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Maya Caldwell (Scenesys ID: 195)
Full Name: Maya Caldwell
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Vagrant
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: None
Education: High School Dropout
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 16 November 2005 Actor:
Height: 177.8 cm Weight: 43.5 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Maya Caldwell typically looks to be one of Metropolis' many homeless denizens, though closer inspection reveals a few oddities, such as icy breath and being bundled in blankets, even in the dead of winter, that might give away her metahuman nature.

Her powers allow her to shape and control water, then rapidly freeze it into ice. Her biggest use of this is freezing herself inside a massive ice golem known as the Glacier. Inside the Glacier and out, she's quiet, but while frozen, she comes off as serious and stoic, rather than meek and downtrodden.

She's still not too sure what to make of her powers, though. They've brought her just as much trouble as they've helped her. Only time will tell what sort of use she puts her powers to--if any.



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A woman of above average height, wrapped almost completely in a pair of thick blankets, regardless of the weather. Her eyes are a light blue, and black bangs hang from her forehead, dangling in front of her face. There's not too much else that's immediately visible, though if you're near her for a while, you may notice her breath coming out in frigid clouds.

Outside of her blankets, Maya wears a loose tanktop and a pair of jeans. She's painfully skinny, with long, bony limbs. Her dark hair reaches the middle of her back, and the air cools by about ten degrees when near her.


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Maya's home life was never a pleasant one. Her father, Robert Caldwell, was a local butcher, and lived right next door to his deli. Anything from runny omeletes with breakfast to not jumping up to answer the door was met with violence, and Maya saw a great deal of it. Robert was an angry man, and Maya had to learn to live with him.

Maya, however, couldn't be spotted with bruises, as she had to go to school. Instead, Robert would shove her in his walk-in freezer, conveniently right next door, until he was satisfied. Maya was often shivering on the floor by the time he finally let her out, and would spend at least an hour lying in the sun to warm up.

During another day locked in the freezer, Maya's powers began to manifest. She discovered she could manipulate the water vapor in her breath and, if she melted a little ice with it, she could shape the water, too, and rapidly freeze it. Maya froze her hands into icy spears and killed her father as he came to release her. Following the murder, she ran east toward Metropolis, leaving her mother both childless and a widow in the same day.


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Maya is often shy and quiet, but can occasionally get a bit chattier around those she's comfortable with. She doesn't like to kill, but she can hold quite a grudge against those who injure others for amusement.

Inside her Glacier, Maya is a lot more confident. Though unable to speak, she'll respond with body language, and generally obey other supers. Around fire, though, Maya's confidence inside her glacier melts, pun intended. She starts playing much more defensively, lest she be burned to a crisp.


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Maya can manipulate water and water vapor, quickly shaping it and freezing it into anything she desires. However, she cannot hold water indefinitely, as it would freeze in her grasp within five seconds. She can extend her reach up to ten feet away, but can't manipulate more than five gallons at once, unless fully submerged in water.

Maya can chill the air around her down to -50°c, though she can reach -75°c with concentrated effort. She constantly radiates cold around her, with the air reaching freezing close to her, and dissipating to ambient temperatures five feet away. By quickly freezing and shoving away water vapor in front of her, she can create a quick blast of frigid air to freeze anything smaller than a large dog.

Maya's namesake is a behemoth of ice and frost. Though she must be submerged in water to make it, it's quite a force to be reckoned with. It's highly resistant to blades and bullets, and most standard martial arts would have difficult cracking it, as well.


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Maya's skin is nearly frozen, providing a resistance to blades and, to a lesser degree, bullets. She can still be bruised by blades, however, and heavy hammers can quickly break bone. Also as a result of her much lower body temperature, Maya's biologic functions are slower, including her heartbeat and metabolism.

Living on the streets since a teenager, Maya has quickly learned who to avoid, who to panhandle from, where to avoid, and where to sleep. She's may not know exactly what goes on in the dark corners of the city, but she certainly knows she wants no part of it.


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Maya typically wears a jumpsuit when "on the job", so to speak. Made by Quentin Quire and Dr. Hank McCoy, it's made from the same unstable molecular fabric as that of the Fantastic Four's suits. It keeps Maya's cold in, to keep her more comfortable, without lowering the temperature of her surroundings. That is to say, she can still use her powers while in her suit, even with the gloves, but isn't constantly refridgerating the room around her. It's effective up to natural Earth temperatures, but anything beyond 120 degrees Farenheit will start seeing diminishing returns. She's a little more shielded from fire, but still very much weak to it. It's also highly resistant to wear and tear, but enough force applied can still certainly ruin it.


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Notably, Maya manipulates water, then turns it to ice. She cannot manipulate ice itself, so if her Glacier starts chipping, she has to wait for the ice to melt before she can use it again.

Maya needs water vapor to function. In arid areas, she's next to useless.

Obviously, Maya does not do well against fire. With an internal temperature of -30 degrees Celsius, even a hot summer day can give her headaches. Fire can, of course, melt her Glacier as well, and leave her vulnerable. Consistent fire from your typical flamethrower can fully melt her in twenty seconds.

Outside of her Glacier, Maya is incredibly weak from malnutrition. She can still fight back, but she's no Superman.


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