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Kyle Rayner (Scenesys ID: 987)
"My name is Kyle Rayner. When I was a kid, I could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I know. I'm a Green Lantern. I'm a Hero."
Full Name: Kyle Rayner
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Artist
Citizenship: US
Residence: NYC
Education: Art School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Green Lantern Corps, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 1 January 2002 Actor: Oscar Isaac
Height: 180 cm (5'11") Weight: 80 kg (176 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Green
Theme Song: Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons


Kyle Rayner is a talented but mostly-unknown artist, but as one of Earth's several Green Lanterns, he's a dedicated protector of Earth and beyond. Among the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle is considered one of the best Lanterns, and has attracted an unusual amount of attention from their overseers, the Guardians of the Universe.

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Trim, muscular, and athletic, Kyle Rayner is the very image of youthful energy. He is stands a scant inch below the six foot mark, with a pair of broad shoulders. His face is on the symmetrical side, with dark green eyes under unruly black hair. It is worn a little spiky on the top, and short on the sides; it is a low maintenance hair style. A strong jaw, a well-shaped nose, and a warm baritone voice complete Kyle Rayners visage. He has a tendency to have a short, thick stubble. The dark hair stands out against his pale skin. His features are certainly refined; Kyle has the sort of appearance that likely draws an admirer or two.

His build is muscular, though his coloration is pale. Kyle is obviously fit. His arms have sizable bulges at the bicep. Kyles chest and abdomen display a certain muscular build. With hard legs and a certain spring to his step, it is obvious Kyle takes care of himself.

Currently dressed casually, Kyle is wearing a green polo. It is tucked into a pair of khaki pants. Plain black dress shoes match the plain black leather belt at Kyles waist. A plain metal watch with a black leather band is on Kyles left wrist. A bit of a silver chain dangles some sort ort of jewelry about his neck. The occasional glance shows a Saints Medal of some sort, and some sort ring dangling there.


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Some people have a life of privilege. Other people earn it. Kyle hopes he is the latter. He never met his father. The guy did not bother to give him a name. His maura Maura gave him hers. No reason to sugar coat things, life was hard. She was young and unmarried. His Uncle Zach and Grandpa Snowy Rayner tried to be the father he lacked. They died while he was very young.

While not dumb, Kyle was awful at school. Later it would be revealed he was bored, uninterested, and angry. At the time, they just feelt he was a little dumb. They were not great schools. The only reason he did not end up a hoodlum was his mothers iron will, her force of personality and her putting a pencil in his hand. Art supplies are cheap, or rather some can be purchased cheap. Kyle retreated from the world into a world of his own making. A world of heroes and villains that he controlled, wrote and drew to escape reality. His mother wouldnt let that last, so Maura made him show his portfolio. Every time he opened it, he was afraid. She did not let him be that insecure. That Irish-American lady quietly, inexorably forged one of the strongest wills on the planet, one bit of artistic criticism at a time.

He managed to get himself into art school in Los Angeles, where he met Alexandra Dewitt. Alexandra was a gorgeous blond, and like his mother she did not let him give up on himself or his art. They got serious. His Sophomore year at school, they were living together.

I guess youll do. Is what the little blue man said to him when he handed him the ring. It was out of nowhere in the bathroom at the college. He was suddenly wearing a Green power ring, one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, for no apparent rhyme or reason. Ganthet likes to say I choose well now, but at the time, Kyle was lost and confused. He and Alexa began to work on a heroic identity for him. She knew this was his chance to be the man he was supposed to be. They goofed about, and he put a uniform on her one day when they flew home. They were seen by a man with the power to kill a lantern, and the sort of grudge against the corps to make things happen.

Kyle wasnt there when Major Force killed Alexandra. He found her corpse shoved in the refrigerator and the Major bushwhacked him. Kyle lost the fight, and the only reason he did not lose his life is that the Guardians became aware of his ring and recalled him.. It was not the first or the last time Ganthet did something contrary to the will of the council. Even then, he was preparing for his defection. Kyle was different, but he definitely had what the Corps needed in a corps member; willpower. After a great deal of debate, Kyle was remanded to Kilowog for intensive remedial training.

