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Cheetah (Scenesys ID: 8787)
"Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman's got to hold on to."
Full Name: Barbara-Ann Minerva
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Magnate
Citizenship: Anglo-American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Light
Other Information
Apparent Age: 40 Actual Age: 40
Date of Birth 31 October 1988 Actor: Jessica Chastain
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 57 kg (125 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "National Anthem" by Lana Del Ray


A conniving, covetous, social climber who sold out everyone in her life to build an empire. Eventually she sold her soul to a demon king who marked her with a terrible curse.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Blood red hair spills from this woman's crown to curl near the small of her back. Her head is raised and slightly cocked to one side allowing her to literally look down her (perfect) nose at you. Green eyes pierce a veil of thick, black lashes while high cheekbones and angular features hint at some particularly fine breeding. These lines are some of Lucifer's best work. Her full lips are ruby-red and slightly puckered as though contemplating some esoteric verdict.

An athletic figure is much in evidence: toned shoulders, sculpted arms, a slender waist, and legs that rise to the occasion. And what an occasion it is. Perhaps she's a gymnast? A dancer? She stands nearly six feet in height and is likely well worth the ascent. She's clearly no ingénue but her flawless, alabaster skin; thick, rich hair; and graceful movements lend a certain vigor and vitality that make it difficult to guess her age.

She is tastefully dressed. Her style is perhaps best described as "revealing" though this is achieved judiciously and with no small degree of taste. Voluptuous gold jewelry clings to her wrists and ears. An Egyptian-style cat's eye necklace adorns her shapely throat and accents her décolletage -- half inviting and half daring you to stare at it. The feline bauble is cold and black like the eyes of a shark. Meow.


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A lesser woman might have wondered how life had conspired to bring her to this point. Standing in a fetid, mosquito infested jungle on the banks of the Zambesi river with a degenerate witchdoctor by her side. A lesser woman might have pondered that. Not Barbara-Ann Minerva. Born to a single mother in council housing near London, Barbara had always had a singular focus: herself. Experience had taught her there were only two types of people: predators and prey. Barbara-Ann was never prey.

As a teenager, her looks got her noticed and took her places. From the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London, and Singapore they eventually took her to Metropolis. Her beauty took her everywhere. Her vices took her to Page Six. The drugs, the booze, the tantrums, and the dalliances were all gleefully reported. Lesser crimes -- the careers silently demolished, the relationships wrecked, and the thousands of private cruelties -- slipped by the greater public's notice.

She married well (i.e. old and rich). Her husband's oil money squelched any further negative coverage and cleaned up her record. She founded Cat's Eye Cosmetics -- now a billion-dollar, multinational brand. A quick and ruthless climb to the tippy-top of Metropolis' social scene ensued.

Sadly, her husband died a few short years into the union. His heart gave out. Married life was just too ... taxing. At least he went out with a smile on his face. What a pity Barbara-Ann was just too "devastated" (read: discretely holidaying in the Mediterranean) to attend his service. A court battle over the spoils ensued. By now, Barbara-Ann was wealthy in her own right and could have ceded something to her Husband's ex and his adult children. But she didn't. When the dust settled the Red Queen was still atop her throne and the "old" family was banished to some puffed up trailer park in Boca Raton.

At long last Minerva had what she always craved: respect, admiration, fear. She was Queen B in the city of the future. There was nothing above her. Nothing. And then Wonder Woman came along. That do-gooding, physically flawless, star-spangled bitch! Barbara-Ann had built an empire from nothing! (Except her decrepit husband's millions.) She was a lady-captain of industry. Now some Greek lesbian comes along, lifts a Ford Focus over her head, and she's the toast of the town?? That's what gets Barbara-Ann's interview with Oprah --OPRAH!!- bumped? That's what's trending?! Before long the whole world was practically crawling with Wonder Women and Supermen. Barbara-Ann had been at the top of the ladder but then someone had added a few more rungs. That wasn't fair.

If only Barbara-Ann had been 15 years younger. By now she was crowding forty and, to her practiced eye, it was starting to show. That wasn't fair either. The lines on her face were getting deeper and gravity was proving to be a faithless friend. Perfection was slipping away. The last straw came when an intern suggested Cat's Eye approach Wonder Woman to be the new face of the company. Luckily, the meeting was being held on the first floor. It could have been a much longer way down.

