Jemma Simmons

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Simmons (Scenesys ID: 1344)
"It's science, Fitz! I have to dissect something!"
Full Name: Jemma Anne Simmons
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: Agent of SHIELD / Biologist
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Residence: Washington
Education: Specialized Education
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 9 November 1995 Actor: Elizabeth Henstridge
Height: 162 cm Weight: 50 kg
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
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Jemma Simmons is a biologist/medic for SHIELD. While technically a field agent, she is more attuned to the lab rather than out on missions.

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Jemma is able to think rationally even in extreme situations. While others panic, Jemma takes stock, analyzes, and plans. This capacity sometimes makes her seem cold to the more emotional members of her team, but it is a skill that has helped her through life and death situations in the past.


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Jemma is more than a research scientist. She's also a licensed and board certified medical doctor. Her early specialty was medical research in biochemistry and molecular biology, but since she became a SHIELD agent, she has had to become a capable trauma surgeon as well, dealing with the often critical wounds taken by her fellow agents.

Jemma has a doctorate in biochemistry and has made several breakthroughs in the field that would have made her famous if they weren't all classified. Among her accomplishments are dendrotoxin tranquilizer ammunition for the ICER guns, an odorless tracking compound detectable within 50km, and cures to a couple new and/or alien diseases. Her skills aren't limited to biochemistry, and she is also an expert in organismal biology, anatomy, physiology, and physics.


As a graduate, Jemma is a SHIELD agent and has received the full range of training the SHIELD Sciences Academy had to offer, including firearms, self-defense, and basic fieldcraft. While she's no specialist in any of these areas, she's been able to couple her training with her own ingenuity to come up with outside-the-box solutions when faced with problems in the field.


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Jemma is best friends and lab partners with Leo Fitz, a fellow classmate from the SHIELD Academy with a mind to rival Jemma's own. While his talents lean more toward the technical than the biological, he and Jemma have formed a close working bond and build off each other's ideas to find some truly brilliant discoveries and designs. She can count on Fitz to have her back in most things and to be a source of support.

Both of Jemma's parents are alive and well in Sheffield, England. They remain a source of both emotional and (if needed) financial support, even if Jemma sometimes struggles with the widening gap of their experiences and her own as an agent of SHIELD.


Jemma is an agent of SHIELD in good standing and has access to all that comes with it: money, housing, a badge, and a 401k. As well as being one of SHIELD's top scientists and being based at the Triskelion, Jemma has access to a staggering array of high tech equipment and gadgets to help her conduct her research and undertake missions in the field.


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Jemma cares a great deal about Leo Fitz, and she is willing to break rules and move heaven and earth to help him. It also means he's a vulnerability, and if someone were to threaten Fitz, it would provide serious leverage against Jemma.

As she stands now, Jemma is a poor liar. She's working on it, but without some serious effort she has a hard time lying, especially when put on the spot.


