7946/City Fall: Hunting the Hunter

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City Fall: Hunting the Hunter
Date of Scene: 21 June 2019
Location: Tribeca - NYC
Synopsis: Karai attacks the Punisher, and it makes a really big mess.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Punisher, Frank Quaid
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Karai doesn't like this wild card. The Punisher, while his actions have shown no serious threat to the operation as a whole, has provided ample reason to gain attention from her grandfather. It doesn't reflect well upon her that he has not been yet dealt with.

    Given the Punisher's level of preparedness, Karai has enlisted some of their best infiltrators to prepare for the attack. Those who are specialized in assasination, or heists, saavy to tactics used to prevent entry and find weaknesses in security. She even took some of TCRI's high level military projects for use on this mission. A scanner that is able to detect heat signatures inside the building along with explosives that searches for the components that make up gunpowder, C4, and other military equipment. Punisher had been using military issue weaponry and defenses, which says that she has put her feelers out to figure out where he is getting his gear. He was willing to make a mess in public, which says he's not actually a military operative, they are far more bogged in red tape than that. Her red scarf partly hides her face, and using a surprisingly low-tech solution, she has no radios, the team is silent tonight, using visual connection and hand motions for their communication. She has an arrow tipped with an EMP affixed to its shaft, as do two other ninja archers surrounding the building. She pulls it from her quiver, and waits patiently as the other ninjas lie in wait at the ground level.
    She taps a remote on her wrist, the mousers are in place, waiting for their orders. Perfect. Prepeared.

Punisher has posed:
The building is rigged to the gills. The garage itself has a C4 charge in the roof, and there are at least four C4 charges in the apartment above it. There's also a small armory in the garage, and a small armory in the apartment above. There are electrical grids under the carpets, and a number of other electrical devices of some kind in the doors, windows, and the garage door itself. That isn't even counting the computer station for Microchip to work at, and the workshop in the garage.

For anyone but The Punisher, it'd be overkill. For the Punisher, it's a typical safehouse setup. Though his more fortified locations under the city (especially The Armory) would outdo this. Still, do anything more... and it risks getting the wrong kind of attention.

He's been waiting for an infiltration or attack for a while now, since the tracker on the Battle Van has been allowed to sit where it is. He's been on the hunt for 'Alopex' for a day or two now, and is just coming back using one of his discreet vehicles while the Battle Van was having work done for it. Dressed in civilian garb, Punisher is still carrying his gear web in the car for the mission... but it isn't on him right now.

Microchip is busy in the garage, doing some custom work to the satellite linkup in it.

Neither know for sure the Foot are coming... but both have been waiting for them to make a move since the chop shop siege.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai knits her brow, looking through the scanner at the building. Punisher already has the wrong kind of attention. "Chikushou," she mutters to herself. Surely some of the things she is picking up are things such as electrical panels and cleaning chemicals, but it's pretty clear that the place is a fireball ready to happen. She watches as the Punisher arrives in his car, the bow drawn as she looks down from above the lighting of the street.

    She relaxes the tension as the car comes to a stop. Perhaps she can make this operation more simple than she anticipated. After all, it's been more than a week since the last incident, intentionally, since after initial expectation of a strike, it can become more ambiguous to know the threat is out there. Sure he knows he has to be ready, but by leaving day after day unanswered, they hoped he would be less vigilant.
    She places the EMP arrow on the ledge, then reaches over her shoulder to pull out a more traditional arrow, and raises it to her cheek, waiting for the vigilante to exit the car, the razor-edged blade ready.

Punisher has posed:
The Punisher is only less vigilant when he's in The Armory... out in the warzone -especially during active operations- there's always a potential hunter out there trying to find him. He's a wanted convict. It comes with the territory.

"Coming in now, Micro, through the side entry. Disable the trap." Punisher grumbles into the transceiver on his ear. That, and his smartphone, were the only substantial electronic devices on his person.

