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Albert Wesker (Scenesys ID: 234)
"Every day, humans come one step closer to self-destruction! I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it!"
Full Name: Albert Wesker
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Novas
Theme: Other (TPC)
Occupation: Bio-Terrorist
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Residence: Mobile
Education: Umbrella INC Education
Status: Retired
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Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 65
Date of Birth 18 July 1960 Actor:
Height: 190 cm (6'3") Weight: 90 kg (198 lbs)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Red slitted
Theme Song: "Dance With the Devil" - Breaking Benjam
"I Will Now Bow" - Breaking Benjamin


Those who know Albert Wesker see him as an insane, egomaniac bent on creating monsters and bio weapons. Someone to be killed on sight. In truth Albert Wesker is much more. A product of a eugenics program that goes back well into the 1400s, when a group of wealthy nobles who founded UMBRELLA, saw that you could breed animals with special traits and qualities. And thought the Same of Humans. And chose to breed a superior breed of human. And thus Albert Wesker was born as one of the Wesker Children. And is considered the first son to reach his full potential. Wesker upon discovering his origins has had some serious time to think, and reflect and now believes it is his duty to save humanity from it's self. Seeking to avoid the coming Human/mutant war by of all things Transforming all of Humanity into super beings. Thus casting aside the need for strife.

For there will be no haves and have nots in his world.

Everyone will have super powers.

And so having taken control of the dying Umbrella Corperation, In charge Of Tricell it's leading competator, and backed by the (unknown Corperation) Wesker positions peices on the board to manipulate the world into bringing about this change in humanity. And if all goes according to plan, he will emerge as it's Ruling monarch.

((The events of Resident Evil 4 have NOT happened YET.))



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Here stands an imposing man, standing at least six feet six inches tall. He has blonde slicked back hair, with his skin absolutely flawless in form. No sign of scars or any sort of deformity, his eyes covered by wrap around sunglasses giving him a very hard to read expression on his stoic face. One of total impassivity. Wearing a black armored trench coat, even in the hottest of weather, or brightest of lights. It reaches down to the ground stopping at about his lower calf.

Under his trench coat he wears a a tight fitting armored body suit as around his waist is a utility belt of sorts an even a high powered magnum pistol. That is composed of Ceramics with non metallic components to allow it to pass through most weapon detection devices. Pouches even a knife of his shoulder. His hands are even covered in armored gloves as well.

Standing there impassively observing his surroundings every movement is careful and measured.


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Wesker's Origins begin in the late 1400s. Where a group of wealthy aristocrates realized that if you could breed animals with desired traits. Why not humans? And so they began to look for people who showed incredible levels of intelligence, health, and of course physical abilities. Station in life had no baring. And for 600 years all over the world the best and brightest were chosen. From Japan to america. It all fell under the one Umbrella, and so in 1968 Lord Oswell E. Spencer, Sir Edward Ashford, and Dr. James Marcus (all of whom were products of this eugenic's program) after the discovery of the Progenitor virus the previous year, Founded Umbrella. And used it as a cover to keep an eye on the Children they were breeding and creating. One of them was Albert.

Wesker was given the best education money could buy and focused on virus research helping refine the Progenitor Virus into what would become the Deadly T-virus. Eventually gaining the friendship of William Burkin.

During this time which involved the assassination of Dr. Marcus, and the Ursurping of his Research, Albert wesker Eventually founded S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City Police department.

Finally When the Umbrella Train Ecliptic Express was infected at the same time with the T-Virus as was the Training Facility he worked at. Wesker working with Burkin began to deal with the first outbreaks of the T-virus. As well as S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team being beset by the creatures after the reports of cannibal homicides. And With Wesker having discovered that the young man was infact Dr. James Marcus the man he and Burkin assassinated at the orders of Umbrella. Wesker began to cut his losses choosing to cut his ties with Umbrella and lure the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to the Mansion where they could test the effectiveness of the T-virus B.O.W.S.

