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|Residence=Manhattan, New York
|Residence=Manhattan, New York
|Education=Masters in Physics from MIT
|Education=Masters in Physics from MIT
|Groups=[[Avengers]], [[Defenders]], [[Dark Universe-OOC]]
|Groups=[[Defenders]], [[Dark Universe-OOC]]
|Quote="Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."
|Quote="Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."
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[[Category:Avengers]][[Category:Dark Universe-OOC]][[Category:Defenders]]
[[Category:Dark Universe-OOC]][[Category:Defenders]]

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Dane Whitman (Scenesys ID: 1195)
"Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."
Full Name: Dane Whitman
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Scientist / Adventurer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Manhattan, New York
Education: Masters in Physics from MIT
Status: Dropped
Groups: Defenders, Dark Universe-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 31 October 2001 Actor: Joe Dempsie
Height: 183 cm Weight: 86 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "I Won't Back Down" - Tom Petty
"Heart of Gold" - Neil Young
"Avengers Theme" - Alan Silvestri


The last scion of a line more full of villains than heroes, Dane Whitman chooses to be the latter. A brilliant scientist thrust into a world of adventure and danger, Dane relishes a challenge and almost seems to have a death wish. With his keen mind and formidable skills, Dane is a modern day knight fighting the good fight against both villainy and his own blood cursed magical blade. Briefly an Avenger after inheriting his moniker from his villainous uncle, Dane fell victim to the familial blades blood curse. He form turned to stone, and his mind cast back into another time, Dane Whitman fought in a war he did not believe in for a God he did not believe in and came back with a tarnished faith and a strength of arms rarely seen in a generation. Dane left for almost a year, to return to himself and clear his mind of the horrors of a medieval holy war. He returns to his castle in America with new weapons, new abilities, and a renewed sense of self. Dane is wrestling with his demons, as usual, but he has a few plans. Dane's PhD is calling him; his dissertation needs writing. Dane is considering a return to the avengers, and maybe a job while he is at it, with either Stark or Waynetech. The masochist part of him even considers teaching High School, though he worries he might not have the temperament for that. Dane has also heard rumors of vampires in New York and new mystical threats rising. Astride a magical steed, wielding a blade of either science or sorcery, Dane Whitman is the Black Knight.



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Trim and fit, Dane is every bit the man of action. Looking to be in his early to mid twenties, Dane is tall and strong. Dane stands almost exactly six feet tall, with an athletic build that is shows some width at the shoulders and some definitely pronounced strength through his arms. His face is oval in shape, crowned with brown hair with dark brown highlights. Dane's dark eye brows contrast well with his slightly pale skin., as well as his dark brown eyes. Ringed with long black lashes, Dane's eyes are a very dark shade and they give a hint to the keen intellect he possesses. He has the features of a fairy tale prince, and likely could steal many the ladies' heart, particularly when he gives a charming little smile. Dane's voice is baritone that carries well over noise. When he speaks, Dane's voice has a very clear, almost without discernible accent quality.

With hard lines and a lean physique, Dane is obviously an athletic fellow. He has got the build of a burgeoning swimmer, or an acrobat; all lean muscle and nothing spare to him. His arms show hard, toned muscles that indicate a fair degree of strength and power. Dane has a trim, taut torso with fit chest as well as a flat stomach and narrow hips. His legs are lean and powerful, and he has an easy, calm stride.

Dressed down, Dane is wearing the standard attire of the young man. His t-shirt is green, with a black lettering that declares him to be a proud member of the "Hyrule Fencing Team". The shirt shows off the masculine 'V' of Dane's torso pretty well. A black leather belt encircles Dane's trim waist, and keeps his faded cargo pants up. The pants are fitted quite well, giving a hint of musculature without being too tight. His feet are shod in a pair of black hiking boots.