Taking his gear web and wrapping it in a towel meant to conceal it, he places it under his arm and starts to step out into the New York air...

Shredder has posed:
    Thwip. As soon as the target exits the vehicle the cutting arrow releases as she aims for the neck. The arrow could potentially penetrate light body armor, but it's possible it could be stopped as well, so she has chosen to take her shot for an area that will be unprotected. She doesn't take her eyes off the target as a second arrow is pulled from the quiver while the first one is in the air, quickly re-nocking the bow and bringing it up for a second strike if necessary. One of the other archers took her cue, and he likewise releases an arrow aimed at Punisher's back from his rooftop. The others don't have a clear shot, so they remain standing by.

Punisher has posed:
Bows. Of course it was fucking bows.

The arrow was seen just as it was halfway to the Punisher, and it's only a mix of luck and that constant vigilance that allows his honed muscle reflex to try to dive for cover. Instead of hitting his neck... it glances off his vest, half penetrating the body armor there and drawing blood just at an armpit as Punisher growls into the transceiver in pain.

Inside, Microchip hears this, and suddenly tenses, "Frank?"

Having dived against the car and using it for cover, Punisher brings up the toweled gear web, pulling a pistol from it, "INCOMING!" Punisher shouts into the transceiver.

Shredder has posed:
    As the arrow lands south of its mark, Karai releases her second arrow at the vigilante as he dives for cover. The ninja on the other rooftop runs to the far edge of the roof to get a better angle, and then takes another shot at him, giving him a narrow angle of cover from the street.

    Karai looks down and taps her wrist, and beneath the building, the mousers start to chomp. She taps a few targets. Initially they were going to be used to create an entrance from beneath, but with all of the explosives inside, she decides that it is just as effective to collapse the building. They start biting.

Punisher has posed:
"Fuck." Punisher grates out as he glances around, the second arrow barely missing and going into the pavement just in front of him. Still, it forces his attackers to reposition, giving him a few moments of rest. Breathe in, focus... and he stands and makes a mad dash for the alleyway, taking pot shots in the direction the other ninja was going.

He can't see them clearly, but he can at least force them to dive out of the way, lest they get winged.

"Frank, what's going on?" Microchip asks as the gunfire starts. "I'm not getting anything on the sensors in here." Microchip continues as he checks the computer station in the garage. "Should I start the SD package?"

"Do it!" Punisher all but shouts as he runs. "Then get the Van started."

Shredder has posed:
    As Punisher rounds the corner to the alley, he comes into view of one of the other four ninjas, who likewise takes a shot at him as he is focused on the two he is trying to hide from, an arrow whistling through the air toward him. This one does not have the advantage of streetlight to hide him, so after he takes his shot he disappears back over the edge of the rooftop, and pulls out several flash pellets. It isn't as powerful as a flashbang would be, but the marble sized rocks have a very low profile in the dark, so for the most part the first indication that they are incoming is the bright flash. they land one after another, and while they don't blind as fiercely as a flashbang, they are bound to completely spoil the adjustment to the dark that eyes naturally make.

    Karai picks up the EMP arrow, and nocks it again. "Time to stop the back-up," she says with a sinister smile, and releases the arrow, piercing the garage windo and sticking in the floor before a simple click of the mechanism gives a silent pulse, shutting down the electronics and the electrical panel to the building.

    Beneath the building, the mousers continue to munch away, digging a gap beneath the foundation of the building, the dirt giving way so that when they strike the foundation, it will be unable to maintain itself.

Punisher has posed:
"Done, I'll me-" Static, as Microchips transceivers and equipment are blown out by the EMP. Inside, Microchip sighs, "Yeah, they have decent gear. Shit." Microchip makes a run for the Battle Van, getting in and getting it started.

Meanwhile, outside, Punisher is continuing to dash. As the pellets start to come down, he doesn't even bother to look in their direction. Flash or gas bomb, it doesn't matter... he can't stay in one place, or they'll zero in on him, and if they're using sticky bombs, he's bad off either way.