Adversity was nothing new. Kilowog was though. So were the daily training sessions. The daily intensive training sessions. He was told to flunk the kid out. He couldnt. Hal showed up now and then to pep talk Kyle, and it worked. Within a few weeks, Kyle wasnt hanging in there. He was achieving.

Kilowogs reports and recommendations changed in tone. They went from washout to acceptable to succeeding to finally a scathing diatribe why he was still working with this guy, to Kilowog sending him to Earth with Hal a couple of times to handle things back home. Finally, the Guardians had no choice than to put Kyle to work.


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Hal Jordan has the fearless nature of the test pilot. Guy Gardner is swagger and bluster with a side order of overconfidence. John Stewart has the calm self-assurance and hard-as-nails nature of the combat veteran. Kyle Rayner is none of these things. Kyle Rayner is, at his core, scrappy. He never says die. He never quits. Kyle is pure, unadulterated stubborn can-do grit. He is not flashy. Hes just the kid raised by a single mom who turned into an adult who kept losing everything and not letting it stop him.

Every time Kyle Rayner showed his art to someone and faced his fear of rejection, he built character and willpower. Every time his opened his portfolio, or made a sketch, or applied for a position, Kyle faced and overcame fear. His will was forged in the flames of rejection, not in combat or acts of daring. The grind of banality and rejection gave Kyle his formidable willpower. He does not ignore fear, he looks it in the eye and overcomes it.

Self-doubt was lost in obliterated in a sea of rejection notices from various schools and art programs. Kyle got better. Throw an obstacle in Kyles way and he will outwit, out-think, out maneuver, improvise, and overcome the obstacle. He is quiet, hard steel at his core. He does not bend, break, or give up because tenacity is in Kyles bones.

This willpower gives Kyles constructs the strength to slow down and injure some kryptonians or daxomites. Kyle is a heavy hitter, and one is foolish to underestimate his strength of will. Hes not a man without fear, hes simply a man who has overcome it. That makes him dangerous with a power ring on his hand.


Kyle is an artist. He is creative and has a way of looking at the world that many do not. He has an eye for symbolism and metaphor. He also has an appreciation for color, clean lines, and clever design. Kyles preferred medium is digital or line art. He has a preference for bold, clean work.

In addition to paying his bills, this different perception of the universe is one of three traits that makes him such a formidable ring wielder. Kyles constructs are complicated, innovative, and clever. His imagination gives his constructs qualities and properties that are not immediately clear. Sure he can, and often does, fire a simple power blast from his hand. However, against more agile foes, he will create a mecha that fires spiraling homing missiles that unerringly follow their target in an erratic, disorganized, and even chaotic manner. Rather than just brute forcing things like others do, Kyle thinks sideways and solves issues with innovation and creativity. It gives him a definite edge in combat.


Kyle is an artist; he sees the world through different eyes. Sometimes, he sees beauty where others do not. Often Kyle sees tragedy and is powerless to halt it. Kyle cares. He feels his feelings. While his time in service has hardened him, he still has sympathy for the downtrodden, anger for the victimized, and hope for the future. Unlike some of the more staid members of the corps, Kyle allows his feelings to be felt, and he examines them. It gives him perspective and purity of purpose.

It can also lead Kyle to make decisions that are subjective, and can cause him to be a little quick to enter into relationships of all sorts. Better judgment is well and good, but that artistic, and at times mercurial artistic mien can be as much a flaw as it is a blessing.


Kyle does like his leisure time, but he is also driven and dutiful. Kyles initial career showed him crumbling under pressure. He now thrives under it. As a member of the Green lantern Corps, the safety and security of trillions of lives is, on some level, on Kyles shoulders. He takes that very seriously, and rather than let it get to him, he has learned to make the stakes drive his intensity upwards. Kyle succeeds because he take his duty seriously, and derives focus from the necessity of his position.


