to Ana. A brow raised, as his head tilts "Que te hizo el pez?" He queries. The door shuts behind him.

Stepping further into the room, his attention to the girl is suddenly dropped when the doors open again. Seeing the familiar face of Dr. Nelson in.... considerably different attire than he last saw him. The performer blinks.

Okay, so is this coincidence or...?

Well, he's not wearing a mask, so whatever all that is, is apparently not a mystery. Or there's really no point hiding it.

Whelp, if he's not making an effort to hide the fact...

"Hello Doctor Nelson." Nick greets, seemingly remembering the name this time after the second run in at McAnally's.
Lucifer has posed:
Suddenly there are more people in the room than Lucifer anticipated there being, and perhaps he shouldn't be pacing the ceiling in the eyes of those who don't know him. It's a simple push and flip to land on his feet right side up on the floor.

He regards Nick first, knowing at least that was an expected guest. Ana's looked at next. Ah, right. The reporter they ran into that one night. It's the last one that takes most of his attention for a longer period of time.

"Well that depends what nature you assume I'm keeping to, Kent." Lucifer offers with a smirk and then moves towards the horseshoe bar on the upper level. "Sure, I can whip up a drink or few for anyone who wants one. What'll you have?"
Arana has posed:
Ana Corazon opens her mouth. She then closes it, fairly certain that she's been greeted and then thoroughly upstaged. She blinks, several times, trying to adjust to everything. Then she says, "It means go get screwed by a fish." To Nick. Because she said it, and she has never once in her life lied unless lives were at stake. Also it's not the worst thing that she said, in that little spiel.

Lot of Doctors here today, apparently.

Still. She is almost positive that she just saw the second Doctor walk through the door behind her. Which is not something she can write off so easily. AND a guy on the ceiling. "Did you just...?"

That's directed to Fate. She's -supposed- to be interacting with Dr Essex, but some things take precedent. Still. "Oh! Yes, sir. Emails are all the rage these days, I couldn't keep myself away. From your...club? This IS a club, isn't it?"

That part was to Sin. In case I was not clear.
Doctor Fate has posed:
"A fine whiskey, please. Oh, don't worry about cost. I will pay for the service."

Kent smiles softly, despite the company he seems to be keeping today, he looks to be the epitome of calm. He merely chuckles at Lucifer's words about his very nature. "I'm uncertain a battle of wits would entertain you, Morningstar."

He turns his attention to Ana then with a kindness in his eyes. "Ah, hello there. Yes, I did. The...security on this establishment is quite advanced."

Though apparently not advanced enough to keep Kent Nelson out.

His eyes then shift between Sinister and Ana, clearing his throat. "I will give space to condone your interview." and he steps away ever so softly towards the bar area. His hands clasped behind him as he approaches a chair, taking a seat in it and crossing his legs, his hands resting on his knee.

"Hello, Mr. Drago." He replies to Nick ever so softly. "I trust I'm not interrupting something?"
Sinister has posed:
Sinister looks at Ana, then back to Fate, back to Ana again. It's a moment shared. "Well, that was unexpected..." he chances half an eye toward Nick, then Lucifer in turn as he becomes barman. "A fruity girly something or other. I think a Bahama mama today, my dear?"

Have I met Fate? I think so, briefly. At the bar. But it was odd. Or did I? -- the mind plays so many fun tricks.

"Right. Email. Who the hell writes email these days, phone going off like a klaxon, all that jazz. Right?" He smiles at her. How? Best not to ask, perhaps. "I wanted to see how you were doing and did a spot of research. Every time I met you, you were running into something, getting out of something and being blessed by a heaping helping of serendipity, miss Corazon. I was wondering if you were inclined to perhaps take a part time job offer, to be direct and to the point. Come. The bar will have drinks, some of them even non-alcoholic, although the tequila is quite fine here, with genuine worms."

A quick glance is sent to the go-go dancer who seems to have managed to do a second screw-in without making it go West, so a modicum of trust is granted and he advances on the bar, giving Fate a brief side-eye, as he gives an inviting gesture.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick pauses to the explanation. "Sorry I'm probably rusty. What I meant to say is what did the fish do to you? It was more of a joke. I wasn't really exp-"

As Lucifer calls the non-Nathanial doctor by his first name, Nick glances over to him. Oh so they'- Wait, is he even surprised that Lucifer would know him? No?