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Some people come from big, extended families. Not so much Dane Whitman. He was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts to well-educated parents. His father was an engineer, and his mother a librarian. An only child, Dane was pressured to excel always. He was athletic in high school, playing baseball and football. Also academically inclined and quite gifted, dane only stayed in high school as long as he did in order to knock some collegiate credits out of the way and get ahead of the game. Dane had a relatively normal upper middle class upbringing, though his parents both died when Dane was in his first year at University.

Dane entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a Sophomore, at the age of 17. He was all business, particularly after his parents untimely death. After four years of school, Dane was still at MIT, though now he was 21 and had earned a masters degree in Engineering and was pursuing his Doctorate in the same. At that point, Danes maternal uncle, Nathan Garrett died. Dane was his only heir, while going through his things, including a family castle transplanted into New York.

A cursory investigation revealed that Nathan Garrett had been a supervillain operating under the name of Black Knight. A DVD urged Dane to make amends for nathans life of crime. Dane, a bit impulsively and certainly without fully understanding what he was doing, began to do so. He was mistaken for his uncle and had a rough time of it. His uncle had developed genetic means of creating winged horses. Dane began to sequence a stead.

Dane Whitman is the last of a familial line tasked with being the Black Knight, a defender of the weak and champion of justice from no less a personage than Merlin himself. The line has changed names a couple of times, and has not been particularly fruitful over the years. Dane Whitman is the last of his line. He inherited the position of the Black Knight after passing a test and being granted the Ebony Blade by the ghost of his distant ancestor, the first Black knight, Percy of Scandia. He received the Ebony Blade from Sir Percival and the custody of the Brazier of Truth.

After sorting things, Dane joined the Avengers, and between Percy and Captain America, Dane turned into a dynamo of an Avenger, for all of about four months before the blood curse on his sword was activated and Dane began to turn to stone. Before succumbing to the curse, Dane gave his sword and his horse Aragorn. His body was turned to stone. The Avengers had his body returned to flesh a month or two after by Doctor Strange, who cleansed the ebony Sword of much of its curse, but Dane had been gone for 12 years fighting the Crusades in the body of his ancestor Eobar Garrett. He returned a changed man.

Taking a leave of absence from the group, Dane Whitman left to clear his head. He recovered his sword from Valkyrie, and built a photonic sword. Dane was more brooding. He had been stuck in a less civilized age, fighting a horrible religious war that he had no choice. He had met his ancestors. He had fathered and helped raise one of his own ancestors- which is something he definitely does not ever discuss! Dane needed a break, and he needed to be Dane and not Eobar.

He left for a few months, and ended up in England. He got involved in some trouble there and ended up being named this time periods Pendragon. In addition to getting yet another sword and a new horse, Dane regained his purpose.

Dane even pulled Excalibur forth from a stone, only to pass it along to another worthy wielder, Dr. Faiza Hussein. Faiza is a healer, and she saved his life. In other ways, she saved his soul. Refreshed, recharged, and committed to fighting the good fight, a still brooding and less innocent Dane Whitman ponders his fate, the fate of his line, and the fate of the world. Dane returns to his castle just outside New York to once again do battle with the forces of evil.


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Like most people, Dane Whitman is complicated. No one word really describes him, nor will he always react entirely in his own self-interest.

Dane is a genius. The term is overused, but he has mastered Physics, engineering, and genetic engineering. He even has a working knowledge of magic and magical theory. Dane has a tremendous thirst for knowledge and a naturally scientific bent. He is fluent in three languages, has crafted his own working lightsaber, developed electrically insulated bulletproof chain mail, and genetically engineered flying horses. He is absolutely, amazingly brilliant. His talents are naturally bent towards observational science, mathematics, and applied physics, though his proficiency with the biological sciences cannot be understated.

More rare amongst brilliant people, is the lack of ego Dane has with his accomplishments. He defers to scientists more accomplished than himself without rancor or issue. Dane will work as an assistant to Iron Man or Reed Richards is needs be. It is an unusual combination.