This is the third of th


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Blue Compatibility:
Kyle Rayner was almost not selected to be a green lantern. Ganthet selected him as test subject for an altered ring because Kyle is also compatible with the Blue energy of Hope. Hope synergizes and enhanced with Will and can help combat and overcome Fear energy. Kyle, despite some personal tragedy, is a beacon of hope almost as much as he is of will. While many beings can wield two power rings without full issue over the short term, Kyle could wear both a Green and Blue ring full time.

He does not, as it would antagonize the Green corps. The Blue corps is not as regimented, nor as well resourced and trained as the Green. Kyle can do more good with a Green ring, but it is an open secret that if the green corps decides they are done with him, a blue ring is waiting for him.

Power Battery:
In brightest day in blackest night no evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evils might beware my power Green Lanterns light!

Resembling an old fashioned lantern constructed of green metal, Kyles power battery is connected via subspace to the main power battery on Oa. A power Ring has a typical charge of approximately 24 hours, greater than normal, or less than normal power usage can cause this vary. It takes approximately 10 seconds to fully charge a Power Ring. The battery is linked to the ring wielder, and can be folded flat and stored in subspace. While it is possible to separate the two, it is difficult. Any green ring can be charged from any green lantern.

Power Ring:
The Power Ring is often called the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. It forges Kyles will into emerald reality. Kyle is very powerful, easily top ten in the current universe. His constructs are strong enough to cause at least momentary pause to a Kryptonian. Kyle has all the common abilities of a Green Lantern Corps member. The abilities delineated below are the specific levels of power and creativity that Kyle Rayner operates at as a Green Lantern of uncommon ability.

  • Constructs: Kyle is very creative. His constructs work as the ring fills in the details. It devises the guidance to rockets and the like. His constructs usually have moving parts, and have the durability that one would expect one of the luminaries of his corps to have. He can restrain, sustain, or vaguely damage a kryptonian, at least for a moment. They are very strong. Constructs can do direct damage (a gun, a sword, a gauntlet), restrain or slow (Bubbles, shackle, manacles, embarrassing bedroom wear), block (Walls, moats, shields), bash (locomotive engine and train cars, boxing gloves), or do other more esoteric things.
  • Flight: Hal and Superman are slightly better fliers. Kyle is able to keep up with the likes of them, giving him several times the speed of sound in atmosphere flight; as a general rule he can hit around mach 10, if he is towing a group of people, usually in a bubble, he is limited to a little under mach 2. This is still plenty fast, however. In space, Kyle is limited to about 75-80 percent of the speed of light, which is an obscenely fast speed that allows him to traverse solar systems in hours rather than years. He is remarkably agile and able to ignore and avoid many attacks in the air due to his aerial skill. That being said, Hal Jordan is a professional pilot, and more experienced. Hal can fly circles around Kyle.
  • Hyperspace Portals: Kyle Rayner can exceed the speed of light by opening hyperspace portals, or artificial wormholes, or whatever terminology one wants to use. They are sufficient to allow Kyle to cross the galaxy in a matter of hours, rather than thousands of years. He has the strength of will to make punching these holes in reality quite easy, and in fact prefers to open his own portals rather than use hyperspace gates and space lanes. Kilowog always said Kyle was unpredictable, and he tries to use that to his advantage, always.
  • Phasing: Himne of Hals awesome tricks. Kyle can take his matter out of phase with the rest of reality, allowing the molecules that make up his being to not interact with other physical matter. He can move through walls and other solid materials this way. Other Green Lanterns are better at this than Kyle, he is good on most starship materials, but nothing stronger.
  • Energy: Sometimes, one cannot be bothered to make a tommy gun or mecha complete with ejecting shells of superfluous numbers. Sometimes, someone needs shot. Kyle can fire a variety of blasts, from a stunning, relatively safe level to a full on, Kryptonian affecting blast of raw force. They can be sharp, blunt, explosive, or most any sort of damage type. He literally has the entire electromagnetic spectrum to choose from in addition to concussive force.
  • Forcefield: Kyle has the standard Green Lantern personal forcefield. It is quite powerful, able to take massive blows and blasts without failure. It is instinctual, and can be flashed into effect to prevent sudden damage. For longer term protection against massive attacks (Peeved Supermen) a construct is the way to go. The classic ball or bubble shield is generally Kyles go to construct in this case, though he has used cones or wedges to use the force of the attack to gain him entry in a hard to reach place.
  • Uniform: Kyle has far, far more control over his uniform than just about any other Lantern. He changes it regularly, and has changed it regularly since he got the ring. No doubt, this is due to his artistic tendencies. Kyles current uniform has metallic arm