While on his own he manipulated and blackmailed Barry Burton by threatening his family, into helping him recover evidence of his involvement at the Mansion. As wells as gathering incrminating evidence that would allow him to blackmail Umbrella and gain control of the company.

Eventually his involvement was discovered by both Chris and Jill. And was mortally wounded by the Tyrant he unleashed.

Using a sample of the T-virus he was given by Burkin that was supports to help him recover. The Virus acting with his Genome granted him incredible super human abilities. Sadly his abilitiy to download the most incriminating data was lost to him when he had been locked out of the systems. Still it was a minor Setback.

Withdrawing from the Mansion and escaping into secret, Wesker began to experience surges in power, strength and rage. And with the Help of Spencer, it was discovered, that the Virus was continuing to up Wesker's already now impressive abilities to the point he could not control them. A special serum was devised that would keep his mutation in control allowing it to be slowly reduced in potency that would as time went on allow him access to his full potential.

While he was being treated Wesker learned of the T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City as he considered it a fiasco that should have been avoided. And would have had he been in charge of the mission to retrieve the G-Virus from Burkin.

Eventually Wesker would return to Raccoon City to investigate what happened finding some evidence to indicate that an origination was posing as umbrella Covert Ops attempted to retrieve the G-virus. And intentionally infected Burkin with his own virus. With access to The Hive a secret umbrella facility in the City where he gathered evidence he needed to gain full control of Umbrella away from Spencer. Granted he still worked with Spencer who rather than resentful was pleased with his ambition, considering Spencer was an old man in his ninties, allowed Wesker to take over.

When news came of the events of a second attack on an Umbrella Facility the Rockfort island Facility. Wesker traveled there to personally find out what happened, discovering Claire Redfield, and knew Chris would not be far behind he began to search for what was going on, Finding and eliminating the recovery team that caused the outbreak. and discovered the T-Veronica X Virus. Traveled to Antarctica to obtain the virus, recovering the body of Steve Burnside who had been infected with the Virus by Alexia.

During this time Wesker began to see Umbrella as a Liability and began plotting their disposal. Founding his own Corporation in secret, he began to work on assisting a rival company to help over throw Umbrella. A Company named Tricell.

Helping set Tricell up as a company to replace Umbrella, Once the company was set up he approached the Corperation's Owner and CEO Excella Gionne, who's ambition had caught his attention and drew him to help her. And when he revealed the truth of her rise to power, and that he would be giving her directions. Rather than be repulse she agreed to help wesker of her own free will.

Slowly Wesker began to move through the world setting up facilities and bases of operations in various third world countries to fund himself, his research and experiments. He has begun taking a look back at Raccoon City as SHIELD had quarrentined the entire City. And now he has seen signs that some of the long dormant T-virus is starting to reactivate which would mean the mutations would do who knows what in the survivors who have been trapped inside the city. So now Wesker is moving to help these people. If only to ensure that the world is not consumed by the T-virus.

Eventually Spencer told Wesker of his origins, and learning that he was manufactured sent Wesker into a rage, where he killed Spencer in his Madripoor estate, and with his death Wesker took absolute control of Umbrella and began to review Spencer's plans to evolve humanity through the Virus, and become a god. Wesker of course seeing the potential and such who also knew of the growing rift between mutants and humans. Began to make plans of his own altering Ppencer's plans so that Humanity would all gain super powers. So that they could survive in a universe filled with super powered aliens.

But first Wesker has to return to Raccoon City where he could find out what happened with the Outbreak. And ultimately to find out who is behind this fiasco.


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Cold, Calculating, Ruthless, Resourceful, Cunning. Wesker is all these things and so much more. If one boiled it down to the essence, Wesker is simply a well intentioned extremist. Wesker sees Humanity marching to destruction, self inflicted destruction. The consumption of resources, the arrival of Aliens, the tensions of metahuman and mutants. Wesker sees Humanity marching on this path to destruction. And he has no intention of allowing it to die. And so the only way to ensure it's survival is to make sure that everyone has super powers.