Dane is reckless in battle when it comes to his own safety. He is always at the forefront, and always in the vanguard. Always, Dane takes the most dangerous assignments. In his stint in the Avengers, he was the guy with the deathwish. Dane will battle any foe, and he will not stop so long as their breath still in his lungs.

Dane is a scientist, which means he will conduct experiments, even in combat. Much of his prowess comes from learning on the go, taking chances, and applying his resources to problems and using their special properties to his advantage.

Dane can twirls his weapon to deflect a stream of fire or gust of wind because he saw another of his companions do so with a similarly indestructible item. Dane learns and improvises on the go, making him a cunning, unpredictable foe.

Dane Whitman is both honorable and chivalrous. This is beyond opening and holding a door for a lady. It is an obligation and a promise to the world that Dane will comport himself in manner that sees to it that good people are given justice. He will extend dignity to those who are poor. If he gives his word, he shall keep it.

Dane is not Lawful Stupid. He simply hues to an internally consistent code of conduct that is an adaptation of the romanticized knights code.

Dane is in love with being in love. He is a complete moron and an idiot when it comes to women. While he is a flirt, he is not a womanizer. Dane could fall into a room of models, charming them all, and he would fall for the one married one, he might date one of the others, but he can hold a torch like no ones business. He can be charming and warm, but Dane is a well-intentioned idiot. While he will not conduct an affair or philander, Dane can hold a torch.

While he is getting better, Dane Whitman is really bad at mate selection. He treats his ladies well, always with manners and respect, but he simply is too free with his heart.

Dane would give a friend the shirt off his back. Valkyrie held his horse and sword in trust for him. While he took the cursed sword, the genetically perfect flying horse he left in her capable custody, as he could not bear to part them. The horse was an invaluable and expensive asset, but Dane is generous to a fault.

Tolkien Geek
Dane has read a great deal of Tolkien over the years. Much of it was originally gifted to him by his uncle, and in retrospect it makes sense; he was hoping to inspire dane to better things. Danes powerful mind devoured the high fantasy, and it influences him to this day. All three of his flying horses have been named for a person or location in one of Tolkien's books. He knows a great deal about the books and the mythos. From the Lay of Luthien to the song of Turin Turumbar, Dane can expound in great detail.


Dane is not stubborn. As a scientist, he has to have an open mind. He can be swayed with facts, logic, and reason. That being said, while he will examine his path, he will see it through unless it is proven he is wrong or mistaken, and that proof must meet the same rigour and skepticism that Dane had when he determined what his path would be.

Dane does have a darkside. He has a tendency to brood and stew over evil. He lets his tremendous intellect rest on evil deeds, to see how to right them, or prevent them from happening again. It is a tremendous asset to his allies, but it takes its toll on Dane. He can be dour, and is often deadpan and a bit snarky. He likes to train and think, and it can result in him losing an extra hour to training to as he attempts to work through.

Dane can also work up a good brood over his 12 years in the Crusades. It was a holy war that the civilized Dane finds offensive and stupid. He fought in it largely because he had to survive. There are nights he remembers eyes, names, faces, and places. They can sometimes trouble him. Dane knows he can kill, and has killed.

Indeed, it is entirely likely that Dane will kill again. They will certainly deserve it, but it might not be right. In the end, it is simple. One does not swing a sword at something one does not want to destroy. Some tyrants deserve death, and some crimes demand blood.

He is smart enough not to do it with the Ebony blade, but if he must suffer the blood curse in order to truly end a dire threat to humanity, Dane has the will to see that through.


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Dane has magical potential via his association with Avalon, though it remains untapped and uncertain. He does not cast any spells.

While another wields Excalibur and is the champion, Dane still is a champion and is still Pendragon, even if another wields Excalibur. The night is dark, and fraught with peril. There is room enough for two. Danes weaponry is far inferior to Excalibur, but he deems himself inferior to Excalibur's wielder.

Dane can be recalled to England by the Lady of the Lake. should Avalon need his attention. He is empowered to defend Avalon, and serve as one of Great Britain's champions.