And that brings us here. To the jungle. And the bugs. And the witch-doctor. In front of an altar to...Urzkartaga? Uriah Heap? Uri Geller? Whatever. It doesn't matter. The deal is straight-forward enough: eternal youth, vitality, and power. The price? The world gets to see Minerva's "true" face. What's so bad about that? It's not like Barbara-Ann is a monster...


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If Wonder Woman is Gaea, the Earth mother: empathetic, compassionate, selfless, and chaste; then, Cheetah is her black mirror reflection. She is Jezebel and Salomé: petty, selfish, spoiled, and wanton. She is the huntress and the temptress - always the "other" woman and perpetually scorned. She is the female id unhinged and unmoored.

Cheetah is cruel, covetous, and conniving; emotionally distant and domineering. She is drawn to power and money. In that order. Her relationships are transactional. Other people have value so long as they are useful in her never-ending quest for personal advancement. She has an aristocratic bearing -- particularly toward those she perceives as vulnerable -- though nobody is above her contempt. The only authority she respects is her own and she has a flair for the dramatic. Like a cat, she enjoys toying with people and is accustomed to manipulating every situation to facilitate her own ends.

She is a committed narcissist with a short-fuse who demands perfection from everyone in her orbit. Don't worry, though: she expects you to fail. I mean ... just look at you.


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Cheetah is capable of athletic feats that would make an Olympic gymnast look like an invalid. Lither than a panther, she is able to perch atop the top rail of a kitchen chair, scamper up a light post, leap three stories from a standing stop, or somersault through the air with ease.

Cheetah's fingers and toes are crowned with retractable claws that are far stronger than anything found in nature. In combination with her strength and speed, Cheetah's claws can rip through a bank vault or shred an armored personnel carrier. An unprotected human body would stand little chance.

Enhanced Senses:
Cheetah has enhanced senses. She can smell spilled blood for miles; see in near total darkness as well as in the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum; and dimly hear the beat of a butterfly's wings in a quiet room. Like any good predator, Cheetah is particularly adept at detecting and tracking movement. A near imperceptible shift in weight or the sudden appearance of tension in particular muscles - even subconsciously done - can provide her with advanced warning of an opponent's pending movements.

Like her claws, Cheetah's fangs are preternaturally strong and can pass through many hardened materials like steel or Kevlar.

There is a fluid harmony between Cheetah's mind and body. They move as one with intent quickly followed by near-perfectly transcribed action. Paired with her speed, she can perceive, process, and respond with a high degree of precision to virtually any physical stimuli near-instantaneously.

In feline form, Cheetah's skin is bullet-proof and difficult to pierce. Anything less than heavy weapons fire will merely annoy her. She is a physical match for many of the "gods" that now walk among us and does not injure easily. Additionally, she can tolerate extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum.

Cheetah's movements are as silent as a cat. The soles of her feet are padded to muffle the sound of her steps and her fur acts to reduce her body's heat signature. When appearing on infrared scanners, Cheetah usually register as something much smaller than an adult woman.

When in her feline form, Cheetah can lift approximately 10 tons, bend a rebar (or three), and put her fist through a brick wall.

Super Speed:
Like her namesake, Cheetah is capable of incredible speed. Though not as swift as the Flash, she can outpace Wonder Woman who has been clocked at 9,320 mph (15,000 kph). Presumably owing to the arcane source of Cheetah's powers, the laws of physics are surprisingly lenient toward her. Cheetah's speed does not occasion sonic booms or displace the atmosphere to any significant degree; she can accelerate from zero in an impossibly short period of time; can quell her momentum and return to a dead stop over an unnaturally short distance; and generates little heat due to friction.

Unlike many speedsters, Cheetah cannot create whirlwinds, vibrate through surfaces, or travel at the quantum level. Additionally, when running, she can only maintain her top speed for approximately 13 seconds before collapsing due to exhaustion. For this reason, Cheetah prefers short, lethal bursts. During these bursts, her movements appear as intangible blurs of activity: in enclosed spaces she may appear to travel instantly from point to point, she can catch a bullet in mid-flight, dodge standard projectiles even when fired at close range, and rain down hundreds of blows on an enemy each second.