Wesker is also not the ruthless cold blooded killer he seems. When he kills he must have something to gain for it. Otherwise it is a potential resource lost to him.

Wesker also has standards. The incident that resulted in the infection of Raccoon City to him was a Fiasco he wants to deal with, and ensure never happens again so he keeps tight control over the T-virus, G-virus and of course the other variations.

Wesker is very hands on when it comes to his plans and dealings as a result he can be found in the field, leading the mission himself. Often using himself as a distraction. While other more subtle agents and forces move in to accomplish his goals for him. Which sometimes are so out of left field one never sees the sucker punch coming until it's too late.


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His enhanced abilities also extend to his agility. Everything that a gold medal Olympic level gymnast can do, the flips, tumbles, splits Wesker is more than able to perform.

Wesker's durability is incredible normal gun fire from like shotguns and 9mm will leave him bruised at best. His bones while no where near as durable of a metal laced skeleton one mutant has. He can use his forearm to stop a knife blow allowing a professional knife fighter to lunge and stab him allowing it to cut his skin and embed into the bone with out fear that a military grade tactical combat knife will get through.

This near-invulnerability has hardened his skeleton, internal organs, tissue, and skin, to the point that attempting to punch him or engage in hand-to hand combat would most likely result in fractured limbs on the part of the attacker. His durability is such that he was able to not only survive being caught in the epicenter of an explosion, but apparently not have any ill effects afterwards.

A Super Computer Wesker's brain operates at the speed of a super computer allowing him to process information at an incredible rate. He can go through data, lines of computer code, even sequence Vial Genomes simply by looking at the DNA code. This also allows him to easily handle his increased speed, reflexes and abilities.

Speed is nothing without the reflexes to handle it. As a result of this Wesker's reaction time is incredible, he can dodge bullets, or even grab a dropped detonator out of someone's hand and keep a deadman's switch from being depressed from twenty feet away. Shooting the person, rushing forward. Grabbing the detonator and keeping it from being depressed.

Wesker's senses have been augmented to super human levels. his hearing, smell, taste, touch, this also includes his spacial awareness. Giving him an acute sense of his surroundings. The only thing that hasn't improved is his eye sight (Flaws), combined with his speed reflexes, agility makes him seem like he is some form of Precognitive Psychic. Allowing him to dodge gunfire and such.

Wesker's speed is nothing short of blinding. He can move so fast that it appears as if he is doing short range teleports to people. Able to move upwards to fifteen or twenty feet as if he was simply there. To fast for the human eye to track. Wesker is more than able to dodge gun fire at him. Even if it is point blank to his head. While he lacks the speed of someone like the Flash. He is more than a match for many people. Combined with his strength Wesker is lethal when he desires. He can use this speed to reload his Desert Eagle without being seen giving the impression it has unlimited ammo.

All those Abilities of strength speed reflexes are useless if you tire out. As a result his body actually doesn't produce fatigue toxins very much, and of course his immune system takes care of what does accumulate. This allows him to operate at peek efficiency for days on end with little need for sleep. H still needs to eat, drink and sleep.

Wesker's strength is super human more than able to bend steel bars with ease. Even the reinforced bars of police stations and some military jail cells he is more than able to simply bend the bars out of the way and escape. The exact upper limit of his strength is unknown. But he can pick up side winder missiles with one hand and throw them with enough force and speed that they will detonate as if they had been fired while armed. As a result he can fire his 10 inch Desert Eagle with absolutely no recoil.

For all intents and purposes, Wesker is immune to just about every poison and disease found on earth. A single transfusion will cure just about any disease, or poison that can effect a human. There are dangers to this, as his DNA could latch onto and start mutating the person. Wesker's blood type is of all things, O Negative.