Though it was handy in a scrap, Dane is quite glad to be rid of Excalibur. It and the forces that guide might consider him worthy of its power, but it really makes Dane uneasy. It is simply too powerful for him, and it would sorely tempt Dane to maybe end a foe who deserved it.

Dane is quite happy it is in the hands of a healer, and a person whom he holds in high esteem. The only time he will ever hold the sword again, willingly, is if its wielder entrusts it to him for a short while, or the wielder goes mad with power. Dane does not foresee that happening.


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Dane had a crash course in Middle Ages manners due to an immersion course. This has left him with archaic, if impeccable manners when he choses to use them. He can chitchat, use the proper silverware, and make small talk and generally blend in during a social occasion without any issue. Between college dance classes and the demands of the Crusading Court, Dane can dance and dance rather well. He can read a poem, but his writing stinks, and any instrument other than an air guitar is lost on him.

Dane could compete as an Olympic Equestrian and do quite well. His expertise is in mounted combat, so Dane is quite good. He need not use spurs or his hands, his knees being sufficient to guide a steed. He can joust quite well, and is adroit in many of the less pleasant ways of killing folks, like riding them down, riding over them, and the ever-popular trample. Dane can fight from horseback as well as he can on his own feet, which is saying quite a bit.

Dane can accomplish all of this from a flying horse, not harming the horse or its wings while doing so.

Dane can also administer to the daily and minor medical needs of most domesticated animals due to his time spent in the stables, learning the basics. He is no veterinarian, but he is quite capable at animal husbandry.

Dane Whitman is multilingual. In addition to his native English, Dane had to learn additional languages to make it through his time in the Crusades in Eobar Garringtons body. He speaks French, Arabic, as well as a bit of Greek and Latin. His accent is slightly odd in the languages, as if he speaks very politely, and more than a little bit old fashioned.

Dane is a natural leader, and it was a skill he honed to great effect in the crusades. He can run a civil or civilian unit with great efficiency. He is a fair, just, and efficient administrator who can motivate his followers by word, dead, and example. Dane also can lead troops and companions into battle. He can command thousands of troops to victory, or just a select few on special assignments. Dane has a great grasp of tactics, strategy, and efficient, clear communication.

Study of magic is, to Dane, an intellectual pursuit. He has read tremendously. He has experienced more than a lifetimes worth of oddities despite his age. While he would not call himself an expert on matters fae, magical, and monstrous, he is perhaps one of the most experienced active heroes what is not a magic user. John Constantine has forgotten more than Dane knows, for example, but Dane is able to identify magical beings, and usually discern their general origin and purpose.

This is knowledge, not necessarily the capability to summon, cajole, or bargain with them.

Dane Whitman is possibly the greatest mortal swordsman of this era. He can hold his own and even best the likes of Captain America, Wolverine, or other more powerful foes. Danes bladework is all but flawless, and his combat style is impetuous, improvisational, and inspired all while being grounded in nigh perfect fundamentals and an understanding of bladework and the particular strengths and weaknesses of his individual weapons. He has excellent footwork, balance, and control over his positioning, and he can score lethal hits by engaging in his mobile, high intensity, quick, fast, hard fighting style. With a sword in his hand, Dane Whitman is a combatant that should be feared and respected.

Unarmed, he is less formidable. He is still quite good, but Danes focus has been on the sword. His kicks and strikes tend to be used to compliment his sword work, and while they are good, they are practiced and trained primarily in concert with sword work.

Spears, bows, lances, and knives have also been studied, but it is the sword that Dane Whitman is a genius with. If he has a weakness in his fighting style, it is that Dane is only a mortal man. He has 12 more years of warfare than his age would indicate is possible, so there are few who can match his skill. He is only as strong, as endurant, and as dexterous as a human being can be with intensive, rigorous exercise and daily training. Foes with superior constitution can let fatigue slow him and take advantage of that. Barring that, rather than tire, Dane might be forced into one of his more risky, or more guarded moves. They might best him as the risk outweighs the benefit, or they might briefly be the only witness to a master of his craft unveiling a hidden technique before themselves expiring.

