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Deadshot (Scenesys ID: 307)
"I never miss."
Full Name: Floyd Lawton
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Assassin
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Downtown, Gotham
Education: Privately Educated
Status: Dropped
Groups: Gotham-OOC, Hench, Light
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 1 April 1995 Actor: Michael Rowe
Height: 196 cm (6'5") Weight: 104 kg (230 lbs.)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ~ AC/DC


One of the worlds most deadly assassins, Deadshot frequently tells his employers that he doesn't miss his shot. A consummate professional, Deadshot will take any job he's paid to do, provided the money is given to him first. The hit doesn't happen until he's paid. If there is an impossible shot to make and an impossible angle, Deadshot will make the shot, even if it requires ricochets.

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He is a human, standing at perhaps an inch or two above six feet. He has a tough complexion that is framed by short brown hair falling about his angular face. He has dark brown eyes, seated in a firm expression. When seen with his face protector, no skin is visible from his collar upwards. The white material appears to be tough, and there is a circular red targeting visor on the right side of his face. He is able to lower and raise it as needed over his eye.

He wears a well-crafted red and black suit, tailored and fitted to perfection. Over the top of his suit he wears customized body armour, offering some level of protection from small arms fire. Over the top of these constants he has a harness equiped with a variable array of weapons and ammunition. He also has two forearm protectors with silenced guns on them, a rifle upon his back, a knifes just visible from the tops of his boots and at his shoulder, should anyone be looking.


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Deadshot started out as Floyd Lawton. He and his older brother, Edward, were the sons of successful and well-off businessman, George Lawton. As time passed their father ended up drinking more and more at their estate out of town, becoming violent and abusive. His older brother attempted to take responsibility as he could, protecting both him and his mother. Eventually his mother began encouraging the sons to deal with their father permanently. Taking a rifle and hiding in a tree, Floyd waited for his father, determined to be the one to protect his family for once. When his father was at last in sight he was beating Edward, the sight caused Floyd to flinch as he took the shot, and he killed his brother instantly. Recovering, he killed his father, but from that day forward, he vowed to never miss another shot again.

He and his mother lived off the remaining wealth of George, and their status helped cover up Floyd's murders as accidents. His mother never truly forgave him for killing Edward however, and her health turned for the worse until she passed away some years later. After graduating high school he took up a career of military contracting, honing his skills to become proficient in every weapon system he could get his hands on.

After becoming bored with his life of working for a contractor, he returned to Gotham. There, he used his skills to become one of the world's premiere assassins, earning his moniker. When the Joker and the Riddler rose up to take control of the city however, they contracted him to take out the Batman, supposedly the only shot he's ever missed. The Batman caught the skilled gunman, and Deadshot ended up in prison. After some time in prison, he managed to get a guard alone and take his sidearm. Using the single firearm and a series of well-placed shots to cameras, locks, and electrical systems, he was able to escape the prison. Deadshot disappeared from the public eye and is currently at large, taking contracts as it pleases him.

Deadshot currently has a daughter, Zoe, who lives in Gotham with her mother. During several occassions Deadshot has been manipulated by those who have knowledge of her, so he keeps it a closely guarded secret.


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Professional. Deadshot will kill just about anyone he's paid to, but he must get his money before he takes the shot. No payment afterwards. Once he gets his money, his target is as good as dead. It doesn't matter where you hide, if a bullet can get into your hiding spot, he will make that shot into your hiding spot from anywhere he needs to make it.

Cold. he has no regard for human life, and tends to think the worst of everyone. Tick him off, however, and he'll double your price, JUST because you ticked him off and were rude to him. He demands respect. Also, do not threaten him. Or else, you go to the top of his hit list.

His only crack in his professionalism is his daughter Zoe. He will protect her from anyone if he must. Threaten to harm her and you're in his sights immediately, and he can read people rather well, so he can tell if someone's bluffing or not.


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Deadshot is well-versed in the uses of explosives, though they are not his primary specialty. He has a basic understanding of composition as well as optimal placement on structures. Any advanced chaining or timing however is best left to other professionals.
Deadshot is a skilled engineer, capable of building his own specialty weapons and equipment. This includes his signature wrist-mounted guns, and grappling hook. This is limited to what he's been able to study however, so while he might be able to fashion a high-powered rifle, he's not going to be able to fashion space-lasers.
Deadshot is proficient in a wide variety of firearms, and has a natural talent with ballistic weapons. If he hasn't had the chance to fire a specific weapon before, it shouldn't take him long to adjust and calibrate his fire. He can't bend bullets in the air by any means though, so he prefers single-shot or semi-automatic weapons. Firing automatics he may still be more accurate than most, but it's not pinpoint.
Iron Nerves
Deadshot doesn't sweat under pressure. Attempts to phase him almost always fail.
Fluent in English, Russian, and Mandarin.
Martial Arts
Deadshot is an expert in hand-to-hand combat.
Tactical Analysis

Deadshot keeps up to date on leading edge international tactics, allowing him to manage his missions with accuracy.


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His costume is also body armor for Deadshot, as well as his rapelling equipment and his harness to carry his weapons.
Personal Funds
Deadshot came from a well-off family, and left many of those assets in place. The amount he gets from them aren't on the same level as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, but it is enough to fund general daily ventures. Any surplus funds he gets comes specifically from his contracts, which he places in various accounts and investments.
Secure Sites
Working in secret isn't easy, and having a single location to hide isn't a great idea for someone with Deadshot's reputation. He has set up various locations to operate from, most in Gotham, however with a few key places in hotspots around the globe, just in case.
Targeting Sight
Deadshot has a head mounted targeting sight that can help him find his target if he needs. it also counts as his radio and remote boom microphone to hear what people are saying. The targeting sight displays a lot of information, and can also see in the dark.
Trust Funds
Every contract that Deadshot completes, he places a significant amount into a trust fund for his daughter. While she won't know about it until she is 18, he will not allow Zoe to struggle through life.
Underworld Contact
Deadshot has quite a few criminal world connections and can use them to obtain an almost endless supply of weaponry for every occasion. Provided he has the cash for it of course. Though he's been known to offer his skills rather than cash. This has lead to him working for various criminals directly and indirectly.

Deadshot can gain access to any weapons he needs at any given time. His favorite weapons are his forearm mounted silenced guns, and his very powerful sniper rifle with a scope.


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An occasional strength, Zoe is more of a weakness to Deadshot. It's a flaw in his professional killer mystique, and can be used against him if someone finds out. So he tries to leave his personal life behind, and not mention his daughter to anyone. If she's used as a hostage, however...the kidnapper becomes a priority on his personal hit list.
Like it or not, but now that he's been arrested once, his face is out there. Deadshot is wanted for multiple counts of murder, though any 'redeeming' criminal targets he's had in the past are conveniently left from his record. This also means that there are criminal elements that may take issue with his business in the past.

He's not quite as powerful as some of the super powered heroes in Metropolis, but he gets by.


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