Cheetah's powers are supernatural in origin. Enemies who would normally be impervious, but who have an established vulnerability to magic, may find themselves suspectable to her attacks.

In her cat form Cheetah has a prehensile tail. She employs it to assist with balance, to carry objects of modest weight, and to support her body when hanging from a height.

Throne of Cats:
The demon-king, Urzkartaga, has given Cheetah dominion over all species of feline native to Earth. She can sense these animals within a 4-mile radius and they will respond to her telepathic commands without question. What. Did you think those cats ate that old lady of their own volition?

Typhoid Hairy:
When the moon is full, and Urzkartaga's influence on our world is at its zenith, Cheetah's bite transforms victims into bestial were-cats. The curse is triggered with the setting of the sun. Come daybreak, those bitten return to human form and will not transform again unless gnawed on during the requisite point of the lunar cycle. These were-cats are little more than feral goons who respond to Cheetah's mental commands in addition to lashing out ferociously on their own initiative. They are stronger, quicker, and more resilient to injury than an ape on PCP; however, they are also stupider and generally unskilled in combat. Care must be taken not to grievously injure these creatures as, beneath the fur and fangs, are innocent victims of Cheetah's spite who will be tremendously traumatized by the overall experience. (NOTE: this ability will only be employed with the consent of RP partners at the beginning of a scene or in conjunction with an approved TP.)


Minerva is ageless. Literally. She is immune to disease (though she can sometimes be a carrier of various pathogens) and is resistant to most muggle toxins.


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Barbara-Ann speaks with an aristocratic, British accent. On the whole, Americans (and Canadians) adore the British accent and, as studies have shown, will often defer in matters they consider small or inconsequential to individuals who have it. It acts as a social lubricant and tends to start almost any type of interaction off on the right foot. People who don't know Barbara-Ann very well tend to leave minor exchanges with a positive impression of her.

Minerva has been jet-setting around the globe since she was a teenager. She has experienced innumerable cultures, foods, and languages. On Earth, she is rarely a fish out of water.

Like any good socialite, Barbara-Ann is fluent in French. She speaks the language with a refined Parisian accent. You don't? Quelle surprise.

As the top socialite in Metropolis, Cheetah is the locus of an extensive network of gossip mongers. She knows all the dirt (real or imagined) and can (anonymously) destroy your reputation in minutes. How long does it take the Flash to run from San Diego to Vermont? Long enough for Cheetah to spread rumors of his impending love child with Power Girl up and down the eastern seaboard. Flash, you naughty boy.

Greek Mythology:
Cheetah has developed an interest in Greek mythology generally and legends about the Amazons in particular. She is extremely learned in this narrow area.

Cheetah is an accomplished hostess with impeccable taste and manners. Candlelight suppers, soirees, balls -- you name it, she can organize it at the drop of a hat. She is adept at small talk, has a commanding stage presence, and can cut a rug (in any style) as necessary.

Thanks to her predatory instincts and abilities, Cheetah is an exceptional hunter. She can track and stalk prey of any description in virtually any above-water environment.

Barbara-Ann is a practiced liar and is extremely skilled. She has plied her trade in front of police officers, judges, juries, journalists, and cuckqueans to great success.

Queen B:

In Metropolis, Minerva sits atop the socialite food chain. And it's a jungle out there. If you want to climb the ladder, you need to kiss the ring. Or something else. Cheetah can make or break your polite society bona fides with a snap of her finger. Lex Luthor? He gets an invitation to the ball! Bruce Wayne? Ugh! All he does is ask for donations to one of his dumb charities. If those orphans were worth anything they wouldn't be orphans. Tony who? Lois Lane?? Are you high? Well, let's not be hasty. Will she be bringing that Mid-West bumpkin with the glasses along as her plus-one? Grrrrowl.


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Managing her "condition" sometimes requires Minerva to skirt the edge of the law. To assist with this, she maintains two aliases: Priscilla Rich and Deborah Domaine. These were set-up for Cheetah by a specialist operating out of Markovia. Even a skilled detective (perhaps one who enjoys caves and sleeping upside down) will have difficulty finding anything amiss or in linking either identity to Barbara-Ann Minerva. The Markovian specialist was later sent to a farm upstate.