Dane possesses the strength of a normal human male who engages in intensive regular exercise.

All Avengers are taught to fly supersonic, space capable hyper-advanced air/spacecraft. Dane is not the best pilot, but he is very skilled. He doesn't like to show off either, so Dane was not one of the Avengers that the others worried about handling piloting duties.

Only in this world, would Dane Whitman be the most celebrated scientist of his generation. It is a testament to the luminaries of modern science that Danes name is not a household name. Dane whitman has designed, built, and perfected the Photonic Sword which is just another name for a lightsaber. He was even able to go a step further and devise a stun setting on the sword. He can genetically engineer flying horses; though in this he only perfected the science of his deceased uncle.

Dane Whitman, despite his accomplishments, is only a second rate super scientist. He has tremendous talent, knowledge, and skill. He has mastered genetic engineering and cloning. He is a potent engineer and excellent high energy physicist. He has a masterful knowledge of metallurgy and materials science and engineering as well. He has a working knowledge of biology and agronomy.

Dane Whitman learned to forage and survive during his times in the crusade. He is capable of scrounging and purifying water, food, and other essentials at a relatively low technological level. He is capable of keeping himself and a handful of other people, maybe 7-8, alive for a few months. Longer, if he had help, for less time if there was particularly great adversity.


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Dane possesses a necklace that can summon his Avalon granted armor, sword, and shield. He merely needs to speak the word, "Avalon" and intend for it to appear. The amulet also serves as manner to summon Strider, the white winged stallion.

Dane possesses two sets of armour. His first is his custom made titanium and steel chainmail. This suit is impregnated with carbon fibers to improve its durability. Dane has managed to insulate the armour against most mundane electrical discharges like those found at a power plant, though powerful lightning or the like can overcome this insulation. The armour leaves Dane vulnerable to most powers and abilities with power greater than a grenade or a land mine. Even then, such devices while cause Dane injury, just not dismemberment and certain death.

His magical armour is crafted by the elves and strengthened by enchantments and blessings of elves and the lady of the lake. While wearing this magical armour, Dane is considerably more durable. The armour turns most mundane physical, energy, and supernatural attacks. He has considerable resistance to magical attacks while wearing the armour. Dane could trust the armour to defend him, for a time, against consummate, powerful warriors such as Diana of Themyscira, though her might would wear at the armour and eventually breach it.

Dane has got the requisite Identicard, though it shows him as inactive. It functions as an emergency method of contacting the team. Dane would lose the privilege if he abused it.

Dane has many personal and professional contacts worth mentioning.

Mystical Contacts
Dane knows there are magical societies, though he does not have contacts that he knows belong to any. Dane has met Doctor Strange and Victoria Bentley. Bentley is a personal friend, and Strange is someone that Dane knows not to pester.

Lady of the Lake
As the Champion of Avalon, Dane could, in theory, contact the Lady of the Lake. It is more a contact that works the other way. He is an asset though, so in dire straits she may move to protect her asset.

As an Avenger, Dane can, in theory, contact other Avengers. He can also be contacted by them. Avengers can have a variety of needs and skill sets.

Merlin the Magician forged a sword and a dagger out of a mysterious mystical stone that fell to earth from the sky. This ore was called the Starstone. The Sword became known as the Ebony Blade, while the starstone dagger was lost to history.

* The Ebony Blade deflects most magical attacks. When angled in a certain way, it can instead absorb energy directed at it. It seems mostly immune to magical effects and confers this protection to Dane, making him immune to magic.
* The Ebony Blade can cut through any substance (except other enchanted weapons or extremely strong metals like Adamantium, Uru, or Nth Metal), even piercing Iron Man's Extremis armor with one slash. How much of a certain substance it can cut through depends on the strength of the wielder. The sword is also indestructible.
* The blade and its wielder are linked. The wielder can be transported to the blade's location through mystic ceremony. This is easier with the ceremony, but intense concentration can also suffice in a pinch.
* Merlin has enchanted the blade so that its wielder can be injured, but not killed. The one exception is when the wielder is attacked by a weapon forged from the same starstone as the blade (such as the dagger Merlin himself crafted).
* The link between blade and wielder means that murderous acts committed by the wielder can taint the blade. If used to spill too much blood in evil acts, it will begin to crave blood, and induce the wielder to kill even more. Over time, this Blood Curse will turn the wielder to stone. There are other ways this might manifest for particularly heinous murderers.