While his healing abilities are well beyond that of a normal human. He is able in time to regenerate lost limbs, and even heal major damage to his brain in time. An arm lost at the shoulder might take a week or two. Complex organs like damage to the brain might take longer. Also Wesker is able of transferring this regeneration to other people by blood transfusion. For this contains a danger as Wesker's mutated Blood might have unexpected results. Wesker's blood type is of all things, O Negative.

A rocket exploding right in his hands was only sufficient to stun him for a moment, and thousands of pounds of steel falling a few stories on top of him failed to even incapacitate him, merely dazing him for a few brief seconds, and despite having his face hideously burned, he quickly healed up. Combined with his insanely high pain tolerance, and his other abilities. Wesker is a dangerous enemy to face.

Of course thanks to his regeneration Wesker retains a very youthful appearance.

Wesker's Brain was restructured from the virus he injected himself with. It's been rewired, and recoded. As a result of the speed at which it operates and the inherently alien like nature. It makes reading his mind by telepathy very difficult if not down right impossible. Empaths and such can still sense him clearly. It also gives him incredible resistance to telepathic control.


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One benefit is that Wesker is good at business. He was able to give just a little push in the right areas that allowed Tricell to become a major international corporation in just a few years that rivals Umbrella.

Wesker founded S.T.A.R.S. Special Tactics And Rescue Specialized. This paramilitary squad was personally trained by him to military levels simply because he wanted them to test out the BOW at the Arkley mansion. This includes Fire arms, but also hand to hand combat training, which when combined with Wesker's enhanced abilities, make him deadly.

Small arms Wesker is a master of. 9 mm, to magnum pistols. Wesker has mastered just about every single small arm on the face of planet earth. His personal Favorite is his Custom Desert Eagle. Reaper.

Wesker's education in genetics and the related field is nothing short of astounding. Even before his enhancement with the experimental virus. While not on par with the likes of say Professor Xavier, Wesker if he ever wanted to go Legit, he could easily get work at any genetics company with the ability to demand a six figure salary a year.

Wesker is very good at manipulating people either through bribery, blackmail, or simply pushing the right buttons of their psychology. There are times when Wesker knows he himself is being manipulated. And will go along with it to further his agenda. Those who under estimate Wesker in this are in for a very very rude shock when he suddenly turns the tables on them. Once you realize you are being manipulated, it is very easy to turn it around on them.

Germs and virus. When it comes to Pathogens Wesker is without any doubt the number one expert in the world. Present him with the DNA code of a Virus or germ the ATCG code, Wesker can look at it, and instantly tell you what it is. He can also alter viruses to produce a result. He could engineer a custom Virus to cure someone of cancer, or produce cancer that is utter torture for him. This work allows him to manipulate the T-virus and G-Virus with incredible results.

Planning goes hand in had with strategy. With Wesker attempting to manipulate the world's heroes and villain's. He has to not only handle plans that deal with them. But the plans he has in motion for his own goals of evolving humanity. As a result he has hundreds of plans and is able to handle them all without leaving a paper trail.

Understanding how a person thinks, acts, and will respond is part of his skill in manipulation. As a result it allows him to under mine his enemies, and his allies from betraying him. As well as being able to keep them focused.

The Arts of Sun Tsu are part of Wesker's Studies. And with it he knows to follow tactics and discipline. Everything he does is like playing chess. And he is several hundred moves ahead playing on a board where there are not just black and white. But also Red, Blue, Green Purple, Yellow all at the same time. Some are allies, others are enemies. Granted his strategy is not flawless, he's also no so arrogant to believe that he can't make a mistake.


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Wesker produces large numbers of Bio Organic Weapons ranging from Tyrants and Nemesis to Hunters, Lickers. All of them created from the Use of the T-Virus. With enhanced durability. Once their creation is complete they are stored in suspension until deployment. They do not contain any T-virus in them. He also sells them to a number of criminal elements willing to meet his price.

