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Jade (Scenesys ID: 980)
"My face is up here."
Full Name: Jennifer-Lynn Hayden Scott
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Green Lantern
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City, NY
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Green Lantern Corps, Justice League, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 20 June 2000 Actor: Ryan Newman
Height: 160 cm Weight: 49 kg
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Jennifer-Lynn Hayden Scott (Jennie-Lynn) is the daughter of Alan Scott, the first human Green Lantern. In her civilian life, she's well known as a model and a photographer. She has some experience as a hero, as well -- she's a known ally of the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League. She seems to have all the powers of a Green Lantern and many times is (on Earth) assumed to be one, however she carries no ring.

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The woman is certainly small in stature, standing at only 5'3" (or 160cm), but there is strength in the way she carries herself that speaks of confidence and determination. At a mere glance, it is hard to tell though exactly what she is (human, metahuman, or alien) due to her unusual pigmentation. Her hair, unbound and straight down to her shoulders is a deep and dark green, her eyes a similar color and her skin a lighter shade but, green nevertheless as well. She has a small nose, and a wide mouth with dark green lips that can be exceptionally expressive.

More often than not, Jade can be found in a full body costume that could be vaguely reminiscent of that of a member of the Lantern Corp. Covering her entire body, the costume is mainly a mixture of a white foreground with black accents against her upper back, upper arms and sides, and her waist up to her thighs and a green star-shape in the midst of her chest. Thigh-high boots of polished white material cut off the rest of the black below. She wears no rings, or carries any other adornment on herself.


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Jennifer-Lynn Hayden was one of two children, twins, born to the union of the original and first Green Lantern to serve Earth, Alan Scott and Alyx Florin who suffered from multiple personality disorder and was also a villainess who called herself The Thorn. Unfortunately for Scott, Alyx (also Rose Canton) took the children in secret and split them up and put them into adoption and completely disappeared. Thus, Jennie was raised without knowing who her true father was, and her home life was, while difficult due to the fact she was the only green skinned child in the entire city (if not the state), was at least with a pair of people who did care for her and tried to do their best.

It was then her powers began to manifest. She'd always been different, after all. It wasn't just the Star-shaped birthmark on the palm of her hand that seemed more of something mystical than accidental, or her naturally green pigmentation and hair. Yet, when an older man attempted to sexually assault her, her true powers manifested and she was able to fight him off, and eventually, find her twin.

She and her brother would eventually trace their true parentage to Alan Scott, who was very surprised to learn that he had two children and that he was a father. After a brief battle and fight with their mother, in the persona of the Thorn who killed herself to protect her children at the end of it, Alan would accept the children as his own and take them into his family where they became even stronger together and she and her brother were put in with a group of other younger hopefuls for the Justice League with their father's help. Jade would also work with the Green Lantern Corp alongside her father, or other allies of their sector, and growing in awareness of her powers and abilities beneath her father's guiding hand and eventually, too, would join the Justice League as an ally to them.

In order to support herself, however, there were also more mundane tasks that needed to be done. Even a superhero needed money at times, for a place to crash, clothes, and food. To this end, Jade took on a job of modeling at first, in San Francisco before moving to New York to pursue a rather successful career in photography where she still presently lives.

While not nearly as famous as her father, or other Lanterns, Jade is still an up-and-coming superhero, far more experienced than when she first started, but still young enough to not know quite all the tricks and trades that the old hands might know. And she's wise enough to realize her father, and others, still can teach her quite a bit.


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Jennifer is a very determined, and motivated young woman. After discovering the truth of who her real father was, everything in her life changed. Not quite obsessive, more, focused. She desires to uphold the traditions and ways her father established as the first Lantern from Earth, and not only to uphold his reputation through her lineage, but also to separate herself from him and make her own significant mark in the universe, and for Justice.

To that end, she doesn't withhold her emotions; quite the opposite in fact. She embraces them, fiercely. She loves with all her strength. And, she fights when the need arises with all her strength, whether it be a moral stand, or a physical fight, she is undeterred when the cause is just. She values life, and lives each moment knowing that each moment has intrinsic value that cannot be recaptured, or remade.

She's also extremely loyal, to her friends, family, loved ones, and even her planet. She's the dependable friend, the good daughter, the (probably) faithful girlfriend, and a rock in otherwise sea of tumultuous changes, and sometimes chaos.

All of this she is, to become someone that both her true mother & father (as well as her adoptive) could be proud of.


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While still a power much in need of development, Jade has discovered she can in fact manipulate plant matter, causing it to move at her discretion and will to some degree, such as having a rose vine wrap itself around and 'attack' a mugger. Due to her vulnerability, however, it would be very difficult indeed for Jade to use both the Starheart and her control of plant matter at the same time.

Jade and her brother Todd have a minor telepathic link between them -- something just a bit more than a twin bond. They can tell if the other needs them, can pinpoint a direction in which to go to find their sibling, can sometimes communicate if they are in close enough proximity (although it takes powerful focus -- think of it like Luke/Leia). It is not a strong enough link to be of significant use due to the amount of focus it takes, but it can occasionally come in handy at random moments.