The ancestral home of the Garretts has been moved from England to just North of New York City. Modernized throughout the years, Nathan Garrett moved it brick by brick back, and set it up so it has modern conveniences inside a Medieval castle. It suites Dane just fine, and he lives in the castle and uses the undercroft as his training area and laboratory. He has a library, a large dining area. It is a lot of house for a bachelor to rattle around in, but he needs the stables for Valinor. He pays for a service to help him clean. The castle provides him an unsubtle, but relatively secure home and headquarters for the aspiring scientist and adventurer.

Brazier of Truth
As an item of potent, if slightly ambiguous, magical powers, the Brazier of Truth is an important part of the Castle Garrett complex. It can be lit to summon Sir Percy. It also has a link to the Ebony blade, and could potentially be used to cleanse the taint, and maybe the blood curse from it entirely. Otherwise, it is just a mysterious magical brazier that summons a ghost. Sir Percival is a bit out of date, and certainly behind the times, but on rare occasion he has mystical knowledge applicable to Danes latest misadventure. Percival also serves as a moral compass of sorts for the last of his descendants. It is a little weird though, having an ancient ghost asking you about your love life and if you have any children.

Scientific resources The undercroft of the castle contains computers and DNA resequencers, vats and tanks sufficient to clone a winged horse. It also has tools and workspace for Danes applied power work, for the construction of Nathan Garrett's technological villainous gear, and Danes Photonic sword. Its modest by the standards of Stark, Wayne, Richards, and others, but it is more of a lab than Dane thought he could afford.

The Library Danes Library is pretty well stocked on books on Physics, history, animal husbandry, heraldry, magic, the supernatural, and magical beings. There is also a pretty hefty section full of his favorite guilty pleasures; Tolkein and King novels.

Dane's parents both passed away, and he lives in the other part of his inheritance, Castle Garrett. A good chunk of his parents inheritance went towards Danes graduate education.

Nathan Garrett left Dane a goodly bit of money too, along with Castle Garrett and the immense resources, both technological and mystical. Dane has given most of the money away, knowing it was ill-gotten. He has kept enough that when combined with his parents nest egg is invested quite frugally.

Dane has some savings. But if he were to be absent for several years, he might lose the castle as probate can be a nightmare. Danes financial resources are tied up in other resources and are not terribly liquid.

Dane has a few applied power patents being licensed by various companies. The licensing fees generated by these patents forms the basis of Danes liquid assets. Dane has a steady, if middling income from these patents. He is not getting rich, but he is certainly not suffering.

Dane Whitman is a nerd through and through. He constructed his very own lightsaber. The blade is potent enough to parry and deflect Captain Americas shield, though it does not cut, mick, or mar the shield. The photonic blade can be used pretty much exactly like a lightsaber, demolishing and slicing through almost anything it meets. Dane has installed a couple of additional settings on it.

The first setting is exactly like the first, save that it modulates and will not physically harm flesh. This setting will instead cause a neural loop, knocking the subject out. Yes, Dane Whitman can knock a person out by stabbing them in the foot. Against more powerful mind, and more powerful bodies, the part of the body struck will lose strength, grow numb, and even paralyze. Repeated strikes might be needed.

The final setting is the pommel strike setting. If Dane needs about 10 tons worth of punching force, he can adjust the blade emitter and the energy field will surround his fist, giving him a punching power in the ten ton range.