Tyrants - were once humans who have been mutated beyond recovery into 9 - 12 foot tall living weapons. Many sport large claws, enhanced speed, strength durability and regenerative abilities. They are imposing and more than able to rib apart armored vehicles.

Nemesis - the Special Tyrants have a parasite implanted into the head that allows them to retain some level of intelligence as well as the ability to be given orders such as pursue someone whom they have a genetic sample of in the parasite to kill. Nemesis are relentless they can be knocked down, shot, blown up, but they recover very quickly. Even if they suffer incredible levels of psychical damage they never give up.

Hunters - These bipedal frog like amphibians are like commandos, containing the intelligence of a great cat like a Jaguar then often hunt in pairs lashing out with claws, or deadly jaws. Fast, deadly agile and reflexive. Some are conditioned to attack individuals that are targeted by special small trackers and lights. Like frogs they are very good jumpers.

Lickers - Bred from Chameleons (and in some cases humans) these quadrupeds, Are dangerous jumpers with lance like tongues the lances that can penetrate body armor easily. They are also able to climb as well as any spider.

OTHER B.O.W.S. - The Above B.O.W.S are just the typical BOWs that Wesker can deploy and use they are easier to control by him. He has others, but are almost as dangerous to him as they are to anyone else.

Giant Snakes, Crocodiles, Plants, insects, Dogs, Monkeys, apes. Wesker can deploy a wide range of Bio Organic weapons.

Thankfully these monstrosities can not spread the T-Virus, orcan it be cultivated from them. Wesker makes sure that they are also Sterile, so once they die they won't spread like a plague.

Wesker Thankfully seldom uses them. And only uses them when his Special forces won't be right for the job.

Wesker's body armor and coat are designed with maximum mobility and flexibility in mind. The coat has some light armor kinetic absorbing padding, to help absorb body blows and gun shots that he can't dodge. He wears a tight fitting armored body suit that does not impair his flexibility in any way, the light armor plate help add additional protection to his already impressive abilities. As a result he is all but immune to small arms fires of anything less that a 357 magnum.

He also carries other equipment, portable computer, sample kit for retrieving bio samples from mutants or meta humans he subdues. Restraints, and other items such as grenades of various types. He also has a Tungsten carbide knife that is 14 inches ling with an edge that has been laser sharpened.

Wesker wears a special pair of Sungasses and contact lenses. These give him enhanced night vision. The reason is that while his vision has been enhanced, with out the Sunglasses or contacts Wesker's eyes are no better than a human's eyes in low light vision. With both they give him an enhanced sense of night vision. If he is deprived of both the contact lenses, and sunglasses Wesker's vision is absolutely horrible. The darker the light the less he can see, but brither the light the better he can see.

Wesker has a love for Jewels and gems. And as a result he has a large collection of gem stones and jewelry. Diamons, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topazes. And all sorts of cuts, from Squares, Pears, Trillians, Marquise, Brilliant he has hundreds. The prize of his collection are a series of heart shaped stones the size of a man's fist. The Power stone (Topaz), Soul Gem (Emerald) Lion's heart (Ruby), Blue enigma (Sapphire) And the Heart of Africa (Diamond). These five gems along are worth several million dollars, all together tens of millions. Wesker is always on the look out to add more gems to his collection.

The More dangerous G-Virus, an Upgraded version of the T-Virus. The G-Virus when Directly injected a single sample of it produces uncontrollable mutations, forcing a victim to evolve in response to being injured. The more injured they are the more they evolve.

Unlike the T-virus only one exposure is enough to transform a person into a mindless rampaging monster. And the worse part is it is contagious. A G-virus victims have the ability to implant an embryo into the body of another host creature in an attempt to reproduce themselves. BUT unless the person is a close relation (mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son) the embryo will most likely die 75 percent of the time. But the remaining 25 percent it will survive and eat it's way out of the host becoming a horrible mutated abomination that while deadly has no where the level of the parent's abilities.