Animal Magnetism:
In her human guise, Cheetah exerts a certain pull on individuals with an interest in the female form. Through Urzkartaga, she has gained physical perfection and an otherworldly "je ne sais quoi". She knows it. She plays into it. She uses it to get what she wants (naturally). Cheetah is like a luscious dessert that Nature has hardwired you to crave. You know it's bad for you. You know it'll probably kill you in the end. And yet...

Cat's Eye Cosmetics:
Minerva is the founder and owner of Cat's Eye Cosmetics, a worldwide brand and an industry leader. The company is not traded publicly. Barbara-Ann is the face of the company but the day-to-day running of it has been delegated to others. Nonetheless, she keeps a close eye on operations. She has access to a host of labs, an army of chemists, a well-funded marketing department, an array of high-priced attorneys, and the company's extensive shipping and distribution arm.

Chuma is the aging witch-doctor who introduced Minerva to the dead cult of Urzkartaga. Chuma is, at best, a low-level magician skilled in African folk magic -- primarily the preparation of potions. Whatever ability he may have had in his prime was long ago diluted in drink. On a scale of sorcerers, Chuma ranks just above a wad of gum stuck to the sole of Dr. Strange's shoe. His concoctions are generally geared toward love serums, potions that dispel "bad luck", or that are purported to cure male pattern baldness. His sole claim to fame is the serum that suppresses Cheetah's curse to the point that she appears human. The two are not close but without him Minerva would never revert to her human form. Chuma would be prepared to aid Cheetah should she ever require advice or assistance in his areas of expertise but this help would come at a price. As a rule, Cheetah is loath to rely on Chuma for anything.

Barbara-Ann Minerva is a celebrity. She has millions of followers across numerous social media platforms. She's a trendsetter and an opinion maker. To some degree she can change the trajectory or public discourse. People of note answer her calls. Or else.

Vices, vanity, and viciousness aside, Barbara-Ann is not unintelligent. She built, and has kept tabs on, a veritable business empire -- no mean feat. She is extremely adept at reading people. Like any good bully she can identify weak spots and insecurities in people she has only just met and exploit these to her advantage. When motivated, she's a quick study. Hate, as it turns out, is an excellent motivator.

Minerva has two pet Cheetahs: Mafdet and Ammit. Normally they reside in her Metropolis penthouse; however, Minerva isn't above taking them outside. Members of the general public may recall a viral photo of Barbara-Ann clad in leopard print coat, white sun hat, and oversized Jackie-O sunglasses leading the animals through the lobby of the Hotel Sedgewick on bejeweled leashes. Due to her telepathic command of the creatures they are extremely obedient to, and protective of, their mistress.


Barbara-Ann isn't a billionaire yet but she's halfway there. She has access to a private plane, chauffeured car, and a yacht (with a helicopter pad). She has a staff of hundreds including personal stylists, chefs, and security personnel. She owns a penthouse at the top of the Glass Castle building in Founders' Row, the most exclusive neighborhood in Metropolis. In addition, she maintains homes on virtually every continent. Did we mention the helicopter pad?


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In feline form Cheetah has what might termed "distinguishing features." She's over six feet tall, covered in orange fur, has fangs, claws, and a tail. Travelling incognito is difficult.

Under normal circumstances Cheetah would look like a humanoid cat all the time. To circumvent this, she relies on a witch-doctor named, Chuma. It is Chuma, and Chuma alone who can provide Minerva with the serum that keeps her feline form at bay. She continues to seek an alternative to the serum but has yet to uncover one. Until she does, Chuma is kept safe, sound, and secret. Get to Chuma, get to Cheetah.

Most of Minerva's "skills" aren't terribly useful in the real world. She has lived a charmed life. She hasn't pumped her own gas in decades and probably couldn't do it now if her life depended on it, she has no idea how much a gallon of milk costs, and hasn't purchased an article of clothing "off the rack" since she was a pre-teen. Navigating the lives of "mere mortals" is often a vexing experience for her.

Dual Identity:
Cheetah is the owner and public face of Cat's Eye Cosmetics. Prior to her business ventures she was a well-known professional model. She has done television interviews, appeared on magazine covers, and has a massive social media presence. If the truth about her extra-curricular activities (and "condition") ever came to light she would likely be ruined. She cannot afford to have her civilian guise linked in any way to her activities as Cheetah.