Nick lifts up a hand to wave to the devil, opting not to interrupt the club owner speaking to the other doctor.

But once drinks are mentioned, well- "Guinness for me, please." Nick states aloud before turning his head to glance to the workers still at work. The performer looks over to Sinister, seeing him discussing matters with Ana, he opts to wait his turn rather than interrupt. It appears he's got some time to wait before he's needed. So, he ends up drifting towards Dr. Nelson who appeared somewhat closest and not otherwise occupied. "I can't speak for anyone else but, it appears what I came to do is not needed just yet. Looks like the sound system's still being worked on."

With the likelyhood of waiting, he gradually steps over to the bar to avoid any unnecessary floating of glasses. "We seem to have a knack for running into each other when getting food or drink. How are you doing?"
Arana has posed:
"I don't like to drink anything hard when I'm working," Ana says as she's led. In more ways than one. She upnods the barkeep, giving him a wide smile, and then says, "Baja rosa." She doesn't chat him up, knowing how much attention it takes to tend bar. Also the creamy red tequila is basically a girl's drink anyway.

She glances at Nick, the other person in the bar who seems to be a bit more natural, less perfect, and smiles. But she's here to work. Apparently. "Job offer?" Straight and to the point. "I'd need a bit more details in order to comment at this point." Also legally defensible. She's had tutoring, yay!

The fact that Fate nee Kent just admitted to something that appears magical will have to wait a moment.
Doctor Fate has posed:
It is unknown if Fate and Lucifer know each other personally, or have simply experienced the company of the other through clashes or rare assists. Yet, even still, Kent receives his drink from the bartender and he seems to swirl around the amber-colored liquid with a soft smile that nearly touches his eyes. "Hmmm."

A slow sip.

He lets the alcoholic beverage sit on his tongue a moment before swallowing, long enough to experience the burn and past that, with the actual taste.

Though he turns to Nick. "Indeed." He chuckles. "Perhaps a test of Fate." A pun, no doubt. "But, I am well enough. I had come to examine this establishment - ensure that agents of chaos were balanced in their dealings and Order was maintained to coincide." Kent suggests to Nick. "But I am well. How are you?"

He looks at Ana then a moment, his head tilts, as if to study her, before his attention lies elsewhere on Sinister.


He doesn't interrupt the proceedings, though he seems to be watching Essex closely.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister settles at the bar, further along from Fate and Nick. Worlds will collide imminently, but for now, he places his cellphone on the bar top, slides so he's perched with one buttock on the stool and watches as the dark haired fellow known as Lucifer Morningstar serves up pint, whiskey, tequila and bahama mama before vanishing to serve as temporary mixologist to the ework crew. He smiles to himself fleetingly -- "Actually, the bar belongs to him, not me. I'm just a permanent house guest..." to answer the earlier question, he glances to the phone, then places his right index finger directly into the middle of the touchscreen.

Like surround sound in a cinema, a whoosh of 'cosmic' electronica kind of sound rushes in a whirlwind around the bar, crescendoing and diminishing, followed by the lights all doing likewise to the power of a touch. They dim. They flicker, they do strobes and discos, then with a dramatic thunderclap, each person at the bar has a spotlight on them.

"Well, that works. Excellent." Finger off the phone, the lights resume their normality as sinister looks briefly to Fate, smiles blithely, then focuses on Ana once again.

"Nothing diabolical, I assure you. I leave that to other people. Having actual backing with some effective assets will be good for your resume. I just want you to perhaps... investigate what would otherwise be considered kooky Inquirer types of stories, sort the wheat from the chaff. In the world we live in, those are usually the stories that have more truth to them and are often the ones that are hard to solve." He cocks his head. "I'm trying, you see, not to rely solely on myself for legitimate information and I'm attempting to do things... well... appropriately. When I was young, we called this sort of thing patronage."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick leaves his beer untouched for a moment, giving it time to rest a bit more. A finger touches upon the cool glass as Fate does his pun. Unfortunately for him, Nick is not as well versed on the mystic types as Lucifer is. Youthful ignorance perhaps. Or it could be that he's spending most of his waking time working his butt off on practically everything else possible with his focus on powers just being enough so he doesn't accidentally kill people.