The Virus can effect Mutants and Meta humans. But they follow the same sort of rules for reproduction. Because of this, WESKER keeps the G-virus under tight personal control. And uses it only rarely.

(The G-Virus requires Staff approval for use)

In all Wesker has incredible resources at his command. and if he pulled on everything at once he could run a moderately sized country for a hundred years. Weapons, Gold, Silver, Platinum. Wesker if all the totals were tallied up, if he sold and liquidated everything could be hundreds of billions of dollars.

Something else that Wesker has that should scare the absolute hell out of people all over the world is he has access to one of the largest samples of HUMAN DNA on the Planet. Mutant, Metahuman, even some Alien DNA samples. In all with the region, nation culture all heritage having been mapped. Wesker can with a 90 percent accuracy predict the general diversity of how many mutants will be born to the population, as well as how many will develop or could develop into Meta Humans. And Wesker is always looking to continue expanding his collection of samples.

When one is dealing in making living weapons that can turn on you. One needs to have ways to handle thim. As a result Wesker also has access to some advanced weapons such as the plasma based Linar Launcher, the Charged Partical cannon, Anti B.O.W. Gas Grenades, and a host of others. Wesker is of course reluctant to field these as if they fall into the hands of his enemies they can be used against him and his BOWS. (See flaws)

Wesker's personal side arm is this ten inch ceramic .50 A.E. Desert Eagle. Designed by Wesker to his exact desires. He can firing it very fast with no recoil thanks to his speed and strength. Designed with a Speed loader that allows him to reload it with out pausing his firing rate holding 10 rounds in a special clip. He carries 100 rounds total in ten clips.

Wesker has all over the world where he conducts his personal research project. And experiments including making his B.O.W.s. Each laboratory is compartmentalized, with no knowledge of any other facility. And should one or two be taken down he is not out of any others.

When dealing with Mutants, Meta humans, and aliens who all have Super Powers. Wesker may be strong, fast, and durable. But even he can be outclassed. As a result he carries speed injectors that contain a very special culture of T-Virus that when injected into a victim by throwing or direct injection causes a rapid mutation. The mutation is temporary lasting only a few hours as Wesker intended.

As a result when subjected to the agent it will transform the victim into a muscle bound, rampaging monster who's only desire is to kill and destroy. Wesker has no control over it. After three hours the subject will depower, transforming back into normal with the added benefit they can never be effected by this again. This gives Wesker the ability to escape from those super heroes he can't physically match.

(The injector has no effect on mutants, metahumans or aliens. Player consent required for use on PCs)

The Hive is a secret facility inside of Raccoon City. It is self contained and was not compromised when the City was infected. The under ground tunnel allows Wesker access in and out of the City through any number of the under ground tunnel network. For now this is Weskers primary base of operation. It also gives him access to the city above.

The group that Wesker has personally assembled for himself is a small group maybe barely a hundred strong, but have some of the best and brightest minds of Umbrella under him. Geneticists, engineers, and computer experts help him to strive and perfect his goals. Not one has a picture of his master plan. And they are only told what to do or build, research. The purpose for which only Wesker knows.

Knowing that Umbrella's days were numbered After Raccoon City Wesker took to funding a small company called TRICELL under Excella Gionne, and helping them recruit some select people and of course, finance them into the world wide corporation. to rival Umbrella. Wesker ensures that while he can get funds and supplies from TRICELL everything they do is 100% legitimately legal.

The dreaded Tyrant Virus, a mutagen virus that when subjected to a living subject can mutant the subject into a number of ways. Originally intended to produce Super Soldiers similar to Captain America, it failed utterly, resulting in various Mutations in living creatures. The most common is the dreaded Zombie or the more powerful Tyrants. But the T-virus for all the horrors is not as powerful or as deadly as one thinks. The Virus is a mutagentic agent but one that needs constant exposure for.