Jemma cares a great deal about her friends and her fellow agents, and she takes a personal responsibility for their safety and well-being, even if they might not do the same for themselves. This tendency often leads to friction with some of the more reckless agents and a motherly overprotectiveness over others. It has also caused her to get into dangerous situations on behalf of her friends.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Are magic and science like oil and water November 15th, 2019 May takes Winifred on a tour of R&D while waiting for paperwork. Jemma is welcoming and Fred goes a bit mad scientist, but thankfully only hypothetically.
Flying Snakes! November 11th, 2019 Jemma and Berna chill.
A Case For Analytics October 7th, 2019 Jemma and Fitz make connections between Hydra and a freighter heading for New York.
So This is SHIELD, Huh August 29th, 2019 Two frightfully-polite-for-their-own-good females meet during lunch outside of the Trisk. Eventually, they bond over WiFi access points and scientific viewpoints.
SHIELD Lunch Time August 2nd, 2019 In which Jemma is inspired by Bucky's arm, May have to grab thirds from the kitchen, Lili gets doggo treats for being a Good Girl, and Darcy talks herself into a new assignment, or NYPD needs to be very afraid.
Quaid's Medical Charts are Reviewed OR Second Opinions are Important! July 9th, 2019 In which Jemma finds a fellow conspirator in Darcy Lewis and no one thinks this is a Good Idea. It's going to hapen anyway. OR Darcy secures Jemma's help in unraveling what happened to Officer Quaid.
Surprise Party! (part 3) June 24th, 2019 The Stark tech goes live! Skye eats incognito veggies and nobody tells her. Steve's side of the gift table gets some interesting, but plain, packages. And Clint commits the faux pas of suggesting May use frozen pie shells and canned filling. His assignment in Siberia is pending...
Surprise Party! (part 1) June 24th, 2019 In which Darcy comandeers the Barton-Johnson house for a party; Skye rings her own doorbell; Samantha gets promoted!; May makes postickers (no surprises there!); and a mysterious package arrives. What could it be? Stay tuned for Pt. 2.
Changeling: Finale June 19th, 2019 SHIELD finally tracks down Arnim Zola and enacts their plan not only to take him and his forces down, but to purge him from SHIELD's systems forever, in a finale to years of RP that brings the house down...literally.
Changeling: Flash Frozen June 13th, 2019 SHIELD opens the Inhuman cryopods and discover more than just Inhumans, but how far Hydra went to capture them and possibly to send a message to Skye.
Who's That Knocking June 8th, 2019 Belonwu is recruited, SHIELD style.
Sansevieria Trifasciata May 29th, 2019 Sibilance meets with FitzSimmons about the possibility of joining the SHIELD R&D department. Which....involves an impromptu interview and surprises from both sides.
Changeling/Leviathan: Team preparations May 20th, 2019 May summons Peggy, Mack, Darcy, and FitzSimmons to exchange introductions and get Peggy's field agent gear situation sorted before the upcoming missions. Steve notices the gathering and joins in. Mack gets to meet who he's teamed up with to protect Nyx, and Peggy is fascinated by some of the new tech she's shown.
Rise and Shine, Agent Carter May 14th, 2019 Peggy wakes up again for a brief conversation with Skye, a strange realization of their shared background, scaring Jemma Simmons half to death, and eventual tears in the bathroom.
Changeling: So We Stole a Plane... May 9th, 2019 The team from the Cuba mission returns to the Triskelion, they report to May, and get ready to find Zola's base and bring his plans to an end.
Rubber Band Man (Meeting Reed Richards) April 17th, 2019 Everyone is on their 'mostly' best behaviour to meet Dr. Reed Richards - until the fanboying begins. Despite that, agreements are made to forge forward with projects, including a tenuous invitation to help with the secret work being done at Skye and Clint's place.
Changeling/Leviathan: Moving Day April 12th, 2019 The folks at SHIELD start to put their plans into motion to oust Zola from their computers. Skye extends an invitation to Galina she may not be ready to accept yet, but as with anything, patience is a virtue.
Changeling/Leviathan: Flu April 10th, 2019 Skye uses a scheduled visit to R&D to disclose SHIELD's plans for Zola.. and propose another plan of her own against future attacks on SHIELD systems.
Training Evaluation Day April 8th, 2019 Several agents have their skills evaluated, these are a few highlights.
Harley's Mistake April 7th, 2019 Harley unintentionally attacks a SHIELD Safehouse occupied by Phil Coulson. The R&D Duo Fitz and Simmons responds as backup, and they capture Harley.
Parley with the Punisher March 30th, 2019 The arranged meeting between the Punisher and Agent May goes according to plan. Nothing explodes, no one dies. Castle agrees to stop trying to hunt Barnes down. There are celebratory doritos.
Leviathan: They're Crepes in France You Know March 24th, 2019 Brunch at Chez Miscreant is filled with revelations. Some good. Some bad. The food? Tasted kinda like Waffle House..
Doctoring the Dynamo March 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
R&D Blues March 19th, 2019 Simmons and Fitz get their turn to investigate Samantha and Nyx
Defection:No Le'carre March 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Finding A Voice March 12th, 2019 Agents Fitz, Simmons, and Special Agent Grant Ward discuss on the best way of determining just what makes SHIELD's guest Nyx so special.
Scents, Squirrels and Monkeys March 7th, 2019 Clint checks in on R&D and he and Jemma discuss scents, squirrels and monkeys among other things.
Will the Real Hawkeye (Pierce) Please Stand Up January 28th, 2019 Agent May tracks down Kate, only to find out Clint knew who she was all along. JJ shows up. Everyone loses their filters.
An Evening Outside the Lab December 31st, 2018 Jemma is enjoying a late night bite when Skye stops in for a chat.
They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab October 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2459 September 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Lab Partners September 11th, 2017 Sam Winchester reports to FitzSimmons to try to tackle his demon blood problem. Things get uncomfortable.
R&D - Triskelion September 11th, 2017 Summary needed
Weird Science August 30th, 2017 Summary needed


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