Power Ring Assistance:
On top of being the most powerful weapon in the universe, the Power Ring of the Green Lantern corps has a couple of very handy abilities that make it invaluable. First and foremost, the ring has a secondary battery that provides life support in space should the ring lose its charge in space. This purely life sustaining charge will last a couple of days. The ring also has an Encyclopedia Galactica that gives the basics on Alien Cultures and habits. There are detailed maps of the galaxy on board, as well as space lanes, political briefings, and in general everything a good Arthur Dent needs to know.

Ring Communication:
The Power Ring can translate any language into a language understood by the wearer. Similarly, it can make certain the being wearing the ring can communicate with other sentient species that speaks a language. Scent based and dance based languages are right out.

The ring also serves as a Communication device, theoretically allowing real time galactic communication with any other green lantern corps member. In practice, there are any number of subspace disturbances that can cause delays, failures, and other issues. Also, a wielder may not be immediately available; it will take a message. The ring can activate an emergency beacon to all corps members in adjacent sectors, to an individual corps member, or to all, and all guardians in dire emergency.

Ring Security:
Power Rings are secured to the weapons keyed user. This is not a foolproof lock, as a being of sufficient will or intent can override the rings lock. That being said, for most beings, simply picking up a power ring is not sufficient to enable it to be wielded by the individual.5r This same safety feature enabled the ring to be remotely wielded or summoned by a wielder of sufficient power and intent. Kyle can use his ring if he can see it.

Finally, should Kyle die in service, which is how most Green Lantern Corps members eventually pass on, the ring will fly off, immediately engaging protocols to find a new wielder of sufficient willpower. Kyles ring was modified by the maverick Guardian, Ganthet; its matrix favors a wielder who will develop superior willpower and couple that with creativity. It also favors Rayner bloodlines, or Jordan Bloodlines. Why this is, Ganthet is silent on.

White Lantern:

Kyle Rayner is actually more than just Blue Lantern ring compatible. He actually has the intellectual flexibility, the emotional complexity, and the rare genetic and mental ability to actually be able to wield all aspects of the emotional spectrum and unlock the rarest of all lights. The White light. Whether or not he ever will remains to be seen.


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Talented, but misunderstood describes Kyles art. He likes bold lines. Hed love to make comic books, but his graphics arts skills were used more often to do digital work for advertising or professional presentations.

Kyle has sort of stumbled into doing illustrations for childrens books. He loves it. He gets to use bold colors and draw fun things. Making people happy makes Kyle feel happy, and the first time he signed a book for a little kid, he was hooked.

Youtube and Patreon has made Kyles life better. His sometimes goofy, sometimes poignant, but always beautiful, quirky animations have earned him a small extra income after all the bills are paid. He can afford broadband, and good nutritious food because he works a couple of hours every night on his own projects.

Taught to fight by a brawny space alien, Kyle Rayner is surprisingly versatile. He has an easy, unpredictable, slightly wild combat style which lends him some dangerous moves. He can wield a variety of melee and ranged weapons as well with great agility. His power blasts are well-targeted and accurate.

Kyle is going to get his butt handed to him by the likes of Nightwing, Batman, or Captain America, but he can keep up with Sinestro, at least until the superior experience of his foe catches up with him. Time and practice will hone this skill.

The one thing Kyle has going for him, other than a solid foundation, is the fact that he is unpredictable and creative. It lends his combat style a heavy dose of the unorthodox.