A 'gift' from her mother's side, Jade's skin contains chlorophyll, which can harness sunlight and utilize it as an energy. In certain circumstances this can revitalize Jade where a normal human might become exhausted, or stabilize her in survival situations.

Jade is imbued with part of the Starheart in her very being. She has a direct connection to one of the most powerful magical sources in the entire Galaxy, focused through a star shaped birthmark on her palm. Because the Starheart was created by the Guardians of the Universe, many of its powers are similar to that of the powers of the Lantern Corps. This power manifests itself as a green 'fire' around her person, instead of the more stable green 'glow' of a Lantern. Another distinct difference is that Jade neither needs a ring, or to 'recharge' as the Lanterns themselves do. The Starheart provides her with a variety of powers and abilities including:

  • Energy Manipulation - Jade is able to project energy constructs, limited to only her imagination. She tends to generally favor more simple constructs as they're easier to create, manage, and manipulate, but she can be very creative in a pinch. Her constructs are not quite as strong as Hal Jordan's, but are certainly on the upper level of most of the Green Lantern Corp, otherwise. She is also able to simply focus this energy into simple blasts, or beams, which contain quite a punch. She is also able to manipulate other forces of energy, such as light, radiation, heat, and gravity.
  • Flight - She is able to fly in space at incredible speeds to traverse the vast distance of the cosmos quickly and with the safety of an enclosed atmosphere preserved around her. She can also fly within a planet's atmosphere at high velocity and traverse planet side at intense speeds, enabling her to traverse across the planet far faster than any man-made mode of flight.
  • Force Fields - A variety of force fields are at her disposal, to protect herself from a dangerous atmosphere, the vacuum of space, or something more defensive to protect against energy blasts, intense physical blows, debris, or weapons.
  • Phasing - Jade is able to phase and shift through solid objects such as walls and doors if needed.
  • Invisibility - Jade can make herself invisible to the sight of others. This, however, is limited to sight alone. Animals or other creatures with other forms of sensing would still be able to detect her through those other means (scent, sound, etc...) if she is not careful.
  • Astral Projection - Similar to a duplicate copy of self that the Lanterns are able to use, Jade can project herself, her soul, outside of her physical body to do a number of things, including brief possession to relay messages or communicate, review the astral plane, or even recon. However, while her astral projection is active, her physical body is inert until she rejoins herself.
  • Hypnotism - Jade is able to hypnotize most minds using the power of the Starheart to manipulate their minds and memories if the need arises. This is not something she would do, or does lightly.


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Before she became Jade, Jennifer was a model in California, and a good one at that. She knows how to pose, how to act, flaunt, and about body language. All important traits to successful models, which she was until she gave it up for Photography.

Jade relies more on her innate abilities, but that doesn't mean she can't fight. While she is certainly no master of any martial arts, she can hold her own against any well trained combat hand to hand techniques, such as trained military forces.

What better source for Hero Lore than the "original" Green Lantern himself? While she didn't find her father until she was an adolescent, Jade virtually drank in all her father's stories of the heroes he'd met, fought with, villians he'd fought, and the major happenings of history as men and women, like her father and others, shaped the world, and protected it. She's not really a 'fangirl' so to speak.


Jade is an exceptionally gifted Photographer, and was making a living through her skills until her power manifested. Occasionally, she takes advantage of her skills and uses this in conjunction with her quest for Justice.


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As the daughter of one of the founding members of the JSA, Jade may in a pinch be able to call upon them or their progeny for a bit of assistance. She does not abuse this privilege, and she sees it as her duty to respond is she is called upon in like measure.


Jennie-Lynn was a well-known model for several years. The paychecks for those engagements were significant but she's not a wealthy woman. She merely invests wisely and keeps an eye on her spending. Her photography career also does reasonably well -- she doesn't have to worry about paying the bills.


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Jade was born with green skin. And while her adoptive parents were understanding, and kids at first can be accepting, things weren't always easy. She was different. She was green. And still is. And some people fear difference. Jade could be easily be caught up in that sort of hate, due to her pigmentation from mutant haters, or any other groups that target such differences.

While she is proud and excited to embrace her real father as her father, and she /understands/ what her mother must've gone through and the sacrifice made there, the fact of the matter is Jade's mother was, in fact, a villain who caused a lot of grief and trouble for many people. If it became widely known who her true mother was, there certainly could be some blowback against her.


The source of Jade's powers could be her greatest weakness. It is the source of nearly, if not all, magic within the universe and there are people who desperately want to get their hands on it. Doing so could affect Jade in untold, or undiscovered ways since her power is directly derived from it.

She is unable to affect items made of wood with the Starheart's power. This means that, as an example, a projectile made of wood could not be stopped either by energy or by shields created with her energy. Nor can she lift, or otherwise manipulate items made of wood with her energy, or its constructs.


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