Dane's predecessor, the Villain Black Knight designed and built a power lance as Nathan Garrett failed the test of the brazier of truth and was unworthy of the Ebony Blade. Dane inherited and briefly used the lance in his initial appearance as the Black Knight. The lance is not something Dane uses any more, but it remains available for him, and he has the schematics for it. It is a fairly useful tool. Its primary drawback is it was used against the Avengers, and they are a rather powerful lot.

Bolas The Lance could fire up to three steel bolas at bullet speeds.

Tear Gas Launcher Create either a 40 by 40 by 40 area cloud of tear gas, or a stream approximately 5 wide, 5 tall and 100 long. It also launches smoke to the same dimensions,.

Concussive Force Blast Out to 100 feet, the lance can generate a force blast equivalent to a 20 ton punch.

Dane regards the technology as a bit antiquated and quaint, if he were to give an honest assessment. That does not diminish its effectiveness. Dane simply does not use it anymore. He still has it and has the technology available to make another.

The Shield of Night can be summoned directly onto Danes arm, and is a defensive tool of great worth. The Shield can absorb any energy, store it for a short period of time (no more than a couple of minutes) and then redirect that energy through the Sword of Light.

There are complications, while storing that energy, the shield cannot absorb a different kind of energy. It also will forcibly expel stored energy out the sword of light after the time limit is exceeded. Finally, the amount of energy the shield can absorb is massive, but not infinite. The upper end is very high, but unknown.

Strider is the name of the magical winged stallion given to Dane Whitman by the Lady of the Lake as her new chosen representative on Earth. Strider is capable of supersonic flight of approximately 1000 miles an hour. The magical horse can survive many hostile environments and move freely within them. He has survived at oceanic depths, and at the edge of the Earths atmosphere. Strider also confers this ability to survive upon any passengers, meaning Dane Whitman can fly a horse into space. He is a well trained, and intelligent stead. In addition to surviving environmental effects, the horse can withstand small arms fire without injury. Dane can summon and dismiss the horse at an instant in order to defend the steed from harm.

Strider is a white stallion with white feathered wings.

The Sword of Light is utterly indestructible and supernaturally sharp. It can parry and withstand attacks by diverse metals such as Nth metal, Uru, Adamantium and other indestructible metals and not harmed in the slightest. Similarly, these indestructible metals can sustain impacts with the Sword of Light without any appreciable damage as well.

The Sword of Light is matched with the shield of night. It can project whatever energy the Shield of Night absorbs.

A horse of a more sinister appearance, Valinor is Danes first actual magical horse. A magnificent, if vaguely foreboding winged stallion with magnificent, black leathery wings and red eyes. Valinor is clever, for a horse and can fly at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour. He is able to withstand small arms fire, and is linked to serve the wielder of the Ebony Blade. Dane still possesses the Ebony Blade, but should he lose it, he would lose the services of this incredible steed and friend.


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As the Pendragon, Dane has a certain responsibility to Avalon. Many of his resources are due to his association with the fey folk there and the Lady of the lake who protects them. Dane has little choice other than to come when called. He is beholden to them.

Not only does honor demand it, but Dane was a wounded soul when he stumbled into Avalon. He was given new purpose there. He will not betray the folk of that mystical realm. Should they call, he will answer the call, bringing whatever aid can be mustered and spared.

Dane's Ebony Blade is incredibly powerful magical weapon. It is also cursed. Though currently cleansed of a blood taint, not even Doctor Strange could undo the curse on the Ebony blade.

Dane will become more and more bloodthirsty every time he kills a foe with the Ebony Blade. He is smart enough to avoid doing this, but if pressed, Dane will accept his curse to end a vile enough life.

After causing a few deaths, Dane will turn to stone. The first time it took him many weeks to do so. It might be nigh instantaneous the next time. Not just any mage can undo it. Wanda, Zatanna, Clea, Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate are all the sort of people to cleanse the blood taint from the blade. It is unknown how to remove the curse from the sword, or if that is even possible.