Kilowog hammered the importance of physical fitness into Kyle. A healthy, whole body only enhances ones will. Pushing your body onto a treadmill, or to push through leg day at the gym, or lift weights for thirty minutes focusses the mind, builds a healthy body, clears distractions, and builds focus and discipline. Kyle has internalized these lessons and works out regularly, which gives him a lean, strong, athletic form. He is fit and trim.

He is about as strong as a man his age who engages in regular, rigorous physical exercise.

There is little doubt that a certain rather distinguished looking fellow is a better flier than Kyle. That being said, Kyle is a very effective, efficient, fast flier. He can evade numerous attacks by pure moxie and prodigious skill. He has effortless acceleration, deceleration, and hover capabilities. He has just to imagine the maneuver to accomplish it.

Ring Slinger:
Hal Jordan is a living legend; Kyle Rayner is a growing legend. Kyles constructs and ring slinging abilities are notable not only for their intense power; Kyle has demonstrated creative and detailed constructs. This creativity makes Kyle unpredictable and is frankly intimidating. Some green lanterns might cast out wave after wave of bands of energy to damage hordes of starships. Kyle prefers to send streaking hordes of glowing green missiles with bright, darting, sidewinder contrails at his foes like something out of a Anime mecha television program. This difference in style and perspective can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat.

Hal likely has more potent constructs, but Kyle is right up there with him, and his tendency is to push the envelope of what the ring can do. Kyle can even manifest different colors with his ring on occasion, when he is in the zone. Hal is more powerful, but on the occasion Kyle gets to back up Hal, they are nigh unstoppable.

Space Knowledge:

Know your beat. It is one of the first lessons at any police academy. It is also one of the first lessons drilled into a member of the Green lantern Corps. Though he was once the favored pet of the now exiled Ganthet, Kyle still answers to the Guardians on Oa. He has been recalled to Oa and assigned to special missions at the behest of not just Ganthet, but others of the council.

The end result is Kyle knows his way around the galaxy. He knows which space lanes get you seen, and which are abandoned, and still others that the favored spot of pirates. He can understand the realities of mass, gravity and velocity and apply them to himself and his flight to be more efficient.

yle knows where the scum hangs out, and which taverns have the best food, the cheapest drinks, and the friendliest wait staff. He has particularly advanced knowledge of sector 0000 (Oas Sector) as well as sector 2814 (Earths sector) and the nearby sectors.


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Blue Corps:
On many levels, Kyle is maybe better suited to the Blue corps. He remains in the green, as he can do more good. He has numerous blue contacts, and a standing, open invitation to join the corps should the Green corps decide to be rid of him. Sometimes, the Blue offer is all that keeps the Greens putting up with Kyle, as he was rather forced on them.

Kyle keeps in contact with the Blue corps, and is often used as an unofficial liaison officer with the Hope bringers.

Its a double-sided sword though,a s sometimes they cme to Kyle when they need the Guardians attention.

Ganthet's Patronage:
Ganthet, the maverick Guardian, has always taken a remarkable and specific interest in Kyle Rayners career. Ganthet has an apparent fascination with the Earth-derived corpsmen. Kyles appointment was an experiment that has arguably payed off, as he is an incredibly powerful member of the corps.

Ganthet has moved on to found the Blue Lantern corps, but is still something of a remote contact and possible patron of Kyle Rayner. He is also a source of news, threats, and information if Kyle needs it. Ganthet is a maverick, but he can still be inscrutable and mysterious. His agenda is his own, and he can get Kyle into serious trouble.

Green Lantern Corps:
Kilowog has tried, blasted, beat, taught, and pounded on Kyle until the steel in his spirit was made obvious to everyone. Kyle is a highly trained, incredibly powerful and creative member of the corps. Essentially a Space Cop, Kyle guards Sector #2814 alongside Hal Jordan and other Green Lantern Corps members. Sector #2814 used to be an intergalactic dead end, however; Earth is becoming more and more of a hub of galactic activity and interest, so the additional members are needed.

Kyle has latitude within certain (at times arcane and seemingly arbitrarily enforced) precepts and rules. In some instances he has a great deal of power, and in others, due to agreements or rules, he has none. Attempting to restrain the willful members of the corps has proven difficult.