The Virus has a life span of about three and a half hours before it dies. There are ways to prolong it like cryogenic preservation. Or transferring from one living creature to another such as the Rats in Raccoon Cities Sewers.

With trace amounts being constant exposure such as through the air, or water, in constant amounts can transform people and animals into Zombies creature that attack anything not infected in order to feed. Once the Zombie is created, the virus simply stops working and dies in 99 percent of the victims. This means bites and clawing are not infectious. In 1 percent where the virus remains dormant if the zombie /dies/ it enters a dormant state to mutate into a crimson head. Even then the chance of infection is nil. Rarely there trace amounts of the Virus that remain in a few creatures, but being infected is Nigh impossible before the body's immune system destroys it, and thankfully it is impossible to Cultivate a viable Strain from these Dormant Traces which are nigh impossible to locate.

With constant high level exposure such as in a lab can produce more pronounced results. This leads to the creation of Tyrants, Hunters, Lickers, but the processes can be interrupted if the Virus is cut of, this can still lead to some unexpected mutations such as gaining super human abilities.

The Most dangerous this is that the Virus can not be immunized. It can be cured with special vaccines, but the body does not build up nor retain an immunity to the virus if administered a vaccine because it mutates living cells.

The Virus has almost no effect on Mutants, Meta humans, 99.9 percent of all these are inherently immune. And there is no chance that aliens could be infected. The T-virus can also effect plants making them mobile and able to spit poison, or enlarge insects and arachnids to sizes that are incredible dangerous such as a spider the sides of a Volkswagen Beetle or bigger.

((T-Virus Use requires Staff consent.))

Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, These specialists are trained commandos that Wesker uses when he needs people, not monsters on the ground. The Forces that Wesker uses are not like the ones deployed when they were testing the combat effectiveness of the Nemesis, or the monsters in the City.

The ones that Wesker uses are personally trained by him and some times enhanced with various biological and cbernetic enhancements. Armed with state of the art equipment and weapons. These forces rival some government speciallists teams. Highly trained, highly disiplined. These Black ops are utterly loyal to Wesker.

And the most terrifying thing is that if these forces are on the ground. It's a sure thing, So is Wesker.

Wesker uses these when he needs people, not killing machines.

Umbrella is a corporation that is slowly dying. At one time it was a major international power house that supported companies and countries. It at times pulled in billions of dollars a years. Now they are slowly dying loosing stock, loosing employees. Umbrella is slowly being dismantled through various sources. As after the time of Raccoon City, proved to be a fatal wound. Still Umbrella provides Wesker with considerable funds and materials channeling them away from Umbrella to support his Various endeavors.

Umbrella is a massive international corporation Rivaling some of the biggest companies such as Wayne Pharmaceuticals, but the Company they have the most trouble with is the Tychon Pharmaceuticals. Even though Wesker is allowing Umbrella to die. It is still able to produce a large revenue for Wesker to control.

Although it is being bought out by various companies, Wesker is working to make sure that TRICELL gets the best parts of Umbrella.


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When you make Bio Organic Weapons you need to have a number of ways of dealing with them. From Special chemicals that incapasitate or weakenthem. The same weapons that can prove devistatingly effective against his Tyrant's, Nemesis, Hunters, Lickers, and other monstrostities can prove as effective against Wesker as anything else.

Wesker's eyes were altered with the virus he took they are now red/gold and slitted like a reptile or cat's eyes which automatically identify him as something more than normal humans.

As a result his night vision utterly sucks. With out special equipment Wesker (which he has) would be effectively blind in dim areas where humans might have impaired vision. However those who think that he wears sunglasses because he is sensitive to bright lights are infor a rude shock. His eyes actually work better in bright light. Brighter the light the better.

Also when Wesker is in the grip of strong emotions, even when he appears composed his eyes will glow bright red showing through his sunglasses.