Dane Whitman has a secret identity. However, it is a secret known by elements of both the American and English governments. They might show up at his house and request a favor or three from time to time in exchange for keeping their mouth shut about his identity, or some other favor or demand. It can get tiresome.

Dane's inquisitive mind and scientific nature have served him well. While it does give him the edge he needs to succeed, it also holds him back. Dane has a lot of magical potential that was unlocked by the Lady of the Lake. His growth as a mage is all but repressed by his skeptical nature. He simply believes in very little with that sort of fervor.

It isn't that Dane does not believe in magic. He has seen far too much magic to not believe it. He simply questions it, its properties, how it functions, and its worth. That lack of clear and solid belief restrains and diminishes Dane's magical potential.

Oddly, Dane does believe in the Abrahamic God. He has seen too many good men die over Him to dishonor their memory by denying Him. Dane simply is not particularly religious.

Crafted of metal recovered from the same mystical meteorite that was used to craft the ebony Blade, this knife has the same durability and material piercing characteristics as the Ebony Blade. Should it pierce his heart, he will die, even if he has the ebony blade in his hand.

The knife was stolen years ago from a museum, and has only rarely been present at any scene where Dane has been about. Its location is unknown, and its properties and abilities are similarly shrouded in mystery.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Small Matter: A Second Fitting March 13th, 2018 A second attempt is taken on Janet van Dyne's life. This time, an assailant is taken in.
Mutant Kidnappings: Chapter 1 March 4th, 2018 Mutants attack the mall, and various heroes move to stop them!
Small Matter: Gotham COnnections March 1st, 2018 Clint investigates the assassination attempt on Janet van Dyne. He comes away with more troubling information.
Show me where it hurts February 23rd, 2018 Summary needed
No Rest for the Not so Wicked February 21st, 2018 The Wasp foils an amateurish assassination attempt on her life. The Black Knight gets an eyeful.
Pixies and Knights February 16th, 2018 Dane and Janet come to an accord about a little bit more bandwidth, and a little bit of business assistance. Game continues to be awkward in her presence.
The Knight, the Witch, and the Sammitch February 9th, 2018 Summary needed
Rising Tide: Hatching a Satellite-shaped Plan February 8th, 2018 Avengers Assemble to discuss getting the internet back. In Tony's hospital room.
Log 3812 February 6th, 2018 Several Avengers chat in the mansion
Icebergs February 6th, 2018 Dane visits Tony in the medical lab; they discuss things mostly related to Tony actually getting some rest.
Business Luncheon December 7th, 2017 Summary needed
Trouble Brewing in DC Error: Invalid time. Error: Invalid time.th, Error: Invalid time. Summary needed
It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas November 26th, 2017 Summary needed
It's Aliiiii-- Nope November 6th, 2017 Summary needed
Halloween Fair in Central Park October 29th, 2017 The Avengers host a Halloween Fair in Central Park.
Gentlemen prefer blonds. What do redheads prefer October 27th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2888 October 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Knight to ... Princess 2( October 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Are those demon innards, or are you happy to see me October 5th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2677 October 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Apokolips Now: Avengers Assemble September 19th, 2017 The armies of Apokolips descend upon NYC, targetting the UN as a symbol of world government. The Avengers arrive to help National Guard and NYPD forces hold the line, and make a new friend in the process.
A Revel Worthy of the Gods September 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Hellish Kitchen September 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Not quite Zoro September 10th, 2017 Summary needed
The More Things Change September 6th, 2017 Summary needed
The Hand Scene 2 August 31st, 2017 City under siege
The Aftermath of the Docks... August 31st, 2017 Summary needed
The Hand Scene 1 August 29th, 2017 A Hand attack on Logan is beaten back by a plethora of allies.
Hunger from the Deep August 5th, 2017 Heroes arrive at the site of a cargo ship under attack frhom ravenous sea monsters!


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Title Date Scene Summary
Trouble Brewing in DC Error: Invalid time. Error: Invalid time.th, Error: Invalid time. Summary needed


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