More pot shots continue to be fired into the rooftop in the general direction where the ninja(s?) are throwing from.

If nothing else, it should be something to worry about.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai indicates to roof ninja one, pointing at the garage door. With the power out, they'll need to open the door manually. The bullets fly harmlessly into the air, not even giving the rooftop ninja #2 a concern, since he is behind the cover of the roof already. The ground team now moves in, hearing the pellets of the flashes, six ninjas burst forward into the alley behind Punisher, silent and swift, staying to the shadows as they pursue, using the activity as a distraction.

    Then one more figure is on the scene. It's an average college age girl, looking rather curiously down the alley as she sees the bursts of light erupting. She has dark hair in a ponytail, and wears a NYU t-shirt and a pair of running shorts. Looks like she was out for an evening jog when she came across the scene.

Punisher has posed:
Meanwhile, in the garage. The Battle Van is already started, and Microchip backs up into the back wall. A few keystrokes later, and the front, left side of the Van opens... revealing a rocket pod designed with numerous payloads and sizes. A small one is primed... and launched, directly at the garage door.

Outside, a loud explosion can be seen and heard as the rocket blows out the garage door completely.... and the Battle Van takes off, heading out to the right. Anyone that was near that garage door would be hit by debris.

In the alleyway, The Punisher just keeps going. The ninjas are being gigantic assholes with pellets, and he's out of ammo in the pistol for the moment. He just needs a moment...

Well, there's always the alley dumpster. It'll be good enough for his purposes. He dives in without missing a hitch, and closes the top to for some cover. Within a moment, the gear web is grabbed, and he's putting it in.

It'll take a few seconds for it.

Shredder has posed:
    The college girl is not standing in the line of sight, but as the explosion erupts, she's close enough that she is knocked to the ground by the shockwave from the blast as smoke plumes out of the garage entrance. There is a crack that can be heard as the explosion goes off, the blast enough tha twithout the dirt supporting the foundation, it starts to collapse from the blast of the rocket, the ground tilting inward toward the center of the building.

    The lit slams shut just in time for an arrow to lodge itself part way through the rubber lid, a narrow miss. The ninjas, meanwhile, gather around the dumpster, quietly setting up carefully positioning themselves around the dumpster, trying to remain silent so that when he leaves the cover, they can pounce on him.

Punisher has posed:
The girl going down definitely concerns Microchip... but if he stops for her, the ninjas will be on him in no time. Emergency services would be coming soon after that explosion, so the only thing he can do at this point is keep her from being a target. For now, Microchip can only support Frank while he handles the ambush.

As the Battle Van turns, Microchip speaks, "Activate flares. Alpha mode." Another small device pops out of the roof. In moments, flares are being launched everywhere from a spinning top like device, almost like chafe. They light up the night on the street, on the rooftops... everywhere. Alpha mode flares are specifically designed to ruin stealth approaches at nighttime. "Activate Sentry Mode, lethal." Two M249s on automatic pivot turrets pop out from the sides, drawing on the thermalgraphic sensors on the Battle Van to find targets. Anyone who shoots at it will automatically be tagged to be killed by the onboard AI. Since Microchip doesn't know /who/ to target yet... the system is in defensive mode for now.

At the dumpster, Frank has gotten his gear web on. The Glock 17 is reloaded, and he takes a small breath. God this thing stinks. A mental countdown in his head starts as he pulls a flash grenade and pulls the pin. He cooks it just enough... and opens the lid just enough to 'pop' it out into the night.

He didn't know for sure there was anyone out there, but he wasn't taking the chance.

Once the grenade pops, Punisher instantly throws the dumpster lid off, and he's going for headshots on any obvious hostiles in range.