At the end of the day, Kyle wields his ring because it was granted to him by the Guardians, the Blue ancient aliens who oversee the corps. He can get back up and help from the corps, yet he can also be denied the same.

Ultimately, he is at once helped and hurt by his circumstances. As possibly the last of the apparently Earth-obsessed Guardian Ganthets hand-selected and groomed lanterns, Kyle is regarded warily. Ganthet was a maverick Guardian, but he usually gambled and it paid off for the Guardians. His close partnership with some of the Blue Lanterns is a plus and a minus, but his power and utility cannot be denied. Ultimately, it is just complicated. He keeps his job because it is easier and more expedient to keep him, and enough of the Guardians are cagey enough to make use of what could be Ganthets parting gift. He is regarded suspiciously as he is an odd duck in the corps, and his manner of thinking is just so different than many of his brothers and sisters in the service.


Artists do not usually have 9-to-5 day jobs. While the Corps will handle his needs while on that job, Kyle cannot trade in Ganthet-dollars for Earth services. Kyle needs to pay the bills. After some very lean years, Kyle has put together a decent income doing some illustration work on childrens books, and doing freelance work online.

His clean lines, bold color choices and whimsy translate very well into art that is accessible to children. He may not be painting the next Mona Lisa, or making a reputation a sa Rembrandt, but Kyle is deriving satisfaction from this work.

Kyle also has a very highly regarded youtube channel where he does humorous animations and comic art. Between the channel and patreon donors, Kyle can afford a few luxuries, like food that is not ramen.

Additionally, as he makes contacts with more and more superhumans, the fact of the matter is many of them would be happy to throw money at another hero in a business capacity. Kyle can afford a nice apartment, a reliable automobile, a gym membership, good food, and an occasional date night.

Hes come a long way, baby.


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Kyle is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. While this provides a good number of benefits, it also means he's answerable to a council of little blue aliens whose ability to make informed, rational, morally steadfast and ethically sound decisions is often questionable at best. Basically, the Guardians of the Universe could strip Kyle of his ring and powers at their whim if he openly defies them or displeases them.

Kyle was one of Ganthets pet projects, as well. So while they like the end result, his patron and his defection might make Kyle a little less likely to get a fair shake. Particularly troublesome for the Guardians was that Kyle was the culmination of a project labeled Torchbearer. What that meant has not become clear, and may not ever.

Power Limit:
There are two power limits on the ring. One is that it can only channel so much will. This limit is theoretical in most instances (Jon Stewart in certain situations). Hal and Kyle have certainly both approached the rings upper end. It also has a charge that last approximately 24 hours of normal use. It can go longer with less use, or less with intense use.

There is a small emergency stash of power to maintain life support and power the ring should Kyle die, but that cannot be shunted.

Rogues Gallery:
First off, he's a Green Lantern. Right off the bat that means there's probably trillions of beings across the universe that would like him dead on principle alone. More personally there's the Sinestro Corps that has him marked as one of the greater threats among the Green Lanterns, and more personally still there's Sinestro and Nero, both of whom have had personal altercations with Kyle. That doesn't even get into the vast array of space pirates, tyrants, raiders, and cosmic forces of evil that are naturally opposed to the Lanterns.

Secondly, he's a superhero on Earth, and that alone means that while there might not be personal beef like with the above groups, there are plenty of bad guys who would happily attack or try to dispose of him purely for the threat that he represents. Kyle and Major Force have a bit of a beef. So, plenty of people gunning for Kyle, either directly and personally, or at least in principle.

Secret Identity:
Kyle's identity is not known to the public of Earth, and he'd like to keep it that way. While his teammates and comrades, certain of his foes and at least one government agency know of his double-life, he still goes to considerable lengths to try to keep it secret from everyone else.

Yellow Impurity:

Due to a variety of factors in the construction of the main battery on Oa, many Lanterns have difficulty with the color yellow. Kyle, not so much. He can push through this with a little extra effort. A surprise assault by a Sinestro (Fear) corps member may get through his fields and/or surpass an unaugmented construct.


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