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Boris (Scenesys ID: 252)
"Jist because Ah be afraid donnea mean ah willnea fight back"
Full Name: Boris "Erddrache" Breitbarth
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: Germany / United States of America
Residence: Unknown
Education: High School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 6 July 2010 Actor: Gimli from Lord of the Rings (as portrayed by John Rhys-Davies)
Height: 122 cm Weight: 500 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: "Diggy Diggy Hole"


Boris is a young mutant coming to terms with his powers and abilities. The often nervous student might be a bit of a scaredy cat, but is willing to stand up for others or what he believes in despite this. Boris isn't sure what life holds in store for him, but he'll find out one way or another.



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At first glance, one could think this person may have been a dwarf who stepped out of a book. He is a stout being at 4' tall and is even a bit broader than that. He has very thick powerful limbs attached to a well developed trunk of a torso with cannonball like shoulders. The lad even sports a full busy beard that overflows onto his chest that is black in coloring. His skin is also seemed thick and leather.

But the oddity doesn't stop there. Standing out from his beard are eight fleshy whisker covered in very fine black fur that seem like there supposed to blend in. Much like his beard these whisker reach to his chest. There are two on either side of his jaw, two on his chin and two that make up his mustache.

Two bone blades, about a foot in length, curve upwards towards his shoulders and are found on his forearms. Similar bone like curved spikes or 'fins' appear periodically along his back on through to his tail. His tail is as thick as one of his limbs and long enough to leave a two foot drag behind him. The entire tail is covered in the same black fur as his whiskers. But he is otherwise just a very, very hairy individual.

His head has a natural slicked back look to it. Thick busy brows sit over wide brilliant golden ears. His ears are somewhat pointed, which is perhaps his least noticeable feature


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Boris more or less had a very average life. He was Born in Germany to his parents in a small town. It was close to the time heroes began emerging into the world more openly. As he grow up the idea of metas became more common place.... but there was still a hysteria surrounding mutants. Boris didn't really get what the big deal was, as he more or less idealized heroes as he was grow up.

At a young age, Boris showed himself to be a very bright student. He quickly picked up blacksmithing from his father, ended up in honor classes in elementary and even high school and would always have his head in a book. But one day, all that would change.

It was a rather rainy day. A fierce thunderstorm had come into the area. Lightning was striking the ground, fierce winds, slippery roads, limited vision, you name it. A storm like that hasn't been seen in years. The town hadn't gotten a warning about the storm and it besieged Boris' school without warning.

Everyone was quickly making their way across the street and into the building for shelter. As people were coming, the slick roads and limited vision would prove more hazardous than people thought. A truck was hydroplaning out of control and unable to stop. It flipped onto it side and kept going. Boris along with several other students got slammed by the oncoming car, with several other car crashing behind it. It was a disaster.

And it was also the accident that awaken Boris' X-gene. As an ambulance arrived on the scene, onlookers were horrified to see bone plating growing on Boris... many wonder if it was contagious! But he was none the less rushed to the nearest hospital along with others for medical treatment, and his parents informed of the situation.

Over the coming days, life rapidly changed for Boris. His body continued to change, his parents could barely agree on what to do. He was not /allowed/ to even attend his old school anymore, and people in town became afraid of him. Everything was changing.

But with Boris' school records and some research.... his father at least decided that Boris and he would move to America where he would either attend The Academy of Tomorrow or Xavier's Institute. Boris' father wasn't completely sure yet.... he just knew he needed to get his son somewhere he can grow up safe and hopefully with other that can understand him.


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Boris is first and foremost a teenager, a nerdy and nervous one, but a teenager none the less. He can experience wild mood swings and be quite rebellious at the worst of times. Boris though is also a very emotional person and one that is very nervous and cautious. Perhaps a bit TOO cautious at times. Because of his instability and lack of control he tends to also be very fearful of accidently hurting people. People may at time confuse Boris' nervousness and fear for cowardice. But contrary to that, Boris is actually very brave and is one to charge ahead when someone is in danger or trouble, after abandoning his prior worries.