Shredder has posed:
    As the van bursts from the building, the stone wall collapses behind it, and the building starts to list. The college girl, street level ninjas, and Frank are all clearly in the impending path of the inevitable collapse of the building as it start to tilt to one side, likely to collaps against the building across the alley and out into the street. The last archer on the roof pulls his EMP arrow, firing it quickly at the side of the Van before taking a bullet to the chest. He goes down immediately, either dead or wounded enough that he's certainly out of the action. Karai watches as the guns pivot toward her, and ducks low enough that the bullets plunge into the concrete half wall on the building, tearing chunks out of it.

    The archer above Frank pops over as soon as he hears the flashbang go off, and releases another volley at the firing vigilante as he pops out of the dumpster. One, two three ninjas go down, two in the head, one in the shoulder. He doesn't cry out in pain, though, gripping his shoulder. This one is rather small, maybe 5'4" tall. A The three on the other side didn't get blinded, only dealing with the same sound disorientation that Punisher deals with, and are on the opposite side of the van, not presenting a visible target yet as one flings his kurisama around the dumpster, the weighted end headed for Frank's head.

Punisher has posed:
The EMP arrow has no effect when it's shot. It would take a serious charge /inside/ to knock out the systems in the Battle Van, and it just keeps on going. Microchip, on the other hand, saw the archer with the arrow, and he presses the touchscreen to assign him as a target. The screen itself is using thermalgraphic sensors... so it's easy to spot everyone even without the flares. It also means Microchip sees the girl on the ground is going to probably be crushed. He has nothing on the list that can get her out of the way in time. Instead, Microchip starts to manually assign targets on the sensors with one hand while the other gets a new transceiver. The onboard AI takes over driving temporarily when his hands go away from the wheel for those precious moments.

"Frank, there's a bystander that's going to be crushed under the collapse." Microchip manages to get out as he keeps an eye on the situation... and gets his hands back on the wheel as well. Multitasking is fun.

As the kurisama flies towards Punisher, he's already hopping out and into a roll on the ground to dodge the incoming projectiles, the arrow from the archer above lodging itself in the back of his vest as he barely moves out of the way of a headshot... along with anything else. A few feet more, and he stops briefly, firing at anyone attacking him as he stands up. "Copy." Punisher replies to Microchip, grating it out heavily from the exertion.

He's taking off at a dead dash to get to her in time to get them both out of the way of the collapse, his pistol being reloaded yet again on the go.

He's very aware this could be a plant to get an 'innocent' close to him to attack him, and he's prepared to put her down if that's the case. After the Warehouse incident showed him they're willing to play dirty in that regard, he's keeping that firmly in mind.

Shredder has posed:
    The archer above takes a round to the right shoulder, shattering it as he falls backward from the blow, a second round in his ribs. He disappears onto the rooftop, down and out.

    The remaining ninjas duck to take cover behind the dumpster, but they don't pursue as Punisher makes the sprint, they are busy kicking in the door of the next building, trying to get out of the path of the falling building. As it crashes against the other structure, it's hard to say if they made it or not. Surely the wounded one on the ground did not.

    The college girl is scrambling back as the building is starting to crash, she seems eager for the help as she tries to scramble to her feet, stone and brick loudly filling the air as dust starts to ploom out and blind anyone in the area. It's hard to see just how the building landed exactly. It's ahrd to see where any friendly or fiendish people might be still at, save for the college girl who clutches to Punisher desperately, her heart racing, eyes wide.

Punisher has posed:
Meanwhile, Microchip has the radio tag on Punishers gear web firmly on the sensors, so he knows exactly where he is, and drives around to pick him up. The college girl is being one armed carried under an armpit as he goes.

Once he's clear of the collapse and sees the Battle Van, the girl is placed against a wall, "The police should be here soon. If you see a bunch of ninjas, run." Punisher barks to her to be heard over the sound of city infrastrcture collapsing around them. Moments later, Punisher is running into the back of the Battle Van and closing the door.

Up near the drivers seat, Microchip looks back, "The SD package didn't do that. I'm guessing they burrowed under the building and collapsed the foundation." Punisher begins to load up his M4A1 from the weapon rack and takes some magazines and M203 grenades, "Assholes could have killed people around the building. They want us out of the way so badly they're willing to destroy everything around us to do it." Microchip nods as he goes back to driving. "Yeah. They're pretty ruthless about it."