Albert Wesker was offered a place in Hydra as one of their agents. Wesker turned them down. And he turned them down in his special way, he unleashed several BOWS on them, attacking and killing their agents, forces, and personnel. Destroying their base, and stealing their files. As a result Wesker has a price on his head by Hydra

Wesker is very opposed to the idea of killing someone. When someone dies they are no longer a usable asset. As a result Wesker is very loathe to kill someone. And will not do so unless it serves a very important purpose. This of course allows for people to develop grudges and vendetta against him.

In order for Wesker to enact his plans he needs world stability. as a result events that threaten Global stability, with setting an area inflamed with conflict that threatens to spill out. Wesker is more than willing to get involved providing BOWs to help settle conflict before it can erupt into full scale war. This can lead to him helping Heroes, or helping Villains what ever suits his agenda best.

The Serum that gave Wesker his powers had an unexpected effect in that it was not a one time boost, It kept boostng him, Raising his abilties to levels he could not control. As a result Wesker has to take a specially formulated serum, PG67AW. This Serum acts as a control and limiter. It reduces the effective levels of his powers to managible levels. Otherwise he would develop strength and speed to a point he could not process or control. As a result the Formula every year has it's potancy reduced by 5 percent. And this allows him to gain small increaces in strength and his abilties.

Without the Serum Wesker will eventually turn into a raging monster, one that can not be reasoned with, something that scares even him. He needs an injection once every 36 hours to remain effective before he starts showing his temper and the increase.

Too much of the serum will work to supress his physical powers, Speed, strength reflexes, acting like a poison. How ever it will not effect his mental processing powers or resistance to telepathy as that is due to a restructure of the brain it's self.

Wesker considers the Fiasco with Raccoon City an absolute disaster one that should have never happened and would not have happened if the recovery of the G-virus recovery had been by him. Wesker is determined to make sure that this never happens again. As a result he never allows anyone else access to the T-virus or G-virus. He will go to extreme methods and ends to retrieve and neutrilize such a sample if he ever finds someone attempting to obtain, research to reprduce it.

Wesker has a warrant for his arrest. He is wanted for any number of crimes not limited to but including Terrorism, Bio-terrorism, Murder, blackmail, extortion and so on.


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Title Date Scene Summary
CIA or Corporate Image Assassination December 30th, 2017 Summary needed
A Chance Encounter December 29th, 2017 Summary needed
A Meeting of (Evil) Minds December 16th, 2017 Arnim Zola and Albert Wesker meet, patch up old wounds between their respective organizations and strike a very tenuous alliance.
Trouble Brewing in DC Error: Invalid time. Error: Invalid, Error: Invalid time. A bunch of people get together., Summary needed
A Sane Researcher November 25th, 2017 Summary needed
Meeting of great and Evil( October 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Reclaiming Raccoon City October 30th, 2017 Summary needed
Halloween Fair in Central Park October 29th, 2017 The Avengers host a Halloween Fair in Central Park.
Research Raiding October 27th, 2017 Summary needed
Creative Acquisitions October 23rd, 2017 Summary needed
Gems in the Night October 21st, 2017 Summary needed
New Gig May 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Redfield and Wesker May 17th, 2017 Summary needed
Deathstroke and Rose May 16th, 2017 Summary needed
Meteor Investigation in the Antarctic May 15th, 2017 Summary needed
The Darkness In Men's Hearts May 14th, 2017 Ra's al-Ghul, the Demon, makes a call to the lair of wanted bio-terrorist, Albert Wesker, for a clandestine proposition.
Strange Recruiting May 12th, 2017 Summary needed
Research at Gunpoint May 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Not Trustworthy May 11th, 2017 Summary needed


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Title Date Scene Summary
Trouble Brewing in DC Error: Invalid time. Error: Invalid, Error: Invalid time. A bunch of people get together., Summary needed
Wesker's Contemplation (Albert Wesker) October 24th, 2017 Summary needed


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