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Boris has a healing factor that works in a unique way. When a part of his body is wounded, it will form a bone armor like plating, serving as armor and making the area even tougher than it was before. Once the area is healed, this plating is reabsorbed back into the body. This can somewhat impair his ability to move effectively, depending on where he is hurt. While he is not the fastest healer (as even minor injuries would take at least a day to heal) his healing factor will none the less render him the ability to regrow lost limbs within a few weeks.

Boris can be an extremely fast being while underground. Without using his geokinesis, he can burrow at nearly 60 mph. When combined with his geokinesis, he can reach nearly 100mph. In water, he can swim around 30mph. But as far as normal running goes, Boris when running on two legs, is slower than the average human speed, but on four he faster but no where near peak.

In addition to being one tough rock, Boris is reasonably strong as well. He is capable of lifting 5 tons clear over his head and moving it at least a half mile before needing a quick rest. This strength extends to all parts of his body, granting a vice like grip and the ability to jump nearly 100 ft. up and out.

Besides swimming through earth, he is also a geovore, due to his body able to break down and use mineral like humans would regular food. He is capable of eating raw meat, decaying plants and roots. However green plants and some forms of earth are poisonous to him or is unable to process.

Boris, as it stands, is a lot of man packed into a short four foot body. His bones, muscles and skin tissue are considerably harder, stronger and more resistant to damage than the average human. He can comfortably exist in temperatures a bit hotter than lava as well at least survive in temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit. His skin is thick and strong enough that he can turn away blades and small firearms. As well as withstand great physical impact, such as falling from a building several stories high or being hit by a car with only minimal injury. In essence, if it can't reasonably hurt a thick stone wall, it likely won't effect him.

Boris is able to manipulate earth to a remarkable degree, due to the fact he affects earth on the molecular level. For him, any form of earth can act like a liquid or soft clay that ripples, reshapes and reforms to his will, so long as he or the ground on which he stands is touching. As such, he can affect a boulder sitting a few yards away, but not one that is directly floating in the air in front of him. His most well known use of this power is to quite literally swim through earth whether it is soft soil or solid metal, as his body is designed to work along side this power. He can achieve other effects such as raising walls or statues. In his hand, he can form weapons and shields or even grasping tendrils. Boris is able to affect upwards one ton earth. The range of which he can affect the earth around him is around 20 ft., increased to 40 ft. if he is underground.%r%rHe is able to use hunks of earth to fly through the air at up to 60 mph or just levitate if he wanted - however because his ability is still touch based, he won't be able to affect the earth on the ground.

Along each of his forearms are four bone like blades, each a foot long. Only two are visible at any one time, because once one pair slides in the other slides out in the opposite direction. These blades can be used for attacking or helping to swim through the earth. His bones are hard and sharp enough to etch metal.

In addition he has several curved spikes coming out of his back and down along his prehensile tail varying in size, but most about a foot long. Besides helping him swim through the earth, each of this spikes contain hollow tubes inside of them that lead into his body. The holes leading to the tubes are capable of opening and closing as needed. This system allows him to hold up to a 6 hour air supply.

Another reason for Boris' tough body is that he can generate seismic shockwaves from his being that can rock any surface he is on violently. The affected area occurs in about a 12 foot radius, but doubles to 24ft while underground.


Boris posses several prehensile whiskers that are highly sensitive to touch, vibrations and electro-magnetic waves. They are primarily used to sense the world around him. While underground he can sense buildings, people, etc., along with their positions up to 50 ft away. However, this is severely reduced above ground to a mere 10 ft. Because of this ability to sense the earth's magnetic field, he possesses a natural sense of direction.


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Boris' father is an engineer that did blacksmithing as a hobby. Having worked alongside his father on many summers and projects allowed Boris to learn skills and abilities associated with blacksmith and engineering. As such Boris can actually design creations and forge the parts to build them. Though, since he is still young, he is by no means a master of such a thing. He is a bit above amateur levels as he is able to make various parts to build little gizmos or parts to use on a robot.