A few moments more... "Take me back around, to the other side of the alleyway. I'm goin' after these assholes with a full kit."

Microchip just stares at Punisher for a moment... before he nods.

"They won't see it comin'." Punisher added on, in way of explanation. reaching around to pull the arrow out of his vest and tossing it to the side.

Frank Quaid has posed:
In the distance, sirens start up as 911 calls make it through dispatchers and finally to emergency crews. Patrol cars are routed or called off other calls to head to scene. Two nearby firehalls scramble all of their trucks to respond and several ambulances are dispatched. The information coming in to emergency services call centres is chaotic. Callers flood the lines reporting an explosion and the building collapse. Some claim they heard gunfire. Pretty quickly, calltakers are dropping calls about the incident from anyone who is not trapped in the building.

Shredder has posed:
    The girl's eyes are wide, "What?" she asks, eyes filled with shock, and covered completely in dust. "Don't leave me!" she begs. As Frank closes the door, part of the rubble erupts as the ammo cases are triggered orange flowers of fire spitting out, sending some rubble flying, some of it striking against the van. The college girl throws herself against the driver's door, pounding on it. "Let me in!" she cries.

    Above, Karai pulls out an explosive arrow from her quiver, and pops back over the top of the roof, taking quick aim at the machine gun turrets that have been shooting her ninjas, the arrow is released, and she ducks back behind cover of the roof.

Punisher has posed:
When the girl starts to bang on the Van and the secondaries start, Punisher actually does open the back door and /pulls/ the girl into the back of the Battle Van for safety... which gives her a front row seat to Punisher getting his vest, trenchcoat, and tactical gear all readied up. "We'll get you out of the warzone, Miss, then you need to leave for your own safety." Punisher grates out to her, entirely casual about getting his kit like an elite commando right in front of her. "I'm The Punisher, and I don't want you in the crossfire."

As they move around to the other side of the alley, the explosive arrow hits... and some debris flies from the impact. The explosion doesn't seem to destroy the turret, but it does force Microchip to pull the turrets in with a button press, lest they just get picked off.

Punisher finishes loading ammo, and throws out the back door. "Go." Punisher orders of the girl, now that she's free and clear of the disaster area. If she doesn't leave, Microchip will just have to keep an eye on her.

Punisher will close the doors and head after the ninjas who went into the building after that, "Micro, keep the van moving and monitor the situation. I'll let you know when I want pickup." Punisher barks over the transceiver, his M4A1 at ready position as he checks for targets along the way.

Frank Quaid has posed:
The emergency services vehicles are still a couple of blocks away but closing in fast. From the sounds of it, more vehicles are being dispatched. Away to the south, a NYPD helicoptor is rerouted and starts flying in the direction of the huge dust and smoke plume rising from the collapsed building.

Shredder has posed:
    The girl is flung into the van, and coughs from all of the dust that she is covered in. "What...what is this? Who are you people?" behind the dust covered face, she's clearly frightened at the things she sees. But as the van starts to move, another arrow comes from the other side of the collapsed building, the last archer who was previously unable to make a target. Now that some of the dust has cleared, he releases a volley at the front right tire. It's a long shot, but there's a reason his position is as an archer. As the van begins to move, Karai leaps off the roof, unwilling to let her quarry escape her. She catches the side of a drainpipe, sliding down it and kicking off to land to the side of the van as it comes to a stop, shuriken coming into her hand. The girl bursts out of the van, stumbling and falling to her knees before scrambling to her feet, and running for...away.

    The moment that Punisher exits, the shuriken flits through the air, the black star of death aimed for the back of his presented hand, in this case, the left.

Punisher has posed:
The archer was probably counting on the armored 'lips' getting in the way of that shot, and while he almost hits the the bottom of it... it deflects just barely and scraps it at the edge, leaving some tearing damage on the tire and a small dent in the lip.