Enhanced Senses:
All five of Cheetah's senses have been enhanced to an almost unbelievable level. This is fine, but she can't turn any of them off. In combat, she is acutely vulnerable to flash-bang grenades (bright light/loud noise) and noxious substances that attack the olfactory system. Even in her civilian identity, when her curse is being chemically suppressed, Cheetah is obliged to employ fragrances near her nose to mask the offending odors of the big city and, in the cruelest turn, the flashbulbs of her beloved paparazzi are now a source of tremendous discomfort.

No Training:
Cheetah has no combat training to speak of and has no interest in acquiring any. She relies on her power, particularly her speed, to overwhelm her opponents in short, decisive confrontations. In longer melees the flaws in her 'technique' become readily apparent.

Power Suppression:
When not in her "natural" form, Cheetah's powers are severely reduced. Her sense of smell remains acute but, otherwise, she presents as someone at the higher end of the physical norm for a woman of her size and apparent age. More significantly, she loses her unnatural resilience and can suffer wounds like a regular person.

Primal Instincts:
Barbara-Ann Minerva is now riven with the savage instincts of a cat. Despite her best efforts sometimes the princess becomes the predator. Raw meat is nearly irresistible (steak tartare, anyone?), she finds the smell of blood intoxicating, and for heaven's sake don't ask her to watch your parakeet. When her mind wanders you may find her absently licking the back of her hand or daintily dipping her tongue in that flute of expensive Merlot. These things tend to get noticed and they occur with alarming frequency.

Even in her human form, when Minerva sees her own reflection, she sees her feline self. Others staring at the same reflected image will see nothing unusual. Seeing herself in any reflective surface is terribly upsetting. There are no mirrors to be found in any of Minerva's homes and all potentially reflective surfaces have a brushed finish.

Stories about Barbara-Ann Minerva's temper and attitude are almost legendary in the fashion industry. Some of her more sordid exploits have appeared in print either posted by anonymous users online or as anecdotes in the autobiographies of others. She's kept herself out of trouble in recent times and has played the "overcome incredible obstacles" card skillfully, but there are still whispers. No one in her social circle dares to speak ill of her publicly, but the cleaning ladies in her building draw straws to see who must attend to "la guarida de leona."

Barbara-Ann relies on a magical potion to repress her curse and maintain her human form. The result is imperfect. When she is experiencing intense emotion like shock, outrage, or extreme stress the mask slips and her true form may momentarily manifest, in part or in full, before she can regain her composure. When under the serum's influence, Minerva can shapeshift at will. She must ingest the potion every seven days or unwillingly revert to her cat-like appearance. The primary ingredients of the potion(including the elusive mariphasa plant) are often difficult to source. Delays and disruptions can leave Minerva trapped in her cat-like body for an indefinite period.

Cheetah has a sensitivity to talismans, fetish dolls, and warding spells. Being in proximity with any of these will be extremely uncomfortable and distracting. Trained mystics and other spiritualists will sense her true nature even when she is in human form. Peculiarly, so will very small children, dogs, and certain herd animals like horses. These will whinge, whine, and whiney respectively to voice their displeasure at her company.

Barbara-Ann has a temper. She makes Ivan the Terrible, Caligula, and Naomi Campbell look sedate. She's easy to goad and, when angered, will react without thinking. Aside from her vanity, Cheetah's temper is the easiest flaw to identify and exploit.

Yes, Cheetah is so vain. And, yes, she does think that song is about her. What's it to you? Barbara-Ann is almost comically self-centered. So much so, she sold her soul to an African demon god in order to achieve eternal youth and physical perfection. Flattery, even the most facile kind, will get you everywhere. A perceived slight (and she perceives many) will provoke a ferocious (and poorly thought out) response.

Wonder Woman:

Cheetah loathes Wonder Woman. The reason for this isn't entirely clear and the feelings don't appear to be reciprocated. Perhaps Diana represents a level of perfection that Cheetah herself can never attain. Maybe Cheetah can't stand someone else being top dog. Whatever the logic, Cheetah is congenitally unable to pass up an opportunity to harm, humiliate, or otherwise harass Wonder Woman. She will drop everything and risk anything to achieve this aim in even the smallest degree.


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