One often wouldn't know it by looking at him, but Boris is actually very skilled in using skateboards and longboards. He is even capable of doing various tricks.

Boris is able to speak German, English and Spanish. This is because his parents insisted that he learn his native tongue, and the tongue of his heritage (which was partially Spanish). Switching tongues in his home was very common in order to practice.

Before coming to the United States, Boris attended a vocational school back in Germany. Programming was one of the vocations they had and the one Boris was enrolled in. As such, he has a very solid grasp on programming, though there is still more he can learn.

Boris is a high honors student that excels in the sciences, particular ecology and geology. While he is no super genius, his dedication to learning, research and understanding allow him to grasp concepts and ideas sooner than others within his age group.


Boris has a very deep baritone voice that can make for a good humming or singing voice. He will often sing hymns or songs when working, or if friends nudge him enough. Though he is no super star.


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After Boris mutation came forth, he underwent a lot of physical changes. As such, he and his father both worked on creating this unique longboard that is able to still function more or less like a normal longboard despite Boris unusual weight and body structure. The board itself is made out of titanium.

Boris carries around a large sized leather pouch that contains iron marbles of various sizes. He will use these marbles to play games, de-stress and even practice his powers safely on. Though his father often sends him more as Boris does tend to eat them as an on the go snack.

Not actual Mithril, this 100 pound hunk of metal is brilliantly white with a mirror like finish. An alloy his father made for him that is similar to iron. Just like any other form of earth, he can manipulate it in any way he wishes. The most common use is simply to form boots to wear and than subsequently levitate slightly to avoid breaking through the floor. He can also coat himself in this metal to hide and alter his identity, offer some (but not much) extra protection, make his bone like blades sharper and allow him to readily fly or access his otherwise inaccessible geokinetic abilities when he wouldn't be able to (like say, on a boat).

Note - This is not a super-metal like adamantium, only being about as tough as iron. But it is able to withstand great temperatures like Boris.


Boris is seldom seen without these on his head. Though not actually needed, he will often wear them before transferring the earth below.


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Boris' powers are partially connected to his emotions, especially his tremor ability. Weather it is fear, anger, love, courage, it can all affect his abilities. As a rather nervous individual, Boris tends to make the ground around him tremor very lightly, and increasingly so the more nervous he becomes.

Because Boris is attuned to the earth's magnetic field for direction, being near strong magnetic forces can cause Boris to become disoriented to the point where, even with normal vision, he can crash or stumble into walls, objects and people. In general he act more clumsy or even drunk.

Boris can eat upwards of 100 pounds of food a day, if not more. Though 100 pounds can hold over for about a week, he will gradually become weaker and weaker. Often the effect is so drastic that his superhuman strength will dwindle to being weaker than your average human.

Some forms of metal are just bad to eat such as Adamantium, Nth Metal, Promethian, Uru and other such exotic metals can make Boris very sick or even kill him should he ingest them. The effects are pretty much spontaneous (as in he doesn't even need to chew, just taste it). Basically gag-reflex/poison berry to him . Likewise, while Boris is able to eat roots and rotting plants, fresh green plants where the chlorophyll hasn't had a chance to break down is also poisonous to Boris. Corn is of special note - despite the kernels lacking chlorophyll, he is still highly allergic to it. This makes many many common corn based products also bad for Boris.

Boris is a very short, very broad being. Between his spikes and his unusual build he has trouble fitting through doors, sitting in chairs, taking transports, etc. In short doing everyday normal tasks isn't always easy for someone of his nature.


Boris' mutation is not an all or nothing mutation. Jumpstart aside, he is still mutating albeit very slowly. As such he is still going through mental, emotional and even some physical changes. This can cause him to go through periods of happiness and a willingness to test his abilities to suddenly being very fearful and sad about the condition he is in.


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