When it becomes clear the college girl is too much in the line of fire as the shuriken flies true, Punisher dodges out of the way to the side, and uses one hand to pull the girl back into the van as he returns fire at Karai with his M4A1, going full auto in the middle of the street at her to cover the college girl getting back in.

"Too much risk, sorry." Punisher barks by way of sorry-not-sorry and jumps back into the back of the van with the girl.

"GO!" Punisher barks loudly to Microchip.

Microchip guns the engine as they try to move to get out of dodge, and Punisher moves to the touchscreen, checking the sensors for anyone else he might need to shoot at from the rooftop hatch.

Frank Quaid has posed:
The NYPD chopper is flying over the scene now, giving the plume a wide berth. It rotates sideways for the observer to catch a better view of the street from about 500 feet up. The first of the responding patrol cars rounds the corner one block to the west. Two fire trucks in tight convoy are about two blocks away to the south. Anyone who can see down streets to the north and east can see more flashing lights coming that are a few blocks out still.

News of a Punisher sighting at the scene has finally penetrated the emergency services information hierarchy, helped along by the helicopter observer. A roving ERT truck pulls a u-turn, sending up a riot of blowing horns. It races off down the street toward the scene.

Shredder has posed:
    The several seconds it takes to throw the girl back into the van, slam the door shut, and moving to check the sensor is plenty of time for Karai to respond.
    She's like a shot in the dark, bursting forth, pulling a ninja-to from its sheath, and slashing it at the Punisher's back, preventing herself from presenting a target. The armor probably will absorb the blade's damage, but the vest outside the armor might be less attached to him afterward.

Punisher has posed:
"YOU WANNA PLAY LITTLE GIRL. LET'S PLAY!" Punisher shouts in rage as he turns, pulls his Kar-Bar, and growls out in pain from the back hit. The M4A1 is dropped, and Punisher turns and gets into a defensive stance as he gets into a martial fight with Karai.

In the middle of the night, with the police and emergency services closing in, Punisher and Karai are like two brutal, efficient dancing martial artists moving around each other, trying to get a fatal hit in.

The Battle Van itself is leaving, Microchip knowing full well Punisher is sacrificing himself almost certainly to give them time to get out of Karai's reach.

Frank Quaid has posed:
"NYPD! DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER!" the tactical observer in the helicopter shouts over the loudspeaker after the helicopter drops closer on sighting the Punisher. The spotlight comes on over the van.

The first patrol car on the scene is screeching to a stop about 200 feet away. The fire trucks to the south slow quickly and stop, one beside the other, a block back. Other sirens are closing in. The ERT truck is at least five minutes away.

Shredder has posed:
    As Frank turns, Karai rotates with his stance, like a dancer she rotates with him, attempting to stay at his back as her rotation includes a powerful foot sweep. "Bravado is a fool's version of glory," she says quietly, her eyes shooting briefly to the overhead chopper.

    As the van takes off, none of the other ninjas emerge from the side building. Either they didn't make it, or they themselves are trapped inside the other building and unable to leave.

On top of the roof, though, the last archer watches, taking aim at the tires as the van leaves It's too far a shot, and he relaxes the bow, replacing the arrow to the quiver. "So much for without a trace," he mutters to himself. He looks down at Karai and the Punisher engaged at the street level, and the final ninja archer disappears from the rooftop. He knows his leader can handle herself.

Punisher has posed:
"I AIN'T TRYING TO GO OUT IN A GLORIOUS DEATH HERE, ASSHOLE!" Punisher, too, ignores the chopper, and he jumps and goes for a swinging jumpkick himself to her face, before bringing the Ka-Bar up and around to do a slash at her chest.

To onlookers, the deadly dance is fast, furious, and shows no signs of slowing down. The Punisher is going toe to toe with the young woman with the sword, and is holding his own with his reflexes. "Goddamned ninjas!"