It's a work in progress.

Either way. Fate gets a blank look. "...I do seem to find myself walking to the oddest of places when I zone out." Nick admits, "Although this time is to help with a sound check of equipment."

Nick pauses as he's flooded in a spotlight, squinting as he glances back. "Lights are working..." He comments, "And I'm doing okay." He takes a moment to pick up his beer. "As for here. The area inside of the club is considered a safe haven. Or... neutral zone. Any problems you have with others, you leave them at the door. So, nothing more balanced than that I'd think." He takes a moment to sip his drink before lowering the glass. "Somewhat like McAnally's. Could make do with a few more locations like this in New York probably."
Arana has posed:
Ana Corazon taps her drink, now that it slides into her hand. She caught it with ease, and listens...more so. So she considers, glancing at Kent. Not at Essex, at Kent. She isn't certain why, but if there's one thing that she knows, it's...

Balance. Things must balance, and she tongues her teeth for a moment in thought. Then she lets her eyes slide off of the good doctor and back to the other one.

Then she reaches out with her drink, a shot glass rather than a tumbler, and taps it against Sinister's own. The room rings slightly, good crystal has that tendency. It is also agreement, and acceptance, without words.

"I can work from home, or school? I have exams to study for." Setting terms, but not the harshest ones.
Sinister has posed:
"Oh, of course. I wouldn't expect your studies to diminish, in fact I'd frown on it. Academic achievement should not be the price for hussling to fill a portfolio, no matter what people think." Sinister responds, then from another pocket, produces a top of the range, advanced smartphone. It, for some reason is a jazzy lavender colour with sparkles in the casing. He hands it to Ana.

"If you need to contact me, press the home key three times, fast -- it's preloaded with a /very/ modest expense account, for taxis or train rides or the occasional plane ride, but don't go crazy. You'll find the app is labelled." He nods to her. "You're also covered for medical and can place one other on the account -- you just need to verify your own ID card, which is digital." Then he looks along the bar.

"Any time you want to do sound, is fine. The holo-grid and sensors are pre-loaded once they're installed."
Arana has posed:
Ana had been thinking about things. You know, how Kent was being all silent and suspicious, and how Nick was being all silent and suspicious. I'm sensing a pattern, but it's a habit you get into when you do journalism professionally. She should get a job doing it prof...oh wait, she just did.

Then she sees the celphone, and her brain rewires itself.

"It's gorgeous," she whispers. It's her favourite colour. How did Essex know? Never mind the stuff it can do, it's all about how pretty it is...

You know, sometimes you just gotta be a girl.

"I'll get right on it! I saw someone outside, who looked like he was hanging around a little too loudly!" Then she's cradling the celphone and looking like she'd rather give up a baby.

Sigh. Well, we know how to bribe her on review day.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick is suspicious.


At a bar.

Who does such a thing?!

Ana's sense of suspicion is right on point.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister tips an imaginary hat. "Always good to start somewhere," he agrees, smiling to himself at the cellphone reception. sometimes, it's good being him. Other times? Well, a gift well received, however functional, touches a place he doesn't often get emotional over. "I expect at least a bi-weekly summary. If there's nothing much to follow, cliffnotes are fine." He calls after her, then looks at Nick with an eyebrow raised.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Getting the sense that he's being looked at. The musician pauses mid sip. Eyes shift to look over to Sinister. The glass lowers. "...Did they finish with the updates?"

He turns to look back to the workers, trying to determine how far along they are.
Sinister has posed:
"Oh, they're done. My updates take almost no time at all..." Sin replies with a grin, tapping his head. "Technopath."

And that, as they say is that. Sound checks are always best when someone's playing a real instrument and they know what they're doing with it. It might be a covert and secretive pleasure of the sinister doctor.