Blood on My Name

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Blood on My Name
One brother of Cain's bloodline tainted with demon blood. Another bound up in a contract with the King of the Crossroads. What could possibly go wrong?
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Sam Winchester
Co-Runner(s): Dean Winchester
Groups Involved: Just Cause, SHIELD
Target Audience: Street-Level
Rating & Tone: R, Char-Focused




Claire Temple, Winter Soldier, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Winifred Burkle, Mercy Thompson, Melinda May, Loki, Jo Harvelle, Crowley, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Fredrik (1281)

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Pawns and Wagers September 15th, 2017 Fred returns Dean's amulet to him.
Meet the Parents September 14th, 2017 Fred stays with her parents while waiting for them to wake up. Sam keeps her company and they discuss the previous events as well as his blood addiction.
Meet the Parents September 14th, 2017 Fred stays with her parents while waiting for them to wake up. Sam keeps her company and they discuss the previous events as well as his blood addiction.
Hey Jude September 14th, 2017 After the incident at Sioux Falls, Dean wakes up in SHIELD medical. He and Sam reconnect after nearly a month apart.
Third Option September 13th, 2017 After receiving word of Dean's possession, a team goes out of their way to get White Eyes out of the Elder Winchester's body. Things don't go as planned.
Polemically Sent September 12th, 2017 The King of the Crossroads pays Melinda May a little visit.
Lab Partners September 11th, 2017 Sam Winchester reports to FitzSimmons to try to tackle his demon blood problem. Things get uncomfortable.
Back in Black September 11th, 2017 After Dean and Fred's contentious conversation, Sam returns home and realizes that something is not right with his brother.
Travelling Riverside Blues September 11th, 2017 Fred Burkle and Sam Winchester race to South Dakota in the hopes of driving the white-eyed demon out of Dean's body.
The Obligatory Familial Threat September 4th, 2017 Sam Winchester touches base with Wesley Wyndam-Price at Fred's request.
Pie Guy August 26th, 2017 A guy can make pie appear from nowhere... what kind of witchcraft is this?
Wanted August 23rd, 2017 After Sam uses his telekinesis to help capture the Winter Soldier, emotions run high and truth bombs are dropped.
Wasted Years August 23rd, 2017 Dean gets home after a particularly rough day to find his father perfectly fine. May comes to check on the younger Winchester. John gets an earful.
Let Me In August 23rd, 2017 As Dean races away to forge his dark deal with Crowley, Fred confronts Sam about all the secrets he's been keeping.
Backahasten to the Future August 16th, 2017 The Backahasten begins a series of murders along the Hudson River with the aim of capturing one of the Brothers Winchester at last. Did she get a little nudge from a certain King of the Crossroads? Or is his latest offer just an attack of opportunity?
Don't Treat Me Bad August 12th, 2017 Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Winnifred Burkle and Agent Melinda May team up to investigate a rash of freak accidents and suicides targeting NYU athletes.
Picking Up the Pieces August 12th, 2017 After the incident with the Vengeance Demons, Fred and Sam discuss the past.
One Job August 11th, 2017 As Sam Winchester tries to tend his brother in the hospital, Dean is caught up in a memory of a deadly deal made 9 years ago.
Thoroughly Vetted August 11th, 2017 Dean comes clean about why he's been such a jerk to May and explains a past that not even Sam knows.
We're All Okay Here August 10th, 2017 Sam and May pop over to Mercy's garage to check in, while Loki brings lattes and the battered form of Dean. With car.
Sleep, Sugar August 8th, 2017 Sam struggles to cope in the aftermath of his rescue from Hydra. Fred presents him with a special gift to help him out.
Walking it Off August 5th, 2017 The brothers Winchester catch up in the aftermath of Sam's rescue. When a freak accident proves Dean is far more hurt than he's letting on, Sam insists on a trip to SHIELD medical, where Dean gets a clearer picture of what happened to his brother in Hydra hands. The resulting rage is epic.
No Regrets Policy August 5th, 2017 Sam and Fred strengthen their relationship in the aftermath of Sam's rescue.


Title Date Scene Summary
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