The van, meanwhile, is gunning it, getting out of sight. The helicopter has a choice: The Battle Van... or The Punisher.... and past experience with it from the NYPD makes it a known fact it'll disappear paint and license plate wise once it's gone.

Frank Quaid has posed:
"DROP YOUR WEAPONS OR WE WILL USE FORCE," comes the warning from the helicopter.

"Jesus Christ, it's the fucking Punisher!" Biddlecombe swears as he piles out of the first patrol car on scene during the warning. He brings his patrol carbine to bear. "They're not stopping."

Biddlecombe sights and fires three rounds at Punisher, two aimed at the midsection and one at the head. At the same time, Evans climbs out of the driver's side with the shotgun, sights and pumps a round of buck shot into the melee.

The fire trucks are not moving. The rest of the sirens continue to approach.

Across town, Frank gets a notification that one of his tactical response teams has been routed. He glances over the email on his Blackberry.

"Crap," he mutters. He gets up and grabs his coat.

Shredder has posed:
    Kara brings up her arm, using the bicep and wrist alike to block the kick. It's impact is enough to shake her to the side still despite the block, her black locks of hair flinging out to the side. The ninja-to comes across with her other hand, blocking the smaller Ka-Bar while she simultaneously strikes out with her fingers for a throat jab. The maneuver is not ninjitsu. That was Savate, a Russian form of martial arts.

    The fired rounds are her cue. Perhaps the NYPD can finish the job for her. If so, all the better. The objective is to have him dead, it's not important how it happens. She attempts to retreat with the gunfire, a smoke pellet flung to the ground behind her, a puffing black cloud bursting upward and outward.

Punisher has posed:
The throat jab actually connects slightly, causing a coughing fit as Karai backs away. Still, he's dealt with more pain than that before, and he grates it heavily, croaking out... "Can't stand the light, huh, asshole?" Punisher shoots at Karai as she backs away.. The Ka-Bar is brought up, waiting for her to make another move.... before the carbine and shotguns come out, and Punisher makes a mad grab for the M4a1 before he is dashing for cover, the two rounds at his midsection caught by his vest and knocking him out of the way of the headshot... and despite the stumbling, he manages to get to the next streets alleyway as the cloud covers both their escapes.

He knows what's coming, and continues a mad dash to get out of sight.

"Micro. She's gone. Pick me up at the alleyway on the other side at 7th. The girl should be safe enough there." Punisher croaks out, the throat jab still smarting pretty hard.

Frank Quaid has posed:
The helicopter rises to gain perspective as the two combatants flee. The search light and infrared camera cast around but it does not have the best vantage point for the moment. It will have a good view shortly.

Evans and Biddlecombe fire again into the smoke cloud in the direction they think the Punisher and Karai went. They stay in cover behind their car doors, scanning for their targets.

Shredder has posed:
    Fighting blind is part of a ninja training. As Castle enters her personal escape, she takes the opportunity to strike, the ninja-to she thinks should be at his kidney level. But sometimes such things are off a little. In this case, it's at his butt level, the shortsword possible to plunge straight into the meat of the gludius maximus. Strike or miss, though, a bullet strikes her in the shoulder. She growls inwardly, pulling back with the hand that has the sword and holding the wound. It's definitely time to get out. Her injured arm reaches for a second pellet, throwing it to create a chain toward the rubble, where she can take cover and pretend to have been caught in the collapse.

Punisher has posed:
The stumbling lasts only for a moment, and Punisher takes the shortsword in a graze to the side, the armor taking most of the force as he goes. He gives a grunt of pain as he keeps going... and the Battle Van picks him up on the other block. The girl is let go out of the radius, "Good luck with them." Punisher croaks out to her as he slams into the back of the Van, and closes the doors.

"Frank?" Microchip asks. "Go. We got two minutes." Frank sits down, finally able to relax as the M4A1 is dropped, and the Battle Van makes a break for it.

Hopefully, the NYPD will be too busy with the collapse than them. If not? They'll disappear in the tunnels.